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Surprising my 36yr old boyfriend for an early birthday present

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So, me and S have been secretly dating for a few months now, October 2023 we started.

It’s all secret because society won’t approve unfortunately.

I turned 16 a few days ago, so not against the law to have sex anymore in the uk.

I’ve lost count of the number of hours we’ve secretly spent together; I have a great friend who tells my mum that I’m at hers but I’m not, I’m at my boyfriend’s.

although most of the time i just say i’m going out and i go see him.

I think it should be accepted about people just generally falling in love with whoever they want to fall in love with, I can only speak for myself of course but I’m sure my S will have other ways of saying this, but I’ll write how I remember.

This takes place in April 2024,

He’s off work for a week, so we can text freely, I’m off school for easter holidays, the only thing the uk gets right.

We’re texting most of the day, then he calls me, I can’t answer as I’m at home with my mum. I love him, he knows because I’ve told him, I love talking to him on the phone, its his voice, it makes me… well you know.

I wanted to hear his voice so badly that I went for a walk in the local woods near my new house and called him back.
He tells me he needs to see me; he’s always left it to me to not arrange meet ups, he wants me to be a teenager but all I want to do is see and spend time with him.
We arrange to see each other the following day, my mum won’t be home literally all day, she’s a nurse so works long hours, my mums husband Craig is a dick, and he works too, don’t ask me what, I don’t like him.

So, the day of getting to see each other for the first time in 3 weeks, and I cannot wait, I have a huge surprise for him. I know where he lives so I’ll go round his house, its warm so I take a walk to his around 9:30am, I’m wearing Nike pro shorts, under a dress, I’ve also a cardigan on, so I may look older if you saw me irl. I’ve also got a bag with me which has my surprise in it.

I get to his house, and I walk in, to the neighbours, it looks like I live there, I find him in the back garden, he sees me and smiles at me, i love it when he smiles at me.

He comes in from the garden and finds me in the kitchen, he grabs me from behind, I love it when he does this, I feel warm, safe and protected.

We kiss instantly, not as much as we do at other times but enough to show how much I’ve missed him and I do miss him.

We go out for some lunch, and we go off out the city, to the other public, it just looks like a father/daughter out for lunch in the school holidays.

He looks as delicious as the food, dressed in jeans, and a Superdry t-shirt that shows his muscles, my muscles I call them. We enjoy the rest of the day and we’re driving back home. (it’s not my home but it feels like it).

i’d love to live with him, like i cant express how badly i want to be around him 24/7. Some may say it’s a teenage crush, but i’ve had that, this is way more than that.

I turn to him and tell him that I want him when we get back, my actual words were.

“Daddy can you fuck me when we get back home”

He doesn’t crash but I could see that he got excited, I thought great to myself, just wait til my surprise.
We get back, and make our way to the bedroom, I tell him that I need the bathroom and he tells me that he’ll get the room ready, ie close the curtains, nosey neighbors and all that.

I start to feel a bit nervous when I’m in the bathroom, I start to doubt myself as to whether I should go through with this or not, whether he’ll like it.

I want him, so those thoughts are short lived, and I make my way into his (our) bedroom.
If I had my phone then I would have snapped a pic but I didn’t, his face was a picture. I’m stood in front of him in my:


I don’t think he knew what to say, but I know it worked because he grabbed me like he hadn’t before and just held me tightly.

I asked him again “can you fuck me now?”

He was quite excited, I could feel his cock through his jeans, I wanted that as much as I wanted him. I told him that I wasn’t wearing a bra or underwear, just my uniform of skirt, shirt, and blazer (jacket).

He pulled my skirt up to check, I didn’t complain, I just giggled because I knew the surprise he liked.
He fucked me like he hadn’t done before that afternoon, I felt so innocent because I was in my uniform but so slutty because my 36year old boyfriend railed me in it.

He took my shirt off, and I put the blazer back on, and then he fucked me like that, I think it was our first roleplay.
“you’re a naughty student and need to be put in detention” he told me.
I like it when he speaks forcefully to me, it makes me wet.

I remember him pulling up my skirt and him sliding his big cock inside me, and then being spanked for being a naughty girl when he had me on all fours.

I know now it was a teacher/student roleplay, I’d call him sir a fair bit, but I loved it, I always let him take control of me whilst having sex with him. He certainly knows what he’s doing and it makes me feel good that’s for sure.

Although I’m pretty vocal when we have sex together, I’ll say things that get him pounding me hard, stuff like “fuck my teenage pussy” “fuck me hard” “spank me daddy” “make me yours” along with many others.

I know I want him to have a baby with me, although I always either have his cum on my boobs, my face or in my mouth. He always asks where I want it, I may just say “inside me” next time.

Even that time he fucked me in my school uniform, he put his cum on my face, that felt extra slutty doing that, but I was with the man I love, so I’d do absolutely anything for him.

I’ve even got 1 of my friends wanting to fuck him, and I’ve always wanted to fuck her ever since we met in primary school, although I didn’t know that until around a year ago when we drunkenly kissed,

She’s a complete hoe, she gave head to 2 boys from our school at the same time while on lunch break, so I imagine she’ll be totally down for it.
Truth be told, so would I.

I’m Mia, 16, taken, In love
Bye xx

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:gnrvubc08

    Great story. I love using and hearing about little girls being used properly.

  • Reply BayratPirate ID:y0snme82b50

    Glad to see you back. A little bird told me you may be writing some of your adventures…
    Love it …
    You male him very happy…😊