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Teacher becomes a fuck doll for students to make them study Final Part

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The students celebrate their final exam by whoring out their teacher Miss Riley to as many men as they can over three days.

The students kept this arrangement up for most of the year, and the routine was simple enough, Miss Riley would teach for an hour, they would fuck her for an hour in school, and then head over to her house after school for two hours of study, and then use entire night to fuck in every position imaginable. If there was a kink or fetish, they indulged in it. However, this arrangement was coming to a close, on Friday, it would be the final exam, and they had the perfect way to celebrate.

Caleb, Justin, and Ben prepared all day for the exam, and then when it came time to sit the exam, they went in with full confidence, knowing full well they would pass with flying colours. The exam felt easy and they finished a 2 hour paper in just over an hour. Miss Riley met them as they exited the exam hall.

“So, how did it go” She said.

“The homework was harder than this” Justin replied.

“Yeah for sure” Ben said.

“I’m glad to hear it, we’ll find out the results soon” Miss Riley said.

“Yeah absolutely, but we deserve a treat for what we’ve worked towards” Caleb said.

“Name your prize” She said.

“We’ve been thinking, we’re going to whore you out to as many men as we can today and over the weekend” Caleb said.

“Let’s go back to your place and discuss it”.

She drove the boys to her house and they entered and they all stripped. Miss Riley stood at the side of the bed, eagerly awaiting the news of the arrangements.

“So, here is what we have arranged. All day today, tomorrow, and Sunday, we have men coming over to fuck you. 14 hours a day, with a ten minute break every four hours. They’ll use all of your holes, and you’ll gather all their cum in a glass and drink it. Understood?” Caleb said.

“Yes sir” she replied.

Half an hour later, the first men appeared and were let in. they arrived bang on schedule, and wasted no time getting undressed. There was a mixture of different sizes, some were short, others were tall, some were skinny, and some were fat. They counted 65 men in total of various shapes and sizes, and they wasted no time ravaging her. One man inserted his cock straight up her ass, another took her pussy, one man shoved his dick in her mouth, and the other two used her feet. She was being fucked in every way possible, and the men showed her no mercy. They pounded her holes like they were sex starved, and the students worried they would break her in half. Her screams of pain turned the pleasure as her ass and pussy were relentlessly hammered.

“Ahhh fuck me” she screamed as the men tore her apart.

“That’s right, take my cock in your ass you filthy bitch” he shouted as he pounded away.

Her ass was bright red from the constant spanking and they would occasionally stop to spit on her face and slap her face and tits. After they got tired of using one hole, the men would switch around and pound another hole until all the men had used all of her holes. The used her ass as a cum depository, and each of the men shot his load deep in her ass until they had all finished using her. She squatted over a bowl that was prepared and shat out the warm loads from her ass, saving them for later.

“Hmmm, next!” she shouted, signalling the next lot of men to come and use her.

The men wasted no time in choosing which hole to use and they furiously fucked her ass, mouth, and pussy, only stopping to change position before continuing to pound her. They did the same thing, shot their load in her ass and made her shit it out before leaving, and the next lot of men were called in. This routine carried on all day until the bowl was full of cum. The students made her swallow it all, making sure not a single drop went to waste, and she did this with full enthusiasm. She licked the edges of the bowl, making sure no cum remained, before calling it a day. She knew the next two days would be tough, but she was excited for them…

The Saturday and Sunday were no different Friday, the men came, and chose a hole and continued fucking her in every position and then finishing in her ass. They would occasionally switch things up by rimming her, making her rim them, some sucked her toes, and others fisted her pussy and ass, but one thing was common, every single man used every single hole, and there wasn’t a single person who did not cum inside her. The cum bowl filled up nicely, and at the end of the day, she would slurp the cum up and gargle it before swallowing the entire load.

“Well, that’s the arrangement complete” Caleb said.

“You were such a good whore” Justin said to Miss Riley.

“And you did everything we asked you dirty slut” Ben said.

“Thank you boys, I really enjoyed the past year, and I loved the past few days. It was a pleasure teaching and fucking you, if you ever want to come over, I’m just a phone call away” she said as she winked to the boys.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    This reminds me of a great porn VHS called ‘Cum Cocktails ‘ where some drugged out whore drank down the spit, piss and cum of !multiple guys!!

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    I loved fucking a certain few of my teachers for making honor roll !! Britney

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    You should more with this teacher and her future with all 3 students and the path they would lead her to

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    Hot story Thaddeus!