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The Parker Project 2

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Edward and Edwina Pembroke are a sick and twisted couple who target young girls to satisfy their depraved appetites

The next few weeks felt wonderful for the Pembrokes as they relived their experience with “Sheila.”
The bar lacked security cameras inside, and despite complaints from some girls about spiked drinks, there were no clues as to who might have been responsible. The investigation was dropped due to lack of evidence. Sheila and another girl both woke up in unfamiliar flats with strange men. Fortunately, concerned taxi drivers and onlookers helped return the other girls home safely after they were reported missing. These incidents highlight the importance of bar safety measures and the need for increased vigilance to prevent such occurrences in the future.
Edward threw himself into building a basement beneath their living room, connected by a stairwell to their shed, which he also expanded. He worked on it tirelessly, dedicating every waking hour with renewed vigor.
Edwina enjoyed watching him work and was pleased to see progress every day. “God, I love having such a handy man around,” she winked, while sniffing the prize panties of the girl they had drugged and raped.
“Why don’t you take a break with me” she giggled.
Edward didn’t need an invitation. The thought of what his work was going to be used for her, turned him on no end.
Edwina still had her work and enjoyed interviewing the likes of Emma Bradley who so resembled the girl they had taken in a van. Edwina had inhaled Emma’s used panties prior to interviewing her again, keeping them in her pocket as she took in the details of her distressed teenage life.
Emma felt awkward now with Edwina, she could almost feel her desire for her and did not like how she kept feeling her knee but thought it odd to complain about a counselor doing this.

Edwina still had difficulty with the Parker family. Eleanour Parker’s perfectly manicured hand flew to her perfectly coiffed hair as Edwina lumbered through the doorway. Disbelief curdled Eleanour’s smile. “Oh, yes, the council woman,” she drawled, her voice laced with enough honey to curdle milk. “Becky! Your counsellor is…” she trailed off, searching for a polite yet withering word, settling finally on, “…here.”
Edwina hated Eleanour, the type of woman who had bullied her at school and all her life and now despised her. She was stunning, with a perfect body even after two children and being in her mid forties.
“Uuugh, is that fat bitch here again?” Becky came down the stairs, and noticed Edwina. Instead of being embarrassed, she just laughed.
“Ha, sorry Mrs Pembroke, didn’t see you there!”
Becky stood defiantly in the doorway. Her outfit, a mishmash of denim shorts that rode high on her thighs, a loose vest barely containing a brightly colored bra top, and bare feet completed the picture of youthful rebellion.
“All right, Becky, are you looking forward to our chat?” Edwina asked.
“Not really,” Becky responded casually, striding across the room with her long legs and bare feet, “but we have to do this until daddy finally pays for someone who knows what they’re doing.”
“Becky!” Mrs. Parker scolded her. “Sorry, Mrs. Pembroke… or whatever,” Becky muttered, then continued, “just go through there, oh and please take those shoes off…”
They went into the living room. Becky sprawled onto the plush sofa, one leg flung dramatically over the armrest, the other sprawled carelessly on the floor, revealing a slim expanse of denim shorts between her legs.
Edwina, perched on the edge of her seat opposite Becky, felt a bead of sweat prickle on her temple as she tried to ignore the darker feelings inside her and tried to deal with this rude girl.
Edwina cleared her throat, the sound echoing awkwardly in the tense silence. Becky, finally acknowledging Edwina’s presence, lifted a languid gaze, the disinterest in her eyes a challenge. “Alright,” she drawled, her voice thick with teenage boredom, “let’s get this over with.”
“So Edwina, who should we grab?”
Edward and Edwina were in bed together. Their sex life had jumped up a notch since the van rape and the promise of a sex dungeon.
“Why don’t we take a road trip, get some fake number plates, and eventually we will see some young girl out on her own?” Edwina was sure there would be lots of opportunities.
“Do we want a missing girl search though? What about getting some girl no one will miss? Why don’t we see if we can find some hookers? We can wean them off drugs while they are down there anyway, might improve their looks!”
They both giggled. “But Ed, I really want some nice pure girl. I really want to…”
Edwina licked her lips. “Ed, I want a nice sweet innocent girl, I want you to be their first, and I want you to knock them about a bit…”
“You mean like… beat them up…?”
“Yeah, be honest, we are going to snatch them from everything they’ve known and we are never going to let them go. Never, promise me Ed, I don’t want you falling in love with them OK?”
Edward laughed.
“Don’t worry, Edwina, I know the risks, and I know what this will mean for the poor girl we capture. No, we won’t be letting her out. This is really, really serious, we have to play for keeps.”
“Could you kill her, Ed? Cos if you can’t then we should just forget all this right now!”
Edward shifted uncomfortably. Murder?
“Why do we need to kill her? Let’s just keep her…”
“If we get tired of her, if she makes too much noise, if we can’t keep her for some reason, or if we can’t get her to here, but she sees our faces. Even if…” she looked at Ed “you start to fall for her.. then you would need to kill her, if I don’t kill her myself.”
“God, murder. I hadn’t thought of it.”
“That girl in the van. Sheila Johnson. If you couldn’t have imagined killing her and burying her somewhere, then it is best we just forget about this. We are not going to prison, OK? Seriously, I know I can do it. I love those girls but I can just as easily kill them, I fucking hate them as much as I love them. But you… I think you’re soft….”
“No, Edwina trust me, you don’t have to worry…”
“I hope I don’t have to worry Ed, really.” Edwina gripped his face and looked into his eyes. “Whatever little bitch we take, you have to imagine slitting her throat, not just cumming over her face. Be very ready to do it, even when we take it. OK?”
“OK” Edward gulped. He loved Edwina and he loved the idea of sex slave. He knew he was entering very high stakes.
Edwina felt sexually charged on each of her visits to her girls. As she listened to their woes, she kept wondering about what they would look like, naked, shivering with fear, and how they would taste, their legs splayed and their bodies naked.
As each girl opened up to her about their mental health problems, she wondered how they would feel if they knew what their counsellor was thinking about them.

The prospect of another meeting with the Parkers, however, was a thorn in Edwina’s side. Eleanor, with her disdain thinly veiled as a tight smile, watched Ronald roar off in his ostentatious Jaguar. The only glimmer of genuine warmth came from Genieve, the younger Parker sister, who flashed Edwina a gap-toothed grin through her braces.
Becky, the cause of their forced interaction, stood defiantly in the doorway. Clad in skimpy gym clothes, her entire posture conveyed annoyance at Edwina’s presence. A sigh escaped Edwina’s lips as she braced herself. This wasn’t going to be easy.
Edwina tried to avoid staring at her numerous self harm scars and her flat washboard stomach.
“Checking out my scars?” Becky laughed. “I only do my arms, my legs…” she turned around to give Edwina a view of her impressive body clad in the tight shorts and top, “are a feature I really like, so I don’t want to ruin them… yet.”
“You see” continued Becky “I want to leave a beautiful corpse.” She straightened out her leg like a ballet dancer. “Mummy doesn’t like me dressing like this but I want to show off. I don’t want to live much longer anyway so I can leave my thighs alone for now.”
Edwina snapped back from her fantasies.
“Becky, dear, please. Don’t talk about that”
“Becky, dear, please. Don’t talk about that,” Edwina interjected gently.
“Is that all you have to say? God, you don’t know anything!” Becky retorted, laughing as she pirouetted around the room like a distracted ballet dancer.
Edwina attempted to steer the conversation back on track. “Becky, this is just a phase. You’ll think differently soon.”
Relief washed over Edwina as the session ended. However, her brief respite was shattered by a tense encounter with Eleanour. As Edwina reached the doorway, the glamorous socialite stopped her with a clipped, “Mrs. Pembroke,” her voice devoid of warmth.
“I don’t think you’ve been making much progress,” Eleanour said airily, dismissing Edwina’s efforts. “If we don’t see significant improvement soon, I’m afraid we’ll have to… reconsider your services.”

Progress with the basement was growing and they were pleased to confirm that it was soundproof. Piercing screams, banging.. nothing could be heard in the living room.
“God, Ed, we should be thinking about snatching someone soon!”

The Pembrokes took a break from their work on the basement and home furnishing to embark on a seaside road trip. They were equipped with fake number plates and sunglasses paired with baseball caps, just in case they needed to make it difficult for anyone to identify them.
“God, I feel so fat!” Edwina exclaimed, feeling self-conscious as she squeezed herself into a swimsuit and lay on the beach next to Edward, who was in shorts. She couldn’t help but feel out of place next to the lithe, slim girls in their tiny bikinis, who were all decades younger than her.
Edward did not feel self conscious and enjoyed gawking at the lovely young things playing on the beach.
“Don’t worry Edwina, you’re my wife. But one of those girls could be our slave. What do you think?”
“Ooo yes, which do you fancy?” Edwina enjoyed looking at the girls playing frisbee, their slinky bottoms barely covering their ass cracks, their bare abdomens displaying their tight skin stretched over their taut bodies. They were surrounded by their beach things including several bottles of dark liquid within a large bottle, clearly liqueur.
One girl caught her eye. A pretty young redhead, her black bikini a stark contrast to her white skin, the little triangles covering her modesty barely. She laughed, her smiling face framed by flowing fiery hair, her athletic body moving with agility and grace.
“Just imagine” Edwina breathed huskily “red lines from a whip covering her back. God, white skin like that, she is just asking to be hidden away from the sun, underground.”
“Yes” said Ed. “God, look at that body, barely any body fat!”
“I’ve got plenty of that” laughed Edwina. “That skinny little bitch. God, she would look good stretched out, see how narrow we can get her stomach, like an elastic band.”
Edward watched his wife lick her ice cream, he loved her. It would be an excellent idea to have a plaything between them.
“Well, the basement is not finished yet. But, if we were to grab her, how could we do it?”
“You remembered the stuff right?”
“OK, well, I have an idea..”

Half an hour later, Edwina walked along the beach, with a small beach bag, in which she carried a needle syringe full of Edward’s special concoction, and some clear small plasters. In swimsuit, sarong, sunglasses and sun hat, she looked like a normal middle aged woman at the beach and not a dangerous sex predator.
The girls had gone into the water, and left their things on the beach with just one girl who was playing on her phone and listening to music. She did notice as Edwina moved close, and closer to the water bottles. They were not valuable and far from the phones and handbags which were close to the lone girl.
Ed watched from afar. Edwina turned back and looked at Ed, who, after looking around, gave a thumbs up.
Quickly, Edwina, punctured the plastic bottle with the syringe and injected a little bit of the concoction then quickly sealed the hole with the clear sticker. She then moved away and back to Edward and they both gathered their things and moved the van, watching from a distance.
It was a full twenty minutes before the girls returned, and began drinking again, still giggling excitedly.
“Excellent, now it should take a while before it hits them…”
“This is so risky Edwina, what do we do now?”
“We play it safe, let’s just see how it plays out, they will just get drunk, thats all..”
The girls began getting louder and louder and more visibly drunk. About forty five minutes after Edwina had spiked the plastic bottle, they noticed one girl, the red haired girl in the black bikini, stumble over the beach towards the toilets.
Edwina moved out of the van with determination. “Now it’s my time to shine!”
“Hello love, are you OK?” Edwina asked the young girl, with concern.
“I,,,, whoo… is the toilet here,… I.. think.. drunk..”
Edwina grinned. She was out of it, completely drunk. She took her by the arm, and led her to the van.
No one minded the sight of a matronly woman walking arm in arm with a young girl. Edward marvelled at how much a woman like his wife could get away with.
“Edwina, what the fuck?”
Edwina pulled the red headed girl into the back of the van. She lay back on the floor and lolled around, her mouth open, her eyes glazed, her breathing shallow.
Edward kept a look out. The girls were not squealing and laughing, not noticing their friend was missing.
“Edwina, what do we do, do we get out of here? Do we take her?”
Edwina did not answer. Edward was astonished to see his wife between the girls legs, her bikini bottoms yanked down, and licking her pussy. “Err, a lot of sand here, and she tastes salty!”
Edward thought to himself – what could he do? Should he drive off? His wife was lost in lust, her hands roaming all over the redheads pale body, while her mouth was clamped on her pussy. The girl was now unconscious.
Suddenly he remembered. He had paid for the drinks and ice cream with his own card. There was CCTV cameras at the beach car park exit. They could be traced!
“Edwina, we cannot take her, we might be traced. We need to return her, she will just think she got drunk.”
Suddenly the girl awoke, started screaming, and grabbed Edwina by the hair. She was shocked at this strange woman with her mouth between her legs!
Quick as a flash, Edward rushed into the back of the van, and slapped her hard across the face then punched her in the gut. She was now silent save for wheezing, and in the foetal position.
“OK, Ed, either we take her, or we kill her. Which is it to be?”
Edward could not believe it had progressed to this. The basement was not finished yet! They had no restraints!
“Give me your sarong!” Edward tried to use it to tie her wrists and ankles and then stuffed her mouth with his handkerchief. It was not much, but it had to do.
“People will think she drowned, that is why a beach is the perfect place for girls to disappear!” Edwina reassured him. “Look at her Ed, she is everything we dreamed of!”
The girl was about five feet seven willowy, with small breasts, a concave stomach, an athletic build and beautiful red hair. Edward quickly ran his hand over her body, and her blue eyes stared at him in terror.
“She tastes lovely Ed, take my word for it. I want her. Come on, let’s go!”
Edward took off. He drove out of the car park carefully, then accelerated onto the main road, along the beach road.
Edwina stayed in the back, continuing to play with the red head’s body. The redhead regained consciousness and moaned loudly. Edward was driving alongside traffic frantic with worry.
“Edwina, keep her quiet!”
But Edwina had other things on her mind. She ran her tongue around the young girl’s face, and her fingers deep in her pussy.
The girl was terrified. Her mind was completely scrambled with the drugs, but she still understood she had to escape. She spat out the handkerchief, and started to shout and scream.
Edwina put her hand over her mouth, to try and gag her, but she bit into Edwina’s fingers. Her ankles came free, and she began kicking the larger woman on top of her.
“Ed, help!”
Edward tried to pull over, off the main road, alongside a stretch of car parking beside the beach wall. He stopped the van and looked around to see if anyone was watching. In the back, a furious wrestling match was underway, Edwina’s size against the young girl’s frantic thrashing. Despite her lack of mass and her hands being tied behind her back, the girl’s desperation fueled her struggle. Finally, the girl got out of her binds on her wrists, and was now clawing at Edwina’s face.
Edward got out, and opened the back of the van, to try and get in behind the two females. He was confronted by the girl’s backside still clad in her black bikini, now wedged right up her crack, and the sight distracted him while she kicked behind her, and hit him in the face. He fell backwards and onto the ground, hitting the back of his head.
The girl was able to jump out of the back of the van, and screamed. Edward got up and tried to block her off. The girl hesitated, then saw a wall, and beyond it the sea. The large man could block off all other ways out. Through a haze of drugs, she ran towards the wall. Edward tried to stop her, and grabbed her ankle as she fell over the wall, and was holding on to her.
Edwina came out of the van, and was stunned to see Edward bent over the wall, holding on to the girl by the ankle, as she dangled above some rocks and the crashing sea underneath.
“Oh Ed, haul her back!”
Edward was struggling, he could not pull her up, and felt himself being pulled over the wall.
Edwina then spotted a car pulling into the park.
“Oh my God, Ed, someone is coming, just let her go!”
With a deep breath, Edward let go. He watched the blue eyes of the girl shine at him as she fell, about ten feet, onto the rocks below. She landed on her back, on a flat stone, with water washing over her.
Edward and Edwina jumped into their van and drove off past the happy family arriving for a quick drink and meal.
The Pembrokes drove home in a flood adrenaline. They could not believe that just for a cheap thrill, they had perhaps got themselves in deep trouble.
“Don’t worry Ed, she is probably drowned. No one will suspect us, and at least you know you have it in you. You… we… killed someone, but it’s OK. Because we did it together!” Edwina held Edward’s hand as they took the hours-long drive home.
The girls at the beach had gotten really drunk and been involved in a fracas with a group of boys who had just arrived. Lifeguards intervened and called police to take a bunch of drunk girls away.
One of the girls threw the half-empty plastic bottle at one of the boys who then kicked it into the water, thus removing the only physical evidence of the spiking.
The red-headed girl lay on the flat stone for fifteen minutes unconscious before a large wave washed over her and dragged her out into the water. She lay in the water, face up, for several minutes until she came to, and was shocked by her situation. She was a strong swimmer, and managed to swim back to shore, to some rocks, and clung on until she could scream for help.
The Pembrokes curled up against each other, seeking comfort as they watched the news unfold on TV. For everyone else, it was a heartwarming tale of the rescue of a seventeen year old girl, Amanda Falstaff, who was with a group of girls who had been drinking and disappeared by herself. Initial reports suggested the girls may have been spiked, as Amanda claimed that while she had been drinking, she could remember nothing between spraying suntan lotion on herself with her friends and waking up in hospital. Lifeguards had rescued her over a mile away from where she had been last seen on the beach.
The girls had bought the wine and plastic bottle from one of their uncles, who was suspected of lacing the wine with drugs. His record of sex offences did not help him, and he was questioned by police. There was no other way, the girls protested, that anyone could have got to the bottle.
“Oh thank God, she cannot remember anything. But I think we learned a valuable lesson!” Edwina nursed her face, she was still recovering from being scratched.
Edward was perving over Amanda Falstaff’s social media. “Pity, though, she is beautiful.”
“Look, Ed, I think if we are going to snatch a girl, let’s plan it well in advance, select a target, not do something crazy like with Amanda.”
“I agree” smiled Edward. “But at least you had some fun with her, you horny woman!”
Edwina smiled at the memories of the bikini-clad girl, struggling in the van. “Yes, but it’s not enough! We need a girl here, forever!”

A few days later, Edwina had another appointment with the Parkers. This time, she was in Becky’s bedroom.
“You know, I think I would love to die in a complete mystery,” Becky droned on. Edwina really did not like this spoiled girl. “Like that plane that went missing in Malaysia. Let people wonder what happened to me. I don’t want my suicide to be boring; I want them to be looking for me for years.”
Becky was lying on her bed, playing with her curly brown hair, dressed in small shorts and a vest top. Edwina tried to hide her resentment, as well as her fascination with Becky’s long slim tapered legs.
“Anyway, look, Edita, or what’s your name?”
“Look my mum is gonna fire you today. Nothing personal, you’re just well, you know. My dad finally is getting someone qualified. So not much point in this conversation.”
Edwina blushed. “Well, I can still try and help.”
“Yeah you can do something. Listen, just stay here and pretend we are still talking OK? I’m gonna nip outside and get some air. Don’t tell my mum anything OK, as long as she knows we are still doing this bullshit right?”
“But your mum is going to fire me anyway. Why should I do this?”
“Because if you don’t, I’ll say you tried to touch me!” Becky replied with a cheeky, horrible smile. She then slipped on some trainers and, like a monkey, climbed out the window with some cigarettes.
Edwina was shocked, her mind reeling from the audacity of the spoiled, manipulative girl. She was left speechless, unsure how to respond.
Edwina thought she should just tell on her, at least she would get this horrid girl in trouble.
Then she looked around the bedroom and noticed her diary. Out of curiosity, she opened it. It was full of writings, ideas about suicide, and romantic thoughts.
Edwina looked at her watch. They had another forty five minutes. She brought out her phone, and started scanning each page of the diary. This would be an interesting read, if nothing else.
She then looked around and went through her drawers. She smiled at her skimpy underwear, and sniffed and pocketed a tiny pair of used red knickers.
She looked at Becky’s laptop. She opened it and it asked for a password. She remembered their dog, chutney. She couldn’t believe her luck when it worked!
What was she doing? This was such a breach of trust, but she was being fired anyway from working with this girl. She went through her photo albums, and blushed at some of them, but still took some photos of the screen. Then she went on her browser, and noticed she had a profile on a website “Final.Comfort.org”
She was shocked to see Becky had written quite a bit under her profile name ‘brunnea.mortua’ and was interacting with other users. Clearly this site meant a lot to her. It was all about fantasising about suicide.
She heard her mother shout up “Everything OK up there?”
Panicking, Edwina shouted down “Everything is fine, Mrs Parker!”
“Good, Becky, dinner will be ready after Mrs Pembroke is gone, you need to eat this!”
Edwina looked at her watch. She carefully closed down all windows and turned the laptop back off. She sat and waited, and at the last minute she heard Becky come up and into the room through the window.
“Haha, that was a good session, the best one! All right, I guess time is up.”
Edwina felt awkward, having to cover for this girl. “Don’t worry Edwardina, it wasn’t that bad, I feel a lot better about myself just looking at the state of you haha!”
Edwina took a last look at the lithe body of the young teenager and wondered if they would meet again.
“Ah, Mrs. Pembroke,” Mrs Parker greeted her, the sweetness in her voice laced with a hint of steel. “Look, we’ve come to a decision.”
Edwina braced herself. “Yes, Mrs. Parker?”
“We both believe it’s best if your visits… cease,” Eleanour announced, her words clipped. “Frankly, we don’t think you’re quite… equipped to handle Becky’s situation.”
Edwina bristled, but forced a calm smile. “I see. And what about Becky’s wishes?”
Eleanour scoffed. “We’ve secured a top-notch psychiatrist, someone who actually knows what they’re doing.” She patted Edwina’s arm dismissively. “There’s no need to worry further. Now, good luck with whatever it is you do, and goodbye!”
Edwina watched the woman sashay away, her blood simmering.
That night, Edwina was reading through Becky’s diary while Edward regaled her of the basement and how it was coming on.
“Soon, the basement will be finished. We will have a secure door leading to under the shed. Apart from the two of us, it will be so well hidden you wouldn’t have any idea there is any stairway there, nor any basement below us! The outer door is really well secured. And the door to the basement I am almost finishing. We will be able to open it with her fingerprints, codes, voice recognition, and keys if we want.
“Take a look at this!” Edward exclaimed, pushing a catalog in front of Edwina. She glanced at the pictures and descriptions.
Crosses: Also known as St. Andrew’s Crosses, they consist of two perpendicular beams, often made of wood or metal, forming an ‘X’ shape. Submissives are typically bound to the cross, allowing for various forms of restraint and play.
Sawhorses: Sturdy frames with four legs and a flat top surface, sawhorses are utilized in BDSM for bondage by securing the submissive over the top surface, often in a bent-over position.
Benches: Also called bondage benches, spanking benches, or bondage tables, these pieces of furniture are designed for restraining a submissive in various positions, such as kneeling, bending, or lying down. They usually feature padded surfaces for comfort during extended play.
Cages: Enclosed structures made of metal bars or wire mesh, BDSM cages are used to confine a submissive. They come in various sizes, from small cages that restrict movement to larger ones where the submissive can stand or crouch.
Spanking Bench: Similar to a bondage bench, a spanking bench is specifically designed for administering corporal punishment. It typically includes a padded surface angled for easy access to the submissive’s buttocks and thighs.
“Oh Ed” Edwina put her fingers between her thighs. “This is going to be so much fun. We won’t ever need to leave the house!”
“Yes! With the right girl, this can be a really loving household!” Lucifer, their pet Great Dane barked and jumped on the bed, and they both laughed, before kissing and making love.

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