Talking with a minor

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l met this teenage girl on a app and we have been getting close

Awhile back l got into this app that was supposed to be for adults but you know they’re always some sluty little girls wanting to get fucked by older cock l was just browsing not expecting anything much ( the app was kinda boring) when I get a message from this girl who apparently was “25”. but looked way younger she sent a regular text something boring like how are you doing anyways we ended up kicking it off l sent some flirting comments she would send some back, eventually our harmless starting turning more than just fun when she sent me a picture of her aching godd that ass of hers l just wanted to go through the screen and fuck her fill that 16year old with cum just stuff her pussy with cum, after that we started being more sexual l would send her dick pics with a message telling her how l would fuck her pussy, she would send me pictures of her ass, open mouth . Eventually l found out that she had a boyfriend and I thought that would be the end but no her boyfriend is a loser cuck would already knew and was turned on by the fact that his innocent girlfriend was sending pictures and touching herself to the idea of getting pounded by a bbc, Actually her boyfriend is a turning trans and l manage to get some ass pics from the him. unfortunately we live far apart so maybe one of you guys can get lucky l know the guy turning trans lives in TX but the girl lives somewhere in Maryland. So l would love to hear about your stories if you have any my session is 05e40d9a3919fe39fc8928fd46f30a99b36413e3ea567434e74d178f63ad51b663 hit me up.


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    What app tho