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The Blackstone Family

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The Blackstone brothers realize that their baby sister is no longer a baby.

This is a story about a family living in the extreme forest of the Appalachian Mountains. They didn’t have any neighbors as they owned a large track of land but the land was mountainous and not fit for much of anything. They farmed a small track of the land in order to grow their own food and they had pigs, chickens, cows and a bull that kept them fed.

The Blackstones consists of John who was the father of the family but he passed away 11 years ago. There is Sally who is the mother, she is 40 years old. She was a good looking woman in her younger years but time and the environment of her life has been rough and has affected her somewhat. She is not ugly by any means but she definitely is starting to show her age.

Then there is Peter who is 20 years old and the oldest, there is Jeff who is 18 years old and the middle boy, then there is Dan who is 17 years old and the youngest of the boys. Then there is Brandy who just turned 15 years old. She was only 4 years old when her father passed away.

Now the Blackstone family is not your typical family as they stayed on their property pretty much all the time. Peter had been to town only one time when he was younger but the rest had never left home. Sally had taught them to read and write but they all had jobs to do to make sure that they had food and shelter.

Not long after the father passed away leaving Sally alone with the 4 kids, she found herself becoming sexually frustrated by the lack of sex. John loved fucking Sally hence the multiple kids and Sally quite enjoyed it herself. One night while she was in bed and she was playing with her pussy trying to get some relief, Peter happened to walk by his mother’s bedroom door and heard her moaning.

He thought that she was sick or something and entered her room only to find her in the head down ass up position with her fingers plunging in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Now Peter was a virgin as he had never had sex before but he had seen the animals breeding and he knew what sex was about. His mother hadn’t heard the door open and was still fucking her pussy as Peter walked over to the bed. His cock was hard and throbbing by now and he dropped his pants and immediately climbed onto the bed and plunged his cock into his mother’s soaking wet pussy.

Sally screamed out into the pillow as she was trying to muffle her moans. She looked up at Peter and was horrified by the fact that he was fucking her but she was being betrayed by her pussy as his cock was huge and she needed to be fucked. Peter instinctively began to hammer into Sally’s pussy as he felt his first pussy. Sally came instantly and she was immediately hooked on her son’s cock.

From that moment on she became the sex doll for Peter and then eventually the other two boys. They would take turns sleeping in her bed every night. She fucked and sucked her son’s cocks like a slut. Sometimes she would be fucked by all three of them at the same time.

Of course she wasn’t worried about getting pregnant as when she had Brandy, there were some issues and she could no longer have babies. Now Brandy was raised up thinking that her brothers sleeping with her mother was normal as she didn’t know anything different.

The boys never really looked at Brandy in a sexual way as she was a small skinny girl that was basically a toothpick. Not like her mother who has large tits and ass. Brandy looked more like a boy than a girl. However all that changed when she turned 15. It was like she had an almost instant growth spurt and suddenly she had a set of tits and her ass sprouted out.

Sally knew that it wouldn’t be long before the boys would turn their attention to Brandy so she sat Brandy down and told her all about sex and told her that she was going to be fucked by her brothers. Of course she didn’t think anything bad about it as she didn’t know anything different. She figured that it was just the way it was.

That night after everyone had taken a bath, Sally gathered everyone in her bedroom and had everyone strip off their clothes. She had Brandy lay down on the bed and had Peter start eating Brandy’s pussy. She had the other two boys kissing and sucking on Brandy’s tits.

Brandy was a little scared at first because she didn’t know what to expect but as soon as Peter started licking and sucking on her virgin pussy, she began to relax and she was soon moaning and whimpering loudly as she felt herself getting aroused by her brother’s mouths all over her body.

Peter was sucking on her clit just like Sally had taught him years earlier. The other two were doing well with her tits just like Sally had taught them.

“OHHHH MOMMY SOMETHING IS HAPPENING! OHHHHHH MOMMY WHAT IS GOING ON?” Brandy moaned as she felt herself begin to orgasm.

“Just let it happen baby. It’s not going to hurt you. Just give in the the feeling and enjoy!” Sally encouraged Brandy as she watched her gorgeous little body squirming and trembling with excitement.

“That’s it boys, take your sister to the top!” She moaned as she worked her fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

Brandy grabbed Peter’s head and pushed her pussy into his mouth as she screamed out in pleasure. Her first orgasm slammed her young body and she shuddered uncontrollably as her pussy spasmed around his tongue. The other boys held her down as Peter continued to assault her pussy with his mouth.

“OHHHHH GOOOOODDDDDDDD MOMMY!” She moaned as she felt herself orgasm again and again.

“OK boys it’s time to make her a woman! Peter lay down on your back.” Sally said as she helped Brandy to straddle Peter’s body.

Sally aligned Peter’s hard throbbing cock against Brandy’s soaking wet pussy. She pushed Brandy down until the head of Peter’s cock popped into her tight little pussy.

“OHHHH NOOOO MOMMY IT HURTS!” Brandy cried out.

“SHHHHHHHHHH baby girl. I know it hurts at first but you will love it soon!” Sally whispered into Brandy’s ear.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE SHE IS TIGHT!” Peter groaned as he watched Sally pushing Brandy’s pussy down onto his cock.

Peter’s cock soon stopped as it reached her hymen. Sally was rubbing Brandy’s clit with her fingers as she allowed Brandy to adjust to the cock buried in her spasming little pussy. The other two boys were still sucking on Brandy’s nipples.

Brandy began to moan louder as she worked towards another orgasm. Just as she screamed out in pleasure, Sally drove Brandy down onto Peter’s cock ripping through her hymen and driving his cock all the way into her tight little pussy.


Brandy’s pussy was on fire as Peter’s cock stretched her tight little hole. Brandy felt Peter’s cock throb angrily inside her hot little pussy.

“OHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS!” Peter growled as he felt his sister’s pussy clamp down on his cock.

Sally pushed Brandy down onto Peter’s chest as she guided Jeff around to the back of Brandy. Sally took her fingers and pushed them into her soaking wet pussy and coated them with her cream. She then pushed her fingers into Brandy’s tight virgin asshole and began to stretch it open.


“Shut up baby. Mommy knows what she is doing. You just hush at take what’s coming!” Sally growled as she pushed more fingers into Brandy’s ass.

“Jeff shove your cock into my pussy and get it ready for your sister’s ass!” She moaned as she presented her ass to him.

Jeff immediately slammed into Sally’s pussy and pounded her pussy.

“Now bring that cock here!” She said as she moved to the side with her fingers plunging in and out of Brandy’s ass.

Jeff climbed up behind Brandy’s ass and as soon as Sally pulled her fingers out of Brandy’s stretched out ass, he slammed balls deep into Brandy’s asshole.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MOMMY IT HURTS SO MUCH!” Brandy screamed out in pain as her ass was ripped open by Jeff’s cock.

Brandy was completely filled up with two large hard throbbing cocks. Peter and Jeff began to hammer into her holes as she screamed out in pain.

“It’s your turn now Dan! Get your cock over to her mouth!” Sally growled as she wanted to shut Brandy’s crying up.

Dan stood up in front of Brandy’s face and Sally clamped her hand onto Brandy’s mouth to hold it open. Dan pushed his cock into Brandy’s mouth and pushed in until his cock reached the back of her throat. Brandy immediately began to gag as his cock pried open her throat.

“Shove it all the way in!” Sally growled as she watched Brandy’s body convulsing.

Dan thrust into her mouth and his cock popped into her throat. Brandy tried to scream out but his cock blocked her sounds.

“Don’t you dare try to bite down onto his cock young lady! If you do I will beat you until you can’t walk!” Sally growled into Brandy’s ear.

Brandy’s body shuddered uncontrollably as her brothers abused her holes. She felt every single throb of all three cocks that were invading her body. Strangely her body began to respond to the fucking and she began to relax. She went from screaming out in pain to moaning and whimpering loudly as she felt herself begin to orgasm again.

She began to work her body back and forth between the cocks filling her holes. She quickly learned to take breaths as she thrust back onto Peter’s and Jeff’s cocks. The boys had learned to control their own orgasms and let Brandy fuck herself on their cocks.

Soon Brandy was thrashing around on the three cocks throbbing in every hole. Brandy was now completely a woman who would be available to her brother’s sexual needs.

Soon all three boys were filling Brandy’s holes with their incestuous seed. Brandy screamed out in pleasure as she felt herself being filled with her brother’s cum. She felt every spurt spash her insides and her throat. After they finished draining their balls, they pulled out of Brandy’s body and sat down on the bed.

Sally took Brandy and showed her how to clean the boy’s cocks with her mouth and told her that this was part of her job. Then Sally set about sucking the cum out of Brandy’s holes as the boys watched.

It didn’t take long before their cocks were standing at attention again.

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