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Spain – My Happy Hunting Ground 2

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Passed out teenage holidaymakers are the easiest prey.

Compared to the risks I have taken raping young Spanish girls, getting my cock inside young teen holiday makers is really easy and relatively risk free.

Even really young teens, 12 to 14 yo can be found drinking and drunk in many of the tourist spots of Spain. Go to where there are beach bars, with loud music and booze flowing and you’ll find them. If you sit on the beach, just away from the lights eventually you will see the little ones stagger past nearly senseless.

Some will go and throw up in the sand and others will pass out in the shadows. These are the easiest.

I can remember waiting outside a bar frequented by Germans. Lots of them. I had spotted two very young blonde teens go inside earlier and they were obviously drunk at that time. They wore very little. Small bikini tops, very short summer skirts, flip-flop type sandals and loose long hair.

Two went in but one staggered out about an hour later. She swayed her way down the beach and away from the lights and crowds. I followed at a distance.

It wasnt long before she dropped to her knees and then sat back on her heals. I watched her stretch out on the sand and lie still.

I looked around, there was no one in sight. Far in the distance i could hear the faint noise of the club. But the sound of waves softly breaking and running up the beach was louder.

I approached her and asked if she was ok. No answer.

I leaned over and shook her. No response.

She was breathing steadily but was out for the count. That was just what i hoped for.

I turned her on to her back and pulled up her bikini top. Her tits were white and pointy in contrast to the tan of the rest of her exposed skin. I’d say she was about 13 or 14 yo now i could see her close up. Very slender but with decent sized tits for her age.

I loved how firm and perky her breasts were under my squeezing hands. Her nipples tasted sweet and looked like two pink strawberries. I spent time enjoying them before moving down her body and lifting her short white skirt.

I had expected she would be wearing matching bikini bottoms, but no, she wore white lacy panties which looked just fabulous against her tanned legs.

I pulled off her panties to see blond hair lightly covered her pussy. Opening her legs i rubbed my hand over inner labia which protruded out beyond her outer pussy lips. I spread both sets of lips and moistened her entrance. She continued breathing deep and steady, but didn’t stir otherwise.

I dropped my shorts, spat on my cock and pushed it inside of her pussy. She wasnt a virgin, at least there was no hymen to break although my dick was a tight fit in her young vagina. It felt good, and the fact that she lay there, unreacting to me ploughing her cunt, did not diminish my pleasure in the slightest.

I was enjoying the feel of her pliant young body underneath me, feeling relieved that i didn’t have to fight her. I just fucked her at my own pace, savouring all of the sensations that contact with this sweet little girl’s body could give.

I had no desire to hurt her, I didn’t intend to force my way into her arsehole. I just needed a simple uncomplicated shag and her pussy was perfect for the job.

I went slow and steady in and out as i sucked her tits and occasionally took a look at my meat enjoying her quim.

I sped up and plunged harder bringing myself to climax. My dick jerked and squirted inside her before i managed to pull out and cum on her tits. I hadn’t meant to jizz inside her, i just didn’t withdraw quick enough – oops!

I pulled up my shorts, pulled her bikini top down over her tits and put her panties back on her before putting her in the recovery position.

I then went back to my car and drove the 1 hour back to my rented villa.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Good for you, man, but should have given her a rough assfuck too!

  • Reply Zoe ID:3bdr5787bzz

    Thank you for writing part 2!! I would love to see you fucking a little English girl in another part so i could imagine myself in one of your stories😆

    • Deadhead ID:h9alcerd3

      One of my earliest conquests was an English girl called Zoe. As it happened I had gone to see a band called Steel Panther at an open air festival near Malaga. There was lots of drink and the crowd were bouncing by the time Panther hit the stage.

      If you have never seen them, their lyrics are filthy and they encourage the women in the audience to flash their tits, or even get up on stage and get topless.

      I had noticed Zoe earlier in the night. She was wearing a bikini top and short denim skirt. She looked to me too young to be at a gig like that one, and it turned out she had come along with her older brother. How do I know, well I got close to them in the crowd and heard them talking.

      By the time Michael Starr announced the next song is called “I wasted all my time fucking you”, everyone was pressed so close it was difficult to move. I made sure I was pressed against Zoe.

      We were all jumping up and down, and with each bounce I pulled her denim skirt further up her legs until her whole rear was exposed. She was wearing little striped multicoloured panties. She noticed what was going on when I pulled out my cock and pressed it into the fabric covering her arse. There wasn’t much she could do, she could hardly move and the music was too loud for her to be heard.

      I pulled her panties down to her knees as she struggled to see behind her. I pushed my cock between her little soft white buttocks and humped her in time with the music.

      The crowd were going nuts when Satchel, the guitarist, ripped into a blistering solo. All around there were women in the crowd and on stages with their tits out gyrating and dancing.

      I pushed Zoe a little further over and forced my cock into her tight little pussy. Her brother was completely oblivious to what was happening and no one close by noticed the distress little Zoe was in.

      She was no virgin, that’s for sure, but her pussy gripped my cock good and hard.

      …. Out of space 🙁

    • Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

      Oh fuck, you know what makes this so sexy? The fact that Zoe was in distress! Fuck that ass, man!!