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Stretching my gymnast preteen niece Pt2

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Once he had sampled the pussy there was no turning back…

It had been 2 weeks since I had any of my niece’s preteen pussy and I was dying to get back into that. It was a Saturday night and my niece had another gymnastic meet and I went along as a proud uncle to cheer her on. She did great placing first overall. She also did great in keeping my dick hard the whole time as I watched her in her leotard pulled tight over her great little ass and a couple of camel toe shots too. After it was all over I walked over to her with my brother in law and saw her whisper in her friends ear and point at me and blush.

“Uh oh” is all I could think… She told someone. My life in prison started to flash before my eyes.

My brother in law elbowed me in the ribs and said to me, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say Kay has a crush on her uncle…” My turn to blush.

“Uhh…” was the brilliant response I gave.

“Just teasin man!” He said.

We took Kayla out for ice cream when I had an idea when we were sitting in Denny’s. I excused myself to go make a quick call and went out side and popped her dad’s tire with my pocket knife. Back inside I continued the inane conversation and said “Well I gotta head back home, got stuff to do and its getting late.” We all headed outside, me to my car and the two of them to Kayla’s dad’s car. I made sure to go slow enough for the inevitable follow up.

“FUCK! My goddamn tire!”

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I got a flat and my spare is already messed up and I didn’t fix it yet!”

“Shit you better call AA. Do you want me to wait with you? Or maybe I should just drive Kayla back, while you wait?”

“Yeah take her and I will see her back at home.” He was looking at the bar next to the Denny’s we were at and I knew he would be sitting in there relaxing while waiting.

“Ok no problem. Kayla hop in, grab your bag from your dad’s car.”

Off we drove to head back. For 3 minutes and then off onto a side road in the dark farm area of the state we were in. I practically ripped her out of the seatbelt and pulled her unto my lap as I started jamming my tongue down her throat. “Let fuck” I whispered in her ear.

I climbed into the back seat of my SUV and held her hand as she climbed back with me. I was pulling the side of her leotard away as I rubbed her clit. She instinctively reached for my dick and pulled it out of my pants. I lowered her head with my hand as I pushed my way into her hot little mouth. I pulled her leotard and panties to the side as I started fingering her from behind as she sucked me. “I missed you Kayla… oh yeah keep sucking me…” She was looking up at me for approval as she swirled her tongue around my cock. “So good baby…you are going to make me cum..” I forced her head down further as my dick started to gag her as it entered her throat, I could see the tears forming and the gagging sounds – that was it I was cumming directly down her throat…. “Keep sucking baby oh yeah…. Swallow that…” I let her up and she gasped for air.

She was clearly upset with me so I had to make it up to her. “Your turn..” I pulled the straps down on her leo and pulled them down her legs with her panties and started going down on her…

“You taste so good baby…” I told her… She had her hands on my head now.

“Ohmigod, ohmidgod… that feels so great… ohmigod…. Uncle … keep doing… that….” I swirled my tongue around her clit as I slowly pushed my finger inside of her…. She started to convulse around my finger and thrash around as she came. I replaced my finger with my tongue so I could feel her pussy contract around my tongue. I kept going past her first orgasm and lo and behold she came a second time less than a minute later. I couldn’t wait anymore.

“I have to fuck you now Kayla.. I have to be inside you…” I pulled my pants down and with little hesitation I pushed myself into her and started thrusting. Her pussy was wetter than last time but so very tight. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before in my life – except the first time I was with her. Feeling her tight little body beneath me, the feel of her hot breath in my chest as I stroked in and out of her, I truly understood what pussy whipped meant for the first time. As I kept fucking her I could only dream of being able to do this to her everyday… was all little girl pussy this good?

“I…I.. think I may be in love with you Uncle Jim..” she whispered to me as her pussy started convulsing around my cock… she was cumming again???

I blew my load deep inside of her. We had only been away from her dad like 20 minutes and I had cum 2x and her three times…. I pulled up my pants and helped her dress and sat in the back for a few minutes in the post fucking bliss we were in.

“We need to figure out a way we can be together more, Kayla” I told her.

She nodded and said definitely.

“Who were you talking to when you were pointing at me before?” I asked her. She blushed and looked down.

“Don’t be angry. That’s my friend Addyson.”

“Did you tell her what we did?” I asked.

Kayla looked down. “Yes but…” She stammered.

“Jesus, Kay we can get in SO much trouble! I told you – you definitely can’t tell anyone!”

“But she wants you to help her stretch out like me….. but I don’t want you to with anyone else… I don’t want to be jealous!”

I pondered for a minute. Maybe by fucking her too I could break this spell I was under with my niece.
“Kay, no one can EVER replace you. It wouldn’t be like with us, it would be just to help her. In fact unless you are there too, I don’t even think I could get excited enough to do it with her.”

“REALLY? I still don’t know.”

“Kayla, we kind of have to do it now… if we don’t she may tell on us, if we do she can’t tell because then she would be in trouble too.” I was getting excited again by all this.

“Lets do it again Kayla… we have to get going soon so take off your leotard and lean over the backseat.”

“Are you going to do it in my butt again??” she asked.

“No I just want to fuck you from behind.” I told her as I started to rub her pussy and pull my dick out.
I was thrusting a good few minutes in her and was getting a good rhythm. She had come again from my rubbing her clit while fucking her. I was so into it I didn’t notice the red lights approaching my car from the front.

The cop had walked over to the window and couldn’t believe his eyes. He pulled out his gun and shouted at me to get out of the car immediately. He almost shot me as I tried to pull up my pants. I was going to jail… I knew it.

“How old is she?” he asked gun still point at me. “Get dressed” he said to her, as he continued to point the gun at me.

“11” I said sheepishly.

“What the fuck man, is she your daughter??”


“How long has this been going on? You know what I don’t want to know. Turn around and spread your legs.”

He patted me down and cuffed me. He told Mikalya through her tears to wait there. She was safe now.
He put me in the back of his car and sat in the front.

“You been fucking her for how long?”

“This is the second time, 2 weeks ago was the first.”

“She didn’t seem to mind it”

What the fuck? I thought. Something was up here.
“No, she told me she loves me tonight and wants me to do this with her”

“You are gonna be killed in jail” he told me without ever taking his eyes off Kayla in my truck. “I hate to see you die, but it is what it is”.

He hadn’t radioed this in yet, I noticed. I also noticed his pants tenting a little.

“Maybe we could make a deal?” I said to him, throwing a hail mary.

“What kind of deal would I make with you, scumbag.” He asked

“One where you get to live out your fantasy too and no one know any better about anything..”

He literally sucked in the instant drool formed in the corner of his mouth before saying “Go on..”

“Maybe I can convince her to let you have some fun with her too”

“Listening… do you think she would go for it?”

“If I told her my life depended on it she would, but we only have about 30 mins before people will start looking for us” I told him.

“Stop wasting time then.” He uncuffed me.

I explained the situation to Kayla, how we would both go to jail unless we helped him by letting him fuck her and play with her for a few minutes. She cried and told me she only wanted to be with me.

I explained it was like the same with her friend. We don’t have a choice but I can be there if she wants.
She told me ok.

I waved the officer over. I explain to him that she only would do it if I could be there too.

“More the merrier, hell I thinking two timing the little slut can even be more fun”. He replied.
I am ashamed to admit, my dick started to stiffen when he said that.

“Can you suck my dick sweety?” he pulled it out and moved near her face. She nodded and tearfully opened her mouth into a little O and took him inside her lips.

“Please be gentle with her” I pleaded with him as he entered her mouth. He nodded to me and winked.
I was actually getting jealous. That was my special girl. His eyes were rolling back in his head. I knew how good he felt. I didn’t expect for him to last too long and he didn’t. Just about a minute later he was cumming in mouth. She pulled off when he started and he just shot his rope in the air.

“Get naked little girl. We aren’t done playing yet.” He told her. He roughly pulled on her leotard.

“Hey man, go EASY!” I told him again.

“Then you help” he replied. “Why don’t you warm her up for me I need a minute anyway. Go ahead and fuck her, I wanna watch.”

I look at her and she was clearly upset. “Lets call it a night and meet up again soon, she’s been though enough” I said.

“You don’t get it, do you? I call the shots dude. This is not a one night stand and this ain’t over. You are gonna fuck her for a minute until I am ready and then I am going to fuck the crap out of her while she blows you or something.”

“It..its.. ok” Kayla said. “Go ahead you have to..”

I sat down and lifted her on top of me. That way should could control the speed and force… we fucked for maybe thirty seconds and he said “OK my turn” He lied down on the back seat of my truck and told her to climb up on him. She did.

“Fuck me you little whore… you are so tight.. oh god. I am going to fuck you so many times…”

I hated seeing this and was also as hard as a rock. “Go fill up her little mouth with your cock, I want to see her get used as I keep fucking her”.

I moved my dick just near her and she reached out and sucked on me like it was as a pacifier to make a baby feel better. She was focused soley on me as he roughly lifted her up and down on him.

I said “C’mon man, finish we have to get going.”

“I need one more thing, before we’re done tonight.” He told me. Just then my phone beeped with a message from Kay’s dad telling us they just finished towing his car and he needed me to pick him up because they didn’t have a replacement tire.

“Shit man its her dad, I have to get moving.”

“Tell him you are on the way, after we do this next part I swear I will be done in 2 minutes…”

As I was texting him back I decided it was a good idea to take a few photos of Mr. Cop fucking a kid.

“Ok now lets finish this shit off” he told me, “DP her”

“What??” I said.

“You heard me – stick in the little girls ass while I am fucking her”

This was a fantasy and nightmare for me all at once. But really I had no choice the clock was ticking and who knows what this cop would have done if I refused. I put a hand on her back and pushed her forward onto the cop, exposing her ass to me.

“Sorry baby I have to…”

I forced my way into her ass. She screamed.

“Fuck her dude, you need to come in her” He shouted over her cries. I started thrusting slowly, it was so tight in there. “Shit man I can feel you moving in her… her 11 year old little pussy… and ass being ravaged. Cum in this slut!”

I started to fuck her tightest hole even faster. It was so hot and depraved. She was really crying now and it only turned me on more. He started to thrust opposite my timing so she always had a full cock in her.

I barely lasted two minutes before I was pumping my seed in her butt.
He went wild when I came and started being really rough with her again.

“STOP IT! She’s just a kid!!”

“Fuck off, you’re done you don’t have to watch…. Uhhh uhhhhh oh yeah……” He filled her pussy (my pussy) with his cum.

I stepped back horrified and feeling so depressed about what I had done, what I had brought my little niece into. She was a mess. He had caught his breath and lifted his hand up for me to high five him. WTF. I did it anyway.

“Dude that was AWESOME” he told me. He acted as if now we were best friends. He took out his phone and showed me a picture of his wife and 2 little girls. Both blonde little beauties probably 12 and 10 years old. “I am going to need to break them in a bit now that I have had a taste of the young pussy…Wanna help?”

As sick as it was, I sure as fuck wanted a piece of them. “Sure” I managed to say.

He got my number and texted me a pic of them. Followed by one other pic of a 16 year old brunette hottie with piercing green eyes wearing a bikini and obviously trying to show off for the camera.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“Babysitter I have been fucking on the side for a month or two. Wanna have a little party with her too?”

I thought this was the worst guy I could have ever met. I started to climb back in my truck and looked at the back seat as the cop drove off. Kayla was a mess. Cum covered and flush, half passed out. My dick got hard as I decided I had time for one more go at her.

As I slid into her cum filled tiny little pussy I realized I was ok. I wasn’t in love with her, I just needed her little pussy or another one to fill up. I started thinking about the cops little girls and Kayla’s little sister Lisa. How hot and tight they would be to pump full of my cum. The more excited I got the harder I fucked Kayla. Soon I was slamming her so hard her head was bouncing off the back seat. I shot yet another load into the little 11 year old’s tight pussy. I cleared her up as best I could and had to head out to get her dad. I told her to get some rest in the backseat.

About 25 mins later I pulled into the Denny’s parking lot and my brother in law was sitting on a bench waiting.

He went to hop in the back but saw his daughter lying there and jumped in the front with me. “What’s up with her? She was wide awake a little while ago?”

“I dunno I guess she got tired from the meet.” I told him.

“Kayla, you ok?” he asked her.

“Uncle Jim I need more time to rest, do we have to fuck again right now…” she murmured half asleep.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” He screamed.

I pulled over. She was wide awake now. It was a wild scene as I tried to calm him down, first I lied and tried to push it off as if she was having a dream. He noticed I hadn’t cleaned her fully. I also noticed he was getting hard talking about.

“Ok OK I admit it. We’ve been fucking. This is only our second time…. But there was an incident with a cop…”
I explained the whole situation. The cop forcing us to let him in on our fun. The DP.

“You DP’d her!” he exclaimed. “Kayla let me inspect you… I need to see you are ok. Pull down your panties.” He was looking closely at her inflamed privates. She was swollen from all the use we were giving her that night.

“Uh Mike… maybe…”I said.

“What?” he had started pulling her lips apart to see if she was torn. He inserted a finger.

At that moment I knew he was in with us.

“Kayla, why don’t you show your dad what we did. Start by blowing him.”

She looked sad and glad all at once. He shot up. “Hey I am not getting involved with this!”

“Your hard dick says otherwise. Trust me you will be glad you did.” I told him. He sat down in the seat and pulled his pants down. It didn’t take long for him to break completely. He was moaning in seconds.

“Oh god, thank you for doing this. I have wanted to for so long….Uhhhhh” He came down her throat.

“We need to get back and let her rest, Mike.” I said.

“Lets get a hotel room. I need to fuck her before we go back.. I can say my car broke and it was late…”

“DONE!” I told him.

About a half hour later we had checked into a hotel and put Kayla in a shower. Mike was literally shaking with anticipation. As soon as she was out of the shower he had her start to blow him again. Looking at her little ass in the air as she sucked him left me little choice I walked up behind her and pulled her towel down and thrust into her still tight pussy. She moaned a little onto her daddys dick as I fucked her.

“I gotta try that soon…” he said as he watched me fuck her.

“Do it now” I told him as a I pulled out of her and lifted her on top of his dick. He started crying as she lowered herself on top of his dick.

“What a pussy” I thought to myself. I let him thrust a few times before I ruined his fun and let him know who was in charge. I lifted her off of him and told him I am going to finish now. I put her legs up so her feet were on my shoulders and thrust into her.

“Look in my eyes, Kayla. I own you. I will let your dad fuck you, but only with my permission. I own you!”

I pounded her savagely again. She was grunting with the force of my thrusts. I turned to her dad.
“I own you too Mike. I filmed you fucking your daughter here and you with your hand on her head as she blew you. You have a mission now, you will bring me Lisa’s tight little ass to fuck within a week. She’s a brat and I need to teach her. She is not to be told anything about what we will do to her. Oh yeah one more thing, not only am I your boss, Kayla is too.” (Lisa was Kayla’s 10 year old little sister)

I looked back to Kayla as I kept deeply fucking her, “You are my number one, and that means you are in charge of your Dad and your sister too. They have to listen to you or they will answer to me. I love you baby. And I really love fucking you.” I thrust even harder into her as she started to cum. I looked at her dad again. “You understand?”

He nodded.

I pulled out and came all over his daughters chest and face.

“Lick it up Mike. And then you can finish in her, if she says its ok.”

She made him eat her for a half hour and then she let him fuck her… (to be continued)

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