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The Parker Project 3

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Edward and Edwina Pembroke are a sick and twisted couple who target young girls to satisfy their depraved appetites

Chapter 3
‘brunnea.mortua’ was very interested in the new user ‘BellJarMuse’, it almost felt like she was talking to herself. They had the same interests in poetry and literature and music. Both also had a dark fascination with death.
Becky Parker stayed up late on the forum, typing away until the early hours. On the other end, Edwina Pembroke typed back. She loved how she could get inside Becky’s head online in a way she never could in their meetings at the Parker house.
Becky imagined BellJarMuse as a twenty something university student or even professor. She had no idea it was the fat plain woman her mother had fired a few weeks earlier. She did not guess that Edwina, armed with the knowledge from her posts and her diary, was able to build a false rapport with her and even guide her to new things that fascinated her.
Edwina loved the feeling of power she had over the young girl, and the respect she could feel from Becky. A complete change from the bitchiness she had given her in real life.
Meanwhile, the basement was being finalised. Edward was keen to find a victim. He had found a target. Carrie Atkins was a fifteen-year-old long-distance runner who went running early every morning along a countryside stretch adjacent to a river that led out to the sea. She was training for the cross-country under-age championship and hoped to compete and use it to boost her dreams of becoming a doctor.

Edward and found her on a running social media app. After further investigation of her photos, both Edward and Edwina agreed she would be an excellent candidate.
Edward and Edwina watched her, on a few mornings, pass by. On such early morning runs, Carrie had reasoned that she did not need to fear perverts and attackers. It was late summer and she felt free to wear what she wanted. Edwina and Edward both gasped when they saw her, her long legs toned and lean, coming out of her skintight red running shorts. The crease of her buttocks was clearly visible coming out of her shorts, they were so small, and her slim hard abdomen rose from her snake hips. Her breasts bounced within her sports bra, along with her blonde pigtail behind her. Her rosy cheeks were blown out with effort, as she strove to beat her time while listening to music.
“Wow! what a body!” said Edward.
“God, would I not want to bite into those ass cheeks, I could get them all in one mouthful, she is so petite! God I wish I had her body.”
“You could have her body, to do what you wanted with it.”
Edwina chuckled. “God you are teasing me. She is so pretty. I would bite down on ever inch of that body. Oh please, Ed, make it so that we take her! I can’t stand all this waiting!”
“Patience, Edwina, we don’t want to jinx this!”
The following week, the Pembrokes decided to strike. The plan was simple and did not rely on any drugs. This time, they would park near her route in their van, along a narrow path, and wait for her. It was near the bridge over the river, and their plan was that they would grab her, then throw her phone into the river. Poor Carrie would be thought to have fallen into the river and then drowned and washed out to sea.
They had left their smartphones at home, and were without any electronic appliances. Last night, they had spent hours poring over Carrie’s social media and photos. Edward had felt awful about her poor family, but Edwina just looked at her blonde mother and felt jealousy and resentment. Carrie’s mother was a stunning model and all Edwina could think of was revenge, against the beauty of this world. When she looked at Carrie’s photos, she could only imagine biting, whipping and hurting that beautiful flesh.
“Oh Ed, I cannot wait! I believe in you darling, we can do this!”
Edward was more worried. He had a nagging fear their van might be seen and recognised even with the fake number plates. Carrie would be due to finish her run 45 minutes after the planned intervention. How long would it take for her concerned parents to raise the alarm when she did not return?
It was very early in the morning, just before 6am. They both would say they were in bed with each other until 7am when they would get up for work. Carrie would have a very quick introduction to the basement, to being tied up and left in a cage before each of them left quickly and made sure they had their independent alibis in their jobs.
“It’s time to get out, Edwina, make sure we have everything.”
Cuffs, restraints, a gag, knives, and cattle prods, were carried towards the path. Both were dressed in green to blend in with the hedge. A few minutes later, Carrie came running towards them, this time in black yoga pants, bare midriff and sports top.
Edwina felt intimidated by the athletic girl and gripped her man’s arm, willing him to be strong.
Edward leaned out to watch the girl coming towards him. Carrie’s attention was drawn towards the man coming out of the hedge and thought he was waiting to pass. She wondered why he was just standing still and watching her.
She veered to the far end of the trail and sped up to pass them. Edward took a deep breath, and jumped out and tried to tugby tackle her. He grabbed her by the ankles and Carrie fell onto the path, having the stuffing knocked out of her.
“Yes! Get her!” Edwina jumped out, and got the cattle prod ready. She pointed it at the prone girl and snapped it at her midriff.
Carrie was shocked at the man tackling her, but when she hit the ground, she tried to run off again but the shock coursing through her body afterwards knocked her down again.
Edward got up, and started at the hot young thing on the ground, her perfectly shaped ass encased in the tight yoga pants, arching up in the air as she tried to get up again. He grabbed cuffs from his pocket, and locked his eyes on her ankles. He grabbed both of them to tie them together when Carrie started shouting. Edward looked at Edwina furiously, as if to do something.
Adrenaline flooded Carrie’s veins. Her ankles were yanked from under her, a bone-crushing grip sending a jolt of terror through her. Her yoga pants were now dragging down half way through her thighs exposing her tiny white thong.
The woman loomed over her,her face twisted with a feral hunger, a strange metal rod clutched in her hand. Was that a prod? A cattle prod? She lashed out, a desperate kick aimed at anything, but the man, a hulking mass, had her legs locked like a steel vice. Panic surged, but with it, a spark of defiance. She snatched the metal rod – a weapon, a chance – from the woman’s grasp. Pointing it blindly at the man, she squeezed the trigger, praying for whatever spark it held.
He recoiled, surprised, the grip on her legs faltering. That was all she needed. A vicious kick connected with his shin, a scream tearing from her throat as she followed up with a brutal blow to the woman’s stomach. They stumbled back, momentarily stunned.
The world narrowed to a single point – escape. Scrambling to her feet, Carrie ignored the throbbing pain in her ankles, hauled up her pants, and bolted. Her lungs burned, every fiber of her being screaming for her to keep running.
Edward got up, and vainly tried to run after her, but the young athlete was too fast.
“Fuck!” shouted Edward, and then he saw her phone on the ground. “Quick, Edwina, back to the van, let’s get out of here!” As Edwina ran back to the van, he took the phone, and ran towards the bridge and hurled it into the river. He then joined Edwina’s race to the van.
Carrie did not stop to even check for her phone. She sprinted for as long as she could, barely looking behind her, until she got to the road in ten minutes. She burst into tears when she realised she was safe, and then continued her jog until she got to the nearest town. Instead of going home, she went to the nearest police station to report her attack. By this point, the Pembrokes were miles away.
Edward and Edwina were both shivering with fear and shame as they completed their journey home. They had failed, but could at least console themselves that Carrie would not be able to get help for enough time for them to make their escape.
“Oh my God, I’m sorry Edwina, that bitch was just too strong for me, fuck I hope we won’t get caught.”
“Don’t worry Ed. I think we are clear. Fuck, she was like a tiger. Maybe it’s lucky for us we didn’t get her.”
“Look, Edwina, I think we need to forget about this lark. When you add our failed attempts to all the past shenanigans well, we are due to run out of luck soon. Maybe we should just invite some friends round to the basement, then that will kill any plans for us to use it.”
“What friends?”
“OK, well, look, this is too much. I don’t want to keep doing this!”
They both went silent. They got home and quickly got ready and left for their respective jobs. Edward felt sick with stress, and hoped Edwina would take this as a signal to give up on hopes of kidnapping.
Edwina, however, still remembered the yoga pants being ripped down from Carri’es waist, the look of pain on her face, and her firm flesh. They had been so close! Just one more jolt through her and Carrie would now be locked in a cage under their house, hidden from the world forever! Instead, she was with her family.
Carrie stopped running after that traumatic experience and needed counseling. The nightmares of her attackers, especially that evil witch, her mad eyes looking at her like she was a meal, haunted her.
Both Edward and Edwina agreed to take a break. But Edwina still fantasised about the basement. The return of the school year and the sight of the pretty girls in their revealing skirts just made her hornier.
Her messages with Becky rarely ventured into anything remotely sexual, instead they talked about literature and pop culture. Edwina enjoyed getting into the mind of a teenager, as she imagined herself as a popular, intellectual young girl.
Becky was depressed about the return to school. She lamented that she could not see any way out. She did not want to be an adult, her mother’s life seemed so boring.
BellJarMuse agreed, telling her that adult life sucked, and that she had wished she had ended it all in her mid teens, leaving a mysterious legacy. Instead, she planned to kill herself very soon.
Becky was intrigued and soon they began to talk about suicide every night.
“Darling” Edwina said to Edward one night in bed. “I’ve been thinking about a new victim.”
Edward sighed. The failure with Carrie Atkins had weighed on his mind, he kept waiting for a call from the police. “Come on Edwina, we’ve been through this!”
“Look” said Edwina “I have a girl I’ve been chatting with…”
“You mean online? You know they can trace that? We would be found out if it ever came to real life.”
“I’m not stupid Ed, I’ve been using that VPN, the one you said would be untraceable. And well, this girl, I think she might be more willing than not..”
“What do you mean? A willing sex slave? That will never happen” laughed Edward.
“Why don’t you take a look at her? I’ve been chatting with her under a pseudonym, and she is mentally ill. She’s a girl I was seeing as a counselor a few months ago till her mother kicked me ou.”
“Oh God, so there is history now?”
“No, she kicked me out because she was a stuck up bitch that wanted a proper psychiatrist, not because I had touched her or anything!” Edwina had grown increasingly obsessed with Becky over the last few months of chatting.
“Look, why don’t you take a look at her? In-person even, she and her family are celebrating her fourteenth birthday at a restaurant somewhere in Riptonbury on Sunday. We can go as a couple, and take a look at her in person with her family and size her up.
“What’s the point? I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment if we can’t snatch her.
“I think I know a way for her to do the work for us. Trust me, we have been chatting for months, she wants to kill herself and I’ve been leading her on! She even wants it to be an unsolvable mystery!”
Edward was now interested. “Interesting. A girl who wants to disappear, to be dead, might as well be a sex slave as well for a few years, right?”
“That’s my boy” smiled Edwina “well, it’s still a lot of work, but why don’t we go to Riptonbury, see if you like her as much as I do?”
Becky Parker felt so adult and smart when talking on the forum, especially with BellJarMuse. She felt like a big sister. She thought of her heroes, Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf and others and grew more and more convinced that she needed to kill herself, it had to happen. To grow old and boring would be a disaster. The younger she did it, the easier it would be.
That evening, she had to dress up though. She was turning fourteen! She was getting old, like an adult. She could feel her breasts growing, her hips widening, and knew before long she would be burdened down with adult responsibilities like exams and studies.
Young Becky sashayed out of her room, the fabric of her outfit clinging to her every curve like a mischievous second skin. It was a shocking shade of electric blue, the kind that seemed to vibrate with defiance. The length? Well, “dress” was a generous term. It barely skimmed the tops of her thighs, more akin to a glorified belt in its brevity.
Across the room, her mother, Eleanour, sat with a cup of tea, her brow furrowing with each confident strut Lizzie took. This wasn’t just a dress; it was a declaration of independence from her rebellious daughter.
Becky, of course, reveled in the reaction. A playful glint flickered in her eyes as she twirled, the tight material emphasizing the sway of her hips. “So, what do you think, Mum?” she asked, a sugary-sweet tone laced with a hint of challenge.
“Becky,” she started, her voice measured, “that outfit is a little…revealing, wouldn’t you say?”
Becky scoffed, a theatrical flutter of her perfectly mascaraed lashes. “Revealing? Mum, it’s practically a tablecloth compared to what everyone else is wearing!”
Eleanour smiled slightly. At least her daughter would soon be chasing boys and not moping around feeling depressed all the time. Though she had a horrible feeling she would soon be a little slut.
Edward and Edwina knew, from BellJarMuses’s chats, the time of the dinner and the town but not the restaurant. They drove around the restaurant, checking around until Edwina recognised the family.
Edwina was wearing a disguise of a wig of white hair, dark glasses, a scarf, and an overcoat. They sat well away from them, and Edward went over to look over their prospective prey.
The lithe young teenager was about five feet four, slim, with a slutty blue dress, nice legs, a cute butt, and burgeoning breasts. Her heart shaped face held bright blue eyes, a cheeky smile with dimples and curly brown hair.
“She doesn’t look depressed at all! She looks quite a happy girl, and very cute! Yes, I would very much like to see her in our basement, Edwina!”
The couple giggled conspiratorially. If anyone could guess what they were talking about!
Edward went to the toilet and pissed next to the well dressed Mr Parker, the CEO and resident tyrant, standing ramrod straight, even in this most private of settings. He was a monument to wealth and disdain, his tailored suit looking like it belonged on a runway rather than a bathroom stall. A finely-knit cashmere cardigan, the kind that probably cost more than Edward’s entire wardrobe, was draped over a crisp white shirt. Every inch of him screamed “old money” and “unapproachable.”
‘It will be a pleasure taking your daughter away from you’ thought Edward, as he thought of how men like Mr Parker had controlled his life before.

Edward couldn’t help but steal a glance at Mrs. Eleanour Parker on his way out. Even across the crowded room, her beauty was undeniable. She moved with a quiet grace, her tailored dress clinging to all the right curves. Her makeup was flawless, highlighting her sharp cheekbones and vibrant eyes. D
He knew her type – the beautiful socialite who could scorch a man with a single icy stare. Her smile, though perfect, seemed to hold a hint of mockery.
Maybe, he thought, some people were simply born to be admired, while others were destined to remain invisible. He took another look at Becky, the beautiful young girl, and thought of how much pleasure she could bring both she and Edwina, under their house, and how her smile might look turned into utter terror and pain.
“Edwina, I think she is stunning.” Ed settled back in their booth. “But I need to know a good thorough plan. We can’t afford another Carrie situation.”
“Becky gets a bit crazy on her period,” said Edwina. “It’s due next week. I think I might be able to persuade her to do something stupid then..”

The couple drove home. “I think we need to trail Becky properly, if I disguise myself I think I could do it,” said Edwina. “After all, I’m an innocent woman” she smiled at Edward.
Becky had one passion – swimming. She swam competitively and found it drowned out, literally, the outside world. “I like to scream underwater” she said to BellJarMuse online.
Edwina went to her local swimming club, and was able to watch the young beauty in her swimsuit doing lengths. She noticed that she took her pedant off, and bracelet, and set them at the side of the pool, before doing lengths.
After consultation with Edward, Edwina went a second time to the pool, and this time sat close to where Becky would leave her things. This time, Edwina went to leave and adopted a concerned look as she passed by the objects, lifted them, and brought them out with her.
She had some of Edward’s DIY skill, and after checking through them, she was able to insert an Apple tag into the pedant, and then replace the cover, satisfied that it did not look opened. She then handed it in to reception saying she thought it was dangerous to leave it lying around like that, and left.
Becky was terrified that her pedant and bracelet had been stolen and was relieved to find they had been handed in at reception. She was told a kind old woman had handed them in, and Becky was for once grateful for other people.
Edwina came away with feelings of lust towards that hot hard young body in her skin tight costume and soaking skin. She checked the tags were working and noticed with satisfaction that it did.
That night, she and Edward made passionate love and she played with Becky’s red panties, imagining her pussy for real, tasting it, eating it, fucking it, in the basement under their house. With the right plays on online chat, it could be a reality.

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