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The Stowaway

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Kent finds a Stowaway on his boat while sailing around the islands.

Kent is a 58 year old who is retired from the military. He never got married and was able to save most of his money and invested it. He is now basically a multi millionaire who has a gorgeous sailboat and sails from exotic island to exotic island.

Kent spends a week or so at each stop taking in the scenery and the local beer. Of course he enjoys the company of beautiful ladies from time to time. He was currently on the island of Thailand in a place called Phuket. He was at a bar drinking a beer and watching people walking up and down the street.

He noticed a young girl who looked to be around 15 or 16 years old that was staring at him from time to time. She was very beautiful and when Kent would catch her staring, she would smile a bright smile and immediately look away. He figured that maybe she had not seen many white men and was just curious.

That evening when he climbed into his little boat to go back to his sailboat anchored in the bay, he noticed that she was standing on the beach watching him leave. The next day he went back into town and he would see her every once in a while. It was almost like she was following him but she seemed harmless and she was only a kid.

The day before he was going to leave, he had came into town to buy a few things for his trip to the next destination. He didn’t see her at all and figured that she had become bored with him and found someone else to follow. He got back into his boat and glanced back once more in hopes of seeing her again but she wasn’t there.

He got back to his sailboat and put away the small boat and turned in early so that he could get an early start in the morning. The next day after he has set sail and got a few miles away from the harbor he goes down to get a beer. As he enters the galley he thought that he heard someone. He goes over to the pantry and opens the door and standing there is the girl from the street.

She looks up at Kent with terror in her eyes and she immediately starts to cry.

“What the hell are you doing on my boat little lady?” Kent growls.

“Please, mister, I’m sorry, but I had to get away from there! I was being mistreated by the owner of the orphanage where I was living!” She said in broken English.

What do you mean that you are being mistreated? He asked trying to figure out if she was making it up.

“They wanted me to have sex with men to pay for my room and food. I wouldn’t and they threw me out onto the street!” She said as she continued to cry.

Tears were streaking her dirty face as it looked and smelled like she hadn’t had a bath in a while. Her clothes were thin and very worn out. Kent sat there thinking about what he should do at this point.

“Please mister, I will do whatever you want me to do. Just don’t make me go back there!” She said as she pleaded with him.

Kent figured that since he was going to a different part of the same island and he didn’t want to have to waste a whole day turning around and taking her back that he would just take her to the authorities at the next stop.

“Alright little lady, I won’t make you go back but you are going to have to take a shower and get cleaned up if you plan on being here with me!” He said as he looked for a t shirt for her.

He showed her the shower and handed her the shirt and a bag to put her dirty clothes in. He went and fixed them some lunch while she showered. When she came out of the bathroom, she was clean and was actually a very beautiful young girl.

He could tell that she had tits that were about the size of a cantaloupe and they were capped with large fat nipples. Kent tried to not stare at her hard nipples sticking out under the shirt.

As they sat there eating in silence, Kent noticed that she would steal glances at his crotch area.

“Is there something on my pants?” He asked.

She blushed as she realized that she had been caught daydreaming.

“Ummm no sorry. I don’t mean to stare …….!” She said as she looked down at the floor.

“What’s your name little lady? Kent asked.

“It’s Mavis and I am 16 years old.” She replied as she again glanced at his crotch.

“Mavis I would like to know just what about me that has you looking at my crotch?” He asked.

“I….I was just wondering what you… what your…..ummmmm?” She stammered.

“Are you trying to say that you want to see my cock?” Kent asked.

Mavis nodded her head as she slowly slid forward in her seat.

“Why would you want to see my cock?” He asked.

“I have only seen men from my own country and I have never seen a white man’s cock!” She said as she bit her bottom lip.

Kent stood up and undid his pants and dropped them and his underwear to the floor. His simi hard cock popped out and began to rise upwards.

“OMFG IT’S HUGE!” Mavis gasped loudly as she dropped down to her knees right in front of him.

“Can I touch it?” She asked as she looked up at him.

“Go right ahead and do whatever you want!” Kent groaned as he felt her hand grip the pulsing shaft.

“I have never seen one this big before!” She moaned as she stroked his 8 inch cock to full hardness.

Mavis leaned over and licked the glob of pre cum that had formed at the tip. Kent growled as he felt her hot wet tongue swirling around the tip of his fat purple head. He watched mesmerized as she took his hard throbbing cock into her hot wet mouth sliding her tongue around the head.

She continued to stroke his cock, she was squeezing slightly as she pulled up to get more of his pre cum our. She had apparently given blowjobs before as she sucked hard on the head and swirled her tongue around.

Kent groaned deeply as he felt his cock slide into her mouth and down her throat without hesitancy. She held her mouth down on his cock as she swallowed around the shaft. His legs almost gave way as she tried to suck his soul out through his cock.

He grabbed the table and held on as she began to bob her head up and down his cock as she sucked and slurped. She was moaning and whimpering loudly as she devoured his cock like a starving animal. He had never had a woman go after his cock the way Mavis was.

Kent reached down and cupped her tit in his hand and he felt her hard nipple poking his hand. She pulled her mouth off his cock just long enough to rip the shirt up and over her head. She was now completely naked and immediately returned to sucking his cock.

Kent pulled and twisted her nipples as she fingered her soaking wet pussy while she fucked her mouth up and down his cock.

Kent could smell her pussy aroma and he had to get his cock inside her. He picked her up and laid her down onto the table with her ass at the edge. He pushed her legs up and spread them open wide. He was greeted to a perfect little pink pussy that looked so fucking tiny that he wasn’t sure if his cock would even fit.

She was absolutely soaked and it was literally dripping onto the table. She had fire in her eyes as she looked down between her legs and watched as Kent took his slobber coated cock and aligned it with her tight little pussy opening.

Kent began to push against her tight little pussy, it took a little while but he finally got the head inside of her hot little tunnel.


Her pussy clamped down on his cock as she surrendered to her orgasm. She trembled as he continued to push his cock into her depths. She was so tight that it almost was painful to Kent. Her pussy stretched to accommodate his massive shaft.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY!” Kent groaned as he felt his balls come to rest against her ass.

Kent took his hands and wrapped them around her gorgeous tits as he took her hard throbbing nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He began to roll them back and forth as he worked his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Mavis went off like a rocket as her orgasms ripped through her young body.

She thrashed around on the table as Kent spent the next 15 minutes pounding her tight little pussy with his cock. His balls slapped her ass cheeks with every thrust. Her dark colored lips stretched obscenely around his white cock. She mumbled something in her native language as he continued to assault her nipples and pussy.

Her juices squelching out of her pussy and dripping down her ass and off his balls. Kent pulled his cock out of her soaking wet pussy and placed the head against her tight little asshole. Her eyes snapped opened and she was about to say something but he cut her off as he drove his cock into her asshole with one swift thrust.

“OMFG THAT HURTS!” She screamed as he began to jackhammer her asshole.

She tried to break free from his hold on her but he was way too strong and he was determined to get what he wanted.

“Sorry little lady but this is punishment for breaking into my boat!” He groaned as he hammered her ass.

“PLEASE NOT SO HARD! YOU ARE RIPPING ME OPEN!” She screamed as she felt his cock stretch her rosebud to it’s max.

“Too bad slut. It’s either this or I have you arrested for stowing away!” Kent growled as he spun her around and took her hard from behind.

He spanked her ass cheeks red as she grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her head back while driving balls deep into her tight little asshole.

Mavis accepted what was happening as she definitely didn’t want to be arrested. She knew that she would be in far worse pain if she was thrown in jail. Kent grunted as he felt his cock throb angrily inside her smoldering hot asshole.

She moaned deeply as she began to enjoy the feeling of his cock inside her hot asshole.

“OH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE!” She screamed as her orgasm racked her body.

“I knew that you were a good little slut!” Kent groaned as he felt his cum boiling up into his shaft and begin to pump stream after stream deep into her bowels.


Mavis screamed out again as she felt his hot cum splashing her insides. His cock throbbed as it dumped his load into her ass. Kent slowly pulled his shrinking cock from her battered asshole. He sat down on the chair.

“Suck my cock clean now slut!” He growled as she quickly moved to take his cock into her mouth.

She finished cleaning his cock and then sat back on her heals as she looked up at him.

“Can I please stay with you? I promise to do whatever you want!” She said.

Kent just smiled.

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    Ha! Loved it!!! I used to fuck my boyfriend’s dad around February this year , he is 55 and the very first man to make me squirt!! I’m 17 and i lover older men, and nature adult here?, email me [email protected]

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      Thanks but please don’t advertise.

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    Great story Slamma – fucking loved it!!

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    This made me wet thinking about it and if it happened irl

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      I hope you enjoyed. Thank you HH.

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    LOVED your story

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    Fuck yeah. Think I need to go back to Thailand again.

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      Beautiful place and beautiful women.

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    Fuck yeah let’s have more of this story want a little girl like her

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