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Sophie’s Ecstacy

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You are drunk and tweaking a little at 3am when you made that escort appointment. It’s not what you thought.

You pull up the exit ramp and see the run-down motel. This is definitely not the right side of town but you don’t care. The alcohol and meth burning in your body give an urgency to your loins you haven’t felt in a while. When you tried to get the wife going- waking her up at 3am was maybe not the right move- she told you to get lost. Well, looking at this motel, you’re for sure lost, if not the way she meant.

The text messages on the phone had said room 206. You pull around the back of the building and see a guy standing on the second floor, just beside the stairs. He nods to you and you pull into a parking space. He’s dangerous looking, but waves you over.

You get out- you were smart enough to hide your wallet before you pulled up. You walk up the stairs to greet the man, trying to maintain a sense of ease and control despite your heart pounding in your chest. You had never done this before- at least, this way; sure, strippers in Vegas that one time for Bill’s bachelor party, but never an escort ad, and especially not at 3 in the morning- and you stop a few feet away from him.

“You are Mark, yes? I am Serg. You come see Sophie? Sophie happy to see you. You come with me.” He speaks with a Russian accent. He turns and walks towards room 205, next door. “Now, is 200 per hour, but you want 3 hours, is 500. 100 more for raw. That special, for you.” He opened the door to room and stepped in, waving you in. You can feel the danger radiating off him, but you follow, the meth demanding it.

You step inside to see an even larger, more intimidating looking man who glances up at you. He has a killer’s eyes, but they simply note your presence and look back to the TV, showing a soccer game from overseas.

“Now, you party fuck boy?” the man taps his nose. “You like to snow, ice? I have.”

It had been a few hours since the last line. Your buddy Bill had told you it was just like adderal. Fucking liar- whatever else meth was, it definitely wasn’t adderal.

“Uh, sure, okay.” You probably shouldn’t do another line, but the way it felt- and you are going to get the 3 hours, right? You didn’t know that until he said it, but now, for sure. “Uh, meth? A couple lines?”

“Okay, is 100 more. And I give little blue pill, it help.”

Your dick jumps at that. You don’t normally use that, but tonight it might be helpful.

Serg opens a bag sitting next to his bed and pulls out a little baggie of crystal. He selects a middle size one and goes over to the nightstand beside the bed where you see a flat dish. He quickly chops the crystal up into a small pile of white powder. He looks back over at you.

“You snort? Smoke?”

“Uh, snort.”

“Okay, good man!” he cuts out 4 lines, bends over with a straw and snorts up two himself. “Here you go! Is good shit!”

You snort up the lines. The burning in your nose is welcome now, as you have a better idea of what follows. The drip in the back of your throat- metallic, delicious- intensifies. You feel a wave of power and euphoria slowly wash over you, more in control, and hornier.

“Okay, here you go,” he says again, holding out a blue pill. You swallow it down.

“Now, how long you want to see Sophie?”

“Uh, 3 hours. Uh, you said raw? Is she cool with that, and is she clean?”

“Oh, Sophie loves it, and she clean. I only offer raw to gentlemen, like you.”

A likely lie. You don’t care.

“Okay, 3 hours, raw.” Your dick swells at little at hearing yourself say this. You haven’t cheated on your wife since the very early days of marriage, when you needed a lesson to learn that she was serious about monogamy. Your two kids have been born and grown to high school age since you’ve been with another woman. And now- a few drinks- okay, more than a few- and this powder- Bill is crazy if he thinks this is like adderal- and here you are. And you know you’re an idiot for thinking about raw, but you hated condoms back then, and now- in for a penny, in for a pound. Or whatever.

“Okay, you have cash? Or Cashapp.”

“Cashapp. 6- no, 700 total?” You transfer the money over to Serg.

“Good man! Let’s go meet Sophie. Now, you want more time, you let me know.” He opens the door and walks to the room next door. “Now, if Sophie give you any trouble, you let me know. Just text me, or just knock on door.”

For the first time serious hesitation rises up in you. Clearly Serg was at least her protector- that was obvious and okay. But…is Sophie here by choice? Dare you protest if she wasn’t? That was a big man, a killer, back in the room next door, and Serg is clearly dangerous as well. Well, maybe don’t jump to conclusions right now. And, besides, -well, not really a point, but those new lines you did were building, rising in you. You needed this- you deserved this, right? What’s a little party every once in a while? You’re a good man. You deserve to blow off steam.

Serg unlocks the room door and waves you inside past him. You step inside, and he smacks your shoulder as you walk by. “Have fun, Mark my man!” He closes the door behind you.

Three things are immediately obvious as you look at the bed and see a young girl laying beneath a sheet.

First, this girl is even younger than her pics on the ad made it seem. You thought maybe 18 or 19, and even at that age, absurdly young for your 45 years, but even so, you could at least fuck her and have fun. This girl- this girl was almost certainly underage. A darkness swells inside you.

Second, this girl is drugged out of her mind. She turned to face you as you walked into the room, but her eyes are glazed over, and she’s just laying there, out of it. She’s lovely! And there’s a light flush on her face.

Third, you ARE going to fuck this girl. You cannot stop yourself. And you’re most likely going to pay Serg for even more time.

You stand beside the bed looking down at her. She’s small- maybe 5’1″- but shapely. She’s already naked with only a sheet covering her, but you can see that her body is perfect. Her fresh, youthful skin is unblemished, her brunette hair framing a lovely, blushing round face. She- she actually looks a lot like your daughter back home- and looks to be about the same age. You are only momentarily bothered when your dick grows heavier at that thought. Come to think of it, she looks a lot like your daughter. Same lean but curvy build, same b-cups with pert nipples, same full hips and thighs. Is Sophie a cheerleader?

The thought crosses your mind that this is wrong in many levels. That thought is washed away by the image that soon your dick would be inside this tight young pussy. You feel heat in your gut like you haven’t in years- decades!- and it continues to build.

You pull your shirt off. “Hi Sophie. It’s very nice to meet you.”

What do you say in this situation? Her head turns in the direction of your voice. Her eyes go in and out of focus. She moans softly but says nothing. Her moan is very sexy.

You kick your shoes off and unbuckle your belt, drop your pants. Your cock is already half-hard, and as your eyes continue to run up and down this young girl’s body, grows harder. Her head turns away, accentuating her slender neck, her bare chest barely covered with the sheet. Her nipples are hard and softly rising, falling under the sheet.

You lower your underwear and can’t help rubbing your dick as you stand back up. You reach down, grab the edge of the sheet, and gently start moving it to the side, revealing her body. Her possible age drops the more you reveal, but the fire in your gut grows hotter. She must be 15, maybe 16, same as your daughter. As you move the sheet, her body reacts. Her hand tries to grab the sheet, and her legs shift, trying to close together. She’s stronger than you’d have guessed, and she manages to move the sheet, covering herself, but it’s only reactions.

You kneel on the bed, and then lay next to her. The heat of her body is intoxicating. She moans senselessly as she feels you next to her. You put a hand on her near hip and slide it under the sheet, finding her waist, and then moving up her torso. She’s warm and her body is soft and smooth. Your hand moves up to her breast and squeezes it. You roll her nipple between your fingers. She moans again. Your dick is fully erect at this point.

You’re not sure how long you knead her breast, but when you take your hand off, her nipple is even harder. Your dick is swollen and aching and you can’t take it anymore. Your hand moves down between her warm, supple thighs- she’s shaven!- that is a surprise- is your daughter’s young cunt shaven?- and you start rubbing her pussy. It’s already wet, and her clit is swollen. Well, of course, she’s probably been fucked all day. She moans even more as you start rubbing her clit.

Well, as much as she’s enjoying that, she clearly wants it, you tell yourself. That makes this okay, right?
You pull the sheet fully aside- you have to wrench it gently out of one of her hands-, exposing her entire youthful body. She’s warm- she’s sweating lightly. Her nipples are hard, her skin flushed. You get on your knees and get atop her. You reach down and grab her knees, and pull her thighs apart- she resists, briefly, but then loses focus again. You kneel between her legs, gazing down in wonderment.

She has the prettiest pussy you have ever seen. Narrow, small lips, flushed pink, already glistening with her wetness. Her clit is swollen and prominent. You can’t help but reach down and rub it with your thumb, strumming a little. Her lips purse, she moans and her hips buck gently. God, you want to taste her- but how many men have been there already today?

You reach down and grasp your swollen cock. She is so tiny- will it even fit?

Your hands are shaking as you try to guide your dick into her pussy. She is hot and wet and her pussy is slick, but her opening is tight. You start gently swatting her clit with the head of your cock- a technique that had served you well in the past, and the heat inside her grows. You’re surprised when her hands start gripping the sheets, but it’s the best sign of arousal yet, and your cock starts slapping faster.

Finally, you line your cock up with her wet hole. The head slowly penetrates her. God, she’s tight- and so hot! Your dick is on fire as it pushes slowly into her, but you’re getting impatient- you’re losing control. She’s so tight and wet! She moans and her head tosses a little as you push deeper. You push til you can’t comfortably any more, then pull out- her juice is thick and white on your cock- and push back in. This time, you sink fully inside her. You are so grateful she can take all of you, even as you feel her tight cervix barely at the head of your cock.

You hold yourself there, trying not to come too fast. You are stunned when she moans again- breathlessly, brainlessly, and her hips start grinding against your pubis. Her pussy is clearly hungry for your dick, and, as she rolls herself against you, she starts keening in time with her clit rubbing you. You can’t help but gasp as you look down at the hottest thing you’ve ever seen in your life- this underage girl, drugged, rolling and pressing herself against your dick, trying to come on you. Clearly she wants this. You’re not doing anything wrong here.

A thought. This could be your daughter. You can see similarities in her face- her face, now- blushing even redder as she bucks herself to climax. You wonder briefly- does Serg take requests? Could this be you fucking your daughter here next week?- Whoa, too far! But it’s okay to think about, right?
You start rolling your hips into her- you’re losing it, but so is she. She’s moaning loudly, and the sound of her is driving you crazy. You’re not sure, but you think she’s close to coming- she’s making noises and her pussy is gripping your cock and you can feel her swelling against you. You reach down, grabbing her waist- you’re gonna hold her and fuck her and fill her with your come, and that thought sends a chill through you, and then-

“FUCK! OH, FUCK!!” she wheezes breathlessly. You start moving in and out of her, barely in control as her tight pussy starts clamping down on you. She gasps, moans- she explodes all over your dick. You feel wetness against your balls and crotch.

“Fuck, oh god!” she wails. Her pussy squeezes tightly and her back arches. She’s shaking and quivering and coming all over your cock. You can’t help it, you unload inside her.

“YES!” you growl. “FUCK YES!!”

And you shoot jet after jet inside her. Your body is on fire. Your hips are jerking uncontrollably, and your vision blurs. You have never come so hard, or for so long. It’s all you can do to keep from flopping down on her, but you have to sink down as your mind swims with pleasure.

When you come back to yourself, you are slumped on top of her, your cock still throbbing in her. Her hands grip your arms, her head lolling senselessly back and forth. Her hips still twitch gently beneath you, almost imperceptibly. You can’t help yourself, but grab both sides of her head and bring her lips to yours. You hungrily drive your tongue into her mouth, your soul on fire to touch hers.

She moans against your mouth. Her tongue is slow to respond but eventually does. She’s senseless, mindless in her response, but her response is there. This is no silly little girl being fucked against her will, but a hot, hungry young woman who loves all of this- her body and mouth’s response clearly shows that. The drugs are just helping. You’re sure of it. And you also don’t care a whole lot.

You start fucking her again, slowly, still kissing her, but then have to pull back to gasp for air. You gaze down in wonder at her flushed face, moaning and starting to thrash, gently, mindlessly, as you fuck her. She’s beautiful- stunning. In some of your darker moments, you have jerked off thinking about this exact moment with your now-15 year old daughter- the darker of those thoughts started a few years ago, started at the same time her curves did, and when she first put on that cheerleader’s uniform. Junior high. And now- this girl beneath you, taking your whole dick joyfully, eagerly, fucking you back- she has to be about the same age. Your daughter would obviously enjoy this too.

She moans as your thrusts into her pick up speed. Her body is shaking, her face flushing. You can tell she’s building again. Her hips fuck you back eagerly.

You grab her head and kiss her again, roughly, hungrily. You swell- it’s only been 10 minutes and already you’re going to come again?- but you can’t stop yourself. You burst inside your daughter’s hot, hungry cunt, and she eagerly comes again as you pulse inside her. Wait, no, Sophie’s cunt. Sweet Sophie. Little Sophie here.

You have to roll over a minute and rest. You gently pull Sophie’s body against yours and hold her there. She’s still reeling from her last orgasm, and huffing air against you, her legs twitching ever so slightly.
You just lay there quietly a few minutes, sweating already, recovering from your burst of activity. Your heartbeat starts to slow down- you hadn’t realized how high it actually was. You would have thought two quick orgasms in a row would settle the fire in your belly and loins, but already it’s building again. Or maybe that’s the meth.

“Please…please help me.” you hear from next to you. Sophie, her head wobbly, is whispering to you. “They….they took me. Help me get away.”

A quick surge of guilt, anxiety. Followed by a quicker surge of deeper, darker guilt. You realize, to both your agony and your ecstasy, you are not going to help this young girl. You sit up, reach down beside the bed and grab your phone. You text Serg.

A knock on the door. You get up, naked and uncaring, open the door. Serg stands there.

“My man, so quick! What you need?”

“She’s….she’s asking me for help. Can you do something?”

“Oh, yeah, my man! You go to bathroom. -Hey, my man, I give you free extra hour! You good guy!” he pulls a small well-worn leather bag out of his pocket.

You go into the bathroom, glancing back just before you lose sight of the room. Serg is drawing a fluid into a syringe, sitting beside the girl. She’s still helpless, senseless, but showing some signs of not wanting to see Serg there. She’s unable to get away. A flash of guilt, quickly subsumed by the fire in your belly, washes over you.

On the other hand, if she was that responsive to your dick when her drugs were wearing off, how much more responsive will she be shortly?

You manage to pee despite your dick still being pretty hard. You glance at your watch- 4:17am. You would ordinary being getting up for work in about a hour- you’re going to have to send a sick day notice to your partner. On the other hand, your wife always sleeps while you’re leaving for work. She’ll never know when you’d gotten off to. Hell, you can spend the day here.

“My man!” Serg hollers from the other room.

You open the door, walk out. You immediately glance at Sophie- you can see a point of blood at her elbow where she was injected, but she otherwise seems fine. She’s laying there, eyes closes, breathing slightly heavy, her body twitching softly. Her mouth is open in wonder.

“Man, she like firecracker for you now.” he smacks her leg, and stands up to go. “You want another line? You get another hour with Sophie here, 4 hours.”

“Yeah, another line would be great. Can you leave it over on the table there?”

He cuts you out a line, then turns and leaves. You lay down again next to Sophie. She barely registers your presence, but when your hand slides back down her youthful, hot young body- down her breasts, nipples jutting out proudly, down her belly, slipping back down between her legs- her hungry hole is even wetter and hotter than before. Immediately you have to be back inside her- her young pussy literally feels like it’s hotter than before.

You get back on top- this time there is no resistence from her as you spread her smooth young thighs wide apart. You press your cockhead against her wet slit and press in- she’s so wet and tight! – “Unghhh…” Sophie moans as you enter her. Her hands flutter on the bed and she rolls her head. You slide slowly into her- her pussy is still tight and her walls grip you, but the drugs in her make her cunt a burning furnace. You have never felt so welcome in a pussy before. Her hips immediately start rotating against you, more eager than ever. -whatever it is that Serg gave her, maybe he would sell you some for your little girl….just make sure her mother is gone for the weekend…how do I inject someone while she’s sleeping?

“Fuuuuuuuck!” you whisper as you slide the rest of the way in. This is heaven. You start thrusting slowly, enjoying the sensation of her hungry young pussy squeezing, pulling, gripping, begging for you. She’s so wet you can’t believe you don’t immediately slide out, but she’s so tight you can’t see how you would be able to.

You can’t believe how eager this girl is. Even with her head lolling and her eyes rolling, she’s responding- eagerly. She’s moaning and whining, her voice rising and falling, her hips eagerly grinding into you, her legs wrapping around your waist. She’s panting and whimpering.

You’re not going to last long- no way, her eager pussy is gripping you so tight and her legs are squeezing, her voice is keening. But you make yourself slow down. You used to pride yourself on your fucking- you used to always make sure your wife came a couple times before you do- but these last years, it’s just been one and done- let’s see if you can make this young girl helpless on your cock.

You slow your pace, but then start thrusting hard, steady, and slow.

“Nnnnnngh!” she groans. Her head starts tossing side to side. You reach down and rub her clit. “Ahhhh! Ahhhh!!” she squeals. She starts thrashing- she’s about to come.

“Come for me, Sophie, come all over my cock.” You grunt as you thrust hard and deep. You feel her pussy start convulsing and her legs start trembling.

“Oh God! Fuck! FUUUUCK!” Sophie is breathlessly screaming and coming and you manage to hold back, and to keep fucking her. Her pussy keeps clamping down on you- and you can feel it trying to milk you, trying to suck the come out of you, and she’s whimpering. Her face is fully flushed, descending down her chest, across her perfect young breasts. Her head is tossing sideways, helplessly. She starts building again immediately beneath you. You wonder….

You grab the young girl’s hips and roll over. She gasps, but she rolls with you. She’s laying atop your body, but her hips are still gently rolling. You grab her shoulders, push her upright. She takes a second to adjust, but then sits up atop your cock, her hands senselessly running up and down her own body. She cups her own breast, fingers brushing her nipple. She starts grinding back and forth with your dick buried deep in her young body, rubbing her own clit on your mound.

“Unnngghhhhhh,” she groans as she rolls her hips back and forth. Your dick is throbbing hard, buried deep in her teenage womb, and your dick is being gently milked as she works herself into a frenzy. You start bucking your hips, sliding in and out as much as you can, hoping to get her riding up and down, and slowly it works. She responds to your thrusts, starting to ride you herself. Her eyes are half closed, lips pursed, sucking air and moaning, riding up and down. You reach down, start rubbing her clit- and she bucks, grinds against your fingers and cock as you’re stroking her sopping, swollen knob. She keens, thighs clamping against your sides, and she comes again as you keep strumming, rubbing her. Not as powerfully as the last time- a small orgasm this time, but she still feels wonderful on your wet crotch.

A thought- there’s lube on the nightstand beside you. You gently roll the girl off the top of you- you love the contrast between how strong and soft her body is and how little she weighs- you’re 45, but you’ve always been strong- and, when she flops on her side, you grab her hips and pull them up so they are raised in the air, her face and torso still on the bed. Face down, ass up- isn’t that how it goes? You grab the lube- your dick is already wet with her fluids, but you want to make this easy on her- and you lube your dick up thoroughly. You squirt a good shot on her asshole. Then- you have read about this, but never done it- you slowly press your finger against her tight little ring.

She groans below you. Her asshole is fighting your finger. With your other hand, you start rubbing her clit, and continue working your finger in and out of her- the lube and her own fluids making it easy, despite her reluctance. Eventually, her groans stop and she starts moaning and trying to push back against your fingers. You pull your finger out of her ass, another squirt of lube, and now work two fingers in. Eventually, she’s taking that easy, too.

You kneel behind her, line your cock up against her tight asshole.

“This is going to be good, Sophie.”

You press the head of your dick into her tight, puckered hole. She resists, and you slowly lean in. Her ring stretches, and then you’re in her, and her tight anal walls are squeezing your dick and you are in heaven. She groans and whimpers, her head shaking back and forth. Her fists clench with sheets.

“You like that, don’t you, Sophie? You like having my big dick in your hot little ass.” You can’t believe your hear yourself saying that- yeah, this ice isn’t like aderall at all. You look down at your cock, stuffed a few inches inside of a kidnapped, drugged underage girl. You never masturbated to the thought of fucking your daughter’s tight, cheerleader ass, but maybe you should have. Your dick swells at the thought…

You start slowly rocking your hips in and out, and slowly, her asshole gives. Her tight hole stretches and soon enough you’re gliding easily in and out of her. You grab her hips and start pumping, sliding back and forth, fucking her, and her moans start growing. Whatever drugs she’s on, it’s helping her relax and take you in. Then you have to stop a moment when you realize she has reached one hand down and is flicking her own clit. It’s the hottest thing you have ever seen.

You slowly lose coherent thought as you keep sawing in and out- her asshole is actually a little looser than her pussy, except that tight ring- and she slowly becomes more eager for you, pushing back. You can’t stop yourself- your thrusts become more insistent, more savage- she collapses below you and falls belly down on the bed as you masterfully stroke in and out, owning her ass, owning her body. This is how it should always be, this is what it is to be a man, taking this young thing beneath you, doing what you want. Young Sophie starts wailing below you, clearly building up to another orgasm- but you don’t care, this moment is about you.

If you had been born 1000 years ago, you could have had this all the time, a Mongol on the plains, taking what you want. 400 years ago, a knight in Europe, who could stand against you? The farmer’s daughter would be returned in the morning, more noble for the experience. 200 years ago, a plantation owner, having your due, increasing your stock. 70 years ago, a Russian in occupied Germany, a Japanese soldier in Nanking. But no, we have to be more civilized. A lesser man might even do this to his own daughter….

But right now, this young girl, your cock savaging her asshole, her body not her own, but your plaything, …you swell as she starts to come again beneath you, helplessly laying there but somehow submitting even more completely. And then you grab her hair with one hand, wrap your arm around her shoulders with the other, pull her tightly against you as you keep driving and you rupture inside her tight hole. Jet after jet of thick white fluid spurts from your dick and into her young, fertile, drug-addled body. Sophie is wailing and moaning beneath you. You are unable to stop fucking as you come again and again, until a wave of weariness and satisfaction rolls over you.

You collapse atop her, holding her warm, young body tight against you. You are buried so deep in her hole. You feel her still squeezing, clamping onto you, but it’s all you can do to lay there, sucking air.

You check your watch. 3 hours to go, still. And that’s before you give Serg more money. You’re going to spend the day this way, aren’t you?

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