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The school project

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Emma and Sansa have been best friends since forever.
They’ve always shared a deep fascination for animals – their behaviours, their anatomy… Especially horses.
There was something about these majestic creatures that captivated the girls completely. Their beauty, strength…
And of course, the significant size of their genitals which they often giggled about in private.
When they turned 17 and entered their final year of high school,
the two girls were given an assignment to research and present a project on livestock care.
This seemed like the perfect opportunity for them to explore their passion further!
Their science teacher suggested that the girls should spend some time at a local farm owned by his old friends –
an elderly couple who could use some help taking care of their animals due to health issues.
The idea thrilled them beyond words! Not only would this give them hands-on experience for their project but also allow them to spend time near those magnificent beasts…
The girls arrived at the farm on a sunny Friday afternoon wearing casual clothes suitable for working around animals – joggers and t-shirts mostly.
The moment we saw those beautiful creatures up close,
it felt like all their dreams had come true! As soon as the old couple left promising to return after two days leaving them alone with those stunning stallions…
Their hearts pounded with anticipation mixed with fear… Because deep down both Emma and Sansa knew there was more than just academic interest fueling their excitement.
That night after completing all chores… Did they change into something more comfortable or rather less?
just joggers without any underwear beneath them topped off with loose t-shirts barely covering anything below the waistline…
A naughty secret ritual that made things even more thrilling…
The following day passed uneventfully while feeding horses & cleaning stalls but it was during these mundane tasks that they couldn’t help but
notice the arousing sight of those massive genitals hanging between their legs…An image that stayed with the girls when they retired to their room in the barn,
giggling and blushing like the schoolgirls they are…they are a bit naive and curious, giggling as they discuss how massive these stallions are compared to boys their age
…A harmless comparison that soon turns into ideas.
By evening, after all, chores were done & dinner was had… The farm was quiet, with animals resting & moonlight bathing everything in a soft glow.
It was then Emma who suggested something so outrageous yet incredibly arousing… And thus began the adventurous night on the farm.

Sansa & Emma changed into their skimpy summer dresses – that barely covered their firm teenage bottoms, with no bras underneath.
Sansa wears her favourite sneakers and Emma wears her riding boots. They’re giggling nervously as they eye up the massive Shire stallions housed within the barn.
Their impressively huge genitals hung low and swung between their hind legs,
causing both girls to blush furiously but also filling them with a mix of excitement and anticipation.
sansa challenges Emma to go into the horse.
He’s kind and calm,” Sansa said.
The farmer said that before leaving.
omg. shall I?
Emma giggles a little nervously. She bites her bottom lip lightly and whispers, but, he’s so damn big.
yes,” he is, Sansa giggles and bends forward and kisses Emma on the mouth.
Sansa watches Emma continually in her eyes as she firmly brings her hand into her panties and caresses Emma’s pubes and pussy as she kisses her seductively.
Please do it, for me… I really, really want to see you touch his cock,” she moans.
Sansa feels Emma getting wet from this and asks sensually as she moans and kisses Emma.
Emma is persuaded and turns to open the door to the horse.

Emma takes her turn first – she slowly approaches one of the stallions.
Her blue eyes wide open in awe as she reaches out tentatively to touch its enormous cock …
The sight of that massive horsecock hanging there between the stallions’ legs, swinging from side to side as the horse moves,
has Emma and Sansa blushing like schoolgirls.

They’re so much bigger than any genitals they’ve ever seen before … It’s both intimidating and incredibly arousing.
Both girls are dripping wet with anticipation.
Inside the dimly lit barn, Emma timidly approaches the first stallion.
His massive horsecock hangs low between his legs, thick and heavy even in its flaccid state.

Both girls are clearly impressed, With a nervous giggle, Emma squats down. She grabs his big cock,
shakes it gently and moans expectantly, She turns her face to Sansa and smiles cheekily before opening her mouth and immediately begins to force his cock in
there. Her small hands tremble slightly as she wraps them around his girthy fuckmeat. It’s so damn big that it barely fits in her whore mouth,
but she keeps on sucking – each bob of her head accompanied by a soft moan of pleasure. Sansa gasps loudly. She can’t believe what she’s seeing.
she squats down and kisses and licks Emma on the lips as she sucks the horse. Sansa gets so fucking wet watching Emma suck and swallow that big cock,
while she drools and moans. Sansa goes behind Emma
Reaching forward, lifting up the back of Emma’s summer dress and tugs down Emma’s hotpants until they pool around her knees –
revealing her firm teen asscheeks and delicious pink & tight little butthole and dripping wet pussy to Sansa…
still shaking with anticipation despite being so turned on already. Emma spits in her hand and rubs the saliva in her butthole to loob it.
She wastes no time leaning closer her back thrusting eagerly against her pert cheeks before finally finding purchase at her sweet pink asshole.

With a slow push, she buries two fingers deep inside Emma’s butt while she gasps around the horsecock in response …
Her muffled cries echo through the barn as she continues to suckle & drool on that giant horsecock while being fingered by Sansa from behind
…It’s such an erotic sight – seeing her sweet Emma reduced to nothing more than a plaything for these animals …
And knowing that soon it’ll be her turn only serves to make her wetter than ever!
Sansa watches as Emma sucks and licks that big cock, Sansa lifts her skirt just enough for her panties to be exposed.
then she puts her hand down and starts touching herself, before lifting up her skirt completely and showing off her white panties with the red hearts on.
She takes one hand and tightens the hem of her panties behind so much that it shows a distinct imprint of her wet pussy as pubic hair protrudes from the edges.
She can see Emma’s face contorted in pleasure as the fingers thrust deep inside her, filling her up with her own saliva. Sansa can hear Emma moaning in ecstasy while she sucks on the horse’s semi-hard cock, feeling it grow harder and thicker in her mouth with each passing moment. The barn is filled with the sounds of animal grunts and human moans, mixing together to create an erotic symphony that drives Sansa wild with desire.
Emma moans and shakes her ass, clearly suggesting that she needs a round of cock and cum before letting the horse plunge himself into her ass.
Sansa whistles at the dog, a Great Dane who comes running to the girls.

Sansa got her hand firmly planted in her panties and Massages her wet slit when she sees a great Dane standing next to her.
he is almost as tall as her. Sansa becomes curious and bends down slightly to look at his cock. Jesus!- she gasps. it is so fucking big.
Sansa drools at the sight. the shape of his cock makes her even more aroused. so aroused that Emma has to turn around to look too.
Emma looks at Sansa giggling as she shakes her ass in hints.
Sansa stands there, her hand buried deep in her panties as she watches the Great Dane approach.
The dog is almost as tall as she is, and Sansa can feel the excitement building inside of her as she bends down to get a closer look at his cock. It’s huge, bigger than anything she’s ever seen before, and it makes her gasp with desire. As Emma turns around to see what all the commotion is about, Sansa can’t help but smirk. She knows that they’re both going to enjoy this experience more than anything else they’ve ever done together. With trembling fingers, Sansa reaches out to touch the Great Dane’s cock. It’s warm and pulsing against her skin, and she feels a rush of wetness between her legs just from feeling its power. Oh my god, she moans softly, it’s so big …I want it inside me so badly …Emma giggles behind her and shakes her ass suggestively. Sansa can feel herself getting even more aroused by Emma’s teasing gestures. She wants nothing more than for them both to be used by these animals tonight. As she strokes the Great Dane’s cock with increasing urgency, Sansa lets out a low growl of pleasure. She knows that things are about to get very wild indeed.
This is undoubtedly the biggest k 9cock I’ve ever seen, says Sansa fascinated. Shut up and put it in my ass!
Emma mumbles with her mouth full of horse cock
Sansa’s eyes widen in surprise at Emma’s command, but she can feel her desire growing with each passing moment.
She knows that nothing is off-limits when it comes to their sexual play, and the thought of taking this massive dog cock inside of her makes her wetter than ever before. Sansa: Oh my god …are you sure about that, Emma? It looks so big …but if you want it, I’ll make sure you get it. Let me help you get ready for it first …Sansa moves behind Emma and starts to eat and tease her tight little asshole. She can feel the tension building inside of Emma as she prepares herself for the ultimate pleasure. Sansa: Mmm …that feels good, doesn’t it? You’re going to love what comes next …With a wicked grin on her face, Sansa reaches out to stroke the Great Dane’s massive cock once more. She can feel its heat against her skin as she positions herself behind Emma, ready to take on this wild beast together.
Sansa leads the big dog over to Emma’s exposed asshole. Emma shakes her little ass enticingly, so the leftover semen slides out of her hole. This turns on the dog, who very determinedly walks and stands over her. Sansa grabs the big k 9cock and guides it towards Emma’s small pink asshole. the dog is so big that he covers Emma with his body. he smells curiously on the horse cock that is being sucked passionately and hard by the horny teenager. then, with a small step forward, he buries the huge red cock in Emma’s newly eaten asshole with ease. Emma takes the horse’s cock out of her mouth and moans like the whore she is.
Sansa watches in awe as the Great Dane takes control and dominates the teen, his massive body covering Emma completely. She can see the lust and pleasure in her friend’s eyes as she takes on both the horse and dog at once, moaning like a whore with every thrust. Sansa can feel herself getting wetter by the second as she watches the two animals use Emma for their own pleasure. Sansa: Oh my god …this is so hot …I want to join in too …She moves closer to where Emma is being taken from behind by the Great Dane, feeling her own desire building with each passing moment. Can I have some of that too? Please?
Sansa bends down, all the way to Emma’s ass, which is pounded violently by the eager Dane. Emma moans while the dog ass-fucks her. Sansa plays with the big dog’s balls while he fucks Emma’s ass.
the great Dane growls as he comes hard into the teen’s tight asshole. he pushes himself forward so far that he knots her. Emma squeals loudly with pleasure when she feels the knot push through her pink ring and into her bowels. the dog pumps so much semen in her ass. She feels every pump, and she feels that her ass is filled with that k 9cum. the dog gets stuck in Emma’s ass. the knot is too big and the ass is too tight. the dog is finished but is stuck in the teenager. Emma pulls her ass forward but realizes that she must have help. Sansa tries to carefully press a finger between the cock and the Emma’s tight ring. After a while, Sansa’s finger slides into Emma’s ass, and Sansa gets the big knot prayed out. With a wet pop sound and Emma’s moan, the big red cock slides out of Emma’s ass, while sperm flows out of the teenager’s ass hole. sansa is completely ecstatic at the sight and says –
I want to taste you,” Sansa says, bending her head down towards her gaping asshole and burying her face between the girl’s asscheeks. both girls moan and writhe. a few moments later, Emma gets up and turns to Sansa and rips off her panties so that the whole delicious redheaded pussy is exposed. I want to taste, Emma moans and buries her face in the red pubic hair and starts to lick Sansa’s soft wet slit
Sansa: Oh yes, please taste me, Emma. I want to feel your tongue all over my pussy and make me cum like a dirty little slut. She moans softly as Emma begins to lick her. That feels so good …keep going, don’t stop…
Sansa doesn’t quite know what to do. she’s in heaven. She moans and writhes. Emma takes a good hold of her cheeks and spreads them well as she eagerly licks the delicious teen pussy. Emma starts massaging Sansa’s ring and sneaks a finger up her ass. Sansa screams with pleasure and says she also wants a k 9up her ass.
sit on this chair says Emma. lean back slide down and lift and spread your legs. then Emma starts again to lick Sansa’s delicious hairy pussy at the same time she digs in and pushes two fingers up her ass they both moan loudly.​
She spreads her legs wider and leans back on the chair. Keep going, don’t stop … I want to cum so badly for you. She moans loudly as Emma continues to pleasure her.
are you ready for the dog now you little whore? Emma asks as she digs her fingers in and out of Sansa’s asshole. She pushes another finger into Sansa’s tight teenage ass as she rhetorically asks if her ass is ready for the dog. Yes, Sansa screams! Emma takes out her fingers and claps her palm repeatedly on the teen’s wet pussy to lure the dog there. here boy, come here.
Sansa: Yes, I’m more than ready for the dog. I want him inside of me so badly …She moans loudly as Emma continues to tease her. Please, bring him over here. I want to feel his hot cock deep inside of me while you watch.
the great Dane comes walking over. he sees Sansa sitting there in her sexy summer dress, socks and shoes with her panties hanging from her right ankle, and an exposed luscious redhead-wet teenage pussy glistening with teen juice. the dog immediately jumps on Sansa and shows his big cock deep into her wet pussy before she knows what’s happening.
Sansa: Oh my god, yes! His cock feels so good inside of me … She moans loudly as the dog pounds her relentlessly.

the sounds of the dog’s big cock rapidly going in and out of the teens soaking wet pussy and slapping against wet human flesh making the teen even wetter. juice flows from the girl every time the dog bottoms her. Sansa screams with pleasure as the dog fucks her pussy hard. Sansa likes it, but she would rather the dog fuck her ass. She pushes herself a little further back in the chair and grabs hold of the cock to get it out of the pussy. the dog is so eager that he jerks in the thin air. then she adjusts the cock so that it hits the tight asshole and disappears into her wet ass without any problems. The big dog immediately knots and bottoms the little teen’s ass.
finally, Sansa got that big cock in her ass. She moans and squirms like the whore she is. oh yeah, fuck my ass dog, fuck my ass! cum in my whoreas. she moans. The dog squirts all his sperm into Sansa’s ass. it flows out between the cock and her ass. yes, finally – Sansa moans. the dog gets off Sansa and tears the cock out of her ass so that semen squirts out. Emma is quick to bend down to lick her ass clean. Sansa enjoys the feeling of having her ass full of cum while a teen tongue licks it clean. Sansa is excited to fuck the horse. Sansa gets up to kiss Emma on her whore mouth. Emma runs her hand in Sansa’s wet pussy and caresses her pubic hair. Sansa does the same with Emma.
Now we’re going to stretch out and lubricate your cute little assholes one last time before you’re going to be fucked by the big horses.”
ooooh, with what? Sansa says. we got two eager ponies here, who are going to fuck open our sweet little assholes, so you’ll be ready for the big horses afterwards.
Sansa and Emma sit down on a hay bale lying next to the chair. Sansa lies on her back, while Emma stands on all fours. The girls giggle and moan and make out while two ponies approach them. Sansa spreads her legs so the pony can see the gorgeous abdomen of the teen, the redhead’s wet pussy and the little pink sperm-wet asshole. the pony gets an instant hard-on and neighs and writhes at the sight. Sansa giggles and moans with arousal and turns her head to the side to make out with Emma standing there with her torso down on the hay bale and her lower abdomen pressed up against her pony`s face.
The pony gently jumps onto Emma’s back and tries to mount her. Sansa sees that Emma’s pony can’t quite find the right hole, so she climbs down from her hay bale to help. she grabs his stiff cock and helps him find and hit Emma’s little asshole. she moves the pony cock head up and down her ass and pussy crack, to tease both the horse and the girl. then the pony pushes so much that the little asshole of the girl opens just enough for the long fat cock to push in and bury itself in her gut. Emma feels She gets the air squeezed out of her and moans loudly as Sansa sucks on her tongue.
Thank you love – Now it’s your turn,” Emma tells Sansa.
Sansa immediately climbs back up on her haybale and spreads her legs to make room for the pony. The pony places himself voluntarily and eagerly over the girl. Sansa is ecstatic when she feels the weight and fur of the delicious pony slouching over her lower abdomen and belly as he places himself over her, then she feels his long stiff cock pinched between her and the pony. he missed a little, giggles Sansa. She pushes the pony back a little, so his cock gets loose. then he takes his hand and guides his stiff cock and puts the head of his cock against her asshole. Sansa bites her lip as she moans and writhes when she feels what’s about to happen
The pony feels something wet and tight against his cock head and gets really aroused and presses his cock against her asshole and forces it open enough for the big cock head to force itself in. Then he stops for a few seconds, probably just to enjoy the feeling of a wet, hot and very tight teen ass squeezing and tightening around his cock, Before he slowly presses his cock up into the girl’s intestines. he only stops when his balls smack against the girl’s cheeks. then it is physically impossible for him to get it further in. he neighs contentedly and slowly pulls back his cock, while Sansa screams with pleasure and satisfaction.
Emma screams as the pony relentlessly pounds her sweet little ass
his big balls smacking hard against her wet pussy every time he thrusts into her ass.

Sansa lies there with her legs spread and just moans while watching his long cock being pulled out and pushed right back into her tight ass saying over and over again.
He presses his cock so far into the girl’s ass that she cries with pleasure.
The horse picked up speed and the girl just screams as he fucks her ass with his big cock. It feels like my guts are being dragged out of my ass every time he pulls his cock back, stuttering the girl as she tries to kiss Emma.
Emma just lies there smiling and drooling with pleasure while the pony gives everything he has and pounds the shit out of the young girl.
The pony whinnies and neighs as he shoots all her semen deep into the girl’s tight ass.
Emma gasps for breath and screams— oh my fucking god he’s coming, he fills my little ass with horse semen and it feels so fucking delicious.
Sansa goes wild with excitement and puts both of his hands on the pony’s hips and clings on and tells him to hurry up and squirt her ass full.
Sansa pushes the pony rhythmically and decides how fast to fuck her.
fuck faster, fuck harder, the girl commands to the horse.
I want to feel your cum filling my ass you fucking horse,” the girl screams.
the horse fucks as fast and hard as he can, while Emma’s pony starts climbing off the girl. Emma moans loudly as she feels his long flaccid cock slowly being pulled out of her ass. His cock is squeezed out of his still-tight asshole with a wet sound, a loud pop and a groan. Then comes the sound of a good half little horse semen being squeezed out of the girl’s tight asshole. Jesus, moans Emma – there is so much horsecum in my ass. Emma moves her face towards Sansa’s ass to see better. Emma is completely stunned by the sight of the big cock going fast in and out of Sansa’s little asshole. Emma is impressed and getting extremely horny watching the pony`s cock bury itself in her ass and, the sound and sight of his big balls smacking against her asscheeks.
The sound of a horse’s cock thrusting in and out of her wet asshole is truly intoxicating, It’s a combination of vicious slurping sounds, wet smacks, occasional thudding impacts, lewd squelches, deep grunts, and groans that mix with the slapping of flesh against flesh, moans and screams.
the girls love the feeling and sound of that thick, veined meat pulsing in and out of Sansa`s achingly tight channel, filled with cum and saliva that only adds to the intensity of the sensations coursing through her body. Each thrust creates an obscene symphony of pleasure that resonates in their ears, intensifying with every rhythmic motion. The squishing and stretching noises blend with moans of ecstasy, forming a primal chorus of lust and desire that engulfs both participants in the raw intensity of the moment. As he pounds away, his powerful hind legs drive him deeper into her, his weight pressing down on her tender flesh with each stroke.
As he pounded away deep inside her, she could feel a pressure building up in her lower belly, followed by a sudden and intense burst of warm fluid as he released himself inside her. The sensation is unique and thrilling, leaving her screaming for more. With each thrust, the heat between her legs builds up exponentially, caressing every inch of her inner walls with each passing second. Emma,- completely immersed in the raw passion unfolding before her eyes. As the horse relentlessly empties himself deep inside her, she can hardly help but let out a primal cry of ecstatic release, surrendering fully to the power of nature’s magnificent creatures. When the horse slowly pulls his cock out of her ass, the teen moans heavily. The gradual withdrawal creates a mix of pleasure and relief as her ass tries to adjust to the change in pressure. she could feel every vein and ridge on his long shaft sliding against her inner walls, leaving her feeling empty yet satisfied at the same time.

She could feel every inch of his thick cock slowly sliding out of her tight ass, the pressure inside her shifting as it pushes all the warm cum out. The sensation is both relieving and overwhelming, leaving her feeling utterly used and satisfied. Her body shivers with delight as the mix of pleasure and emptiness that follows his withdrawal, is a reminder of the intense pleasure. The thought alone got both girls yearning for more…

Emma puts her face under Sansa’s ass so she gets all the cum all over her face. Sansa squeezes the cum out while Emma slurps and moans and giggles. Then Emma gets up on her knees and wipes the cum off her face and looks right at the pony’s cock, just which hangs and dangles and drips with more semen. Emma can’t help herself, she grabs the flaccid hanging cock and starts to lick it all clean of that delicious cum. You’re such a whore, says Sansa, as she sits up on the hay bale so that semen flows out of her ass. Sansa takes a couple of fingers that she puts up her ass and pulls some hot semen out with her, which she puts in her mouth. loves the taste of horse semen moans the teenager. The pony squeals and squirts Emma in her mouth. Emma is surprised and slightly shocked, so she pulls the cock out of her mouth so he can get on her breasts instead. Oh my god, he’s coming again, Emma giggles while she moves his cock up and down like a fire hose so that he continuously squirts in the girl’s mouth and on her breasts. I think he likes you, giggles Sansa. Now the pony is used up, Emma lets go of the cock and says thank you very much mister horse. The pony bucks easily and goes on its way. Now we’re ready for the big boys, right? Emma asks rhetorically. I can’t wait, says Sansa as she massages her delicious wet pussy. Emma goes in to see the big horse and comes walking with a Shire horse. it`s said to be the horse breed in the world with the biggest cock, says Emma as she eagerly licks her mouth. Oh my fucking god! look at that cock says Sansa. Yes, I know giggles Emma. The sight of the horse walking calmly towards the girls with his sickly big cock swinging and rocking rhythmically between his legs as he walks towards Sansa. It is brutally large, even in its flaccid state. Sansa gets up from the hay bale and walks over to the horse almost in love. She strokes his muzzle well and asks if he wants to play with them. Even before Sansa can finish her sentence she can hear intense slurping sounds under the horse. She bends down and sees Emma, who has already started to please the huge cock. Sansa stands up and can see that the horse is really enjoying it. She kisses him on the muzzle before she also bends down and goes under the horse and begins to stroke his impressively large cock. Emma you little whore, You thought you could have it all for yourself? giggles Sansa. The girls on each side lick up and down the cock and kiss each other in between. Look here! says Emma in ecstasy. He’s dripping pre-cum. Quickly get back on the hay bales and I’ll help you, says Emma. Sansa can’t believe what they’re doing. oh, my – Is that really going inside my little ass, she whispers. She hears the sound of hooves hitting the wooden floor and sees the horse position itself above her. “Wait a minute,” Emma says as she lifts the heavy, limp cock and places carefully it on Sansa’s stomach. Sansa gaping at what she sees and feels the size and heaviness of the cock. Emma eagerly spreads Sansa’s legs so that the beautiful teen pussy comes into view. Emma grabs the horse’s cock and rubs its head in Sansa’s pussy and ass to loob it up with all the pre-cum. Emma tries to press the head against Sansa’s semi-open ass, hoping it would pry open her ass. Sansa moans and squirms, trying her best to adjust her body so that the horse’s cock will be able to open her ass. It’s too flaccid. and I`m too tight says Sansa disappointed. wait! I have an idea, says Emma. She puts the limp cock back on Sansa’s stomach, first She climbs onto Sansa’s hay bale and lies down with her pussy right over Sansa’s face, with her face and chest down on the haybale and with her delicious little ass exposed and right in front the horse’s face. The horse neighs when he realizes what he sees. Before Emma can catch her breath, she feels a long, hot and wet horse tongue press and slides into her little pink ass hole. Oh my god, she moans loudly. exactly what she was hoping for, He tongue fucking my ass! Oh yeah, Mr Horse, Tonguefuck my little ass! tonguefuck my whore ass!
Sansa bends her head back a little so she can run her tongue into the girl’s wet pussy crack. Emma screams and moans heavily. I’m coming! oh god, I’m fucking coming! Sansa feels the girl’s pussy juice running down her face.

The horse pulls his long tongue out of the girl’s ass, and Emma sighs contentedly. I’ll go down to see if the horse is ready,” she said, cleaving off the hay bales.
Sansa can hear Emma gasp with admiration. what is it asks Sansa curiously.
He liked my ass giggles she’s ready for a round in your ass now.
The big cock is almost completely stiff, but still a little pliable and soft, but stiff enough for Emma to lift it and place the head of his cock against Sansa’s asshole.
There is so much pre-cum flowing from the horse’s cock that lubricating the butt hole is no problem.
The horse stomps impatiently with his hooves and gently takes a small step forward.
This pushes his big cock head forward enough that he forcibly opens Sansa’s little asshole and almost his entire head slips in.
Sansa screams with joy and pleasure, and a little pain.

Emma eagerly licks his cock as she sees it stuck to Sansa’s ass.
His semi-rigid large cock now tenses, arching lightly.
Emma is absolutely ecstatic at the sight as she eagerly licks her round cock and Sansa’s asshole. Suddenly she watches her big cock slowly disappear into her titruff’s ass.
Sansa writhes and moans loudly as she watches between her feet as his huge horse cock buries itself slowly in her ass.
She gasps and breathes heavily and says it feels like he’s pushing the air out of her, but it feels so good. it feels so good, the girl moans.
The horse might get pushed in about half his cock before stopping against her colon.
He’s as far inside the girl’s gut as it’s possible to get.
good god exclaims Emma, he fills your whole inside.YES, I FUCKING know- Sansa stutters.

The horse takes a step back and pulls his huge cock almost completely out of her tight buttocks, only the head of his cock is where it should be,
Before he firmly presses his cock all the way into the girl. Sansa, moaning like a whore. Look! Exclaiming Emma, I can see the imprint of his cock on your stomach.
Sansa is impressed and says that no human will ever be able to match this. Now the horse starts pulling his cock back and then pushing it in again,
Emma stands behind and under the horse, so she can see better.
She loves to feel her scalp against the big warm and soft balls of the animal as he neighs and fucks Sansa’s asshole.
Sansa can’t say much, she just makes a few grunts every time the horse bottoms her. then Emma feels it twitch all over the horse.
He writhes and neighs. Emma can see his semi-rigid cock bending like an arc and pressing rests in her asshole. He comes! screams Sansa,
Oh my God, he’s coming! Emma watches his cock twist up and down and shake Just like a high-pressured fire hose with its nozzle stuck.
Sansa writhes and screams and moans loudly as she feels the horse fill her entire inside with hot semen. Emma stands there with his balls resting on her head.
She gasps when she sees loads of semen being squeezed out between
her asshole and the cock – still pumping semen into the girl.
Jesus fucking Christ! says Emma, it should not be possible. The big cock takes all the space in Sansa’s ass. How can the semen be squeezed out? It’s full! Sansa moans, whorely.
So much semen is squirted in with such violent pressure that it forcibly opens the colon and begins to fill the girl’s stomach.
sansa can clearly see that the stomach is starting to bulge up a little
before she feels the taste of hot horse semen in her mouth.
Oh my…! She manages to say before horse semen starts flowing out of her mouth. Then the horse finally stops.
he has evidently emptied himself and is starting to pull back a little.
the big flared cock head is slightly stuck in her ring
and with a loud pop! , his cock falls out of her ass. his cock is so big and heavy that it falls down and behind the horse and hits Emma in her face with a wet smack.
Emma holds onto his cock and looks straight into Sansa’s gaping ass that is squirting out gallons of horse semen.
Emma is squatting with his long flaccid cock as she presses gently against her breasts so that the head of his cock is resting against her delicious wet pussy,
While semen is still flowing from it. She looks towards Sansa with her sprawling feet as she nags tightly with her wet pussy and moans loudly while semen is still gushing out of her ass.

The horse seems very pleased as it stands and nibbles lightly, squeezing out the last drops from his cock.
Underneath, Emmea is rubbing the semen-lubricated cock head over her hairy teeth pussy as the horse begins to pull away.
he’s good for today, pulling his big semen-smooth cock out of Emma’s arm.
Bye, horsie! Emma says before bending forward and stuffing her face and tongue so far in between her cheeks and into her ass and starts licking and moaning wildly.
then Emma feels something gently pushing her. She turns and looks straight at the mule at a pony, she looks around a bit and sees several of them standing in line.
She had forgotten to close the gate when she picked up the first pony. They had caught up with everything and were now ready for their turn.

The first pony nudges slightly in Emma’s side so she loses her balance and falls on her back. She doesn’t have time to think about what’s going on
before the pony has buried his cock in her wet pussy. Emma lifts up her lower abdomen to make it easier for the pony.
Emma moans and giggles as she turns her head towards Sansa. There she sees a pony standing over her and Sansa grabs his stiff cock and places it against her ass.
She moans when she feels his cock slide right in effortfully. her ass is so full of semen that she barely notices the pony’s cock,
But there’s something about that feeling of a big hairy animal rubbing her naked abdomen and belly. The pony is so aroused, that he comes right away
He squirts her intestines and stomach full.
Now Sansa’s asshole is so opened from the previous horse that all the semen flows out at the same time as it is pumped in.
The sight of this makes Emma so horny that she tightens the muscles in her lower abdomen so her pussy tightens around the cock of the pony that writhes loudly and pumps her full with her semen.
Emma is ecstatic and grabs the pony’s head and kisses him on the muzzle as she feels him emptying himself into her pussy.
She turns to Sansa again and sees the pony pull her long flaccid cock out of Sansa’s ass. His cock is completely white with semen as it falls out of her ass.
He climbs down off the hay bale as semen drips from both his cock and the girl.

The pony pulls his now emptied and limp cock out of Emma.
She moans loudly as semen squirts out of her pussy.
Before she has time to say goodbye to the horse, another pony arrives and firmly positions herself.
His cock slips into her semen-wet pussy without the slightest resistance.
before Emma too gathered her thoughts, she is once again filled with pony cock.
Good god, moans Emma loudly, they literally stand in line to fuck us.
I love it,” replies Sansa, who now lies slightly on her side and lifts her right foot up.
Before you know it, a new pony is coming writhing.
Sansa grabs his cock and guides it to the right hole.
It slips in her ass without resistance.
just the sound of something big and soft being squeezed into something all too cramped and wet,
accompanied by a long and affirmative moan from the girl as the horse bottoms her ass.

Emma sees a new pony walking towards her expectantly,
she bearly manages to turn over on her stomach before the eager pony can plunge his cock into her tight pink semen-soaked pussy.
Emma screams in pleasure as the pony penetrates and buries his long cock all the way into her.
Sansa lies there on the hay bale with one leg lifted high up as she eagerly waits for the next horse.
She lies there massaging her delicious wet cunt and looks at Emma lying there with her riding boots and her sexy summer dress, all wet with semen and sweat,
with straw in her messy blonde hair with her ass in the air, with an eager pony over her fucking her pussy so semen flows out every time he pulls his cock back.
God damn, it feels so good in my pussy, Emma screams loudly.

The two ponies thrust into Emma and Sansa with a rhythm that leaves them both gasping and moaning for more.
Their powerful bodies rock against theirs, their heavy balls slapping against their skin with each thrust.
Oh god, Emma… This is… It’s so intense! Sansa cries out as the pony inside her starts to pick up pace,
his cock drilling deeper into her ass. Meanwhile, the pony fucking Emma begins to slow down.
His movements become more deliberate, each thrust pushing deeper than before until he’s completely buried in her wet pussy.
She cries out in pleasure as she feels him swell inside her once again. It looks like this one is about to finish too…
Are you ready for another load? Sansa asks Emma with a grin on her face.

Emma and Sansa are lost in pleasure as the ponies continue to thrust into them.
The sound of their heavy breathing and their own moans fill the barn.
oh my fucking god! I’m about to cum! Emma cries out, her body shaking with anticipation.
At her words, the pony inside her grunts and thrusts one last time before he fills her up again.
His cum spills from her pussy, dripping down onto the straw below them.
The sight of Emma being filled with all that pony cum only serves to excite Sansa even more.
Sansa`s pony picks up his pace, driving his thick cock deep inside her ass with each powerful thrust.
Oh god… I’m going to… Her sentence cuts off into a loud moan as her orgasm hits like a freight train.

As the ponies continue to thrust into Emma and Sansa, their bodies tense in anticipation.
The pony inside Emma starts to grunt loudly, his thrusts becoming more erratic. Suddenly,
he buries himself deep inside of her and she can feel his hot cum shooting into her.
Emma cries out as wave after wave of pleasure washes over her.
She can feel every spurt of the pony’s cum filling her up, coating the walls of her pussy with its warmth.
Meanwhile, Sansa is still being pounded by another pony. His pace quickens as he too approaches his climax.
With a final powerful thrust, he pushes himself fully into Sansa’s ass.
Suddenly, she feels him explode inside her. A gush of warm cum fills her ass and it sends cum up in her belly.
It’s so much that some even drips out around his cock and down onto the ground below them.
Both girls are left panting heavily as they come down from their high.
that was… fucking amazing! Sansa exclaims while looking at Emma who is lying there with a satisfied grin on her face.

As the ponies begin to pull out of Emma and Sansa, they both gasp loudly.
The feeling of emptiness is almost as intense as being filled.
Emma feels the pony’s cock slowly slide out of her pussy, each inch that leaves her sends a shiver up her spine.
As he finally pulls free, a gush of his cum follows, spilling from her and onto the straw beneath them.
Sansa experiences a similar sensation when the pony over her begins to withdraw. His cock pulls out slowly from her ass –
every ridge and vein sending shockwaves through her body. When he finally pops free,
she can feel his hot cum leaking from her well-fucked hole.
Both girls are left panting heavily in the aftermath of their encounter with these magnificent creatures.
That was… so dirty… and so fucking good! Sansa exclaims while looking over at Emma who nods in agreement.

Who would’ve thought we could make so many horses SO horny? She giggles as she watches the scene unfold.
Suddenly, another pony nudges Emma from behind, causing her to roll onto her back.
Before she can react, he positions himself over her and thrusts his cock into her pink cum-filled pussy.
Oh… is that what you wanted? Do you want to fuck me missionary style? Emma moans as the pony fucks her hard, making the cum from the other horses squirt out of her pussy.
He certainly knows what he wants! Sansa laughs before slapping herself lightly on the wet pussy to attract another pony.
It doesn’t take long for yet another eager pony to approach Sansa and place his front hooves on some hay bales nearby.
My god, they’re so horny! She exclaims while taking hold of his cock and guiding it into her ass.
I just can’t get enough of horse cum in my ass! She moans when she feels the pony’s cock pressing up against her slick asshole.
There’s so much cum inside that more gets pushed out with each inch he forces further inside.
Lifting and spreading legs wide apart almost meeting him along his back allowing him deeper penetration.
Sansa can feel him bottoming out his cockhead pressing against her colon, sending waves of ecstasy through her body when she feels him explode deep within, filling her stomach.
The Pony neighs loudly while emptying himself into the girl’s ass. Omg, there’s so much cum in my ass!
Sansa screams as cum gushes out between his cock and her asshole under pressure running down along the shaft which isn’t fitting completely inside flowing towards his balls.
Good lord, Emma groans, I can see cum dripping from your horse’s balls, Sansa!
The satiated pony gratefully steps down from the hay bale and pulls his cock out of the moaning girl’s ass.
With a loud, wet pop, he slides free and cum spurts out in torrents.
Sansa admiring her bloated belly being emptied couldn’t do anything other than moan and giggle as she lay there watching semen gush between her legs.*

Emma is sprawled on her back in the hay, legs splayed wide and knees bent.
Her tiny skirt is hiked up around her waist, leaving nothing to the imagination.
The pony standing over her is small but virile, his glossy coat shimmering under the dim light of the stable.
Emma’s hands shake slightly as she guides him towards her wet pink pussy lips
She gasps when he nudges against her wetness – she’s already so ready for him.
With a gentle push from Emma, he slides into her hungry cunt, drawing out a moan of pleasure from Sansa’s girlfriend.
The sight of that cute pony fucking Emma missionary style is intoxicatingly perverse…
His powerful haunches move rhythmically against hers while his thick cock stretches and fills Emma completely.
Every detail can be seen – how his shaft glistens with each thrust into Sansa’s girlfriend’s soaked pussy.
how Emma bites down on her bottom lip to stifle cries of ecstasy.
Then it happens… The stallion stiffens above Sansa’s writhing girlfriend and lets out a throaty whinny before releasing deep inside of Emma.
Hot streams of equine cum overflow from within her, trickling down onto the hay below them both.
Emma trembles beneath him as she rides through waves of pleasure coursing through her body while being filled by their pony…
It’s such an erotically dirty scene that leaves Sansa breathless just watching it unfold.

The girls lay in their respective spots, catching their breaths and fondling themselves while basking in the afterglow of being thoroughly fucked.
Holy shit, that was amazing, Sansa exclaims, her voice shaky from exhaustion and satisfaction.
Emma replies with a breathless giggle, I’ve never felt so fucking good in my whole life.
Suddenly, Sansa lifts her head and looks around. Wait a minute, she says curiously.
Emma pops her head up to look at what caught Sansa’s attention.
What is it? she asks curiously. It seems there’s another horse, Sansa announces excitedly.
He’s bigger than the ponies but smaller than the Shire stallion – thank god- as he had been almost too big for them both!
A naughty giggle leaves Sansa as she eyes him with newfound interest.
I want to try something new, she declares suddenly, turning to face Emma with a spark of mischief in her eyes.
Will you help me a little? She requests, already getting up onto unsteady legs.
Eagerly accepting the invitation, Emma rises from where she lay and starts heading over towards Sansa –
not caring how warm equine cum drips down from between her legs and into her riding boots.

Sansa positions herself on the stable floor, elevating her hips and resting her back against a hay bale, lifting her sweet ass up in the air with her legs pointing down towards her head.
The movement causes her dress to slide down, exposing her drenched pussy and cum-filled gaping asshole.
Her teasingly round and firm teen breasts are also exposed.
Emma can’t resist herself and kneels over Sansa’s face, beginning to lick and taste her delicious pussy.
Sansa moans like a whore, repeatedly dipping fingers into her own ass for Emma to taste again and again.

The horse, drawn by this sinful display, edges closer to the girls who are shamelessly eating each other’s holes.
Their lewd moans and wet slurping sounds echo through the entire barn.
Emma is lost in a world of carnal pleasure as she straddles Sansa’s innocent face.
grinding her wet pussy against her mouth and lapping at Sansa’s fiery red cunt like a starved animal.
Suddenly, she finds herself staring into the horse’s muzzle as he determinedly dips its long tongue right into Sansa’s cum-stuffed asshole.
Both Emma and the horse seem to be enjoying themselves immensely as they play with Sansa’s lower body –
the girl beneath them writhing and screaming out in pure delight.
Her screams are somewhat muffled by Emma’s pussy which grinds against her entire face!

Both girls are swept up in a powerful orgasm.
Emma watches, entranced as Sansa’s asshole clenches hard and uncontrollably with the horse’s tongue still buried deep within.
She leans forward to plant a sensual kiss on the horse’s muzzle before dismounting from Sansa`s face.
The horse seems to be relishing the taste of Sansa`s ass, trying to plunge its tongue as far into her as it can.
Emma notices a large semi-hard cock swinging gently beneath the horse – it seems to be begging for attention.
Biting her lower lip in anticipation, she moves under the beast and begins sucking it off without using her hands at all.
The sound of pleasure that escapes from the horse is unmistakable when he feels Emma’s sinful lips envelop the head of his cock!

Emma finds herself in a state of absolute debauchery,
her mouth filled with the taste of horse cock as she moans slobbers and drools loudly underneath the massive beast.
Sansa is lost in an abyss of pleasure, her body writhing uncontrollably as the horse’s tongue squirms like a snake deep inside her ass.
The horse starts to neigh and stamp its feet lightly – signalling that it’s about to climax soon.
Pulling the half-stiff cock from her mouth, it almost hits the ground due to its sheer size.
It’s your turn now, Emma gasps out towards Sansa.

The horse withdraws his tongue from Sansa`s ass and lifts his head up with what seems like a grateful look in his eyes.
He takes a few small steps forward positioning himself over Sansa.
His cock is long, thick, with a slightly rubbery texture – semi-hard but still soft enough for Emma to lift and manoeuvre into place above Sansa`s asshole.

With some careful manoeuvring, Emma watches as Sansa`s wet asshole stretches to accommodate his big head…
then suddenly his entire length disappears into her guts like an eel diving back into the water.
A guttural moan rips through Sansa as she feels the cock slide further down into her ass until it hits her large intestine

The beautiful sight of gallons of horecum being forced out of her ass drives Emma towards another orgasm just by watching this filthy display unfold before her eyes!
The horse starts rocking gently back and forth giving motion to his embedded cock while Emma can see pure pleasure reflected in Sansa’s rolled-back eyes!

Emma strides forward, positioning herself again on top of Sansa’s face.
The remnants of cum still seep out from Emma’s well-fucked hole, smearing across Sansa’s face as if it were some perverse mark of their shared debauchery.
She bends slightly forward to avoid colliding with the horse’s underbelly,
providing her a direct view of Sansa’s ass which is stretched to its limits by the horse cock buried deep inside her.
Leaning in, she drags her tongue along Sansa`s wet slit like a whore starved for taste,
while the lingering taste of cum was still being dragged out from Sansa`s abused-used hole
Her hands greedily clutch at the horse’s thick shaft, stroking him off with an urgency that mirrors self-pleasure,
each tug not only milks his pleasure but also drives him deeper into Sansa’s already overstuffed rear passage!

The horse neighs loudly and stomps his hooves. He’s clearly signalling that he’s close to climaxing.
Both girls moan in sync with the horse’s movements. Suddenly, the horse lets out a high-pitched whinny,
bending and lowering his back feet, thrusting his cock as deep into Sansa`s ass as it can go before releasing a torrent of cum inside her.
Emma goes wild when she feels the horse cock pumping load after load into Sansa`s ass through her own hands wrapped around its shaft.
She can feel it pulsating wildly with each spurt of cum.
Sansa screams in ecstasy as she feels the hot jets of cum break through her intestines and fill her belly to bursting point.
Her belly swells from being filled with all that horse cum that she can taste in her mouth.
The pressure is so intense that part of the massive cock breaks through her lower intestine,
entering directly into her stomach while flooding it even more with copious amounts of cum.
With its cock now directly depositing semen inside Sansa`s stomach,
some spurts into her throat and out of her mouth! Emma still straddling Sansa`s face watches this obscene spectacle unfold –
witnessing how every pulse pushes up more cum from within and squeezes it out between the tight ring muscle and thick cock lodged within.
Hearing gurgling sounds emerging from beneath, Emma quickly realizes what’s happening – she slides off her face just in time to see rhythmic spurts exiting from Sansa`s
mouth, corresponding perfectly with each throbbing pulse down below! She turns Sansa`s
head sideways allowing for an easier exit path for all that excess seemen filling up inside!

the sounds consisted mainly of grunts, gurgles, moaning and neighs plus juicy squelches made by a huge wet equine member slowly withdrawing itself from a teenager`s massively overstuffed backdoor!
The pressure difference created by such a large object leaving creates sensations akin to her insides being sucked out –
Sansa moans in a mix of pleasure and relief.
Emma positions herself between Sansa`s splayed thighs,
resuming her oral ministrations while enjoying the sight and sounds of the horse’s cock slowly sliding out.
The horse takes a step to the side, but the flared head is wider than the rest – it remains stuck in the girl’s rear end.
Emma watches with horny fascination as it struggles to free itself, pushing against and stretching Sansa’s tiny pink ring to its limit.
With a loud ‘pop’, the echoing sound of a large suction cup coming loose from the wet surface, and a distinctive loud moan from the girl,
it finally pulls out, spraying semen everywhere like an uncontrolled fire hose.
It slaps into Emma’s face and dribbles down over Sansa’s belly and chest while leaking semen onto the girl’s breasts.

Sansa’s anus squirts out a fountain of horse semen which Emma bends forward to catch as much as she can in her mouth.
Emma watches with wide-eyed fascination as Sansa’s sphincter convulses uncontrollably,
opening and closing in a spasmodic rhythm. Each time her hole gapes opens, a fresh stream of horse semen squirts out,
splattering onto her ass cheeks and pussy and the hay-strewn floor beneath them.
Unable to resist the erotic spectacle before her eyes,
Emma opens her mouth and plunges her tongue as far into Sansa’s quivering ring as she can manage.
The taste of hot horse cum fills her senses – salty yet sweet in a way that sends shivers down her spine.
Each time Sansa’s asshole opens up again, it results in another delightful squirt of warm equine seed directly into Emma’s eager mouth & tongue.
She savours each pulse like an exquisite delicacy, moaning unabashedly in sheer sexual bliss.
Her salivating mouth drools around the rim of Sansa’s anus while lascivious sounds escape from deep within her throat.
With every spurt from Sansa’s twitching hole, Emma groans like a wanton whore lost in debauched pleasure –
each sound marking the arrival of another surge of deliciously warm horse cum for her to enjoy.

Damn, we’re such sluts, mutters Sansa in between her moans.
Emma looks straight into the gaping hole that is spasming uncontrollably and leaking cum.
she passionately licks and kisses her beautiful pink ring, while slurping and moaning havyly…
She spits and smears the collected cum all over Sansa’s pubes
whispering affirmatively “Yes, we are sluts…and I fucking love it”

Sansa sits up and pulls her cum-soaked summer dress over her head leaving her completely naked except for her shoes.
She slips under the horse, grabs his cock and shakes it gently so that more leftover cum drips down to her big,
firm, delicious, breasts.
Emma sits upright on the haybale and watches while she massages her pussy with one hand and her breasts with the other.
The horse neighs lightly and shakes his tail contentedly.
The cock becomes more relaxed and is gradually withdrawn.
Sansa rubs the horse’s semen all over her breasts and giggles *thank you, Mr. Horse* when the horse pulls away.

we have to clean up before they get home, says Emma. it doesn’t look good here, there’s straw and semen all over,
she says laughingly. we do it tomorrow says Sansa, now we’re going to bed to recharge for another round tomorrow, she says and winks at Emma.

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