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Sunlight x Spirit Part 1 (should i make part 2?)

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How 12yo Sunlight and Spirit first met.

Hiiiiiiiiii, thank you for clicking on my story ! This is my first time writting a story like this in words. I am rather young so please don’t be mad at writting mistakes if you cant understand the story for some reason then too bad for you.
Everything here is purely fiction and focuses more on fantasy themes (like elements and gods/goddesses, yes i got a bit of inspo from greek mythological gods aka perverts) and I am deeply sorry about the cringeness and I have never had sex before so i apologize if the sec parts aren’t very realistic.
I will put author’s notes or extra info in () so yeah.
If this story somehow resembles poeple you know in real life or if the story is similar to something you or someone you know experienced, please know that it is purely coincidental (or is it ?)
NOTE for future me: Gurl why are you here ? I expected you to be better. You better leave rn, plus there’s no point in reading, you already know the whole story.
Finally ! The story’s gonna start !!! Grab your popcorn or whatever ! Enjoy !


“Theodore, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Farewell”
Those were Sunlight’s last messages to “Theodore”, who was very sad to recieve it.

Well, she’s not to blame, after all, a Light and a Darkness are not allowed to be together, and they definitely should not have been that intimate while chatting online. (Internet… *sighs* what a dangerous place) Well, Sunlight is fine with “Theodore” being a Darkness, but out of anyone that lives in the Darkness Kingdom, he just had to turn out to be the Prince, his father is Yhost Darkness, the King of that Kingdom.

Sunlight is 12 and she herself isn’t some random peasant either, she is (ofc) the Princess of the Light Kingdom, well she barely qualifies for a princess. She’s malnutritioned (her father is abusive muahaha), she never went to school, and umm… never had sex (idk why but this is really fucking important). Sunlight’s family are wicked, her mom was raped (yes Sunlight is a rape baby) and died while giving birth to her. Sunlight’s father, Sun Light <— rapist (omg I just realised this name is so oddly similar to Sunlight Light) was very sad that the girl she raped died as she was the perfect girl (I have no definition for perfect but i know that Sunlight’s mom is perfect so readers pls imagine this Perfect Girl yourself). This led to Sun hating Sunlight and maltreating/abusing her and (ofc) not letting her have sex.

The Light Kingdom is not a very nice place for people (but i think ya’all pervs will like living in that Kingdom). It has twisted rules, rape is legalised there, and literally anything related to sex is allowed. It is a Kingdom that strongly loves sex (typing this down is so weird lol), it even has a rule that once a child is 10yo they must have already had sex at least once. Most parents will gift their daughter’s first time to Sun, the King of the Light Kingdom, and will gift their son’s first time to idk who, probly some random person.

The Light Kingdom and the Darkness Kingdom have never been friends., they have always been enemies (but ig that’s about to change). The Light Kingdom is in control of the Water Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, Stone Kingdom, and the Nature Kingdom (yes they all follow Light Kingdom’s rules). While on the other hand the Darkness Kingdom is only allies with the Night Kingdom.

Characters Royalties ONLY:

The Light Side:
In the Light Kingdom the King is Sun Light, the eldest princess is Wind Light and the prince is Cloud Light (Wind blows Cloud. Get it ? Haha lol) and then there’s Sunlight Light.
In the Water Kingdom the prince is Sea Water and the princess is Ocean Water.
In the Fire Kingdom, the prince is Flame Fire, there are two princesses (they are twins), Lily Fire and Dahlia Fire.
In the Stone Kingdom the prince is Rock Stone and the princess is Pebble Stone.
In the Nature Kingdom the prince is Forest Nature and the princess is Flora Nature.

The Darkness Side:
In the Darkness Kingdom the King is Yhost Darkness, the twins prince Spirit Darkness and Moonlight Darkness.
In the Night Kingdom the prince is Soul Night and Starlight Night.


Yeah sorry Reader above was all just kinda intro but you need it to understand the story so it was NOT a waste of time.

How Sunlight and Spirit first met was rather normal. They met on Roblox, they were playing Adopt Me and just randomly became friends because they thought it was nice chatting with each other.
But it really wasn’t that simple. It was full of plots. Earlier that week Sun told Sunlight that the Great War will come soon and she should get some useful info from the Darkness Side. Sun didn’t care how she would get the info all he cares about is what the info is. Well Sunlight learned from her Magic Book that Spirit plays roblox.(each royalty has a magic book containing magic spells and basic descriptions about other royalties.) So yeah how they first met was planned. Sunlight’s usename was Rosalie and Spirit’s username was Theodore. Sunlight acted like she didn’t know who “Theodore” actually is, but in reality she knew all along.
this part is just their chat
They decided to add each other on a chatting app lets just say Whatsapp.
Theodore: Hey it was nice chatting, how old are you ?
Rosalie: 12, and u ?
Theodore: Skibidi toilet ! I love young kids, im 18
Rosalie: ur funny, y do u like kids ?
Theodore: cus im a pedo 😉
Rosalie: lol, anyways, where u from
Theodore: Darkness
There was a long pause
Rosalie: Oh,
Um, i uh
im from Light
There was another long pause.
Theodore: That’s nice
Lol this is awkward
I heard light girls have sex at 10 is that true ?
Once again there was a long pause
Rosalie: Ye
Theodore: So how was your first time ? did it hurt
Sunlight didn’t know what to say, because every single Light girl her age had already had sex before, the only virgin who’s 12 is her, and evryone knows that. She had to lie, she decided to say that it didnt hurt because her sister keeps telling her that it feels good.
Rosalie: No, no it didnt
Theodore: k
Rosalie: well i gtg byeee

Their first chat went well ig ?
For a few chats they were just happily talking lol, i know you guys wont find it interesting so i skipped it.
And then there’s this chat was when Spirit (Theodore) was drunk, he was horny (hehehhehehee) and (idk do ya’ll do this ?) sent a nude to Sunlight (Rosalie) Yes with the face and the (heheheh) dick.
Sunlight was so shocked she didn’t expect that (she did not get paid enough for this type of shit okay ?) She didnt know what to do. I mean… she is just 12 after all.
Theodore: Baby, i love u
do u love me ?
Rosalie: Im sorry but
Theo we’re just friends
I dont know what to say
Theodore: why ? i luv u so much bb
do u know how much i wanna fuck u ?
is 7inches enough for you ?
I bet your soakin wet rn
id finger u then lick u a bit yk
then id tell u to hump on my cock
and then make u beg for my dick when youre horny
There was a long silence
Theodore: Rosalie stop ignoring me !
Rosalie: just shut up pls
im wont beg for it
Theodore: Why not ? i know u want it
Rosalie: not all girls are sluts ok ?
plus u know im 12 so wtf are u sending me
Theodore: Honey, if u dont wanna be my slut then ill just force you.
or is it because your a dom too ?
His question really struck her, she never really wanted to be tied but instead always wanted to tie people.
Theodore: I see…
I think i like u even more now
Miss Rosalie
Would u give permission for your pup to jerk off ?
Mommy i really need it plsss
Can i pls jerk off to you ?
Rosalie couldn’t hold the urge to dominate anymore.
Rosalie: Okay but only if you promise to be a good boy~
Theodore: omg thank you so much you’re the best !
Rosalie: Go slowly, my boy
After a while Spirit (Theodore) was about to cum
Theodore: Miss, Im about to cum
can i plss cum ?
Rosalie: Awww~~
I think you can hold it a little longer right ?
Theodore: I really can’t plsss i need cum rn-
Rosalie: Well thats a shame~
Hold it in.
Theodore: but miss- i
i really cant hold it anymore !
and he came
Rosalie: Awww, i never gave you permission ~
I think you need a punishment
you’ve been a baaaad boy ~


end of part 1
should i make more parts or should i just end it here
writting takes so much time
this is just the beggining tho
Sunlight and Spirit will meet in person for the Great war and Sunlight is actually pretty introverted lol
Omg im so tired from typing all this
this took 2 hours
is this a waste of time ?
anyways if you think i should post a part 2 pls tell
Thank you reading !

Muah !

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  • Reply T ID:lxqvrpaqcdb

    More! Get more young girls to fuck and abuse

  • Reply Jack Sparrow ID:2qkz8dlbh

    Hi Rosalie, I enjoyed reading your story. Don’t believe the assh critics! Unless they won an award in literature they can stfu,
    You were brave to write this and put it out in the world. Congrats!
    Session 056f5d7dea10f346e789a8190ba2aeadfb56a84962b44fa2c7c3f481fefa6d4c37

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Hiii Mr. Sparrow, I’m glad you enjoyed reading ! Thank you lol but why “Congrats ?”

  • Reply Jimintheuk ID:bugbspdm9b

    Awful. Badly written.

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Thx for being honest

  • Reply desiii ID:1e5oqyiud6nb

    hey girly, idk how old you are but im also a minor myself! don’t let the negative comments get to you:) you’ll be a great writer you have a good story already and don’t let the haters make you think any less.

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      hey ! Its nice to get verbal support from peers. Thank you for commenting this !

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    I honestly have no idea how this took you two hours to write. Please do not do a part two.

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Sorry person, I personally think I should make a part 2.
      I dont even know why I was asking the readers anyways
      And my thoughts matters more than yours do so yeah
      Im making a part 2
      Plus it already was ready anyways in my mind, I just need to type it down

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    This was bad. No one really wants to read a child’s idea of sex, despite what the pedophiles on here will tell you.

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Are you assuming my age ?

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Omg i re-read my story and i find it really funny

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Hi Rosalie !! I just posted my response to your question on my site ! I have to say your story is very interesting for a site like this !! Are you really 12 years old ? I’m just asking !! If you don’t mind and with your permission, can I use you in one of my future stories ? I promise I’ll make you popular on this site with me ! Please tell me what you’re into and I’ll do the rest in my story let me know soon !! Thank you !! Britney

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Hi Britney !!! Yeah i say ur reply to my question, thx for replying ! Idk what to say about that haha. How is it interesting lol ? It has some elements from personal experience but mostly its fantasy a fantasy-themed story. NONONOOONONONOOO i am NOT 12. What type of story will it be ? Yes u have my permission 🙂 but just saying, i might just randomly disappear from this site haha.
      Im just into watching rape thats it. (I prefer hentai over porn)
      Anyways thank you for your comment, its literally the only positive one (for now at least) I appreciate it.
      Muah !

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      I typed this : ) with no space but it automatically changed into that emoji. and also im not les, i just realised ur a girl and i typed “Muah ! ” lol