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Stretching my gymnast preteen niece

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Convincing his niece she can get to the next level with a little help it was too good of an opportunity to pass up

I had enough. I needed to fuck that little bitch now.

She had been teasing me for years and now at age 11 with her little titties starting to develop and her amazingly shapely legs and ass it was time to finally make her pay for her teasing of me. I started my plan as an attempt to seduce her and get her to willingly become my little sex toy but even as I started thinking up my plans I realized no matter if I had to knock her out and drag her to a secluded place I was going to fuck her in every way possible.

The plan was somewhat simple. My niece, Kayla was a smart girl and a budding gymnast if not a little dorky when it came to social interactions. I needed to convince her that she needed to have sex and make myself a willing if not even a little reluctant (so she could try and make me want her) best partner she could come up with. I would try and convince her that making the next level of gymnastics competition would require her to be “stretched out” internally.

I set out to design a website that would explain how the best gymnasts in the world all realized that their virginity kept their routines too restricted and they needed to be more flexible. I put fake studies on their and made it look like a russian scientific thing as well as olympian recommendations. I put the website on a private server and waited to spring my trap.

The next weekend, as luck would have it, my brother in law and his wife had an out of town wedding and asked if anyone could watch the girls when they were gone over night. My wife was so surprised that I volunteered but I explained they could play with my son and hang out and since I was going to be working at home it was no big deal.

Once they were over I asked Kay how the gymnastics were going and to show me some videos of her exhibits. As she climbed between my legs to get on the pc in front of me, with her ass in her yoga pants pressed up against me I just about lost control right there and just grabbed her and ran up to the bedroom with her, but I stuck to the plan and watched the videos as I fought to stay in control. She smelled like candy and felt amazingly firm and soft all at once.

“Wow you are really pretty good – almost well… nevermind” I said.

“Thanks – wait, what were you going to say?” She asked.

“Well you are almost like real competition level but I was reading something and you are probably too young to be the best yet. I mean too young to take the next step in training…”

“What is it?” She begged.

After going back and forth about how I can’t really even show her this – her parents would be mad, she isn’t old enough. Too young, too small I said “ok wait let me find it so you can read it…”

I pulled up the website I created and let her read it. Her eyes went wide as she read and had a lot of questions. I answered them all… scientfically. And then explained she was too young to have a boyfriend so she couldn’t really take that next step yet – to have sex with a boy.

She immediately asked if that was true how come some high level competitors were her age. I explained that some of these girls, who were also too young to have a boyfriend, secretly had coaches or family uhh help them out.

She complained her coaches were all women and there was NO way she could ever talk to her dad about that let alone do anything with him.

I causally said ” Well I guess I could… uhh nevermind.”

Again she took the bait and begged me to finish.

I said ” I can help you but its a lot of work and I don’t want your Aunt or parents to get mad at me. It’s too much of a risk. Also it can hurt the first time and you are TOO young.”

My dick was bursting thru my pants by this point.

She told me “I won’t tell anyone and promise I won’t cry – you could do anything you need to.”

“I guess ok… We can’t do that here tho, what if your sister or someone sees, I have an idea – lets go for a ride in the car, put on your leotard and a jacket and we will tell them I am taking you to practice. We can get a hotel room and get this over with. And it’s ok if you cry, but I promise once the first pain is over it will actually feel pretty great.”

I was shaking with anticipation as she went to change and I grabbed a bag and put some k-y, some little blue pills and a change of clothes in there. At the last second I decided to grab a bandana and some rope. You never know…

It was time.

I drove to a local hotel and told her to stay in the car. I grabbed my bag and asked for room near the back near the parking lot as I had a lot to do and would have to go back and forth to the car a lot.

As I got in the car I realized I didn’t want the chance of her being spotted so I grabbed a hoodie from the back and told her to put it on and pull the hood up as it was cold out.

I hustled us into the room and pulled all the curtains closed, locked the door and tried to calm my nerves.

“Ok Kay, lets get you showered and ready – the warm water will help you get loose for the next part.”

Shyly she said she didnt have another change of clothes. I explained clothes weren’t going to be necessary for the next part…

The Shower:

She went into the bathroom to pee as I quickly set up 2 go pros in the room one in the headboard of the bed and one on the side of the bed. My phone was the last piece of the puzzle but I was going to need that before then.

“Kayla, before you shower come on out here I want to talk to you a minute.”

Once she came out, I explained in order to maximize her experience, we should also teach her about being a good girlfriend so she can both learn for that and also stretch for gymnastics. I asked if I could take some pictures of her in her leo before anything so we can remember this day. It was also a great way for me to check the cameras and make sure the video was recording well.

I asked her to come over to me and told her I was now going to teach her how to really kiss before she got in the shower. I sat her on the bed next to me and told her to open her mouth just a little and lean into me with her eyes closed.

“Eyes closed???”

“Trust me ok? I won’t hurt you!” (yet)

I slid my arm behind her back and pulled her close to me and gently eased my tongue into her mouth. I swear to god my dick was harder than ever in my life already with precum flowing all over. I took my other hand and moved it up over her leo to her small bump of a breast. I explained guys will want to do this. She was breathing more ragedly as the effects of the kissing and feeling started to do their magic. I dropped my hand to her thigh and moved it up to her preteen leotard covered pussy just barely rubbing the outside. She gasped and eyes shot wide open and then slowly closed again. Her legs began to close and open around my hand as she began to really enjoy my hand rubbing her as our tongues explored each other. As I felt her breathing both quicken and grow more ragged… her legs clasping more insistantly around my hand… knowing I was bringing her close to maybe her first orgasm… I stopped abruptly.

“Ok thats enough for now.”

She was on the brink of tears as she blurted out “why… why did you stop???”

(Because you have teased me for years and this is payback you little sex toy)

“That’s all you need to know for now, go in the bathroom and strip down and take a shower – there is a robe in there for when you are done.”

I grabbed a towel and placed it down on the bed, where I expected there may be a little blood later, and waited a few minutes. I thought about jacking off fast to make sure I last longer later but decided I didn’t want to waste one drop of cum that wasn’t on her or in her. Besides I was sure I could go again a few times – and if not thats what the blue pills were for. Into the bathroom I went.

I picked up her pink little panties off the floor and put them in my bag, a little souvenir…I couldn’t help but think of how close I was to finally fucking a little girl and on top of that my hot little gymnast niece. She was right behind that shower curtain, I could finally see her nude little body, finally taste her, feel her all over and finally get in her. I couldn’t wait, I pulled the curtain back surprising her. She intinctively tried to cover her pussy and almost completely flat chest with her hands.

“No need to do that anymore, baby. I am going to see all of you now and I will promise to do everything (and I really meant DO EVERYTHING) to help you be the best gymnast you can be.”

I pulled her hands away as I pulled her out of the shower, I wrapped her in the white terry robe that hung down to the ground on her small frame. I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to have her.

“Kay, can you just record a quick video on phone so that if anyone finds out what we did, I can show it was your choice and I won t get in so much trouble?”

“Uhh sure, what do I say?” She asked while standing in the robe and starting to dry her hair with a towel.

“Just say your name and say its your idea for me to help you stretch better by having sex with you.”


I started recording on my phone.

“I’m Kayla Johnson and its my decision that my Uncle Jim have sex with me to help me be a better gymnast and allow me to be more flexible.”

I threw the phone on the counter and ripped the robe off of her and buried my face between her legs. She was so fresh and delicious. Kayla eye grew wide and she blurted out “What are you doing??”

I told her I needed to help her get fully ready for sex so it wouldnt hurt as much as I tongued her tiny clit while grabbing her ass in my hands.

“It it it.. feels so weird but sooo good… Keep.. uhhhhh…” I put my hand over her mouth as I ate her tiny pussy.

“Shhhh” I replaced my mouth with my hand as I started to strip off my clothes. My dick was bigger than it ever had been in my life in anticipation of what was to come.

“Give me your hand, hold my cock baby.” I placed her hand on me and showed her how to slowly move her hand up and down the shaft.

“Do you like when uncle Jim eats your pussy? Do you want more?”

“Omigod!!! PLLLLEASE PLEASE!!!”she begged me.

“Ok lets go in the other room. I am going to show you whats next.”

I sat on the bed and pulled her in front of me. Careful to make sure the cameras were recording all of this.

“Now, kneel on the floor and open your mouth,” I told her, almost not believing how well this was going so far, “you are going to make me feel good too and get me ready now. Be careful not to use your teeth!”

I put my hand on the back of her mouth and pulled her over my dick, “Now lick and suck on it like it was a big lolly pop you are not allowed to bite.”

“Ewwww!!! But you pee out of..” SMACK. I hit the table behind her hard with my open hand. She looked shocked.
I told her “YOU are next if you question me again. Now open and make me feel good!” I pulled her head and forced my dick in her mouth…

A wave of emotion took over, first some guilt – what was I doing? This was a child that I was forcing to suck my dick, then excitement I was getting a blow job from an 11 year old piece of ass FINALLY.

At first she barely did anything as I pushed the head of my cock in and out of her lips just hitting the tongue and back out.

“Swirl your tongue around it and suck on it!” I told her as I held her head firmly in place.

She took instruction well, I looked down at her nude little body, her cheeks of her cute little face pushing out from my enormous dick being forced into her mouth. I was losing control rapidly. I held her head tightly and forced myself deeper into her mouth. I could see tears forming as she started to choke on it. I released her head and let her breathe a little before starting to force myself in her mouth again.

I decided to let up more and praise her – I didn’t want to scare her off too much. “Oh god, you are so good at this! Keep using your tongue like that its going to make me cum!!”

The first shot went right in her throat and she pulled back fast enough to get the rest all over her face and hair. Seeing my young niece covered in my cum was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. But post the next two spurts of cum the guilt came back – what was I doing?? But then I saw her smile.

“Did I make you do that?” she asked me – I could see she was happy and glowing …and covered with cum.

“Oh my god yes, that was the best thing ever!” I told her and meant every word as I held her face and stroked her cheek.

“Can you use your tongue on me now, Uncle Jim?” she asked as coyly as an 11 year old cum covered little girl could ask.

Guilt was gone, and lust was all I knew.

I wiped her face clean of my cum (after I made SURE it was captured on cam) and picked her up like the sex toy she was and threw her down on the towels on the bed.

“Yes I can – just beg me to eat your pussy!”


I dove in. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and began kissing her as I rubbed her little cunt with my hand. I move my mouth down to suck on her just barely starting to form tits. I leaned into her ear and whispered “I am going to eat you out until you cum and beg me to stop and then I am going to fuck you so good that your pussy will belong to me forever!!”

“Wha??” she started to ask and then she stopped talked and started moaning as I ate her out. I probed with my finger and saw her hymem was still intact as I licked her clit. Sucking and tasting her as she moaned over and over. I felt her start to tense up and then she convulsed as she came – I felt her tiny tight little pussy grab the tip of my finger so hard! I had no idea how I would fit my cock in there.

“Stop! no more.. I need to breathe!” she almost begged me.

“No Kay, I say what we do and when we stop.. and you are going to cum again and then again.” I told her as I continued my assualt on her pre-teen pussy.

It didn’t take long and she was convulsing again. I pulled my head up and made her kiss me.

“Taste yourself on my tongue Kay, see how good you taste? Now suck my cock a minute and get it nice and wet, because the main show is about to start.” I told her as I got ready.

I pushed her head down to my dick and thrust in again. She was already learning how to be a great little cocksucker but I wanted the pussy. After about half a minute I pulled her off and told her to lie back and spread her legs.

I already knew from our earlier fun this was going to be a tight squeeze. I reached over to my bag and grabbed the k-y and spread some around the head of my dick and her pussy. She looked nervous.

“Is this the part thats gonna hurt?” She asked. She looked smaller and younger and afraid.

I thought I hope so, and said “It will hurt a little but I promise to take it easy and make sure you are good. You can cry but don’t scream, we don’t want any problems with people stopping us – remember both you and I can get in a LOT of trouble for this.”

I pushed the tip of my finger in again up until it hit her barrier, and then I grabbed my dick and rubbed the head on her lips and started to apply a little pressure, no use. I got some more KY and pushed harder…I was starting to worry if this would happen, but where there is a will (and a cock as hard as steel) there is a way. I pushed even harder and to my surprise after a minute the head popped in and her eyes popped open. So fucking wet and so unbelievably tight…so good!

“Get ready..” I placed one hand over her mouth and leaned down to kiss her head before I thrust hard. She screamed into my hand and I screamed in my head – I AM DOING IT I AM IN MY SEXY LITTLE NIECE I AM FUCKING THIS PIECE OF ASS!! It was better than I had imagined – I was only 3 or 4 inches in but I needed to move in and out I needed to pound her hard so I did.

“Finally you are mine you little fuck toy! I own you! Take my cock! Do you like it? Do you like getting fucked for real?” I was really pumping her hard now.

I was really thrusting now with little care about hurting her. All I knew that this was the most amazing sex I have ever experiencing and I needed to be deeper in her….I was 6 or 7 inches in before I fully bottomed out. Tears were rolling down her face as I drove my entire body down on her, feeling her little body just giving in to the relentless pounding I was giving it. I wish I could say I lasted 5 minutes, I am not even sure it was a minute before I was filling her with my cum.

“Take it, feel my cum inside of you! Thats my pussy now!!” I moaned into her ear with my hand still over her mouth. My dick pulsing with each shot of cum. I waited until I was sure she wasn’t going to scream and pulled my hand off her mouth and my dick out of her cunt.

Tears were streaming down her face. “You sounded mad at me Uncle..” she started to say between sobs. I cut her off with a passionate kiss.

“No baby, I lost control! That was the best sex I have ever had. I am so glad you chose me to help you. Now lets take a little breath and then we start again.”

“Wait, AGAIN? But I am so sore!!” she whined..

“Now, you know to be the best you need to work through the pain and sacrifice a little.” I told her as I tried to quickly clean the blood and cum out from between her legs before she saw it all. “The next time will definitely hurt less.”

It wasn’t 10 minutes before I had to fuck the little minx again. I fucking love viagra.
I explained we had to do it in many different positions to get the muscles fully stretched and limber as I pulled her on top of me so I could watch her move up and down on me. I grabbed her hips and just guided her as I told her to move up and down for a few minutes before the demonic sex drive took over and I was pulling her up and down without her doing anything, it was like a 60 lb fuck tube for my masturbation enjoyment. I was lifting my hips off the bed as I pulled her down to get maximum penetration as my dick head crashed into the back of her pussy I could see her stomach swell with each thrust – it made me crazier until I exploded again. I was going to need a break after this one.

A minute later I told her to lie down and rest as we had to leave soon to get back before anyone saw we were missing too long, but I was already starting to plan how I could get more alone time with her and soon. She was passed out cold in a minute as she rolled unto her stomach. Looking at her ass my cock started to rise again. I knew I had to have her one more time. I also knew I was going to finish in her tight ass. I went into my bag and grabbed the ropes I took and slowly started to tie her arms overhead, wow was she a sound sleeper. Next I grabbed that bandana I brought and quickly gagged her with it. She woke up wide eyed and widly pulling on her arms.

“Shhh Kay its ok. I just want to try something. It may hurt a little but it won’t harm you UNLESS you squirm too much – thats why I tied your hands. Now just lie on your stomach a minute and relax.”

I grabbed the KY and lubed her pussy and my cock up again and slowly and gently started to thrust into her from behind. I could see her face in the mirror at the side of the bed and I could swear she seemed to actually start to like me fucking her. I went slow and since I had come THREE times already I could go for a bit. I reached around and slowly rubbed her clit and leaned over and whispered in her ear how much I loved her and loved fucking her. I played with her nipples with my other hand as I kept the slow rhythmic fucking going, pulling out twice as slow as my trust in. I started to feel her convulsing. Her body was flush and starting to glisten with a little sweat. She was making little mewing sounds under the gag…

I was going to do it, I was going to make her come with my dick in her. The gripping on my shaft was so intense I almost came again, but was able to hold off and then I felt her pussy spasm locked around me. She was so hot and sexual… but I needed to fuck that ass.

“Did that feel good baby?” I asked her as she smiled and nodded beneath the gag. “Good I told her, because this next part probably wont feel as good and I am sorry. I want you to tell me if it hurts too much by shaking your head. I am not going to stop but I want you to tell me!” She looked confused as I put some of the ky on her little rosebud of an asshole. Years of staring at her ass in a leotard and fantasizing about fucking her in her ass was finally about to be paid off..

“wrnngng hhhllle!!!!!!!!” she tried to tell me throw her muffled voice in the gag.

“Oh I know…” I said as I pressed against her ass and slowly relentlessly pushed inside. Again she cried out in the gag and began to shake her head back and forth.

In my mind I screamed – TAKE IT BITCH JUST RELAX AND TAKE IT! I began to pump her little butt. It was even tighter than her baby pussy. It was gripping me so tight I could barely move but I did. I fucked that little ass over and over for 10 minutes and finally unloaded inside and some on her back.

I carried her into the shower and washed her down. How the hell was I going to go on normally without getting this little bitch for a sex toy on the regular.. I needed to figure out someway to keep fucking her at least weekly..And her little sister had quite a little ass on her too… I wonder if..

(to be continued)

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