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The Pink Playhouse Part 2

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Desperate little whore gets caught with Max by Mr.Mike

That’s all my pussy ever was anymore, wet. My panties constantly stick to my thighs. I am horny all of the time. Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me. I think about doggy tongue on/in my cunt 24/7.

I thought Bruce had ruined me. HAH. Max, he was the one. Max turned me into a filthy dog whore. I couldn’t wait to cum. I would have to finger my little pussy at school in the bathroom at least twice a day.

One time in school, I pushed a pencil inbetween my legs, positioned it juuuust right and rocked in my desk. To my teacher and classmates, it just looked like a normal anxious rock. Secretly, each time I rocked in my desk, my clit rubbed against the pencil eraser and eventually, I came ALL OVER the place. It was such a thrill to sit there and pleasure my tight little pussy in the middle of class. When I got up from my seat, there was a wet spot from my pussy juice.

I left it for the teacher to find. One day, he catches me. That’s a story for another time though.

Anyway, back to the fact that I’m a desperate dog whore.

Thanks to my mom’s friendship with Mrs. Lisa, I was able to become a full time dog walker for Max. Everyday the bus would drop me off at Mrs. Lisa’s house so I could walk Max.

“Walk” Max.

As soon as I got there I would enter the garage code, Max would run up to me jumping and barking. Within seconds of smelling my slutty cunt, he would be humping the air and whining in anticipation.

Straight to the pink playhouse we would go! Every session would start with Max licking my pussy until I gushed all over the floor. After that, Max would mount me, I would hold onto his knot to keep it from slipping into my tight snatch. This still allowed for the tip in my tunnel, which meant when that knot exploded … my whore cunt would be FILLED with his cum. Max would jump off, the cum would run out of me like a waterfall and then he would clean up the mess me made.

We would do this for HOURS. I’m not sure who was hornier, me or Max. Lisa and Mike never suspected a thing they just thought Max was wore out from me “walking” him.

Everyday at 5 on the dot, Lisa’s husband Mike would come home. So, I would set a timer for 4:30, that way Max and I would have enough time to clean up.

Max had licked my pussy and made it gush everywhere, and now we were in the process of him blowing his load in my tight tunnel. I was massaging his knot with my hand when suddenly, I heard a car door close.

I panicked and move my hand, trying to get away from Max before I was caught being the desperate whore I was.

Turns out, that was a grave mistake. The moment my hand moved, Max sensed he would be able to bury his knot in me. I tried to crawl away but Max wrapped his teeth around the back of my neck and growled a low, warning growl. I could feel the hotness of his breath on the back of my neck. He was going to bury his knot in my tight pussy weather I liked it or not. I was his bitch now.

Max absolutely hammered my pussy. His cock drove deeper into my cunt than ever before and the pain seared so badly I almost passed out. He hammered my pussy steadily, the pain faded away and soon I was cumming on his hot red rocket. Max was loving it and whining loudly. He started thrusting HARD, his knot was at the entrance of my right pussy ring and it wouldn’t give. Max thrusted with everything he had, pounding his huge knot into my virgin cunt.

I screamed in pain and pleasure, Max started barking loudly and howling. My pussy clenched tightly around his knot as I came. I felt his knot harden like a rock and then it started pulsing inside my pussy. Hot gush after gush exploded into my little pussy. It overflowed around his cock, down my legs and to the floor.

Then I remembered the truck door. I opened my eyes and looked to my left, there was Mr. Mike standing there smiling and holding my panties.

The panties from the first time with Max. I knew I should’ve thrown them away.

He smiled and said “I knew you were a twisted little slut, and I knew there was no way you were just playing up here after I found your cum soaked panties, but I NEVER expected this.”

Mr. Mike pulled down his pants and revealed a HUGE cock. At least 9 inches long and 2.5 inches around. It was a beautiful cock for a human and I was already thinking about sucking the cum out of it. Jesus Christ. I am a whore.

“Yeah, you’re a pretty little whore. I can’t wait to cum until Maxxy boy is done, I’m too fucking horny for that. I’m gonna fuck your cute little face while Max finishes dumping his load in your slutty cunt, then I’m going to shove this huge cock up in your pussy and give you another load”

With Max panting on my back and his knot throbbing in my cunt, Mr. Mike walked over and gently tilted my head up. I willingly opened my mouth to receive his huge dick. Mr.Mike grabbed my space buns and furiously pounded my face. He was merciless and kept pounding my mouth as I gagged on his cock until he blew his huge load down my throat.

“Goddamn slut, you sure can take a cock” he said as he pulled his 9jnch dick from my throat. I smiled and thanked him.

“Now, let’s see this knot and how much damage it’s done to this pussy of yours. Damn shame he knotted you before I could shove my cock in there. I was hoping to beat him to it. I watched you two the whole way here on the nanny cam I installed after I found your panties. I was so close. No matter though, that cunt is gonna be nice and swollen from this knot”

Just then, Max hopped off of my back and pulled his deflated knot from my pussy with a LOUD pop. I screamed, it hurt. Mr. Mike started laughing and instantly flipped me onto my back.

Mr.Mike crawled on top of me, started kissing my neck and then whispered in my ear “dog cocks are great, but dogs are dumb and don’t know how to make a woman cum like I do”

As he said that, Mr.Mike slid his rock hard huge member right into my beat up pussy. He sunk it in right to the hilt and groaned

“My god girl, good thing the dog did stretch you out and fill you up first, I may not have been able to get in here if he hadn’t”

Mr.Mike moaned again as he pulled his cock out, then slowly pushed it back in again filling me up completely. He continued this motion, grinding his cock into me at a slight angle so its girth would rub my clit with every thrust.

Mr. Mikes cock suddenly got even harder and he said “goddamn little girl, this cunt is so good, I’ve never had a cunt this tight on my cock! I can feel your pussy is about to gush, come on little girl… make a mess on daddy’s cock, if you do… I’ll give you a third load”

Just then, my pussy CLENCHED down Mr.Mikes huge cock. My pussy quivered like never before, then I squired all over his big cock while he was pumping it in and out of my slut tunnel.

“Goddamn fucking little dirty slut, that’s right, you make a mess on your daddy’s cock”

Mr.Mike let out a loud, long moan and drove his cock into my cunt as deep as he could. I felt his cock explode cum deep into me, mixing with the dog cum and making me into the true desperate whore that I am.

Once Mr.Mikes cock stopped throbbing, he pulled it out slowly followed by a messing sounding “plop” as his cum, and Max’s cum poured into the floor.

Mr. Mike used his hand to slap my sloppy pussy and said “Max, here boy, come clean up our new toy”

Max laid down between my legs and went to work licking my pussy. He licked every drop of cum from my cunt while Mr. Mike watched and said “Don’t you dare cum slut, you do not have my permission”

Once Max finished cleaning me, my pussy was horny and dripping all over again. Mr. Mike dipped his finger in my pussy, laughed and said

“Don’t worry whore, me and Maxxy boy will make sure you’re taken care of. And to think, I fought my wife on hiring you as a dog walker”

I giggled and said “I’m sorry Mr.Mike, I’m just so horny all of the time and I can’t make myself feel like Max or you make me feel”

“Don’t worry little one. I’ll make sure that little pussy is fucked every single day just the way it needs to be. I know just what desperate little whores like you need”

“Thank you so much Mr.Mike!!! I won’t be back until next week, so if you want I won’t put anything inside of my pussy for the next week! That way when you fuck me next, it’ll be even better”

Mr.Mike smiled and said “I think I’m going to like you just fine, you desperate little dog whore. Just as long as you can give me what I need”

I tilted my head nervously, and asked “What do you need Mr.Mike?! I’ll do anything to keep getting fucked by you and Max!!”

Mr. Mike smiled and said “Next time little whore, I am going to shove my cock in your ass and fill it up, since my dog got your pussy virginity, it seems only right”

Mr.Mike had such a huge cock, I was scared but I said “Okay, I’ll let you do that Mr.Mike”

He smiled, touched my cheek and replied “Of course you will, desperate whores will do anything to have a load of cum pumped into their snatch, ass or mouth”

Boy, was he right. Mr.Mike taught me just how much cum my little ass could take, but that’s a story for another day.

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