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The redhead

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I woke up this morning to the wonderful smell of breakfast being cooked. I got up and greeted my stepmom in the kitchen. My stepsister Amy(11) came into the room.

“G’morning dork.”, she said grinning

“Hey twerp!”, I said messing her hair.

“Stop that you two!”, My stepmom barked. “You know when your uncle and I were young we never talked to each other like that.”

“Uncle Tom is not a “loooser like”, she said. She clears her throat, “ahem ahem” pointing to me with her thumb. Her mom rebuked her.

“You just wait until we are alone!”, I said waving my fist at her. Her mom yelled at both of us. We exchanged grins.

I was 13 and Amy was 11. She loved getting her shots in at her big brother. Amy has a beautiful, angelic face, long red hair with red tinted skin. Very talkative, with a playful attitude and fun.

Her mom went shopping and we had the house to ourselves. I went and took my shower. I got out and dried off. I heard a gasp. We have a countertop with a curtain to cover beneath it. I opened up the curtain and there is Amy.

“What the fuck? Seriously? Tell me why I should not be beating your ass right now?”, I said. She tried to pass it off as she was looking for one of her dolls she lost and I walked in. She didn’t have time to leave and blah blah blah. “Out now!”, I said. She reached out and gave my dick a poke before bolting and laughing her head off. I chased after her and caught her in her room.

“Jake now calm down.”, she said

She tried to bolt by me but I caught her. I slammed her on the bed. She tried to get up again.

“Stay!”, I said and I made her sit down at the edge of the bed. All eyes on my dick.

“Uh hello! Eyes up here! What were you doing?”, I asked

“Now Jake this is just a misunderstanding!”, she said. Glancing down at my cock as much as she could.

“Do you want to touch it?”, I asked. Her mouth dropped open in excitement. She nodded. “Here then.”, I said. I held her head in place. I tapped her head with it, slapped her cheeks with it and pushed it against her lips. She was able to get away from me.

“Dick!”, she said laughing. I jumped on her and started tickling her. She was laughing hysterically. I stopped and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. I got up.

“Oh my!”, she said staring at my big hard on. She got up to touch it. I pushed her back and I pulled her shorts and underwear off.

“See? Do I get all..”, she waved her hands and made a funny voice. “ew ew ew.”

“Like”, she clears her throat, “some people and points at me with her thumb.”

“Keep it up! That red tinted ass of yours is about to get redder!!”, I said

“Let me touch your thing!”, she said

“You will! Can I check out your’s first?”, I asked.

I had watched a couple pornos of guys eating pussy and wanted to try it. I had her spread her legs so I could look at it. Her pussy had cute little red tint to it like her skin. I held her legs apart and went down on her.

“Hey wait a minute! You can’t!”, she said. Her legs locked around my head. “Jacob Anthony! You stop that immediately! She was trying to get away but I held her in place.

“Relax! Take your punishment! You have been bad!”, I said. Finally after a couple minutes she just got used to it and let me do my thing.

“Asshole!”, she said

“Hey lick here. On the dot thing. That is where it feels best.”, she said. I told her to shut up. She slapped me hard across the head.

“Ow! Brat! I was just playing!”, I said. She told me to shut up and pointed to her pussy. I did as instructed. “That is what I thought. No backbone.”, she said

I jammed my thumb into her hard. “Awwww”, she said. I jammed it in and out of her as hard as I could. “I….I…oh Jake!”, she said.

“No backbone huh?”, I said

I punished her virgin hole with my thumb as my tongue danced on her clitoris. She squealed. “Mmmmmm”, she said in a high pitch as I did this. Her hole soaking wet now as my thumb slid in and out with ease. After a few minutes she was coming to orgasm, “Mmmmmmm oh Jake!”, she said as her legs locked around my head. “Oh God Jake.”, she said as juice shot out onto my hand. She collapsed out of energy. I kept eating her out.

“No no no! Jake stop!”, she said giggling. Trying to push my head away. “Jacob!!!”, she yelled. After about 2 minutes she went into another orgasm. “Jacob! Jake!”, she yelled and collapsed again. I stopped and let her rest.

“That is what you get for being bad!”, I said. She just laid there staring at the ceiling huge grin on her face.

“Come on! You wanna touch it or not?”, I asked. She got up and started touching my dick. Feeling it up from base to tip and playing with the head.

“So cool!”, she said

“You know what is cool? Put it in your mouth.”, I said

She looked at me all grossed out. “I ain’t doing that! Gross!”, she said. I pulled up a porno of a girl giving head on my phone. “How do you get these? I thought there was a parental lock?”, she said

“Not if you know the password.”, I said

“I don’t know about this Jake. What do I gotta do?”, she asked

“Just go down on it and suck as hard as you can coming back up.”, I said

“Um ye..ah. Can’t you just play with it like you do?”, she asked

“Um how do you know about that?”, I asked

“I watched you. I seen what comes out too.”, she said. “Lil’ sis is always watching”, she said giggling

“Please? Just try it! If you don’t like it I will never ask again.”, I said

“How stupid do you think I am?”, she asked grinning

“Oh you would know that better than I would!”, I said. Her mouth dropped open and she punched me lightly. She gave me a dirty look and she took my dick and studied it. “Just do it! I will lick your pussy as much as you want for the next week!”, I said. She made a sour face and put the head into her mouth. “See you didn’t die!”, I said. She gave me a dirty look. She went down on it again. Just practicing and asking what feels best.

“Yeah I kind of like this.”, she said. I took it from her and tapped her on the forehead.

“See?”, I said. She took it and gently bit down on it. “No! No! Amy! Amy I am sorry!”, I said

“Yeah I really like this!”, she said chuckling. “Can we do this now? Just tell me if you like this.”, she said as she took as much dick as she could into her mouth. She slowly came back up sucking as hard as she could.

“Uh uh uh Ame…Amy! Oh man!”, I said

“I will take it that was the proper way to do it?”, she asked. I pointed to it and gave her a dirty look. “Look dude you are in no position right now to talk to me like that!”, she said smiling. “I will bite it off!”

“Sorry. Sorry ma’am!”, I said

“That is better.”, she said chuckling.

She went down it and sucked hard coming back up. It was bliss. My first blowjob from a virgin and it was still the best I ever had. She was natural at sucking dick. She started jacking my dick up and down as she sucked. After about the third or fourth time I gave in. “Oh Amy! Amy!”, she said and I blew my load. She stayed there giggling as my warm sperm filled her mouth.

She babbled something with a mouth full of cum. She swallowed it. I asked her what she said, “THAT WAS FUCKING COOL.”, she said. She got up and went back into the bathroom and brushed and rinsed her mouth out. Her mom came back so that was the end of the fun.

She wakes me up next morning begging me to eat her out.

“Let me sleep Amy! I will do it later.”, I said

“Please! I want it now.”, she said

“You can do it yourself. Just rub down there.”, I said

“I did. I tried my hand, the jet setting on the shower wand, my vibrating bunny toy. It is not the same.”, she said

“Geez how many times have you done it?”, I asked

“Um….maybe 10?”, she said sheepishly. I laughed. What have I created?

Let me know if you like this and I write more.

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  • Reply akroho ID:7xsdkeqk

    Write chapter 2 of when you fucked her. Can’t stop now.

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    Forget the rape idea and getting her pregnant. Just fuck her. I like the idea of a friend of hers! Young pussy is SO good😛


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    Rape her so hard

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      Hope you wind up in prison.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0j

    This was a good story and reminds me of many babysitting adventures I had when I was younger. I keep such a low profile that non of my friends knew I loved young pussy. I had so many have me watch their daughters it wasn’t funny. With mom and dad away they would get very flirtatious and wind up talking about sex. Many started under a blanket on the couch watching a movie with me gently rubbing and stroking her. When she closed her eyes and moaned then grabbed my cock stroking me I know it was time to move in. From there is was quite easy to get her clothes off and rub her to her first orgasm, The second was usually me licking her pussy and the third was me balls deep in the tight mound. Funny very few actually realized I was breeding the lil girls frequently. Some even spent the night at my house instead which was sure sexual nights.

    I thought all that was over when I met my wife and had a girl. When my wife died 8 years later my daughter wanted to know about sex so I showed her and bought her toys. By 9 she wanted cock and would NOT take no for an answer. By 9 1/2 she stared having sleep overs with her friends and my god some were absolutely gorgeous. 3 to 5 half naked preteens running around I always had a hard on. Then they stared getting curious and wanted cock after my own daughter pulled out her toys and showed them how to use them. After that first hard orgasm they all wanted more and more meant cock. I was the only cock in the house so daddy was their play toy for over7 years and some up to this day with their own daughters in tow. Young girls are the best.

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      Dude gonzo, you gotta tell me more about this shit, I got facebook, or via textign I can give ya my number cuz I don’t have discord or anthing else and i don’t check my e-mail often

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