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The Parker Project 7

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The Pembrokes continue their torture of Becky Parker

Chapter 7

Becky spent another long night barely sleeping, her mouth still tasting the horrible bodies of her captors, her hands numb from the beatings, barely able to feel her own body, and still aching from the assault in which she had been violently kidnapped.
Her misery was interrupted by Edwina, who came down, in nothing but a dressing gown, falling open to again reveal she was naked. She carried some food.
Edwina seemed beside herself with delight as she brought a tray laden with food. “Some food for you, my love. Edward will be down shortly to take you out, let you go to the toilet, and clean yourself.” She beamed, her excitement palpable.
Becky just started at the ground, trying to cover herself up.
Edwina brought her hand through the bars to stroke her arm. Becky flinched.
Edwina said, “It is going to be tough, Becky. I won’t lie; we didn’t have kids because we knew we would be tempted to do something like this eventually. It’s better for us that you’re not our blood. You were gonna kill yourself right? Try and make peace with yourself; you had your life, and you chose to end it.” She paused before continuing, “And this is a second life we are giving you. It is going to be very different from your first life but still a life.”
Becky sniffled and said, “I wasn’t… I changed my mind. I wanted to live; I don’t want to be your sex slave.” She looked at Edwina pleadingly.
Edwina smiled tersely. “It is no longer your decision. You made your last free decision when you went to that bridge. From now on, you need to think of yourself not as a person but as a possession.”
Edwina did not feel guilty. She was full of lust and anger at girls like Becky and her mother, who had bullied her and whom Edwina had been jealous of all her life. Her eyes sparkled with a mix of emotions as she relished the control she now wielded.
Becky tried to find any humanity in her eyes. The timid woman she had once bossed around was gone. How deceptive looks could be! Edwina now radiated a fierce intensity.
“Did you enjoy last night?” she asked Becky, who did not know how to respond.
“No..” Becky cried. “No, I didn’t want to do… any of that dirty stuff. I just want to go home.”
Edwina sighed. “Yes, well, that is never going to happen. The sooner you get that into your pretty head the easier this will all be for you. I won’t take any guilt tripping from you; I’m starting to get fed up with it, to be honest.” She was getting angrier and Becky was getting more scared.
dwina looked at Becky menacingly and said, “You can either be a nice little girl who obeys us and enjoys the nasty shit we get up to or you can be dumb doll that doesn’t need to open her mouth.” She paused before continuing, “You don’t even need those fucking hands to live down here. If you ever think of getting cheeky or disobedient, I will come down on you like a ton of bricks. If I even think you are a threat or have ideas about getting out of here…” Edwina trailed off as she looked at Becky menacingly. “Then maybe some toes and fingers need breaking!”
Edwina stormed back up, annoyed that she could not face Becky alone, without Edward to back her up.
“Ed. I want you to take her out and clean her. We need to get her in more bondage, I want to have alone time with her, without having to worry that little minx will bite my ear off!”

That evening, Edwina had picked out a red party dress for girls, some nice white panties, a bra in Becky’s size, and some white socks with raised platform shoes.
“We need to get Becky into these, Ed. Give these to her, and tell her to get into them. Make sure she is clean. I want to feel like I’m touching up a real girl!”
Edward was a little taken aback at how Edwina was ordering him around. Becky was very much her prisoner, not his. But he had to do the physical bit, the intimidation, the handling, the beating, the upkeep of the restraints and cages.
“Now, Edwina wants to get you into these clothes and cleaned up. I’m sure you know what’s going to happen, Becky. It’s best you try to enjoy it. You definitely came last night, didn’t you?”
“Err… I think so…” Becky replied despondently. She looked at the hulking man, detecting a hint of humanity absent in his wife.
“Ed? Can I call you Ed?”
“Er… yes, for now. My wife may want you to call us different names later. We need to discuss things; we’re still getting used to having you,” he smiled, opening the cage and gripping her arm.
Becky winced as his hand held her arm tightly. “Ed, I will do as you say. You can wash me, just please don’t hurt me.”
“Sorry, Becky, but you need to know who the is boss. Whatever turns my wife on, well, that’s going to happen to you. So whatever you do, don’t disrespect her, OK?”
“I promise I will try, Ed. I will try and do as I am told. I just… I’m a bit frightened of her.”
“So am I!” laughed Edward. “Now, stand still. It’s cold, sorry, but the quicker we do this, the better.”
Becky cursed as the freezing cold water drenched her, and Edward scrubbed her down briskly. The bristles of the brush dug into he skin, leaving red lines as he rubbed it against her skin.
“Now, this should look nice on you, and a lovely girl like you doesn’t need make up! Get dressed, and just wait here, we will be down soon!”
Becky changed into the underwear, the socks, the shoes, and the red dress. She looked into a plastic mirror on the wall. A flicker of self-admiration sparked in her eyes, then died as quickly as it came. Her slim figure poured into the dress, the hemline riding high on her thighs. In any other context, she would have playfully twirled, checking for hidden pockets and loose threads – but her marks on her face, the bruises on her legs and arms, the vivid red marks on her hands, as well as the horrifying dungeon she was in, just made her dread the arrival of the two violent perverts.
“Ed, we should get video camera surveillance down there, I feel exposed!”
“Don’t worry, there are two of us, any trouble and I will knock her about a bit.”
“yes, well, get on it, OK?”
The couple were dressed more simply now. Edward was naked under his dressing gown. Edwina was in another slutty dress, one she would never have dared to wear out. She had last worn it when she was many pounds lighter, and it showed. The fabric stretched tightly around her busty, rotund figure and rode up her thighs.
Edwina looked with envy at the young, slim teenager in her bright red dress. Becky embodied the promise of youth with her slim legs and bare arms, a stark contrast to Edwina’s own middle-aged spread. The jealousy gnawed at her as she took in the sight, off set only by lust.
Becky looked at the other woman in her obscenely tight dress. In ordinary circumstances, she would have scornfully laughed at such a pitiful specimen: a middle-aged, overweight woman dressed like a hooker, with a nondescript, unattractive face that should be invisible to pretty young girls like her. Instead, this woman was her universe, and that chubby body bursting out of her dress was the object she was now forced to admire. She swallowed, and immediately imagined the taste of her body, all the crevices and folds then saw her smile at her. She wanted to throw up, cry, and run away all at the same time. Instead, she just froze.
“Becky, my darling, you look heavenly. So young, so fresh.” Edwina took in the lovely sight of the teenager, imagining herself in a disco, looking on at the cute confident girls while she sat on the sidelines. Now, she had this gorgeous girl to herself.
Edwina brought out an MP3 player, and played some music.
“Edwina, what are you doing?” laughed Edward.
“Becky, Ed, I want you two to dance together, nice and slow, to this song. Ed, don’t you be doing anything dirty, I want to watch this…”
She played “Fast Car” by Trace Chapman.
Both Edward and Becky looked befuddled. “OK then” laughed Ed, and he approached Becky, and took her in a waltz, dancing around the floor. A slow, melancholic ballad about chasing dreams wasn’t exactly the soundtrack either expected for a night in a sex dungeon.
Becky smelled the sweat already rising from Edward, his large stomach pressing into her, his arms holding her tight, as her face nestled in his throat. She felt his cock grow, prodding into her dress.
Edwina looked on, remembering being passed over by all the boys for girls like Becky. She looked at her ass twitching under the red dress with each move, her cheeks clearly visible with each movement. Angst, wonder, and nostalgia suddenly gave way to lust.
“OK, Ed, now my turn.” Edwina got up and took over. In contrast to Edward, Edwina was shorter than Becky in her heels. Becky tried looking anywhere but the adoring face in front of her. Edwina’s hands snaked all over her back, and down her dress to cup her buttocks.
“Why don’t you touch my ass, like I youch you, darling?” Edwina whispered to the frightened girl. “And look into my eyes, as we dance.”
A grimace contorted Becky’s face as she forced her hands to navigate the woman’s expansive form. Meeting Edwina’s unwavering green-eyed gaze, Becky desperately tried to mask her disgust, raw and primal. Edwina simply smiled back, grinning.
dwina moved her hand up to her head and pulled Becky close by the hair. She suddenly switched to anger when Becky tried to keep her neck straight. Becky gulped, realizing her error, and let her head be guided down. She opened her mouth for the kiss as she saw Edwina’s face melt back into a smile before closing her eyes and kissing Becky on the mouth.
“Hmmmm” moans of pleasure came from Edwina’s mouth into that of Becky as her tongue explored each tooth, each ridge of her throat. Edwina’s hands moved under her dress, roaming all over her bare skin, under her bra, and into her knickers.
“Fuck!” Edwina’s curse exploded into the space between them as they broke apart, both gasping for breath. A strand of saliva glistened between their lips. Edwina’s eyes locked onto Becky’s with a sultry gaze that turned into a predatory wolfish grin, sending shivers down Becky’s spine.
Suddenly, Edwina dropped to her knees, like a predator stalking its prey. In a swift, practiced motion, she pushed Becky’s dress up, the cool cotton whispering against her thighs. Before Becky could even register a protest, Edwina’s face was buried between her legs. A gasp escaped her lips as Edwina’s tongue darted out, swirling in a wet exploration against the thin cotton barrier of her panties.
As Becky gasped at her tongue’s effects, she looked over at Edward, who was now naked, grinning, and stroking his cock.
After what seemed like ages, Edwina got to her feet, and took Becky by the hand to the bed. The cheesy 80s music was still playing.
Becky spent the next few hours being pawed at by the couple, fingers entering all her holes, her pussy never getting a second’s peace. She was half dazed when she felt Edward’s cock pushing at the entrance to her anus.
“No… please, its going in the wrong way…”
“You mean the right way, you hot little cunt.” Edward grunted as he held her in place. Edwina giggled and held her face between her tits. Becky’s screams reverberated around the dungeon as his cock pushed deep into her rectum, opening up her delicate insides. “Please… no, it hurts!” she cried out.
Edwina laughed and said, “It’s not going to kill you, love; it’s just gonna hurt!”
Becky felt like her asshole was on fire and being torn to shreds. The fear of what his huge cock was doing to her terrified her. She wondered if they would bring her to the hospital or let her die.
Finally, Edward came for the fourth time inside her. He flopped down while Becky keeled over on the bed, her knees drawn up to her breasts and her hands between her legs as she tried to ease the excruciating pain in her ass.
Edward was about to wipe his cock off on the sheets when Edwina stopped him. “Ed, that is not your job! Oh, Becky, come on, look at the stage my husband’s cock is in, your ass left that stain on it. Come clean it!”
Becky could barely hear her, she had assumed that they would leave her alone, for a while, she could barely move.
“Please… have some pity on me, I’m injured, I’m sore..”
Edwina grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up on the bed. “I gave you a fucking order, Becky. Wrap your lips around that cock, and lick it clean, or I will get that cane and I won’t leave a fucking strip of untouched skin on your back. You think this hurts?”
Becky got up, supporting herself on one hand, the other still glued to her asshole, feeling blood and other material leaking out of it. She looked at the disgusting ooze on it, and as she neared, suddenly her stomach flipped, from the intrusion into her guts from his cock, the sight of the filth that she was about to lick, and the hours of disgusting bodily contact she had with these two animals. She vomited all over the bed, as Edwina and Edward jumped out of the way.
“Silly bitch!” Edwina was furious. She would have to clean this up and bring it upstairs. “OK, well you asked for it…”
She got the cane. “Ed, grab her and hold her so that she is bent over the bed.”
“Ugh, I’m covered in sick,” Edward said.
“We have to do this; it’s important! Anyway, you just came; we’re finished for tonight. But she needs punished; come on!”
Edward grabbed the sick, wretching girl and held her over the bed so she was bent over and pulled her arms forward. She was helpless, sobbing, holding her legs together to ease the pain in her ass which was covered in blood leaking from between her cheeks.
Edwina swished the cane, her tits and belly wobbling as she got ready to strike the nymphetic youngster.
Darling,” said Edward, casually. “Are you going to hit her on her ass? It’s just, I quite like it; it’s so smooth and firm, like a little peach. You will ruin it with this; why not hit her feet?” “I like feet, Ed,” Edwina replied. She had spent ages licking and sucking on Becky’s feet and toes, driving her crazy. “All right then,” Edward said in the spirit of compromise. “What about hitting her back near her shoulder blades?”
“Good idea, darling, I like it!” Edwina laughed hysterically. “Be sure to not be in the way, but hold her still!”
Edward held her down by her head, and her ass, and waited for the first strike.
Edwina struck Becky’s back near her shoulder blades. “Aaaaaaa!” she thrashed around, screaming her head off as it left a red stripe across her upper back. Edward enjoyed the sensation of her ass moving and rippling under his firm hand, and pressed down hard on her head so that it was buried in the vomit-soaked mattress. She struggled to breathe, which made her stop waving her arms around as her mouth was forced into the mattress.
Edwina left a few more stripes, some horizontal, one vertical from the nape of her neck to her hip.
“Good, nice little lines!” Edwina admired her handiwork and stroked the poor girl’s body.
Becky looked like she was about to die. Her eyes were bloodshot, tears streaming down her face, blood coming from her ass and back. She was choking on the vomit as her hair became a tangled mess. She was crying uncontrollably.
Edwina said, “God, that was fun. Okay Ed, I’m going to take these dirty clothes upstairs. You clean up down here, including the girl. I’ll be down in a second with some antiseptic for her wounds.”
Edward chuckled as he lifted the girl up and placed her under the cold shower, waking her up with the ice cold water. “You look very different now, haha” Becky looked at the dumb face of this brute.
“How… how can you let her do this to me, she is an animal, she is so cruel.”
“Now, Becky, she is the woman of the house, what she says goes. Now, she is just a little excited to have you here. After a while, she will calm down and things might get a bit more.. normal.”
“Normal? There is nothing normal about this, you kidnapped and raped me… your wife is evil” Becky’s voice dropped to a whisper. “You don’t seem that bad, why do you put up with this, how can you do this to me, I am innocent”
“Look, Becky, we both wanted you, it’s my plan as much as hers. Don’t think I’m gonna take your side because that is not going to happen. it will be easier for all of us if you just do what she wants.”
“No, this is wrong, but you can get out of it, if you let me go, honestly, i won’t say anything, and if I do, I will blame her, she is the witch…”
“Becky, I could tell her what you just said…”
“No,” Becky cried out in terror. “Please don’t please.” “Well then,” Edward whispered conspiratorially. “Why not offer to eat her pussy out when she comes back in? She will be delighted.”
“What?” Becky asked incredulously. “No! I don’t want to! I thought you were finished…” “Edwina will strip the skin off your back and do God knows what else if I told her what you just said,” Edward replied seriously. “Trust me; it’s good to get on her good side. Tell her that you want to eat her pussy when she comes back in; do it!
At that moment, Edwina came through the door, with cotton wool and antiseptic.
“Anything to say, Becky?” asked Edward.
“Err… Edwina,” Becky stammered out. “I want to… lick your pussy.” She felt so ashamed.
Edwina said, “Don’t call me Edwina, darling; I’m your mummy! Call me mummy.”
Becky looked at the naked woman, who was relishing her humiliation.
“Mummy… I want to…” Becky started to sob.
“What was that?” Edwina asked it pleasantly but there was a threat in her voice. “Should I get the cane again, or would you like to say something?”
“Mummy, I can lick your pussy.”
“Why Becky darling!” Edwina came in and gave the girl a hug, feeling her cold skin and grinning into her shivering bloodshot face. “I accept! Drop down now, and get licking between my legs!”
Becky sighed and began eating the woman’s huge pussy again, wishing she hadn’t opened her mouth. Edwina gripped her hair and played with her own tits, smiling at her husband. “She is such a tease, darling,” Edwina said. “She doesn’t want to let us go!”

The Pembrokes finally went up to their bedroom leaving Becky in her cage, naked again.
“Poor girl I wonder if she can take it?”
Edwina eyed her husband knowingly. “She’s alive, isn’t she?” she said. “Young girls have a lot of stamina; she can take what we give her. Women are stronger than men, remember?”
Lucifer, their great Dane, barked. “Poor Lucifer,” Edwina said. “We’ve been neglecting you! You haven’t been out for any walks recently while the bitch downstairs has been taking all the attention!” Edward and Edwina looked at each other and then at Lucifer. They grinned at each other with a secret understanding and laughed.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Edwina asked, still laughing.
“Oh, the poor girl,” Edward replied. “I haven’t even seen that kind of thing.”
They both fell about giggling into each others’ arms.

Meanwhile, the Parker family were huddled in prayer, hoping against hope that poor Becky would reappear it had been two whole days now, and there was no sign of her.
Becky spent another night in pain, naked, alone, in her cage, her skin stinging all over from the antiseptic.
She had to stay alive, she thought. Sooner or later, she would get a chance to escape.

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