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The Last Command – Consuelo’s Fate, Chapter 9

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Consuelo gets raped by Ramón, then by dogs. An important surprise-guest is suddenly there and she fears he was there long enough to watch the worst.

During the night between March 6th and 7th of the year 1836, the weather became an accomplice to General Santa Anna’s torchlight orgy, for the night was unusually warmer than its usual winter chill. The air was merely cool, almost warm, and none of the girls or Consuelo felt anything beyond some slight discomfort and perhaps some goose-bumps around their erect nipples, duly coated with Mexican drool.

“NOOOOOO! Not him! Not him not Ramón! Not Ramón! I’d rather give myself to dogs than him!” Consuelo squealed.

“Now, Señorita, now!” Ramón said as he approached her.

Ramón didn’t see nor heard any of the four other gang-rapes in progress. He had barely registered the four maidens being used by the sentries with the cock-spent, tequila-drinking officers watching. He was going to have Consuelo! His eyes devoured her naked body.

At last! She was so gorgeous! All the better now that she was a grown young woman! Albeit there was some measure of disappointment too. He would have loved to undress her himself, to rip her dress off and uncover all her charms while feeling her hopeless humiliation!

Consuelo kept looking at his terrible figure, refusing to believe it was him, but it was him all right! All too painfully true. His powerful nose, his brigand’s dark moustache and his evil-grey eyes… Paler eyes that betrayed some fair-skinned mother who no doubt was raped by some brown-faced brigands…

Ramón… He was back in her life, rearing his ugly head and still wearing a sombrero that wasn’t wide enough to encompass the full array of his crimes.

She turned to General Santa Anna with imploring eyes, but the General sipped tequila from a glass and smiled as he looked on, the cavalry Major and the fat Captain beside him.

“Now, Señorita! NOW!”

Smiling like the most wicked brigand ever, Ramón, his moustache almost pulsating with savage joy, rushed at the tumbling figure of Consuelo, his three compañeros behind him.

Ironically, he caught her fall and helped her to stand from the table’s edge as he began to cover her face with lecherous kisses while hugging her, and the German shepherds kept running around her with their waggling tails that she felt on her lower legs as her hands were searching Ramón’s belt. The still-glamorous señorita felt the sickening brush from his moustache on her still-pristine cheek.

“You won’t find any knife this time, Señorita. You see, the General had me searched for weapons! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! But hé, Señorita, Ramón isn’t angry with you, not a chance. Now that you’re mine! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“AaaIIIIEEEE!!!” Consuelo squealed as Ramón violently pulled her by the hair and took a violent kiss as if he wanted to convince himself that it was truly her, that she was really there in the flesh!

As he kept forcefully kissing her, his mind’s eye saw her again the way she was back in her rich house in San Antonio. He loved holding the silk of her hair in his fist and loved even more the act of bending her to his will.

Consuelo hated Ramón’s mouth! She hated even the air around him, even the sky and the moon and the stars because the world was allowing him to be.

Ramón’s three compañeros began touching her buttocks, her legs, and they also started to kiss and lick her curves, getting a taste of a skin they were never supposed to dream of touching. Pancho, Antonio and Luis had almost emptied the tequila bottle the General had given them.

They poured the rest on Consuelo’s butt and they knelt down to worship the rear side of her hourglass figure, running their tipsy tongues all over her liquor-strong skin, often tasting the in-between shadow of her butt crack.

All three of them, the dust-dirty compañeros, they kept silently adoring her as they discovered how soft she truly felt under their rough hands, grown callused from handling the horsewhip, now treading a strange magical world as they kept exploring the silky enigma of her fair skin.

Ramón kept forcing his kisses on Consuelo’s refusing mouth. He kept his iron hold on her hair and forced her to accept his gross homage, while avoiding to put his tongue inside her mouth, but he did taste her lips and loved her more for it.

Consuelo allowed herself to like having her butt and legs kissed, licked and caressed by the three dust-dirty men behind her, but she barely registered them. She was drowning in a sea of disgust and her only relief resided in knowing that Ramón wasn’t going to rape her in front of her father.

She panicked like she never had before, even more so than when the soldiers first captured her and stripped her naked. Now she knew what it was to be truly terrified! Ramón was the monster she had forgotten; so terrifying that her mind had locked him inside a vast labyrinth of forgotten nightmares.

The compañeros had a sudden move of recoil. Consuelo was relieving her bladder and she didn’t even realize it. Terror, true terror could do this.

Pancho, Antonio and Luis found she was suddenly much less attractive now that they smelled her piss.

The General’s dogs came and sniffed her urine, waggling their tails and even lapping some of it.

The German herding dogs presently licked her legs and feet while fervently whining as some sort of canine tribute to her charms. They were drooling out of their black snouts almost like wolves anticipating the delight of a lamb.

Ramón finally released her mouth, but only to lick her face ravenously!

“All right… All right, R… Ramón, I… I’ll bend over this table here and you… you can…”

“Nah! No, Consuelo de Quesada! Ramón isn’t letting you off the hook so easy! Ramón wants to look straight into your eyes when he makes a baby inside you! Now, Señorita! NOW!”


Ramón was pinching Consuelo’s left nipple very viciously.

“Ramón!” barked the General. “I permit you to sample the merchandise, but do not damage it! Tomorrow, the soldiers who want her will have to pay good pesos for her. So please, be the gentleman you don’t know you can be.”

“Yeah, Cielo! The General’s right, Cielo! Oh, Cielo, just being inside you, I know this will hurt you a hundred times more than me playing with your tits!”

“Please, Ramón, don’t call me this way! Please… My father… He just…”

The General kept silent about Señor de Quesada, not wishing to bring up the whole issue of Ramón wanting to have is revenge with her father watching and being such a self-important jackass as to ask for a privilege it wasn’t his place to ask for. Santa Anna had actually been informed that Señor de Quesada was still fighting for his life, and the doctor was positive in saying he would make it another day.

“Now, Cielo. Lie down in the dirt. Come on, Cielo! Lie down!”

“Stop calling me Cielo,  please… Please…” she begged amid her sobs.

“I love calling you Cielo. This is how your father always called you. Ramón has good memory, an elephant’s memory for things that matter, and you matter more to Ramón than anything else in this world! If I had the money for it, I’d buy you out and take you as my wife! Yes, yes… Ramón could use a wife… Especially a wife named Cielo! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

As he spoke, Ramón lowered Consuelo to the ground, admiring her priceless charms under the torchlight, and he realized he’d never own such a wife, and this spurred a rush of frustration and self-hate within him. The moment wasn’t as perfectly happy as he had hoped; there was always something marring it!

Consuelo, as she now lay naked on Texas dirt, her gorgeous body all golden-ablaze under the torchlight, with the magic light of her small feet right down to the subtle delicateness of her toes, her forbidden thighs now caressed by Ramón’s hand, her lush triangle of black cunt hair looking alive with silky reflections from that golden fire… She was even prettier than Ramón had imagined her for all those long years. All her curves, all her features were at full potency now that she was a young woman.

Ramón was harder than a palomino stallion! And he was going to breed with her!

Consuelo’s soul was throwing up in disgust. She realized she was even further down in her debasement than when she was the plaything of an entire Mexican regiment. She couldn’t think of anything worse than being the plaything for Ramón, but her limbs had no strength, no fight left in them. Consuelo was beyond exhausted and had no other choice than to wish she would die right now before Ramón could make her his.

Consuelo uttered a guttural outcry of helplessness as Ramón moved himself and got on top of her, while ravenously lowering his smelly trousers and looking a bit like a slithering rattlesnake, a very big one, as he did so. He basked in her outcries.

“Wail all you want to, Cielo, just wail on! I’m gonna make you my woman and your father and his butler ain’t there to protect you now! Ha! Ha! Ha–Aaaaahrrr! At last! At last!”

With his gross hands, Ramón put her arms down and held her girly wrists on either side of her graceful head and plunged onto those breasts of hers that had tantalized him for so long! And as she wailed out toward the stars and cursed with foul words for the first time in her life, Ramón tasted the inebriating treasures of softness she had, her tits, her brownish nipples, and he violated her fleshy dignity with his rabid tongue!

Consuelo felt, with disgust, her flesh as it yielded under Ramón’s ravenous onslaught. The stubbles of his unshaved beard were excruciating to endure! The brush from his moustache and the hot feel of his slobber, even worse.

The General and his officers all looked on as Ramón kept enjoying Consuelo’s tits while his compañeros were presently raping Rose-Anne and Mary between themselves and arguing about which one had the cutest pair of titties, and the relieved sentries enjoyed the show while drinking aguardiente, sometimes whistling and catcalling the twin daughters. Others, their unkempt hair without a shako, were imposing their kissing and other forms of loving attention on Ann and Meg and their helpless charms.

“Aahhhrrr! At last! At last! Aaaahhh! Cielo! Cielo! At last, aahhrrr…” Ramón growled with delight as he kept ravaging Consuelo’s perky tits with his tongue.

Consuelo de Quesada wailed and cursed at the world, sounding more and more like a common girl, although she still pronounced the foulest words like the true aristocrat she was.

Each time he called her Cielo, it was like a dagger deep in her heart. Ramón knew how painful this must be for the daughter he thought had just lost her father.

At length, Ramón stopped coating her light-brown nipples with slobber just as Pancho, the 30-year-old compañero, went very loud and vocal as he finished enjoying Rose-Anne from behind and tapped her Irish-pale butt against him a couple last times as he uttered his final joy… “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH NNNNNNNHH!!!”

Pancho enjoyed every drop of his relief inside Rose-Anne, a girl whiter and Yankee-er than he would never have dreamed of.

Luis, the elderly compañero, a man well into his fifties, was covering Mary with his overweight frame as he kept forcing himself between her legs, forcing her breasts to be pressed under him as he panted out of breath, letting a shower of slobber down on her face from his joy-open mouth. It was a decent girl’s nightmare.

Mary lived the nightmare as a prisoner of his gross body odour, his piggish grunts and his sweat, his tequila-reeking breath, getting all that rich nightmare through the very pores of her fair skin just as he violently pressed his lips against her pristine cheek and growled like a filthy beast, all too loud for her.

She knew all too well he was exploding inside her and bitterly sobbed, but had no tears left. He was so gross that she felt she’d rather allow negroes to gang-fuck her.

Old Luis emptied himself inside the raven-haired maiden with his legs shivering as he attempted and failed to fully comprehend he was actually ejaculating inside such a delicate and pretty Yankee rose of Texas.

Antonio now had Ann flat on her stomach and his face was buried between her butt cheeks. Lost in her Yankee whiteness and smelling her deep flower.

Consuelo registered none of this. Ramón was now on top of her and his cock was pushing her entrance as he yelled, “Cielo! Cielo! Aaaah, Cielo!”

Consuelo shrieked her cry of moral death, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA – AAAAA aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Nnooooooo…”

Ramón was suddenly all the way inside her!

“Aaahrrrr, at last! RRRRR AAARRRHH! Cielo! At last! Hrrrng yyAAARRRRHHH!” Ramón roared in victory as he pushed himself further down, sinking inside her right to the hilt. He committed his entire being to suck in all the sensations from her vagina now tightly enclosing him.

Ramón propped himself up on straight arms and began to rape Consuelo, his eyes right into hers just like he had predicted—With the unreal display of her jiggling tits as a priceless bonus.

Consuelo feebly tried to claw at his eyes, but Ramón laughed and easily thwarted her attempt. As a reward for her effort, Ramón punished her with relentless fury. He held nothing back and made Consuelo deeply suffer.

Something broke within her; Consuelo felt it and knew that if other rapes followed, she’d be reduced to begging the men to please go easy on her.

She knew that Ramón would be unfaltering and would enjoy his revenge as roughly as he humanly could, so she winced under the pain with clenched teeth and hoped he wouldn’t be lasting too long inside her. She had enough pride left not to beg to Ramón. Ramón licked her face and greatly enjoyed the sight of her pain-distorted face as he raped her on.

After such a prodigious amount of rapes, she was indeed very sore down there to begin with. The vaginal pain was such that Consuelo found herself on the verge of begging him to sodomize her instead, but she held herself in check out of pride.

“I give you two more minutes, Ramón!” the General barked. “You’re being too violent with Mexican military property!”

Ramón felt pissed, but he was now too deeply committed in the act. He charged on like a bull in Pamplona and flattened Consuelo under a blanket of pain and fathomless debasement as he rushed passed his edge and blissfully screamed…


“No… No – ooo – ooOOO…” Consuelo cried as she received Ramón’s sickening jism, hoping to have died right there. She suddenly felt James’s presence. She could swear he was there at her side, not angry at her, but tenderly holding her hand like a true husband would.

“You’ll have my baby, sweet Cielo!” Ramón taunted her as he kissed her face, which she moved away with such repulsion as if he were a king cobra kissing her; she had read about those India snakes in her father’s library.

Even while emptying his semen inside Consuelo, Ramón knew all too well that she’d never be truly and absolutely his. Why was the world so dead-set against him? Wasn’t he a tall and strong man? Why? His exploit now felt like a sword blow through water.

“You’ll have my son, Cielo, and we’ll call him Ramón! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” he repeated, vainly trying to convince himself he was good enough for her.

“All right, Ramón! Now, you had your fun. You and your compañeros, you can leave!” the General bellowed.

Antonio presently finished his session of cock-plunging between Ann’s butt cheeks, covering Ann and kissing the back of her head. He growled with inarticulate sounds, barely audible as he touched the grace of God inside Ann and released his seed. “Aa-uuuughghh!” the man uttered as he basked in his heat-filled relief.

Ramón stood up and promptly re-buttoned his trousers, but he gave no sign of leaving.

“Sergeant! Take these four gentlemen and escort them to our new jail inside the fort! This will teach them not to trifle with my orders!”

“Very good… Sir!”

“Sergeant, these men are wanted criminals! We’ll hang them at dawn!” the General added after sensing the slight hesitation in the bearded Sergeant.

Realizing the gravity of the matter and the danger those men posed even unarmed, the Sergeant called six sentries and together, seven men, they escorted Ramón and his three compañeros into the fort, where the small jail awaited them.

Men awaiting execution were the most dangerous prisoners. The Sergeant and the sentries left the General’s party very reluctantly, but their high sense of duty got the upper hand. They escorted the dangerous prisoners, spurred on by their natural eagerness to get back where they would get lost in the contemplation of Eve-nude Consuelo.

The bearded Sergeant had the project to kiss and lick her lovely feet after pouring his best porto on them; the prospect cheered to him as he led the escort and ignored Ramón’s death threats.

*** *** ***

Consuelo lay naked, devastated amid men’s laughter, with Ramón’s seed filling and ebbing out of her sore pussy.

She was beyond tears. She felt so low that being raped by black slaves felt like a big step up in comparison! This time, she had hit her lowest point.

Homer and Pluto were growing restless. The two German herding dogs kept circling around Consuelo, sniffing her feet, her legs, her buttocks… and her cunt. More and more, the dogs licked and smelled her entrance. They were growing excited.

“Well, my dear Consuelo, you said earlier that you’d rather give yourself to dogs than surrender to Ramón. Well, now’s your chance, young lady!”

“N… No. You don’t mean this, General!”

“Yes I do. Now, my dear Cielo! Get on your hands and knees and let Pluto have a real good sniff at that lovely cunt of yours. And oh, the doctor’s on his way and he’ll examine you and these little darlin’s over there.”

As he said those last words, General Santa Anna pointed at Meg and her sisters, all of them being kissed and caressed by the cavalry Major, the handsome Captain and the bunch of Lieutenants.

The fat Captain stood by the General with two sentries along with the cavalry Coronel, just back from taking a piss, and all five men were watching Consuelo, unable to get tired of her naked splendour. What a prize for capturing Fort Alamo!

Consuelo’s legs and feet were a display that no words could do justice to. Even in the most sordid debasement, Consuelo de Quesada remained a noble señorita.

Consuelo was slow in obeying, be it out of exhaustion or defiance, perhaps both. Perhaps simply because she was utterly unused to be given commands.

“Come on, noble señorita, on your hands and knees for the dogs! Or else we’ll kindly ask your young friend over there to take your place.”

This time, Santa Anna pointed directly at Ann, her diminutive size lost amid three Lieutenants sucking her tits, kissing her feet or running their hands and mouth all over her backside and buttocks, without forgetting to gently stroke her dark hair since they were gentlemen after all.

Consuelo didn’t want Ann Blyth to become a whore for dogs, so she reluctantly got alive and moved herself…

Fighting her soul-flattening exhaustion, her limbs like lead, her soul shapeless, she painfully positioned herself on all fours as Pluto, the largest one in the pair of black-and-gold German dogs, was already behind her and extending his neck so his black snout could reach the cunt of Consuelo Señorita de Quesada, who felt the dampness of his nose as the dog sniffed her skin and grew very horny.

The alpha male dog began licking her cunt. She felt the dog’s tongue stroking her labia and this caused the most shameful brand of arousal she ever experienced. This couldn’t be!

The dog kept licking, much to the amazement of all men present. Most of the officers stopped what they were doing and the Blyth daughters became more or less free to witness Consuelo’s further humiliation as the large German shepherd kept licking her pussy, his tail waggling according to his wild enjoyment in the deed.

Homer was whining in a low hum, sitting restless with his ears raised, and obviously waiting impatiently for the alpha male to take his pleasure before moving in himself.

The more she got dog-licked, the more Consuelo began to experience diffuse arousal, albeit it was gathering and slowly forming what she knew would soon become a hurricane. She was already repressing her moans.

The General presently spoke…

“I guess this is your first time with a dog. Well, my dear Cielo, you’d be surprised to know how many women in Texas and Mexico do this when they are feeling lonely. Colonel Alvarez (he motioned at the cavalry Coronel, who presently stood in his red uniform, sans cuirass) told me himself he was sure his wife often did this with their dog when he wasn’t around; he had caught her once doing this, and he said she was enjoying it very much. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Of course, he punished her after!”

Consuelo was barely registering Santa Anna’s words. The dog’s tongue kept insisting. She felt his damp nose gently bumping on her butt as the alpha dog licked on and on, often striking that magical place she had.

And Consuelo de Quesada moaned from the dog’s deep-reaching tongue! All men laughed. She was now unable not to moan as the dog’s tongue caused her body to become ready for yet another round of sex. All men laughed their heads out as they heard her plaintive-sounding moans.

“All right, Pluto, UP NOW! MOUNT THE LADY!”

On his master’s command, the large dog, his penis out and erect under him, mounted Consuelo, who was beyond shocked that this was happening, and she felt his forelegs on either side of her as the alpha male pressed himself against her rump and began his pelvic thrusts.

As the dog penetrated her, Consuelo began to squeal, “AAAA oooooohhh! Noo…”

Her arousal grew and tore the bonds of her last surviving morals as she whimpered… “Ooohhh! Oahh… Noo! No! Oohh… Aaooh… Aaaaooooh, aaaaoohh!”

Every time she said “No!” Each time, Consuelo’s arousal grew within her. She realized that indeed, she preferred the dog to Ramón.

The dog was inside her and furiously thrust his pelvis and jabbed inside Consuelo, whose arousal grew to unfathomable proportions along with her sense of life-ending shame. Being a whore for negroes felt like being a queen in comparison to THIS!

Pluto was panting with his tongue out and drooling on Consuelo’s back as his black-and-golden canine head bobbed back and forth in rhythm with his pelvic thrusts while the noble señorita kept moaning and presently neared her climax, just as the dog let out a sharp yap and emptied his semen stores inside her.

But then, Homer, the other dog, felt very much confused, for Meg had found the deep strength to move herself and walk nearer Consuelo, next to whom she had lowered herself on all fours. So now, the second dog, his penis already out and erect, had to make a difficult choice between two human bitches whose slits smelled so delightful and inviting!

Consuelo was suddenly aware of Meg, who was just as naked as herself and so very close to her left. She saw love in Meg’s eyes. Consuelo’s gaze said “You don’t have to do this!” as Meg’s blue eyes stared back at her under the bright torchlight.

“I want to share your burden. I love you, Consuelo,” Meg softly said in a voice only audible to Consuelo, but barely so.

Homer finally made his decision. He had sniffed both Meg and Consuelo, and he perhaps smelled the latter’s profusion of juices. Whatever the reason, Homer mounted Consuelo and got on her noble backside, and there she was again—feeling two soft paws on either side of her naked body and becoming a four-legged fucktoy for a German shepherd dog.

Homer penetrated her and began to thrust his pelvis against Consuelo’s curves, the dog’s golden underside fur pressed against her luminous complexion. And once again, the noble Señorita experienced what it felt like to be fucked by a breeding dog.

Consuelo’s moans filled the place as the dog intensified his pelvic thrusts. She was about to reach her most bitch-like climax ever. Homer was happily whining as he kept jabbing her and forcing her to enjoy his canine erection.

“Don’t worry, my little darlin’,” the cavalry Coronel told Meg in warm English as he lowered himself and knelt behind the dishonoured maiden, trousers down and his erection out like an eager mast.  “Don’t worry, my little lovely bitch! I can be your own hound dog!”

On such winged words, the Coronel penetrated Meg with an intense groan of satisfaction and began his pelvic thrusts, then he understood what he had been missing out on. At the orgy’s onset, he had first changed his mind and raped Rose-Anne, but now, at last… After enjoying Meg’s mouth earlier that day in the sacristy, he was now feeling her ungodly tightness.

“Uuh! Now, uuh, young lady, uuhh-oo do you like it with a Coronel inside you? A-uuhh, O, Madre de Dios!”

The Coronel’s English was waning as his pleasure was waxing Meg, who spat some bits of Spanish she knew…

“¡Prefiero un perro!” (I prefer a dog!)

“You do? Then I’ll fuck you like the bitch you are!”

And Coronel Alvarez, commander of the 13th Cavalry Regiment from Chihuahua, pulled out of Meg’s pussy, and with a sadistic outburst of grunting rage, he viciously penetrated her anal sphincter and held nothing back!



The Coronel had forgotten his English while Meg was way too much in pain to have any Spanish left inside her.

He raped her rectum angrily, grunting, growling, with soon-exploding delight…

This while Homer was presently drooling his dog slobber all over Consuelo’s sensual back as he urgently pressed his shivering pelvis against her butt and gave her his seed.

His soft-fur forelegs on her sides confirmed her she wasn’t dreaming. With shock, Consuelo realized that her body liked the dog’s fur softness on her. She realized with a hurricane-shock that she was moaning and orgasming as the dog filled her up. Then he dismounted her, and her morally rebellious body missed being under his fur.

“Bravo! Bravo! This was a great performance!” the General commented and clapped his hands along with the fat Captain and a deformity-stricken dwarf.

Consuelo recognized the dwarf at once. Sancho! She knew him instantly from his long nose and his hunchback crooked figure—nightmarish short!

“Oh no! Not him again!” she thought as she remembered her bone-crushing humiliation when the dwarf had raped her, the last of so many men, at the long end of her initial mob-rape on and next to that cannon, where fallen shakos lay in the dirt even now under the moon.

Most of all, Consuelo remembered Sancho’s long, straight erection, and would never forget its heat inside her. The dwarf presently had it out, long and straight; he had been masturbating with both hands, those deformed hands that had crooked fingers and too few of them to add up right. His face grinning at her, just as ugly as his fingers were crooked. If she had been a queen, then he would have been the perfect king’s buffoon to fuck her like a demon under the night-time shadows.

As the Coronel groaned and went vocal while relieving himself inside squealing Meg, flooding her lower intestines with his man-dog’s seed, Consuelo gazed deep into Meg’s blue eyes, with her Latin-brown eyes that silently marked her silent words as her lips moved… “I love you too!”

Meg smiled at her, suddenly made more stoic under her post-orgasmic pain as the victorious Coronel commented on her lovely rump while caressing her and remaining inside her. Meg no longer cared. She only cared about Consuelo.

Consuelo tried to gather her waning strength in a feeble attempt at getting up and escaping, but the fat Captain grabbed her shoulders and said… “No no, Señorita, you must enjoy your feast until the last course! And look who’s here for you!”

While trying not to be disturbed by the fact she just got raped by two dogs, and the fact that a kneeling young Ensign was presently entering inside Meg and started to pound the elder Blyth daughter so near she could hear and feel the young man’s deep breathing, Consuelo saw a man on a stretcher that two black slaves had brought under the bright torchlight…

His prostrated figure looked terrifyingly familiar. No! She recognized the man.

Don Enrique de Quesada. Her father was looking straight at her with a troubled face.

How long had he been there? Did he witness her being raped by Ramón?



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    My mom’s brother (my uncle) served in the U.S, Navy on the USS PICKAWAY in the Vietnam war, from 1964-1968 !! he came back home to us with a lot of colored pictures and stories ! thank-you HistBuff to allow me to post this ! especially today being Memorial Day ! And again thank-you for your brave service !! love Britney

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