Some time at the beach

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I m a twenty five yr old woman with a great body very ahtletic with 32 dd tits,I had just boken up with a guy who wasn t good for me and I needed some time away ,so I went to my friends each house to relaxi had packed some clothes and my sexy bikini, I wanted to tan a little while I was there . After I arrived I decided to put on my bikini and take a walk along the beach and enjoy some time alone, as I walked along I happened to meet a couple of guys and we chatted fo a while about some things ,I happened to say about my faile relatenship and we chatted about it and they smiled and asked if I had any plans that evenining and I said no and they smiled and asked if they could cheer me up a little and we walked back to the beach house and we had a couple of drinksas we chatted on the couch I was in the middle. I felt relaxed and comfortable with them, as we laughed and chatte I soon felt a hand on my thighcaressing me it felt nice and then one of them kissed me and he slid his hand inside of bikini top and massaged my tit, I moanedand soon he took it off while the other guy got down and I lifted up a little while he took off my bottom and I spread a littleexposing my shaved pussy.He smiled as he spread me some more and he was soon eating my pussy,as I moaned the other guy kissed me and sucked my titsand gently massaged them it felt great soon they took off there swim trunkd and they both were hard, both of them had 8″ I was asked to get on my hands and knees so after I did one of them got behind me and he adjusted me alittle and I felt him slide into me soon he was deep in me befire he stoped and he was fucking me I moaned as he did the other guy got down in front of me and soon his dick was in my mouth as he face fucked me,I was loving it. I soon felt the guy fucking me unload a lot of his hot sperm inside of my pussy and he pulled out ,the guy I was sucking pulled out and got behind me I loked back as he pushed into my ass I moaned as he pushed deeper and then he was fucking my hot ass suddenly I felt his hot rush of sperm inside of I elt like such a slut after they finished and we laid there.I decided that I loved the feeling of being a slut, I talked with them aboutit and we decidie I ould be there slut and they could use me any way they wished from then on. I stayed there with them and I get used often by them and some of there friends as well.

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