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The Parker Project 5

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Edward and Edwina Pembroke are a sick and twisted couple who target young girls to satisfy their depraved appetites.

Chapter 5

Becky Parker wondered if she would die like this.
A rough blindfold, scratchy against her skin, pressed over her eyes. It shielded her only from the dark abyss of the basement, itself shrouded in darkness.
Her arms were yanked back into a sickening contortion, bound impossibly tight to her ankles behind her. The unnatural position arched her back into a painful crescent, her lower spine screaming in protest as the front of her pelvis, dug into the unforgiving rubber floor. Her legs, bound together at the ankles and then yanked back to meet her wrists in the horrifying inversion, burned with a constant, dull ache that occasionally flared into a searing agony with every slight movement.
The gag still pushed her jaw uncomfortably ajar, forcing a constant stream of saliva to dribble down her chin and soak into the floor.
The only movement she could make was to occasionally droop, turn, or hold her head up, but the view was the same, black darkness.
Hours of silence had passed. The pain in her sides and the blood in her mouth reminded her of what had happened.
Had she died? Had she killed herself? She had thought of it, she had hovered on the precipice. But she thought she had pulled back, surely?
She remembered seeing Mrs Pembroke, the last person she expected, and a man, and then the world had gone on fire.
What a strange dying thought, what an image. That mousy woman had been the last thing she had imagined before… this.
But as hours dragged on, her mind cleared. She remembered more. She had been dragged inside a dark container, along rough ground, and then in a vehicle. There had been flashes of light, and a hand moving all over her body.
Then she had been blindfolded and brought somewhere, somewhere quiet. This place was so silent, that she heard nothing but her rasping breaths through the gag. She could only remember rough hands all over her.
The other thing which disturbed her was that she was naked. She could not recall being stripped. But she felt her bare nipples and belly rub the ground when she keeled herself forward.
Her chest felt strained, or was it her heart? She had no way of knowing if this hellish contortion would ever end.

Edward Pembroke felt as high as a kite, whistling away on the scaffolding. “You seem happy today, Ed. Won on the horses?” laughed his boss.
Edward went quiet; he needed to be inconspicuous. He had gone straight to work from tying up Becky and leaving her, careful to give himself an alibi and not appear to be having an abnormal day.
Edwina Pembroke had driven to work, having dieted herself on just a few strokes of Becky’s body. She was overcome with excitement, she could not believe that the teenage girl she had lusted over was now in her power, defenseless, naked, in her basement.
She had one appointment with a troubled teenage girl, who bore a similar resemblance to Becky. She spoke of her problems with her parents, but all Edwina could think of was how this girl would look naked, chains snaking across her body. She had to excuse herself, and masturbate in the toilets, trying to get the thoughts of Becky out of her head.
By late evening, both Pembrokes had got home. They embraced passionately as Ed came through the door to greet Edwina, who had been too scared to go down by herself. Neither of them had slept in 36 hours, but this was no time for a nap.
“Oh Ed. We did it. We finally did it! I love you so much!”
“Oh my God. I am so glad, I did this for you, Edwina!”
Edwina looked out the curtains. “Any news about her?”
“Nothing.. nothing yet..”

“That stupid girl,” said Eleanour Parker as she fussed over the house, getting dinner ready. “We have golf later; it’s going to look so bad if she doesn’t turn up. Where the hell is she? Genevieve, have you heard from her?”
“No, mummy,” Genevieve replied, looking worried. Her sister was never away this long without saying anything.
Eleanour went into Becky’s bedroom and saw that her laptop was gone from her desk. Then she noticed a white envelope in its place. Puzzled, Eleanour opened the envelope and began to read the letter inside.
At that moment, Genevieve heard a scream and rushed over to her sister’s bedroom. She found her mother crouched on the floor, clutching the letter, her hand over her mouth, and sobbing uncontrollably.
The letter was a suicide note from Becky.

Edwina took a long bath shaving her legs, pussy, and body ready for sex. Perfumed and dressed in her nicest lingerie, she put on a little black dress. She had bought it on a whim for Edward in the bedroom but was too embarrassed to wear it out and about on account of her weight.
Dabbing her make-up on, she smiled at her husband. “Edward, I think you should put on that outfit… you know.. the leather straps… I think that will turn me on so much…”
“Goodness, Edwina. Do we want to frighten the poor girl?” He chuckled nervously.
Edwina’s eyes gleamed through her mascara and eyeliner. “I want her to be absolutely terrified!” she declared with a messianic fervor. “I want her to know what is going to happen, I want it to be in her bones from the start. I want it to be in her head before we even touch her!”
Edward felt awkward changing into the outfit, a BDSM outfit of black leather trousers and straps across his bare chest revealing a hairy rotund stomach.
“Ed, I want cameras in the basement, we will need to be able to watch her.”
“Yes, yes” Edward tried to get himself ready – he was going to rape a defenceless girl he had just kidnapped. He had done this before, but this time, there would be no escape, not for her, and not for him. She would remain under their house, until the end…

Becky had tried rocking back and forth, rolling onto her side, but couldn’t alleviate the pain. Her shoulder blades were going numb. After what seemed like a day, she suddenly heard the sound of steps and then the jingle of keys in a lock. She strained to listen, seeing nothing. The door opened, and she heard footsteps approaching—high heels and boots. She murmured in vain, hoping for assistance. Were these people here to rescue her or harm her?
She felt lights come on through her blindfold, and blinked behind it. A low murmur, too soft to decipher, passed between the figures.. and suddenly the blindfold was ripped off her eyes.
She craned her neck to look at the two people standing above her. The woman was a grotesque parody of femininity. Caked-on makeup, like a child playing dress-up, couldn’t hide the haggard lines etched around her eyes. Her overweight body was crammed into a black cocktail dress that screamed for mercy, paired with fishnet stockings that revealed the flesh at the top her thighs meeting in a black thong. The man beside her was dressed all in black leather, with semi bare chest. They both looked at her like she was a tasty treat.
“Welcome to your new home, Becky,” the woman purred, her voice dripping with something far more sinister than warmth. Becky blinked rapidly, trying to focus. This wasn’t a basement, not exactly. It was a meticulously staged nightmare.
Dim lighting cast dancing shadows on the red walls, adorned with chains and ominous cages. The air hung heavy with the smell of damp earth and something metallic. Fear coiled tight in Becky’s gut. These weren’t rescuers. This was a new kind of horror.

The police were very sympathetic to the Parkers, especially once they realized the stature of both Eleanour and Gerald. Officers combed the nearby areas but missed the rubbish pick-up that disposed of Becky’s electronic equipment. A missing person alert was put out on the afternoon local news, and Eleanour quickly styled herself to secure a short slot on a local news station.
It was impressive, given that Becky had been missing for less than 12 hours, but it was not enough. Becky had disguised herself well. Her taxi driver, preoccupied with his family, ignored the news, and no one who had sat near Becky recognized the girl on the broadcast.
The Parker family were frantic, Eleanour cursed herself for not knowing how and where Becky might have taken her life. Why had she not said anything?

Becky could not believe it. This was Mrs. Pembroke. She was barely recognizable—the same figure, but now… sexy in a repulsive, unnatural way. The man looked ugly and terrifying, and she winced that he had been the man who had touched her, tied her up, and hit her.

Edwina observed the girl writhing on the floor, her slender body straining against the confines of the hogtie. The tendons in her legs and arms stood out prominently as she rocked back and forth, causing her small breasts to rise off the ground. Despite her fearful gaze, those bright blue eyes remained locked onto Edwina’s own.
Edwina lowered herself to Becky’s level, her knees coming up on either side of the girl’s head. As Edwina’s stocking-clad thigh brushed against Becky’s face, the girl couldn’t help but gasp at the sensation. The scent of womanhood filled her nostrils, igniting a distaste and fear as she stared at her crotch.
Edwina reached up and played with her hair, then ran a lazy hand down her spine until it rested on Becky’s buttocks. The muscles there were taut from the strain of being bound in such an uncomfortable position.
“My, you have a wonderful body, Becky. I wish I had been like you at your age.”
“God, Edwina, I think we need to clean her, she has pissed herself… at least.” Edward wanted Becky to be clean before he launched himself at the vulnerable teenager.
“Yes… Ed let me do it, I will shave her as well down there.”
Edwina cradled Becky’s face in her hands as she brought her nose to hers. “You will think of me as a new kind of mummy, I will take care of you and make sure you are nice and clean for us. Now, remember to be a nice obedient girl, OK? Not that you will have much chance for it, yet.”
Edward could barely contain himself. “God, she really is gorgeous, well picked Edwina, well picked!”
Becky’s face was slick with tears, saliva, and sweat as she continued to struggle against her bonds. Her jaws remained prised wide open by the gag. Her face was tipped up by Edwina’s fingers to face the older woman’s eyes. She couldn’t believe that this was the same shy woman who had counseled her just a few months earlier.
Edwina took hold of a small hose and shot a jet of cold water onto her body, leading to mumbled shouts from her gagged mouth. Edwina loved how her body vibrated and shook but barely moved, despite her obvious discomfort. She showered the unpleasant detritus from her body and into a drain in the middle of the floor.
Edwina untied Becky’s ankles, letting them flop to the ground. The girl groaned in pain as she felt the blood rush back into her legs. Edwina rubbed and massaged Becky’s buttocks, spreading them apart. She couldn’t resist the animalistic lust that overtook her and plunged her face between Becky’s legs. Her tongue traced along the girl’s crack before biting down on one of her buttocks, causing Becky to moan in pain and weakly kick against Edwina.
“Careful Edwina” Edward cautioned.
Edwina grinned wickedly, her eyes wild with lust. “This little bitch is like a weak little kitten!” She clawed at Becky’s sides, eliciting more muffled grunts from the gagged girl. Ed handed her the razor, and she eagerly went to work shaving the slight stubble on Becky’s pussy. She flipped the young teenager onto her back on top of her mashed-up arms and wrists.
Becky finally got some feeling in her legs. This woman had her bare legs and pussy spread wide, completely vulnerable. She had to put up a fight!
Becky weakly banged her thigh against Edwina’s face, but the older woman just smiled and bit down hard on the inside of her thigh. Becky grunted in pain as Edwina looked at the mark she had made, seemingly satisfied. “Now Becky,” she said with a smirk, “you might as well get used to this.”
She ran her hand over Becky’s smooth mons. “You don’t want to be a hairy woman do you, Becky, you want to be our special little girl. That’s who will be down here.”
Edwina slipped her fingers over Becky’s pussy, its slim labia such a contrast to Edwina’s meaty lips.
Edwina ran her hand over Becky’s torso, marveling at the strained stomach muscles as the surface of her tummy rippled in and out like a wave, running her hand up her rib cage and over her small perky breasts. , “God,” she said with awe in her voice as she continued to touch Becky’s body. “You are so pretty.”
Becky looked down in horror at Mrs. Pembroke’s twisted face, her made-up middle-aged face grinning with malice. Becky wasn’t into women anyway, but when her head came to rest on the ground, she felt an equal horror at the sight of the ogre of a man staring down at her.
Becky shut her eyes tightly as she felt Edwina’s tongue reach her pussy lips. At first, it was tentative, but then Edwina furiously licked and sucked on her tight virgin pussy, forcing her tongue inside of it.
Edwina ate like this was her last meal, savoring every nook and cranny of Becky’s insides. She brought her index finger to the girl’s hole and pushed inside, watching as her head rose again and thrashed around. Despite the squashing sensation from Becky’s slim thighs, it didn’t stop Edwina from doing anything. She merely licked her way back to Becky’s pussy and sought out the poor girl’s clit, wondering if she had ever found it herself.
Becky was beside herself, refusing to even consider the possibility that this was pleasurable. The pleasure she was getting was outweighed by the overwhelming disgust. This was wrong, so wrong! She couldn’t believe that this woman’s saliva was leaking into her most private special area. She had only masturbated a few times but had never felt the tremors or the sensations of this.
She stopped struggling and stayed still, letting the sensations of the woman’s fingers and mouth work their way into her vagina. She shut her eyes but could not escape. This was happening. To her.
Suddenly, it was like all the nerve endings on her pussy were stripped bare and she lost control, she moved her back and tried to kick the woman off but her mouth was clamped on her pussy, and her arms rightly gripped her thighs.
The man kneeled down and held her torso in place to keep her still, while groping her tits and tweaking her nipples.
Becky arched her back, releasing a feeling that shot down her chest and through her pussy. Edwina felt the warm fluid squirt out onto her face, her make up smudged in a sheen of Becky’s juices. She laughed at Edward, who was watching with an expression of disbelief on his face. “My God Ed!” she exclaimed, wiping some of the juice from her eyes. “You have to taste this young cunt! Come on!”
Edward moved to take Edwina’s place and began angrily munching on her wet pussy. Becky moaned at the rough man’s tongue and biting on her labia. She tried to move her thighs again but the man’s strong arms held them still on the ground.
Edwina still had to pinch herself that this was real. There was no danger, no threat that this girl would wake up, sober up, or if a bystander would come by. No, this bitch was here… for life!
Edwina crouched down again by Becky’s face, running her fingers over the girl’s cute little nose, carved cheekbones (pushed back by the gag), and lips (spread thinly with her mouth agape). Becky’s heart pounded from the angry invasive tongue between her legs and the fingers now tracing the outlines of her eyes. She opened them and looked up at Mrs. Pembroke’s smiling face, tears leaking black lines of mascara down her cheeks. The woman leaned down and kissed each of Becky’s eyes as she screamed silently through the gag. “So pretty,” Edwina whispered to herself, “like a little doll.” Her voice was lost amidst Becky’s grunts, pants, and furious swirling sounds from Edward slurping on her pussy.
Edwina plunged a hand into her thong and played with her soaking wet pussy. She stood up slipped her underwear off and looked down at the girl’s face at her feet.
“Now Becky, you will come to do this a lot, you are going to get really well acquainted with my pussy…”
Edwina squatted down over Becky’s face and rested on top of her. She felt the ball gag come into the folds of her pussy and rubbed herself up and down, feeling the gag and the point of her nose move in and out of her hole. Becky almost choked with fear as she saw the cavernous vagina between her legs get closer and closer as it landed on top of her face. The smell was pungent and overpowering, making it difficult for her to breathe through the gag. As Becky’s nose rubbed against the inside ridges of Edwina’s vagina, juices ran up into her nostrils past the gag, filling them with a disgusting taste.
“Oh God, Ed I want you to fuck her now!”
“Shouldn’t we put her on the pill first?”
Edwina mouthed, “Yeah, but I can get her the morning-after pill. I don’t want to wait. I want your cock inside her!”
“All right my love, if you wish!”
Edward did not need any encouragement and stripped naked. Edwina sat up, letting Becky breathe air but she was shocked to see Edward naked. She had never seen a naked man before in real life and her eyes were drawn to the strange erect organ rising from between his legs.
Edward kneeled down and grabbed her thighs, spreading them and pushing them forward so her knees were close to her breasts.
Edwina said, “Wait, Ed. I want the gag off. I want to hear what she has to say. She can’t stop this.” Turning to Becky, she smiled wickedly and said, “You are getting raped now, whether you want it or not! My man’s cock is going inside your virgin hole. Scream as much as you want; no one will hear!”
Edwina roughly unhooked the gag and took it off Becky’s mouth. The girl had been gagged for twelve hours and could hardly move her mouth to close it afterward. She coughed and stuttered, her face red and tearful from crying so much, her lips still caked with saliva.
Edward was stroking his cock, his finger inside her, getting ready to penetrate her.
Edwina said, “You are going to get fucked, Becky. Did you think it would happen like this? Did you think I would be here?” She ran her hand over the girl’s face, marveling at its natural shape now that the cruel gag was gone.
“Please,” she choked out, the word a desperate plea for mercy. “Please don’t do it. Please, I… I want to go home.” The last two words were a broken whisper, a child’s plea lost in a monstrous nightmare.
“No…” responded Edwina softly, caressing her cheek and scooping up her tears. “No, you are home now. You see, when you decided to kill yourself today, well, something brought you to us.”
Edwina said, “No… you are home now. You see, when you decided to kill yourself today, well, something brought you to us.” “Please no… please I don’t understand… all I want is to go home. I am sorry; I promise not to say anything. Please just let me go home. I want my…” “Who? What?” Edwina perked up at the mention of a mother figure.
“Mummy… please I want mummy… I want to go home..”
“Oh dear..” taunted Edwina, horribly. “Your old mummy, she is gone. I am your mummy now. A different kind of mummy. A naughty mummy. You see, Becky, we are going to have a lot of fun with you.. and we are never, ever going to let you go.”
Becky wailed wildly and moved around, trying in vain to get out of her wrist bindings behind her back. Edwina put her hand on Becky’s neck gently, pushing the girl against the ground, and put her face next to Becky’s. Their eyes were now centimeters apart.
“Do it now Ed, enter her!”
Edward was fixated on the pink hole in front of him. He moved forwards and placed his cock head against the opening. He gripped the thighs tightly, controlling the shaking and kicking as his cock started to disappear into her tight pussy.
Becky’s screams reverberated around the basement as she felt the penis cutting into her insides, his thick long manhood tearing a path inside her.
Edwina kept her head steady with both hands and ran her tongue along the side of Becky’s face, tasting the salty tears up to her eyeballs. “Don’t fight it, darling,” she whispered. “Let your new daddy’s cock come inside you. Fuck me; you are so hot!” Edwina breathed in deeply against Becky’s skin, her nose against the girl’s cheek, before taking another lick of her tears. She ran a finger around Becky’s mouth, which was open in pain and agony as she looked deep down into Edwina’s throat curiously.
Edwina looked into Becky’s eyes, her deep blue irises shrinking against the girl’s dilated pupils. She tried to peer into Becky, trying to see what she was feeling.
By now Becky’s body was jerking back and forth to the rhythm of Edward’d hard pounding of her body.
Becky’s body was jerking back and forth to the rhythm of Edward’s hard pounding of her body. She let out a guttural scream as she felt him hit her cervix, a feeling that was utterly alien to her.
“NOOOOO please…It hurts, you are going to kill me… AAAGGH” Becky screamed the words, looking at Edwina, and then at Edward, pleading for the brutal assault to stop.
“Fuck, I am going to cum!” Edward had his eyes closed totalling oblivious and unfeeling towards the pleas of the poor girl he was fucking.
“Edwina brought a hand to her pussy, and fingered herself, the other hand on Becky’s head, as she watched her husband’s violent rape complete itself.
Edward finished with a guttural sigh and fell forward on top of the girl, who squealed at the contact. He stared into her eyes as his lips sought hers. Becky frantically turned her head to avoid the ugly, wrinkled, jowelled face that hovered closer and closer. Edward sought out her lips and grabbed her face, holding both cheekbones with an iron grip while inserting his tongue into hers. Becky wretched as this horrible man stuck his stinking tongue into her mouth; she fought to breathe around it.
Edward leaned back, and pulled his cock, bloody with the damage to Becky’s delicate insides, and rubbed it against her thighs to get most of the blood off.
“That was amazing, she is so tight Edwina!”
“I guessed she would be, I could hardly fit my tongue in you, you little cute bitch!” Edwina leaned in and kissed her. Becky tried to turn away, and this time Edwna slapped her angrily.
“Don’t fucking turn away from me. You kissed my husband, well, you kiss me too!” Edwina sucked on her lips. “Open your mouth, let me get my tongue in there!”
Edwina snaked her way inside her mouth. Becky felt again the disgusting sensation of this woman’s mouth, her breath a mixture of chewing gum and wine, covering her airways. When would this end?
Edwina put her fingers inside Becky’s pussy, and drew them out covered in blood. “See, Becky? This is what losing your virginity feels like.”
She brought her bloody fingers to Becky’s mouth.
“No… please… leave me alone!”
“Edwina slapped her again. “This is the first day of the rest of your life Becky. It’s a steep learning curve, you better get used to it. But one thing you will learn is that you never, ever, EVER tell us we cannot do something. Whatever we want to do to you, we will do it. Understand?”
Becky could hardly look at this woman’s face, she just prayed they would leave her alone.
“Yes, please just leave me alone.”
Edwina slapped her again. “I just fucking told you, you do not tell us what to do! I will leave you alone when I am tired of you, not when you fucking tell me!”
Becky turned over on her side, trying to get into the fetal position, with her hands still cuffed behind her, and sobbed.
Edwina and Edward exchanged glances.
“That was amazing Edwina, but I’m really tired, we’ve barely slept.”
“You are right, Ed. This little minx kept us up all night, leading us on a little merry chase through that park, didn’t she?”
Edwina pulled back the hair from across Becky’s face to look at her. She was shaking, almost hyperventilating.
“Let’s lock her up Edwina, come on.”
“OK, Ed. Let’s get this little bitch used to her surroundings. Why don’t we put her in that cage.”
Edwina pointed to a small cage, six feet tall, and about four square feet width.
The couple gave her some water, before pulling her up and placing her inside the cage, and uncuffed her wrists through the bars as she was locked inside. Becky was now free to stand up and use her legs and arms but was within the small confines of the barred cage, holding onto the bars, desperately trying to remain calm. She had one hand between her legs, still dealing with the pain from the violent rape.
The Pembrokes gathered their things and made their way out. Before they did, Edwina wandered back to the cage, in front of Becky, reached through the bars and grabbed her tit.
Becky backed off and just crashed into the bars behind her. Edwina just laughed.
“You are here for a long time, Becky, not necessarily a good time.”
“Please… please let me go. Mrs Pembroke. I.. I don’t want to be here. I want to go home, I won’t tell anyone. Please, just.. I can say…”
Edwina put her fingers to her lips, silencing her, then spoke.
“I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my lids and all is born again.”
Edwina looked into the poor girl’s eyes and grinned, then silently walked out the door with her husband.
The Pembrokes showered and fell in bed together. They were exhausted, but tonight had been amazing. And this was just the first night of many!
Becky had been shellshocked by Edwina’s last words, a direct quote from “Mad Girl’s Love Song” her favorite poem. She realized that Mrs Pembroke was BellJarCurve. She had been caught, trapped in a well laid trap, with a pair of monstrous perverts. She tried to crouch down, and cried, trying not to look at the sinister array of equipment around the basement, which looked much more like a dungeon.
The Parker family could not sleep. Despite searches, there was no body and no sign of Becky. The letters seemed horribly genuine, but without her being found, they refused to believe she was dead.

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