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The One

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She’s his daughter. One of three. The One that caught his eye as she was beginning to fill out at a younger age. The One who is now 15

The One part 1
(Sorry for the longer build up)
She’s his daughter. One of three. The One that caught his eye as she was beginning to fill out at a younger age. The One who is now 15, and she is a stunning brunette with olive skin, big blue eyes, small b cup breasts, flat sexy stomach, tiny waist, thick heart shaped bum, and well-formed legs. Vee continues to be his ultimate conquest.
At around age 12, she caught him masturbating to some porn. She didn’t say anything to him but told her mother. His wife told him to be careful the kids didn’t need to see him doing that. She asked what kind of porn he was watching, and he replied “blacks on blondes” which he knew turned his wife on, which they proceeded to live out his wife’s fantasy that night in bed of a BBC taking her, her ultimate dream. He surely couldn’t tell his wife he was watching daddy/daughter porn she would kill him.
After finding that Vee saw him jerking off, he made a point to try and let her catch him again. Which she did a few times. She never said another word to her mother though. Strange he thought. One of the times she watched him, he was finishing right when the porn actress daughter called out “Daddy, fuck me harder!” He then glanced up and their eyes met as he had cum dripping down onto his belly and the sound of the actress moaning in the background. She just stared mouth open, then ran away. Nothing was said again by her to his wife. Again, strange he thought.
Every month since that moment her body got sexier, and her clothes got tighter and skimpier. She would begin flirt with him, touch his hand, wrestle with him, compliment his body, and occasionally snuggle on the couch with him. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her ass, and how round it was. How sexy her flat belly was. How her perky, yet small b-cup tits stood out from her body. How perfect she was built for fucking. Now at 15, when she wore a bikini, he almost couldn’t control himself seeing all her exposed skin on display. Many times, she would trigger him, and he would have to run off and jerk off in the bathroom to get rid of the erection she caused.
One day he was helping her with her homework at the dining room table. She was wearing a tiny baby blue tight tank top and a white bra. Baggy, yet very sexy sweatpants that she filled out nicely in the rear. She kept sliding her chair closer, holding onto his arm, asking silly questions. Up to this point there has been no real movement on her end to suggest she felt the same way he did when she triggered him all those years. Eventually she put one of her legs over his almost innocently. She was beginning to give off a vibe, a vibe he couldn’t admit to himself it was what it was. They were laughing and giggling and going over math problems.
As he was stealing glances of her sexy little bra poking out, he heard “Paul, who are you talking too?”. His wife spoke from the living room. Startling him he responded, “Just helping Vee with homework.”
He began to back down and then it happened. She began to look at him and smile with such an innocent sexy smile that any man would have thrown her on the table and fucked her raw. This was his daughter, he couldn’t or could he. That was until her leg began rubbing his cock. He wasn’t sure it was on purpose until she removed her leg, and her little teen hand found the bulge she had created in his pants. Their eyes were locked as his cock grew harder. “Baby no, mom’s right yere, you’re my daughter”. He pleaded. She just kept staring into his eyes and continued to rub his shaft through his shorts. She mouthed the words “You are much bigger than my boyfriend”. He almost came right there. The intense feeling, he had was overwhelming him.
Here he was, his sexy daughter’s hand rubbing his fully erect cock in his shorts, at any moment his wife could walk in, or even his other daughters could come down the stairs and she didn’t care. Well now he didn’t give a fuck either. He needed this. He let her continue her assault on his cock. He then pulled it out and said, “Time to be a big girl, are you ready?” She began to stroke the shaft “Yes daddy, can I make you feel good like the girl in your video?” “Yes baby.” Slowly, she stroked it from the thick bottom to the bulbous head. She was studying it like it was a new toy. using both her hands like a pro. Seems like she was studying some videos. He wasn’t going to last long, and he knew it.
“Babe, when will you and Vee be done?” Fuck, the wife is still awake in the living room only a few steps away. He quickly put his cock away, Vee was laughing. “Not for a while, we are almost done with the first lesson.” Vee was grabbing at his shorts to get his cock back out, which he was hesitant but needed to cum, so he let her begin to stroke it again. She was expertly moving up and down, and precum was building, he knew this was going to be a huge load. He used his finger scooped up some of the precum and told her open. She opened, stuck out her tongue and sucked it off his finger like a seasoned vet. That was all it took to cause him to erupt. Shooting rope after rope into the air, holding own mouth as to not let his wife hear him cumming. His orgasm seemed to last ten minutes, and his shirt was covered with rivers of creamy liquid. Out of breath from not letting his wife hear them, he quickly turned his shirt inside out and went to check on his wife. She was sleeping.

Part two coming.

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    Fantastic story he’s lucky because he’s got three more daughters that he can have an option with

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      Yes and they are all sexy asf

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