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The Parker Project 6

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Edward and Edwina Pembroke are a sick and twisted couple who target young girls to satisfy their depraved appetites

Chapter 6

Becky Parker had no way of knowing whether it was night or day. The dungeon was plunged into darkness, but she could dimly make out the walls and the sordid environment around her. Her body ached from the ordeal she had been through. The room seemed heated, but her nipples still stuck out icily from shame of being naked.
Her vagina did not stop hurting. She thought back to what she had believed to be a momentous decision on the bridge. What a fool she had been, a stupid girl. She had allowed this beastly psycho to trick her and pull her away from her family. Her poor family, she thought. She deserved this ordeal, but not them! What must they be thinking?
She felt the bars of her cage for the thousandth time. This couple was straight out of a nightmare. Would they kill her? Could she reason with them? What horrors lay ahead?

The air in the Parker mansion was thick with tension. Eleanor sat on the plush couch, a crumpled tissue clutched in her hand. Her normally vibrant eyes were red-rimmed and vacant. Gerald, his face contorted in a mask of fury, paced the room like a caged lion.
“You useless lot!” he roared at the two police detectives standing awkwardly by the fireplace. “A suicide note? You believe that tripe? Becky wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone herself!”
Detective Miller, a grizzled veteran with a gut that strained against his too-tight suit, sighed. “Mr. Parker, we understand your frustration. We’re doing everything we can to find your daughter.”
“Everything you can?” Gerald spat. “That means nothing to me! My Becky is missing, and all you can offer are platitudes?”
Eleanor choked back a sob. “Gerald, please,” she whispered.
He ignored her, his gaze burning holes into the detectives. The suicide note was a cruel joke. Becky, their bright, bubbly daughter, had tried this before, he did not want to fae the horrible reality that this time she may have succeeded.
“There has to be more you can do,” Eleanor pleaded, her voice trembling. “Look into her friends, her social media, anything!”
A Detective stepped forward. “We are, Mrs. Parker. We’re also checking CCTV footage, following up on any leads, no matter how small.”
“Then why can’t you find her?” Gerald thundered, his voice cracking with raw emotion.
“We will, Mr. Parker,” the Detective said firmly. “But we need your cooperation. Can you tell us anything about Becky’s state of mind lately? Did she seem troubled about anything or talk about any new friends?”
Gerald hesitated, his arrogance momentarily flickering. “She… she seemed a little withdrawn lately,” he admitted reluctantly.
“Mr. Parker,” Miller said, his voice calm but firm. “We understand this is a difficult time, but anything you can tell us, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, could be crucial in finding your daughter.”
Gerald looked from the detectives to his distraught wife, a flicker of doubt crossing his face. Both had a horrible feeling that their daughter had finally left them.
The Pembrokes awoke that morning feeling delighted with themselves. They both cursed their luck that they had to be at work that Tuesday morning. “God, I cannot wait to have a whole day with the bitch!”
Edward made a rought breakfast with some water. “We don’t want our guest to starve, but we want her to keep that slim physique!” they laughed.
They walked out into the shed, now connencted to the house, and into the hidden stairwell down to the basement.
Becky jumped as her two captors walked into the room and the lights came on. Both were in dressing gowns, with nothing on underneath, their gowns falling open, casually revealing their nakedness.
The man seemed like a dumb oaf, blindly following the woman, who looked at Becky with the same relish as the night before. Her large breasts, chubby stomach, and the folds coming down over her hips were visible to Becky, who was appalled at the sight.

“Please,” Becky croaked, her voice hoarse. “I don’t understand why you’ve taken me. I’ll do anything, just let me go home.”
Edward chuckled, a low, guttural sound that sent shivers down her spine. “Anything, huh? That’s a tempting offer, little bird.” He circled the cage, his eyes glinting with something akin to hunger.
Desperation clawed at Becky. “My parents would pay,” she pleaded.
Edwina stopped, a cruel smile tugging at her lips. “Money? How utterly boring. All the money in the world couldn’t buy what we have down here right now.”
Shame burned in Becky’s cheeks, but she refused to let it break her. “You… you’re just weak and pathetic. You preyed on me; I’m just fourteen! You sick fucks!” An ugly snarl contorted Edward’s face. He lunged at the cage, the metal bars groaning under his grip. “Don’t lecture us, you little brat! You’re nothing but a fucking toy for our amusement.” Tears welled up in Becky’s eyes as she realized appealing to their humanity was a lost cause. She had to find another way, a way to exploit their weaknesses, their greed… anything to get a sliver of an advantage.

The police were drawing a blank. There could be no doubt about the girl’s history of mental health problems. The suicide notes seemed genuine. The only mystery was, where had she gone? They could not trace her, but officers were poring over CCTV footage. Tips were flooding in after the TV and media appeals, but nothing substantial yet.

The Parkers both called in sick, they could not cope with the wretched thoguhts their daughter was missing, dead or trapped somewhere. Genevieve stayed in her room, crying all day.

The Pembrokes arrived home, delighted and ready for another evening of fun with their new toy. Their cheer contrasted sharply with Becky’s misery. Hours of confinement had left her drained. Hunger gnawed at her stomach, sleep deprivation made her body ache, and her throat was raw from whimpers and cries.

“You wanted to die an innocent young girl, Becky” taunted Edwina. “Instead, you are going to grow up fast down here. You see this…”
Edwina fished out a pair of red panties from her dressing gown pocket. “I swiped this from your room, one of the first times we met. You had no idea, but I have been dreaming of you for months.” Becky felt sick as she recognized those knickers; she had wondered where they had gone. She was jolted by Edward’s hands coming from behind her, through the bars and touching her hips. Startled, she tried to swat his hands away.
“NO! You don’t get to say no to us down here! We can touch you however we want!” Edwina angrily moved her hands fthrough the bars and roughly groped her small tits.
Becky groaned, as four hands moved all over her, invading her, touching her all over. “Please… please, I’m sorry, I will do anything, I just want to go home…”
You don’t have a family anymore, Becky,” she said, the mock sweetness gone from her voice. “This is your family now. And in this family,” she added, her grin returning, a cruel twist of her lips, “we play by my rules.”
Edwina looked at Edward. “Ed, get her out, and let’s hose her down.”
Edward unlocked the cage and aggressively grabbed the frightened Becky, pulling her out. “Please, no… I’ll do what you say; please don’t hurt me!” she begged. “Shut up, you bitch!” shouted Edward. He dragged her to the shower and ran cold water all over her. “NNnnnnn!” Becky screamed as the cold water washed all over her. The rought fingers of the couple pawed all over her with soap.
She squealed as Edwina forced a showerhead up her back passage, filling it with cold water.
“Come on, you need to get used to this! you need to get used to everything, his cock, my cunt, your life!”
Becky could not help but force the dirty water out of her ass and onto the drain after the showerhead was pulled out.
“It’s a dirty job, but you’ll be nice and clean in a while! Then we can play!” Edward laughed as the girl flopped on the floor, and he had to drag her up by the hair to finish the hosing process.
“Now, let’s clean those lovely teeth!” Edwina brought a toothbrush and squeezed some paste on it. “Hold her Ed!”
Ed gripped Becky with a strong arm around her waist, and another above it holding her arms still. “Open your mouth, darling, let your mummy brush your teeth!”
Becky shut her eyes to avoid the leering eyes of Edwina as she scrubbed her teeth, feeling like a helpless child, which she was.
“All right, finally! Now we can begin. Now, let’s break out the bed…”
Edward set up the small bed in the middle of the dungeon, while Edwina rubbed Becky dry.
“Now Becky, I want you to kneel in front of us. Place your botttom back on your ankles, and keep your back straight. Put your hands on your thighs, palms facing up. Look at us! Yes, that’s good. Now, it’s time to explain your situation..”
Becky knelt down miserably, facing the two ogres.
“This was not an accident” Edwina lectured her. “You see, me and Edward here, we have… predilictions for girls like you.
We don’t have our own children, so you will be our daughter. You will call us mummy and daddy…” Edwina watched the look of horror and disgust grow on their victim’s face.
“We planned your kidnapping very, very carefully. We have a lot of experience, we have done stuff that should have got us both locked up years ago. So know you are in good hands haha!”
Edwina was in her element, and was now playing with Becky’s hair, and stroking her face.
“We wanted a pretty girl of our own. A sex slave to take care of all our desires. We chose you, and you made it all so easy, talking to me online, faking your own suicide. Do you remember nearly losing your pedant when you went swimming? Well, it was very easy for me to put a tracker into it, we knew where you where all the time.!”
“You moved around that park fairly quickly though!” laughed Edward cheerfully, as he stroked his cock, just a foot from Becky’s face. “We had a good work out keeping up with you and finding you!”
“Yes,” sniffed Edwina “we nearly missed you. If you actually had decided to kill yourself, you wouldn’t be here, it would have been too late. Instead, I am guessing you hestitated, at that spot, for ages. Well, that was your fatal mistake. Maybe you will soon wish you had jumped off that bridge!”
“I am happy you are here though!” Edward was laughing as he moved around the girl, admiring her petite form, running his hands over her back, and under her ass, running a finger along her crack as Becky gasped.
“I scanned your diary when you left me at our session, and I hacked into your laptop. Maybe next time, pick a better password than your dog” gloated Edwina. “Did youenjoy your birthday party? At that restaurant? Me and Ed, we were watching you, that was when we decided we had to have you, that little dress you had on, you little whore, you were asking for it…”
Becky was horrified. Her world had gone from being an introverted self absorbed girl, to a sex slave, forced to bare her body for these freaks, and stolen away from her family.
“Down here, your life will be with us. You can choose whether to try to enjoy it. But you will serve us. Your body does not belong to you anymore” Edwina licked her lips. “It belongs to us, to do with it what we want. You do what we tell you, or you get hurt, that is the golden rule. Sometimes, we are going to hurt you anway, because we want to, but if you just obey us, if you do whatever we want, then you can have a pain free life.”
Edwina leaned into Becky’s face. “You think that pain is something from being sad and lonely and not being understood by your rich parents. Down here, you will get pain like you won’t fucking believe. It will be a great motivator.”
Edwina tried to kiss Becky, who pulled away. Edwina slapped her hard across the face. Becky tried to hold her face, but Edwina pulled her hands away.
“Get thos hands back on your legs. Do not move from that position! You see, you broke the fucking rule already. I want to kiss you, you don’t stop me, you kiss me back. This time, I want to feel your sweet tongue in my mouth. Have you ever been kissed before?”
“No” murmered Becky, shaking and breaking out in tears.
“Good, well, you will get plenty of kissing down here, and plenty of sex. So come on, open your mouth.”
Becky shuddered as she felt the older woman’s mouth explore her own, the warm wet lips moving smelling of coffee assaulting her taste buds. She fought the urge to throw up.
Edward and Edwina dragged Becky to the bed. “Good girl, we are learning fast,” said Edward. “Now, we are going to go on the bed and have fun. Just remember, I know you’re scared, but we really haven’t hurt you yet. We will need to hurt you to motivate you; it’s just a matter of time.” She looked at her sternly. “As soon as you refuse to do something or try to stop us doing something to you, then the punishments will start… OK baby?”
Becky pleaded, “Yes… yes.. please, I don’t want to get hurt.” Edwina teased her, “Oh, I think you will refuse us something. I’m sure you can imagine something. Me and Ed… well, we’re a little past our prime, and I don’t think you’re into women are you?” “I… can try,” Becky replied. “I just want to do what you need.”
Edwina laughed. “I hope so! I’m just realistic. Ready to eat my pussy then?” She walked over to a shelf holding canes and whips. “I’m going to keep this cane next to the bed. It’s win-win for me, you see; I like hurting girls.” She had an evil glint in her eye now, one which Edward loved.
Edwina smiled evilly. “It’s up to you, how much of a beating you are going to get. Get on the bed; you lost your virginity last night, but now, we are going to spend hours making love.”
Becky steeled herself for what was going to come. She had to stay alive, she had to just get through this. She had no choice. But their bodies… she couldn’t do this. But, she had to…
She forced herself to think of something else, to put her mind outside of her body. She tried to think of herself at home, in bed, watching a porn movie, but not in it. But she could not hide from the smells, the taste, the sensations of bites on her beck, her buttocks, her breasts.
Edwina had her mouth locked on hers, kissing her passionaltely as Edward licked her pussy. She moaned as his finger inserted itself into her, moving into the same damaged space that his cock had broken into last night.
“Suck my tits, darling.”
Becky stared at the huge areolas and nipples, so much bigger than her own small button-sized nips. Edwina held them up and put them on her face, as Becky meekly suckled on them. “God, that looks so hot…” Edwina admired the girl’s face as she sucked, enjoying the sensation through her breasts.
Edwina cackled, “I wonder how your mother, Eleanor, is now. Maybe she’s remembering you sucking on her tits when you were a baby. I’d love to see the face on her if she knew her baby was sucking on my tits right now!” Becky’s mind buckled through the haze of Edward’s mouth pleasuring her and the fleshy tits in her mouth. She couldn’t stand this deep puncture to her soul but held firm.
Edwina continued, “Your mother is pretty hot as well; I’d love to munch on her cunt. She’s just the type I would love to order about down here. Fucking bitch, she thought her family was too good for the likes of me, didn’t she? Well, karma is a bitch. I only wish I could order her around here with you.”
Becky stopped sucking and spoke through the mammaries in her mouth. “Please, can we not talk about my family while I do this.”
Edwina laughed. “Oh dear. I knew this would happen.” She got off the bed, while Edward continued to ravenously eat the young girl’s pussy. Becky tried to concentrate as his tongue hit her in all the right places.
“Now, Becky, you told me not to do something.” The fat naked woman picked up the cane and whished it through the air. “I knew you would fail, but you did it so quickly!”
She tapped Edward on the back with the cane. “Ed, you can get back to that nice cunt in a minute. Where do you want me to beat her?”
“No, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Becky tried to get up.
Edwina screamed, “Lie down on the bed! No fucking insolence. If I want to talk about your hot sexy cunt of a mother, you will listen. You don’t get to tell me what to do!” Her face darkened, as her hands gripped the cane tightly.
“Ed! Where should I hit her?”
Edward sighed. “Look at her, she’s perfect, every inch of her. Edwina we have only got her for just over a day, I don’t want the lovely skin marked already! Why don’t we just slap her around a bit?”
“Hold your hands out!” barked Edwina, to Becky.
Becky sobbed, she knew what was coming.
“Please, you don’t have to do this, you can say anything, do anything..
“And I told you to hold your hand” smiled Edwina with fake sweetness. “So do as I say or the punishment will grow.”
Becky sighed and held out both hands.
“Palms facing up.”
Becky sobbed again and turned her wrists, waiting. “Whack!” Becky screamed and grabbed her hands after the first blow with the cane. “Aaagh, it’s so sore! Please, no… I can’t…”
Edwina cut her off. “Silence! Put your hands back; there is more.”
Becky hesitated, tears streaming down her face, but she slowly extended her trembling hands again, palms up. Her skin stung with a burning pain where the cane had struck, and her fingers twitched involuntarily
“Whack!” The cane came down again, sending a shockwave of agony through her hands. Becky screamed louder this time, the pain sharp and searing, radiating up her arms. She could feel the welts forming, the skin bruising under each blow.
“Please, no more… I can’t take it!” she cried, her voice breaking.
Edwina’s eyes were cold and unfeeling. “Silence!” she demanded. “Put your hands back; there is more.”
With a sob, Becky obeyed, the anticipation of the next strike almost worse than the pain itself.
“Aaagh!” Becky cried out. “Please, how many more? I can’t stand it… I can’t do it! No! How much more?”
Edwina’s expression remained impassive. “You will endure as many as it takes,” she replied coldly.
“Whack!” Another blow landed, and Becky screamed again, her voice hoarse from crying. The pain was unbearable, each strike sending waves of agony through her battered hands. Her vision blurred with tears, and she could barely keep her hands steady.
“Please, no more… I can’t take any more,” she pleaded, her voice a desperate whisper. Becky slowly crumpled to the ground, holding her right hand, in agony.
But there was no mercy in Edwina’s eyes. “Put your hands back,” she ordered, her voice like ice. Becky obeyed, her body trembling as she rose, bracing herself for the next blow.
“Whack!” The cane struck with brutal force, and Becky screamed in agony before collapsing to the ground, clutching her injured hand and curling up in pain.
“Okay, that is enought for now,” Edwina declared, her tone slightly less harsh. “But there might be more if you disobey again.”
Becky lay on the floor, gasping for breath, tears streaming down her cheeks as she cradled her injured hand. The pain pulsed through her, throbbing with each beat of her heart.
Edward was still on the bed, playing with his cock. “Are you done with her? Let’s get her back on the bed I want to eat her some more!”
“You heard my husband, back on the bed, come on!”
Becky looked at her palm, it was covered in blood.
“Lick your palm clean, come on, you can get the blood off. I will give you thirty seconds and then I want you back on the bed with your legs spread.”
Becky licked the metallic blood off her hands, in tears, wondering what other horrows she might have to endure.
Edward looked at her, emotionless, like an animal, ready to pounce again, and soon eagery his mouth went to her pussy lassping furiously.
Edwina smiled at her looming over her, dangling her large breasts over her face. “Suckle me again. I want you to imagine Eleanour your mother, and her tits, and how they might feel. That bitch, she had such a good body. I wouldn’t mind sucking on her tits as well.”

The disgusting threesome continue. Edwina moved on top of the poor girl, obscuring the light with her giant ass as she sat on her face.
“This is a 69, Becky, I am going to lick your pussy, and you will lick mine.”
Edward stood up and marvelled at the sight of his wife, lying over and crushing the young small body underneath. She hungrily munched on Becky’s already exhuasted and soaking pussy, biting her clit.”
“Come on Becky” encouraged Edward “Do your bit, lick that pussy!”
Becky could not believe the gynacological scene in front of her. The smell was overpowering. Edwina’s pussy was huge compared to her own, smooth and hairless, but its meaty lips and gaping open hole betrayed her middle age. Her asshole above it was dark and radiated out in a large sphincter. Edwina moved down until her vagina was pushed against the poor girl’s mouth.
Becky kept her mouth clamped shut. “Come on Becky, not more punishment, is it?” said Edwina, between mouthfuls of her pussy.
Becky stuck her tongue out, her stomach churning as she felt it run against the wet slippery flesh of the woman’s insides.
“Lick!” went the command.
Becky moved he tongue up and down, refusing to open her eyes.
Edwina was in heaven. Becky tasted so good, even with the slight after taste of her receding period in her mouth. She ran her hands up and down her lovely smooth slim legs, rejoicing in the fact this was her toy, there was no one else, not Becky, not the Parkers, who could take it away from her.
Edward was frustrated. “Edwina, I want some fun too.”
Edwina laughed. “I’m sorry Becky, you know, men and their cocks, we have to bow down to their demands, they are so greedy!”
Edwina climbed off her, and dragged Becky up. “Ed, lie down, and we can have a 69, I will coach her!”
Edward did not need to be told twice. Thrilled, he lay down, his hands behind his back, eagely awaiting at tight young body to lie over him.
“OK Becky, now its time to learn how to suck a man’s cock, I want you to lie on top of him like I just lay on you.”
Becky looked at the large hairy whale like body in front of her. She put her knees either side of his head, and place her torso against the soft belly of the beast, and her head approached his cock, its head looking at her.
Edward had to prop his head up under a pillow but had the wonderful view of her tight pussy and asshole in front of him.
Becky tried to ignore the sensations between her legs as Edwina pulled her hair back, guiding his cock into her mouth. “Now lick the head gently, Becky. Men love a nice tongue on their helmet; the top part, just lick it gently.” She swallowed it and sucked like a lollipop. The meaty organ felt so strange in her mouth as she put it in with only the tip fitting in. “Mmmmmm…” murmured Edward happily into her pussy. Edwina giggled and said, “That is good Becky, now let’s see how far you can get it down your throat.” She eased Becky’s head down until the girl choked and coughed, turning purple as she jerked up.
Edwina giggled. “That was like me when I first tried sucking cock. Don’t worry, you will learn!” Becky apologized, “I’m sorry Mrs Pembroke, it… it is too big; I nearly threw up; it doesn’t fit in my mouth.” Edwina smiled kindly at the girl and said, “You need to learn how to breach around it just go easy for now my darling, get your lips up to this part and suck.” She licked Edward’s balls as she continued watching Becky try to move her mouth down.
Becky tried to ignore her situation, concentrating on using her mouth on the man’s cock. It was so difficult and hard to breathe, with Mrs Pembroke’s smiling eyes just inches away her own lips around the man’s testicles. The man’s tongue inside her own pussy. She did not want to think about the future now, she tried to focus on getting through this task.
“Fuck, Edwina I need to fuck her, I’m gonna cum!”
“We need to get you on the pill, young lady!” Edwina say up and tapped Becky’s upturned buttocks. “You are becoming quite the slut down here! We don’t want Eleanour to become a grandmother yet. Now, get into the doggy pose, with your bottom up and your cheeks spread, my husband is going to blow his seed inside that little cunt of yours!”
Becky braced herself but was still shocked at the sheer size of the man’s cock as it invaded her pussy again. His balls slapped against her crotch as he forcefully thrust in and out. Edwina cradled Becky’s tearful face as she struggled to adapt to the pain and the thrusting movements.
Edward climaxed and collapsed beside them. Edwina kissed the girl passionately. “I love you, Becky, I can’t let you go now.”

Sex continued for hours more. Becky was struck on the palms once more, when she refused to lick Edward’s asshole, and after that she did not hesitate when it came to either Edwina or Edward’s assholes. Her inhibitions were still there, they had just been overcome with the terror of the physical pain, and the relentless power of the older large couple, particulary the strength of Edward.
Finally, the night came to an end as the couple returned to their “normal” bed upstairs. Becky was left in her cage, naked again, her hands so sore they could barely feel the bars of the cage. She curled up and cried, wondering what the future would bring. Her body had been despoiled and ruined, and she could not rub off the horrible slime she could feel from the presence of those two monsters.
“Please, please let me out of here” she prayed.

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