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The time I met an older woman an fucked her

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Sorry in advance to the layout I type on my phone- I got this one app out of boredom it’s one of those apps like tinder where u can swipe on hot girls u like and send texts this app tho had a thing where u can go live and talk or vid chat with ur followers if u had any this one woman I saw she is 48 and I joined her live an we played next date which is a thing that puts u Ina video chat service that others can watch as u an the host talk an chill after we had both favorited each other which allowed for private dms and I said hey and she did also we then got to talking she said she was happy I stumbled onto her little profile cause she saw my pics I have on my profile an she thought I was “hella cute” we got to flirting then me calling her beautiful an basically using my rizz to sweet talk her on the app u can show if u choose where ur located like city an state turned out she was my same state and city which got me excited she asked how I felt about older women an I said the truth I love them I asked her about how she felt about younger men since I am 22 she said the same thing but added she loves their high sex drives and their young thick cocks that led to her asking for some pics so we traded nudes and even face timed where we both madturbated for each other while moaning our online names after she asked if I wanted a real girls pussy I said fuck yes she gave me her address an she was 14 minutes away from me walking distance since I don’t drive we met up and I went to her place which was a beautifully decorated studio that was cute in size bathroom is the first thing u see Ina door then the bed is right across from the kitchen with 2 stove top burners the woman I’ll call her hellan hellan wore a pair of booty shorts and a black tank top with a pair of black laced bras an panties to match she had a mommy kink for guys calling her it so we get to making out she slid her tongue all around my mouth an tongue even suckdd on my tongue as her hands roamed around my body and eventually groping my thigh where my cock was aching an throbbing she stroked it while my jeans were still on an she later undid my buckle an belt then slid my pants off she then got some flavored lube an rubbed it on my cock before going to work sucking my soul thru my dick and it felt amazing I had never met anyone who can suck my cock lime their trying to yank it off my body the way she twisted her hands as she slurped on me felt like heaven I layed down as she went to work making me cum in 5 minutes I don’t think she was ready for my cumshot which eventually painted her face with my cum which she picked the sides of her lips with her long tongue after she got ontop of me and started to ride my cock she then had me take her top off as she bounced grabbing at my chest and digging her nails in me saying that’s my good boy fuck ur mommy like the slut she is as she bounced an her tits jiggled I felt her pussy tighten as I felt a warm waterfall leak all around my cock she squeezed it with her python grip pussy as she came hard after she got on her stomach an had me fuck her ass which led me to pulling her hair slapping it and eventually cumming all inside her pussy even tho she wasn’t on any birth control she loved being bred

That’s all I have of the encounter so far I still talk to her an we plan on meeting more if u like this comment below my discord is papa_smurf_7232


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