The start of cheating on husband

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I am nikol 26 year old 34c bra size 12 I am married with a child and a husband. I work in an office Monday to Friday as well as being a housewife but as I tell my husband we can’t afford me to stay at home. With are daughter in school and the business trips my husband goes on. When we are at home it great spending time together the hugging kissing the sex. We was going on holiday in a weeks time to get in the car to cornwall.

The day before we was getting ready to go to cornwall at work the company had just hired a new office manager and he had new plans. He made a speech on how things are going to change and how the deadline was still monday.

And any plan over the weekend to be scrapped.
I rised my hand like we was in school. That I was driving to corwall. But there was more he said he was letting people go when your name was call to and get your final pay check pack up your personal item say your goodbyes and leave. He called name after name until it was an office full of the you get women and men there was a a lot of crying. With aot of them been working here for years. with that he gave out sheets of paper with an uniform order on it he then leave the room I will see you all in the morning.

I rang my husband to explain what had gone on at work and that I could fly out on Sunday morning my husband Ben was very upset as he was looking forward to the week away. I told him I was sorry. And I was on my way home. Adam the new office manager then spoke again and say my new assistant is nikol. I did not know what to say. He say congrats on that I will see you in the morning then rest enjoy you’re weekend. He say my name I went over and goes to me I hope I have made the right decision.

I leave the car park and ring Ben to tell him about the new job. He was made up I told I would get takeaway.

After waiting and driving home I was welcome with a high and a kiss and a touch of the bum I quicky slapped his hand Alice come running up to me screaming mummy mummy and hugged me with such joy in her itt face. As she pulled me to the table to eat the talk soon got round to what my plans was and where I was staying as Ben would be having the car I lived and it was a. Hour walk to work. I said I would stay with dad it will be nice.

Alice went to bed told she better get some sleep got long drive in the morning. I went down stairs to to where Ben was say on the sofa I put the kettle on to make a sweet tea. As I walked back in to the living room and placed his up nexted to him then with one still in the kitchen but then he grab hand.

My breathing was heavy and I was not afraid that our daughter was in the house too as there was no chance that she could see us here. Ben undid the hook of my skirt and started pulling it down slowly teasing me with his lips. He stopped when he pulled down my skirt enough and my black panties were showing. He kissed me on my lower belly that made me to scratch the wall like a wild cat

I was still wearing my shirt. I didn’t open my eyes and took it off. I also undid my bra and let it fell down feeling proud on my 34C breast and erect nipples. Ben again started pulling down my skirt and this time he took it off completely, he lifted my legs one by one to take off that skirt.

I felt him kissing my inner thighs and slowly running his fingers on my belly. His hand reached more up to grab my breast and his fingers brushed against my hard nipples while he was sucking on my belly. I though he was going to pull down my panties and eat me out but he looked up when he felt my nipples

He stood up and started sucking my nipples. I wrapped my hands around his neck and caressing his back. I was so wild now, I pushed him against the wall and took off his shirt by pulling it and tearing all its buttons. He was standing in front of me with his broad chest and six packs. I moved my head to his chest and bit on his nipples and then I sat down on my knees with my lips brushing on his abs

He was going to undo his pants but I held his hands and I myself took off his pants and pulled down his underwear and grabbed his big cock which was so hard. I could also tease him biting his erection over the fabric but I myself was too wet and horny that I thought to just get it in my hand and then suck it.

I grabbed his cock, looked up into his eyes and then wrapped my lips around his shaft. I saw him closing his eyes and I rubbed my pussy and started sucking him and letting his dick move back and forth in my mouth.
I stood up taking off my panties and I stepped out from them. I wanted him to eat my pussy but when he stuck me to the wall and lifted my one leg to get his cock inside me, I thought “ok I will ask him to eat me in night” Ben always suck my pussy and he is so good in that but as we didn’t have sex from past 5 days and we didn’t even see each other so going a little fast and skip some things was obvious

I dig my nails on his shoulder when he pushed his cock and get it all in my pussy in one shot. Before I could moan his lips locked mine and we started kissing with him fucking my pussy. He fucked me like that for few minutes then he whispered in my ear to lay down on the floor. The floor was cold but I did and he leaned over me to finish the things.

Then we fucked in that position till he cummed in my pussy We kept laying on the floor till we catch our breath and thought to go upstairs in the house. I dressed myself in shirt and skirt with no panties, he wore his shirt and pants and I asked him to keep my wet panties in his pocket because I didn’t want my daughter to look at me with panties in my hands.

Lucky she was fast a sleep and we got past her room as I went to the bathroom and Ben to the bedroom

Hope you enjoy part 2 soon

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