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the old Grannies who taught me how to please

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I was 16 when I met the first one, she taught me everything and did everything. Then with her friend their kinks became mine. Even to this day!

D was 67 when I met her. She had me come to her place, only a bike ride away, to do chores for her and some basic repairs. After two months she was getting pretty free in talking, especially about sex and how she missed it so much now that her husband was gone. She sometimes would be in a robe and it would slip open. Once it came all the way open, she was serving me breakfast and walking with the pan, didn’t bother to try to close her robe. Her sagging but nice sized tits with dark nips and her brown haired pussy were fully on display. She had brown hair on her head, and I was surprised, thinking she colored it but her pussy hair didn’t have any gray. Sitting the pan down, she just said “Fuck it, the damn thing doesn’t stay closed anyway, now you’ve seen it, I’m taking it off.” She sat naked with me and we had breakfast. I couldn’t help staring. “Is this the first time you’ve seen a naked woman?” she asked “Yes” i told her. “What about a girl, when you were younger or now a girl from school” she asked. I explained that I had seen my cousin when we were about 8 naked, and sometimes she and I would get naked and feel each other. I explained this was the first time I’d seen a woman. I didn’t really date anyone from school, they were in their cliques and I wasn’t.

“You know, when I was your age, if a girl was naked it was only polite for the man to be naked too” she said and continuing “Go ahead, take off your clothes we’ll be naked together”. I asked if she was sure and she certainly was. I’ve filled out in the years since, but then was only about 5ft. 9in tall, only weighed 135lbs. I still have very little body hair, really only on my legs, cock and head. Then I had very little on my legs even. They boys in the gym showers always teased me. But I did then and do now have a 7 inch cock, not too thick though. I stripped, and sat down immediately and D made me get up and show her my body. She liked what she saw. We ate, and talked about sex, I was a virgin, and she asked what kind of girls I liked. . . or was it boys? No it was girls, and I liked girls with dark hair, smooth skin, nice legs. “What about boobs? You like big ones or little ones?” she asked. I told her I didn’t know, I’d never really seen any except now for hers. She asked if I liked them and of course I did. She let me come over and stand next to her and feel them, pinch the nipples, twist them some, she liked it. She put a hand on my cock and I immediately came to full hardness. “That’s nice, a nice young boy can go many times a day” she said. She took my hand and moved it down to her hairy pussy and separated the lips and I felt how wet she was. “See how wet your playing with my nipples got me? At my age, getting wet takes a lot more than it used to, you did it perfectly. My pussy is so wet. Do you know what it means when a pussy gets that wet?” she asked. I didn’t and she told me it means that the pussy wants to be fucked. “is that OK with you?” she asked as she took me to her bedroom.

She sucked me off, and swallowed, never letting her hand off my cock I got hard again in record time and I was on top of her fucking. “Go ahead and finish inside me Kenny, I can’t get pregnant like to teenage girls at your school” she said. With that I shot my first load into my first ever pussy. I was licking her, she sucking me, us fucking for a month, as often as i wanted which was always. Then she introduced me to J. J was over at D’s house and when I came over wanting to have sex, both she and J got naked. J immediately went down on D and gave me a nice lesbian show, then D told me to take J into the bedroom and eat her and fuck her. J also sucked me off first to make it last longer. After that it was j and D together with me, almost always. Then when I was on my hands and knees licking D’s pussy J got behind me, and spread something cold on my butthole, and I felt something at my hole. I turned around, and D said “Just take it baby, but don’t stop making me cum, just take it, all the guys do it eventually”. By that time I had about 3 inches of the strapon up my butthole and the rest was pressing in. She went slow enough that it wasn’t too bad. I kept eating D and I was getting fucked by J. After 20 minutes J is still plowing my butt and to tell the truth it was feeling pretty darn good. Then D gets up, comes back with another strapon, even bigger, and she and J change places. J moves up D is fucking me with a thick 10 incher, and I start to move the strapon to lick J’s pussy and got a small slap on my cheek. “NO, suck on my cock” J said. “Yeah honey, suck the cock while you get fucked by another cock” said D. I did as told, and D started jacking me from behind. “Oh yeah honey, you like it dont’ you? We have a natural born cock sucker and buttfuckee here J, he’s hard as a rock and I’m not stopping fucking him till he cums all over my hand”

Then I was getting strapon fucked everyday, I was still getting pussy and though D couldn’t take it up her ass J was an anal lover, she even came from getting buttfucked in our threesomes. Many times, I’d go there, strip and get on hands and knees with one fucking me from behind, the other standing in front of me making me suck her “cock”. Then one day it was just D and she was wearing lingerie, really nice, sexy stuff. She shoved a buttplug in my ass which by now was normal, then took off the bra and put it on me. “shh, don’t say anything, just do” she said. Next she took off the panties, garter and stocking. She made me pull on the garter belt, then each stocking till it was all smooth, it felt great, but she took them off. Then she took me to the bath and shaved my legs, but that wasn’t enough, she trimmed my pubes so it looked like J’s pussy hair. Then we went back, smoothed out the stockings, hooked to the garter belt, and then panties. She had me lay down on the bed on my back and spread my legs. She got between me, now wearing mens briefs, and pulled out the strapon from the peehole. She pulled up my legs, and put them up near my shoulders, and pushed her “cock” into me. With that she moved my legs so they wrapped around her back, like she did me when we’d fuck in missionary position. “You’ll look so sexy, with some makeup after I’m done” she said. I was pushing back into her fuck stick. “Talk to me honey” she said, “talk dirty to me, tell me how much you like getting fucked. “I do, I do, I love how you fuck me with that big cock of yours, you make me cum from fucking my pussy, I want to do anything for you, anything you want I’ll do, I love your cock pushing in and out of my useless used up pussy” I whispered in her ear. That was the first time I came from getting fucked. After that J and she both were teasing me about being a cock lover, cock sucker for them and that I only cum when I’m betting fucked missionary like a good little piece of pussy. Then one weekend it was them and me for the whole weekend, I spent the nights with them.

After me fucking them both, licking my cum from them both, getting buttfucked and cock sucking them both, now always in makeup, my longish hair blow dried by them, and in lingerie, the took me off the bed, took off my lingerie and told me to get into the bathtub and just sit there till they came in. I honestly had no idea of what was to come, but when J and D came in they were in black basques and boots. D had a riding crop, and told me it was for use if I didn’t do everything they said. With that J pulls up her leg on the side of the tub, directs her pussy at me, and starts peeing. She, then joined by D peed all over me. J told me to open my mouth towards the end, I had to swallow some of her pee. At the end, I was soaked, by entire body and hair soaked in piss, and they stood in the bath and told me to clean their piss soaked pussies. I licked their pussy slits till they were clean, then J turned around, one swat on my ass told me to do it, I licked her asshole. There were towels on the bed, I wasn’t permitted to dry off or shower. They wanted me smelling like their piss, they were “marking their territory”,. I slept like that for the night. In the morning, they would both get up and pee in the toilet and I had to lick their clean, and lick their butthole. J said she liked it and after I showered she made me rim her butthole for 30 minutes.

That same weekend on Sunday the brought over P. P was a man, a gay top man. I knew what was coming but I didn’t want it to end. I sucked his cock while they both watched, then after he recouped and I sucked both of the women’s old granny pussies, P fucked me in front of them. He preferred that I be on top and ride him. He wanted to play with my nipples, the way I played with J and D’s nips. After he shot his cum in me, he was getting dressed ready to leave and whispered something to the women. They all nodded and agreed. The next weekend, I was tied up, and 4 needles were inserted around my nipples. They put saline into me to give me tits. After they cleaned me up, tits and all, dressed I was waiting for P. He fucked me 6 times in the next day and a half. I honestly didn’t think a man in his 50s could do it that often.

That was my intro to sex. Now I carry those kinks with me. I finally found a woman that was bisexual in her early life and in that relationship was tied up and spanked, whipped etc. We can talk about things together. I will be dom with her, and other nights she is domme with me, making me do all the things I used to do, even have men over to fuck me while she watches. it was tough till I found her to have these kind of kinks that are so hard to bring up to people. I was introduced to kinky sex early and that is the way I like it, kinky and bi, sometimes crossdressing sex.

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    Every weekend I would stay the weekend and fuck my grandmother nice pussy she really enjoy my huge throbbing cock fucking her pussy and licking her sweet teasing with my tongue

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    always loved older woman when I was a teen. Never did get to use any but now I am old and get some old pussy anytime I want….