The start of cheating on my husband p2

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So it was the morning after my husband give me good sex still disappointed that he did not eat me.
I rolled over to see he was not there. I grabbed my slipper and went to find him.i ran down the stairs to find Ben loading the car.and Alice watching cartoons with her bowl of cereal. And asked her if she was excited for the trip seeing Nana and Grandpa. When Ben come in the house and said to Alice give your mum a hug and get in the car.

I hugged her and told her I would see her in a week.
Ben asked how I was getting to work I said I would walk and drop my thing off at dad on the way. But did say thought you would have given me a lift.he say I can. But I need to pack some clothes. Hurry up
I ran upstairs casually clothes on bra panties and put some in a bag grabbed my hand bag makeup headed to the car. I said to Ben what a bellend he is for making me rush. Ben just laughed and drove as I did my makeup. We got to my work where kissed him and my daughter again and drove off waving.

I then took my keys from my bag for the fob to let me in to the office and turned off the alarm waiting for Adam to turn up it made me nervous to the core. No one had ever had his effect on me. And I was terrified I did not know this man. I did not know if I was wearing the right clothes because I was wearing a body suit and a skirt shirt and a coat. As I was in a rush and for ease.

So I wait what seemed like an ages he come in and tell’s me there has been a change of plan. And that I am off the project and thinks it could be done better and how he was going f to get Mark to take over and he has managed to pushed it back so I said why am I here and not on holiday with my husband. He said that

Your new job role is to digitalizing documents and shredding the old ones. Your other main job is to walking the cubicles and take order for tea and coffee. Do you understand you will work from the bottom and work your way up and to be grateful I am not sacking you do you understand.

So you want me to become the office bitch he say if you don’t want it you know where the door is.

Thinking that what Ben wants. I will do it good girl he say. As his phone ring he tells me to wait and we start he walks back in room. He then put the phone
down, then told me to stand up and take my coat off. Next he dragged a chair into the middle of the room and told me to bend over with my palms flat on the chair seat. I did that and stood there tense and waiting.

The first smack landed square on my bum and made me jump. Five more times his hand cracked down on my bottom. Then he told me to stand up, so I straightened myself up and thinking that it hadn’t been quite as bad as I expected I reached for my coat.

“What do you think you’re doing” he asked. “Put that coat down we’re only half finished.”

Dismayed I put my coat back down. Then came the real sickener.

“Take your skirt off,” he demanded.

“What – what do you mean?” I stammered.

“Take your skirt off,” he repeated.

For what seemed like ages (but was probably only a few seconds) we faced each other in silence. I wondered whether to walk out (and to hell with the consequences but that is what Ben wants ), but in the end I was the one who cracked.

My hands went to the waistband of my skirt and pulled it down to my ankles and stand back up with my hands bu my side. Well what do we have here not what I had in mind but I think it will work.

Now take off your shirt,”why”why you doing this I am sorry for the project. It don’t matter about that now it will get sorted.

Now put your hand back on the chair as he gave me more spanks of the bottom I hate to say it but I started to enjoy it the embarrassment that he was giving me. I was getting very wet. As I felt his hand touch the three little buttons of my bodysult and popped them open to reveal my slit he say wow you have a pussy of a 12 year old. Not want to ask questions I thanked him.

As he kept rubbing it I was weak on my legs. Then I heard his zip on his trousers I was scared I told him I was not on birth control he say it don’t matter little girl. As I felt the head of his cock hit my hole it felt big as fucked me until I felt his warm jizz deep in me as his cock comes out of me. as he says I really enjoyed that now get your self cleaned up mark will be here soon. as I went to get my case then come to a horrible realization I left it in the car SHIT ball. Adam come to me still exposed what up I left my case in the car.i will go get it. Till I said my husband has it I quicky went to toilet and cleaned up I could feel cum running out me. I left and said bye and I would see him Monday. Still very hot and sticky I left.

But there Mark had just come in and said he was sorry for what happened I just did not talk as he shouted has he sacked you. Just worrying about doing the walk of shame to my dad’s house.

Hope you have enjoyed it part 3 soon

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