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Straight man forced gay in bathroom

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I was driving on a long highway with very few stores when i had to stop in a gas station in the middle of nowhere to use the washroom. There was a car outside that i assumed to melong to the worker and 4 motorcycles. It was a gas station and a liqour express so i assumed them to be buying booze. I went in and asked for the bathroom key, it was tossed to me and i walked on in. Strangely in the washroom there was stalls instead of the usual one toilet in a washroom with a key. One of the doors had been locked and taped off due to the 2x1ft hole in the door that seemed to be purposely cut. Weird. I went into the stall next to it and started to pee. I heard a key rattle at the door handle and yelled occupied. Obviously they can’t get in, that’s the purpose of the key. But they did. I finished pissing and went the leave the stall but i was grabbed quickly and spun back around. The man was larger than me but i put up a good fight until a second man grabbed me too. I turned back to see 5 men stuffed into the small washroom. My turning back was just enough a distraction for them to shove me i to the whole in the previous stall. I struggled to get out but before i knew it they were taping my legs to the stalls. I looked down to see if there was a knob to the door or sokething i could grab but the knob was ripped off and all i could see was a few drips of blood dried on the floor directly below my face. I thought of how badly this could go and decided not to do anything stupid. Without a chance to react i feel my pants get pulled down to where the tape is securing me to the stall. Along with it my boxers. The squirt a bottle of im assuming lube on my ass and i feel a cock rubbing against my virgin asshole. He slowly eases it into me as i grunt and cuss. Then without warning slams it all the way into me. It felt so wide but not too deep. I didnt feel it hit anything but i was stretched real tight around him. He fucks me rough and fast for maybe 3 minutes before cumming inside of me. Quickly another cock slides in me. Bigger than the last. He hits my prostate in the first trust and i feel blood rush to my cock and it gets hard. He fucked me a bit slower than the last but much deeper and he too cums inside of me. The next two are smaller than the second and fuck me rough like the first as my unwillingly hard cock bounces against the stall door. Finally its time for the last guy. I’m now dripping with cum down to my cock, my ass much looser than before they showed up, filled with 4 guys loads of cum as i am in shock. The last guy puts the tip against me and eases it in. It feels huge. He keeps eating it as i expect it to be all the way it keeps on coming. He is now all the way in pushing hsrd against my prostate. He quickly pulls out of me and my ass suctions back together. He notices my cock and starts to reach down and stroke it while resting an inch of what felt like his 9 inch cock inside me. It felt so good even though i didn’t want it to. I get close to coming and he stops and jams his cock back in me and fucks me hard. I cum so hard all over my legs and into my pulled down pants. He takes notice and fucks me harder. I keep cuming as he keeps fucking and finally he cums inside me with a huge load that oozes out immediatly and pours down my cock. The five men get ready to leave and the last one cuts the tape from my legs. I stand up and the cum pours down my legs. I pull up my pants and limp back to my car.

Sc: big_secret666

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  • Reply Bi perv ID:1bqrnbuexik

    I love being fucked rough, this would have me asking them all to take a second turn!

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  • Reply Pervy pete ID:tqllaeetb74

    Yum 😋 all that cock and cum!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    My, what a lucky lad you were!!