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Submissive Asian and Daughter

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Following on from part 1 where I teach the Mother to be a good servile slut, and I also lust after her cute 10 year old Daughter

After a good fuck and suck session with the Mother, I told her I would be moving in with her on a permanent basis, I would also pay her mortgage, the intention being to make her dependent on me, also I told her to cancel the baby sitter, as I would look after Fun, while she worked nights, but of course it would give me more time to groom Fun, she had to pick up Fun from school, I said I would tag along, It was a hot day so I just wore a baggy pair of shorts and tee shirt, I had already told the Mother to not wear panties when were out, so I could have easy access to her cunt, on the way to the school I stroked her pussy while she drove, and rubbed my cock, by the time we pulled up to the school I had a full erection, the primary school girls came out first they looked to be 6 or 7 year olds, I noticed a cute little blonde thing and her equally cute black haired friend chatting and looking at there phones whilst waiting for Mummy, I said to the Mother I wonder what it would be like to fuck such tiny girls, I then got my cock out and started to jack off, the Mother nearly lost it, I told her stop panicking, the windows were a really dark tint and the girls would have to press the noses to the windows to see anything, I grabbed her hair and forced her head down on to my cock, she resisted but I had my hand around the back of her neck, and told er to suck, she complied making slurping noises, are the pleasure of having your cock sucked surrounded by cute little fuck dolls, you like sucking me while I perv on those little girls don’t you, she nodded whilst still sucking, I want to cum in your mouth before your Daughter gets in the car, by now the younger ones were getting picked up by their Mothers, and the older girls were getting out, I spotted Fun walking towards the car, here she comes I said keep sucking, when Fen was but 5 meters away I shot a load into her mouth, she quickly sat up and turned her head away, I could see her still swallowing and wiping her mouth when the car door opened and Fun got in the back, I had just managed to put my cock away in time, when the Mother turned around to ask Fun if she had a nice day, I noticed a small glob of cum on the corner of her mouth, I reached over and wiped it off with my finger, did Fun see, I didn’t care because I planned on filling her Daughters tiny mouth sometime down the road, as the Mother had to go to work after dropping of Fun, I would have her to myself all evening, I planned on taking some ecstasy, and crush half an e into the Banana shake that Fun loved, doe’s it work on kids I wasn’t sure, but I was soon to find out.

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  • Reply Treat ID:1dxs3829s3ol

    I love where this is going but why the hurry to get there? You said you have plenty of time to groom Fen but now you’re going straight to drugging her, why the rush?
    I love how you’re treating her whore of a mother too, the sexualisation of young girls and risk taking with her is just perfect

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Great perverted filth – let’s have more!!