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The best job pt1

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My very own true stories about how I paid for nursing school and loved my job

True story. Im lianna im 21 years old puertoRican and Haitian women I’m a puerto complexion curly long hair nice ass small waist and C cup perky tities. I worked at Wawa overnight where I met a guy getting out his over night shift. He was black and handsome and he was 48 looked like he was 35. He came to my counter and said my name is Devin here is my number I got a job for you that pays. I said really I’m putting myself through nursing school. He grinned you look like I freak I smiled took it as flirting I said u have no idea. I text him the next morning we flirted he sent me pics of his abs and his big dick I good 8 inches soft and very thick. I sent him a video of me fully naked and playing with my self thinking of him he didn’t respond. He text me at 11pm. Send me your address my family is out of town we can hang out. He lived 7 min from me which was good I didn’t no anybody in this county just moved there with my aunt and her husband . He pulled up i got in the car. He took my hand and put it on his dick it was rock hard he said this is what you do to me. I smiled and I was turned on my pussy felt warm and gushy. His house was big he showed me around bring me to a room he said wait here smoke some weed I’m going to the bathroom I’m smoking looking around and turn around he’s standing full naked. WHAT THE FUCK?!!! He shoved me down on my back all fours pulled up my dress I screamed Stop!!! He said in a calm voice calm down you want dick I stopped moving he shoved his dick in my pussy hard while one hand on my hair another on my big tities. And he moan YESS SAY YOU LIKE IT. While he was giving me slow deep strokes. I loved it I felt him deep inside me a pain and pleasure. I moaned I wanted this mmmmm yesss daddy fuck me. He pulled out my pussy and said look at me. Stared at him horny wanting his dick I drop to my knees and said please let me suck it please he said your not getting nothing until you agree to be mine be my bitch my whore my slut. I yelled yess yess anything you want I do it. I walked up to me slapped his dick on my face he moaned the pretty face those sexy hazel eyes he put his dick in my mouth I spit jerked gaged slap his dick on my breast as he moaned he said my nasty bitch you going to swallow this load I moaned I love the taste of cum do it then he shoot his load off in my mouth and as a nasty bitch I swallowed it all. He told me to get up I did he grabbed me by the throat threw me down on the bed jammed his dick in my pussy while chocking me and fucking me. He moaned say your my bitch I’m your bitch I yelled and he pumped harder and harder he’s fingering my fat ass and sucking on my big tities he said your my whore now and he spit on me it turned me on I climax all over his dick. He went to the dresser threw me a towel and gave me $2000 then he said you are hired I got plans for you.
3 days later he showed up at my job to pick me up and bring me home we pulled into this closed museum pitch black. I said ok Devin so I’m going home I wanted more he laughed don’t ever call me Devin not in private or public you call me daddy or sir. He unzipped his pant in the driver seat he said now get yo work bitch. I moaned before I put my lips on his dick sucking it stroking it taking my tongue wrapping it around his dick letting my tongue and my tongue ring have fun. Daddy’s moaning yesss you little slut you like being treated like this I pick my head off his lap and said I do I love it he looked at me and said your my whore now my own white and your going to get paid being my whore. Then he took me outside hand on the trunk of the car and he fucked me doggy style and nutted all over my face.as u was sneaking back to the house he said would you leave me I said never. The next day he invited me to his house he said the family went to new York that’s where he was from. He looked at me get in your knees and crawl to the bed and I did I open my mouth he said I want to see someone fuck you. NO!!! He slapped me and I got turned on I stood quite I was in shock. Little young bitch you do as I say my boy is coming over and he’s going to pay you going to love it!!! I looked up at him and said ok daddy. Slapping you made daddy hard until he come lay on the bed on your back with your head on the edge. I did as instructed he put his dick far deep in my throat and my eyes teared up. I’m going to fuck your face. He started pumping slow then faster while fingering me. All I can think about was I can’t wait to this guy get here. He shoved his dick deeper I feel his veins on his dick on my tongue. Best whore ever I fuckin love you your the best. I came all over his fingers when he said that he burst in my mouth I swallowed it. He got up and said damn your the best whore ever I can make you to anything I want you like swallowing my cum? Yes daddy I do I love the taste of cum. Mmmm you are such a whore I love it. His phone rang it was his boy he’s out side he said jump in the shower and get naked and sit on the bed. While showering I couldn’t wait I can have two boyfriends is awesome. I get out the shower sat on the bed so horny and Devin walks in with a older man maybe 50 but sexy as hell. The man says hi I’m Ray and you look amazing. Devin took a chair face it towards the bed. I’m a married man not getting sex and I love my wife but I got needs ray said I looked at him and said your needs is my needs.she’s a great whore I trained her so well she putting her self through nursing school Devin said. Ray grabbed my tities and moaned Devin sit in the chair with his dick hanging out ray then took off his pants and said I heard you like to be called a bitch and a whore I said yes sir he moaned took his dick and teased my lips with it put it slowly in my mouth grabbing my hair oh yesss you are nasty I let him fuck my face any way he wanted I even sucked his balls as he put me in a doggy shoe position I see Devin stroking his dick watching us. Ray started fuxking hard really hard I was screaming yessss!!!! Yesss harder!!!!! He then wrapped his hand around my neck grabbing my hair screaming YES WHAT A GOOD WHORE YOU ARE TAKE ALL OF IT SCREAM LOUDER SAY YOU WANT EVERY AND ANY DICK YOU SLUT. I screamed out I WANT IT I DO I WANT EVERY AND ANY DICK I FUCK ANYBODY THIS IS MY JOB!!! Devin walked up put his dick in my mouth while Ray his fucking my pussy . Devin cums down my throat and ray came on my shoulder and I rubbed it like lotion. Ray pained me $3000. Bitch you got me twice a weeks you come when I call Devin he would let you know. 4 days later me and Devin was taking a trip to New York in those four days Devin has been supper aggressive smacking me spanking me I did thing on purpose so he can do that I like him angry. While we driving he said your about to get paid big Bitch ! Pull up your sundress and let me finger you I love that pussy that money maker. I laughed I don’t wear panties because at least 2 times a day without Devin knowing I let these 3 truck driver fuck me in the back of their truck everyday I work they don’t pay much but I do it because I don’t know them or their names and they don’t know mine it’s just a fuck. We get to this building it’s 4 guys playing spades and smoking weed. Devin said I was to watch them play cards and learn so I did. LITTLE BITCH WE GOING TO THE ROOM AND BE BACK OUT WE GOT TO TALK. Okay daddy. 10 min later the sat at the table play cards. Bitch come here Devin said yes daddy. I need my dick suck while I playing for luck get u see the table. I did what I was told I unzip his pants and started sucking his dick the men look under the table and watch whispering DAMN!! I felt good to have that power to make men want to look. I was getting horny and I was so thirsty I needed some cum to drink. Daddy came in my mouth and got up. Go in the room in the back be naked I want some of that pussy he grabbed my face tell daddy what you are I’m your whore daddy I do anything you want. I’m your slave. Thank you go in the room do as u told don’t cut the light on. I walked in the room tv was on porn no sound and light off I got naked watching the porn getting so horny I started to play with my self on one of these dudes bed I’m grabbing my tities rubbing my clit moaning fuck me thinking about Ray and the truck drivers and how daddy smacks me and choke me spanks me as I’m running faster and faster I hear the men outside the door I left open for daddy I looked I see the 5 of them and kept going one of the guys said damn Devin you said she was always horny wasn’t lying. I started running faster and moaning I’m ready daddy some guy walks in start stripping and the others stood inside the room on the wall one of the guys on the wall say Devin you always get the best whores I sat up and said you have others the guy standing over the bed slapped me shut up bitch he had another one before you who didn’t like to participate. He spread my legs now shut the fuck up and take it all he jammed his huge dick in me and started pumping fast and hard I loved it I moaned yesss again!!! He slapped me again while ficking me hard sucking on my tities I screamed again!!! He slapped me he’s stretching my insides brutally I see the other men and daddy getting undressed the giy fucking came all over my tities. He got up and told me to stand and I did. One guy layed on the bed while daddy standing behind me daddy told me ride that dick on the bed. I hoped on the stranger inserted him in me it was so big and amazing I love it have sex back to back with different guys seeing whose best. As in riding him daddy stick his dick in my ass I loved it I moaned and screamed and another guy says bitch put this in ya mouth and shut up.Daddy moans yes all holes filled. Everybody’s taking turns calling me the best slut best whore their fuck toy. They where all married men or had a girlfriend. It was one of the best times of my life 3 days later I wanted to surprise daddy at his house I got my first car

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    Love that aggressive daddy! Yeah, slap her senseless, the cunt!!

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    Sexy story 😍 😋