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Solstice Celebrations on Rodd Island

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Many communities have their own, ancient rituals to mark the changing of the seasons. Rodd Island is no different.

Jojo was in a hurry. She had arranged to meet her friends in town, but she’d overslept and was running late.
She threw on a few clothes and made for the door.

It was locked.

“Rob,” she shouted upstairs to her brother, “do you know where the key is? Mum’s locked the door behind her again.”

“She usually leaves it under the rug.”

“No they’re not there. I was due to meet the girls ten minutes ago.”

“You’d best ring them and tell them then.”

Jojo shrugged and dug her phone out of her bag, she was suprised to find a text message from Rob. “Hey what’s this?”

“Just read it.” came the reply from her brother’s bedroom.

“Jo,” it read, “We both know what day it is and thought you might like to stay here and celebrate with me, if so, I’ll be waiting in my bedroom at 11.50.
If you’d rather meet up with your friends, I’ve hidden the key behind the clock.”

Well that was unexpected!

Solstice Day was a big deal on Rodd Island.
All the grown ups laughed and grinned whenever anyone mentioned it – especially the ladies, so it must be fun. Jojo had always wanted to join in, but she’d been too young. However she had just turned 16, so there was nothing to stop her this time.
She’d never thought doing it with her 14 year old brother though, but there was no age limit for boys, so “why not?”
It was their patriotic duty, after all.

She messaged her friends and told them to carry on without her.

This was going to be interesting….


She knocked on her brother’s bedroom door at ten to twelve, as he’d requested.
He switched off his games console and turned to face her.

He was smartly dressed in a suit and tie. She was dressed more simply – barefoot in a plain white cotton shift, tied at the waist. A traditional image of innocence and purity, but as hot as hell!

It was a scene that was being played out across the island.
Hundreds, maybe thousands, of simply clad wives and girlfriends were presenting themselves to their husbands and lovers.
Secretaries were stepping into their managers’ offices; headmasters were welcoming nubile young students to their studies and lords of the manner were summoning their favourite maids.

Everybody was waiting for the clock to strike noon and many were watching the annual TV coverage that would orchestrate the national countdown in front of the royal palace.


Jojo and Rob listened to the pretty young
TV historian explaining the pagan practices of the early Rodd Islanders, “who struggled against harsh winters that brought famine and disease to their remote homeland. They relied on their wits and their ancient gods to sustain them through those difficult months until the days lengthened and the sun returned.
A grateful race, they gladly thanked their gods with tributes and sacrifices. And in return the gods nurtured their crops and sustained their children.”

“But now,” declared the middle aged male anchorman, 21st century science medicine, refrigeration and transport means we are far less dependent upon the gods, but we are still a grateful nation, ready to remember our forebears, and honour our culture and our history.”

“Whilst we might no longer offer our young maidens’ lives in sacrifice, they continued to make a more symbolic offering.”


With only a few minutes to go before commencement of the national ritual, Jojo lowered herself over her brother’s knee and raised her shift.
They both held their breath.
Tense and thrilled by the intensity of the moment.
Rob had never even seen his sister’s knickers before and now there they were, presented across his lap.
He couldn’t take his eyes off them as his cock swelled harder than ever before.

Jojo’s mouth was dry in anticipation, her stomach churning with nervous excitement, her pussy moistening at the unfamiliar intimacy with her clearly aroused brother.

Rob could hardly speak as he asked, “On or off?”

“What?” replied his big sister, confused by his question.

“Your n, knickers.” He sputtered, “Do you want them on or off?”

Jojo could have kicked herself! She hadn’t even thought about it and she wasn’t really sure what correct procedure was.
She considered her reply, but there was no right answer.
If she said “off” she risked looking like some sort of “tart” and if she insisted on keeping them on then she might appear a “prude”. So she threw the question back to her brother.
“I don’t mind, what do you think?”

Rob couldn’t believe it.
He had never thought his sister would agree to celebrate with him in the first place and now she was over his knee! She looked so sexy in her knickers! He was more than satisfied with that and he had been certain that she’d want to keep them on, but now she was offering to let him see her bare.
He mustn’t appear too keen.
“Em, er, well….er. Off… Please…. If that’s okay. I think it’s traditional.”

There was a moment of silence.
An awkward silence.
Jojo wasn’t sure she wanted this.
She thought her geeky little brother would chicken out and let her keep them on.
She could still say “No” but, if it was “traditional”? Well, then she had no choice and anyway, she reasoned, he was only her little brother. What harm could it do?
“Yeah, ok then!”

There was another awkward silence, until big sister took charge.
“Go on then! You’re supposed to be the man.” Jojo urged her brother.

“Oh, er, yes, of course.”
He’d never done anything like that before and his heart was pounding as he slowly pulled his sister’s silky white panties down past to her knees, past her ankles and onto the floor, as calmly and gently as he could.
It was an act of silent reverence and Rob could hardly contain himself when he gazed down at the perfectly round, perfectly smooth and, now, perfectly naked buttocks beneath him.

Jojo pussy tingled in she was stripped of her flimsy little garment. She held her breath, containing her excitement and keeping her legs to together, so as not to reveal too much.

Nevertheless, she was a sensuous vision of female beauty and submission as she lay there across her brother’s lap.
The kind of wondrous sight that so many of the Island’s men were revelling in at that very moment.

Rob couldn’t resist. He cautiously placed his right hand on his sister’s bottom, half expecting her to yell at him, but she gave no more than an involuntary sigh, enjoying his erotic touch for the first time.

They paused, panting and shaking with growing excitement and arousal as the moment of national rapture approached.


With only minutes to go before the countdown, the TV presenters were whipping up the excitement by showing reports of the preparations across the island

The gymnastic cheerleaders of champion football team were showing off all their best moves, stretching their tight little costumes to the max before touching their toes offering up their arses to the star players.

The girls of the Follies Theatre were dancing the can-can. Kicking their legs and flashing their petticoats, before each of the young lovlies cartwheeled themselves into position across a celebrity knee.
The lucky gents, quickly bared the plump backsides and joined the countdown, like the rest of the Island’s population.

“Are you ready?” enthused the middle aged anchor, “We certainly are!” he declared as the young historian popped herself over his knee and allowed him to flick up her skirt.

“10. 9. 8.” they lead the countdown with growing excitement “7. 6. 5. 4.3. 2. 1. 0.!”

The final number was lost under a cacophony of spanks, squeals and cheers. Flesh joyfully striking flesh as the palace clock began to chime the hour.


Rob was poised as the countdown approached zero and sprung into action as soon as the magical moment arrived.
He was wary of striking too hard but still made his sister flinch and “Ow” when he struck her bottom for the first time.

They were both shocked by the realisation that they were doing it.
They were actually doing it.
It was Soltice Day and and they were spanking and being spanked.

The clock struck again before they had time to take in the moment and Rob instinctively adopted its rhythm. Smacking left and right in turn, feeling Jojo wiggle and squirm beneath him.
She was squealing but not complaining. Struggling to stay on his knee but not to escape it.
Carried along by the tumult of cheers and applause from the TV, Jojo became part of the national wave of euphoria. Loving the rhythmic slaps across her buttocks, delighting in the intimacy of her brother and craving the friction of his trousers against her naked sex as her she writhed across his body and her legs slipped apart.

Every spank bought a jolt of ecstasy, slapping against her flesh in a new and wonderful way. The first eight blows were shared equally between her two fleshy cheeks, but the ninth was different. It landed between her legs – pawing and stroking at her pussy.
She gasped.
Was it a mistake?

Rob was having the time of his life.
He had seen his sister’s knickers for the first time; pulled them down; ogled and stroked her bare bottom and now he was spanking it – again and again!
Joy beyond his dreams!
And Jojo was letting him do it!
She even seemed to be enjoying it and now she had opened her legs.
He could see her pussy.
Had she done it on purpose?
Only one way to find out – he could always pretend it was an accident, if she complained.
He spanked her pussy – not hard, but firmly enough to feel it up.
It was soft, moist, smooth, yielding, forbidden, but Jojo didn’t seem to mind and she didn’t close her legs.

The clock continued, chiming 10, 11 and 12.
Rob spanked left, then right, then went back to her pussy again leaving his hand in place this time, as the TV celebrations subsided.

Brother and sister panted in silence for a moment, before Rod asked, “More?”

It was customary to deliver 12 spanks in time with the chimes, but you didn’t have to stop there.
Lots of couples were keen to carry on for a few moments more – just to demonstrate their national pride, of course….

“Yes ok,” breathed his sister, “and you can be a little harder with the ones on my bum, if you like.”

Rob was happy to oblige. Jojo was obviously was enjoying it… and she wasn’t expecting them all “on the bum”.
He went to work.
Slower and bolder.
Choosing his own pace.

A spank on the left.
A squeeze.
A caress.

A spank on the right.
A squeeze.
A caress.

A slap on the pussy.
A stroke.
A fingertip along the slit.

Jojo lay there, surrendering herself to her brother’s schemes; his slap, his touch, his exploration and his probing of her most private place.
She was giving herself to a boy like never before and succumbing to the new overwhelming adult, emotions, sensations and arousals rising within her.

Rob gave his sister 12 more lustful spanks, before judging that it was time to stop.

“Enough?” he asked leaving his palm planted across her pussy.

“Enough.” was the breathy reply.
“Wow.” She sighed, “I can see why everyone looks forward to Soltice Day so much.”

“Me too. You liked it then?” I wasn’t too hard?”

“No, it was just right for my first time. You’ve made me all warm and stingy, without being too mean.”

“Oh good, I….”

“But you do know you were only supposed to spank my bum!” she scolded playfully.

“Oh sorry. Erm.” Rob yanked his hand off her pussy, “Sorry.”
“The first one was an accident and when you didn’t complain I thought it was okay so I carried on.
I mean, you were the one that told me to said I could take your knickers off and you… well you didn’t close your legs, so l…”

“It’s okay,” she giggled, “Why don’t you rub it better?”

He followed her suggestion and he did indeed rub her pussy better…. much, much better!


The TV anchor interrupted the moment as he wound up the presentation in a solemn, almost religious tone.

“And now, like our ancient ancestors, we hope that the sun will warm our fields, in the way that we have warmed our native maidens’ flesh. And that our precoius seed will find fertile ground, ensuring future generations of proud Islanders will grow to be strong and healthy within our shores.”


“Oooh, are you ready for my seed now then?” Rob chuckled.

He didn’t know why he said it.
He certainly hadn’t planned to and he wasn’t sure whether it was actually part of the ceremony – although it was common knowledge that there was always a peak in the Island’s birthrate nine months after the Solstice celebrations.

He expected his sister to dismiss the idea outright, but Jojo was feeling hot, horny and more aroused than ever. It was hardly surprising as she was lying, almost naked, with a fully erect cock pressing into her hip and a teenage bird rubbing her hot wet pussy.
She bit her lip, unsure of her reply.

She’d enjoyed everything her brother had done with her so far, but she couldn’t take his spunk, could she?

“No”, that would be going much further than she’d planned.
But “hell” she hadn’t actually planned anything, except going out with her friends, until Rob invited her to stay and celebrate. And now he had his fingers were on her clit!
“Oh God…”

She climbed off his knee.
“I don’t know about that but I think it’s time you let me see what you’ve got. Get your clothes off.”
She knew he couldn’t refuse so might as well see what he had to offer.

He fumbled at his clothes, pushing them off quickly and revealing himself to a girl for the first time.
His knob had never been bigger, harder, or more desperate for feminine attention than it was now.
Might it get some?

Jojo had never seen a cock before and she was a little surprised by its size.

Although she was a girl of 16, she had never even been with a boy.
She had wanted too, but she had been too frightened to let them do anything with her.
She knew and was an important part of growing up and she knew she had to do it sooner or later, so why not now?
It made perfect sense.
She wasn’t going to be afraid of her little brother, was she?

She summoned up her courage, took a deep breath and released the belt from her waist, before pulling up her shift. Right up, over her slim waist, over her swelling chest and over her head and off… baring herself to a boy for the first time.

Rob looked her up and down, like any teenage boy would, but he could hardly drag his eyes away from her tits.
She knew she was being inspected. It felt awkward, but she hoped she looked good.

“Wow, Jo, you’re beautiful,” he exclaimed.

“Thanks, but I expect you say to all the naked girls you get into your bedroom.” She was trying to play it cool and sarcastic, but Rob replied with sincerity.

“Well, you’re the first, but if they all look like you, then yes, that’s exactly what I’ll say. I wouldn’t lie.”

He stepped forward to touch her breast.
She allowed it and reached for his cock.
They were both inexperienced and unsure what to do.
Rob took a breast in each hand and squeezed tight, in a “honk honk” fashion.
Jojo went for the end of his dick, grasping it from the top and pulling her fingers up towards the head.

“They like to be stroked,” she whispered to her novice tit handler. He did as she suggested and received a sigh of approval.
He didn’t correct her amateur cock stroking style, though. She was his big sister after all, so she was supposed to know best and, anyway, a beautiful, naked girl was stroking his dick. What did he have to complain about?

“Just so you know, we’re not going to fuck.” she suddenly announced, taking charge in a matter of fact, no nonsense fashion.
“We’re brother and sister and it wouldn’t be right, but I might want to taste your seed, if that’s what you call it.”

She took him by the hand and pulled him down onto the bed, then shuffled between his knees.
Rob couldnt believe it as he stared down at his sister and she did the most remarkable thing.
It was something he’d heard about, but he’d always thought it was just a load of BS. An idle boast from cocky young lads, trying to impress their mates.
But now he knew it was for real and his own sister was going to do it.
Do it to him
Right now!

He closed his eyes and began to luxuriate in the bliss of his sister’s tongue lapping at the sensitive underside of his cock.

Jojo was pleased to discover that it didn’t taste as bad as she had expected and she was amazed by the effect it had on her little brother!
She decided that she really was brave enough to see the job through and opened her mouth to take his length – well she took a few inches of his stiff throbbing rod, anyway.

Rob moaned out loud in surprise and delight at his sister’s lewd and base behaviour.
She soon had him squirming with pleasure as her licks were replaced by sucks that drove him out of control.
There was a tightness and turmoil within his loins and tingling in his cock that his teenage body simply couldn’t contain.

Jojo sensed that he was close to the edge and readied herself for what she knew was about to come.
And come it did – in thick salty spurts.

She caught most of it in her mouth and swallowed it down, in a single gulp, like she knew a good girl should.
There was nothing to be frightened of.
She scooped up the rest off her chin and cheeks with her fingers, exploring its texture before licking it away.
She felt so proud if herself!

Rob was in ecstasy. It was the greatest moment of his life, but he was also drained – physically and emotionally, trying to comprehend what he and his sister had just done together. He was ready for a break, but there was no time to rest. Jojo had other plans….

“My turn now.” she told him.


“I did yours, now you do mine.”

It wasn’t a question.
Rob knew it was only fair, even if he wasn’t quite sure what she expected. He’d just have to work it out – he’d seen enough porn to give him the general idea.

He used his hand first – shoving it between her legs to rub her cunt, like he had earlier. It was just as warm and smooth as he remembered but it was wetter now, lubricated by her erotic arousal.

Jojo sighed when he ran his three longest fingers along her moist slit and she jolted, “Ooh yes!” when one slipped inside, parting her lips for the first time.

It felt good – really good, but she wanted more, “Now use your tongue.” she whispered.

Her brother hesitated for a moment, then lowered his torso over hers, pushing his head towards her shaven snatch until he was face to face with a fanny for the first time.
He was surprised.
It had an aura and an aroma that he didn’t expect and far from being the simple thing of beauty he had anticipated, it was an intimidating confusion of folds and creases.
To be honest, Rob didn’t really find it attractive at all.
He paused again, it certainly wasn’t the sort of thing he would usually choose to lick.

But Jojo was waiting.
She wanted it, she needed it, she deserved it.
And it was up to him to give it to her.
She was his lover and it was his job to give her just as much pleasure as she had given to him.
It was a right of passage. A milestone on his journey to manhood.

He put out his tongue slid it up her virgin slit. She sighed and, encouraged by her response, he did it again, pressing a little harder.
He licked on and the mouth soon became accustomed to her taste whilst his nostrils learnt to enjoy the her unique scent of her sex.
He found he wasn’t afraid anymore and he continued to explore those hot, wet intimate folds and creases with his hot, wet tongue

Jojo gyrated her hips, opening her legs grinding her pussy and pushing herself onto her brother’s tongue, delighting in its slippery caresses.

She began to feel a familiar thrill – a secret electrical charge flowing through her body, making her tummy tense and flip.
It was the same feeling she got when she put her hand under her nighty in bed or when she pleasured herself with the shower head, whilst she bathed.
But this was better.
More intense, more exciting, because she wasn’t the one in control.

Her destiny was in her Rob’s hands – or maybe his mouth!
She didn’t care that he was her brother or that he was only 14.
She felt no shame.
She was 16 and she was entitled to adult pleasure
And she was going to make sure she got it…

“My clit!” she gasped, “Do my clit!”

“What?” He sputtered.

“The dot thing. At the top…. Oh yes, that’s it!”

He began to lick the nerve filled nub and his sister instinctively took hold of his engorged cock and cranked her neck to take it back into her mouth.

They 69’ed together for a moment. Jojo sucked on her brother once more and he experimented with clit sucking for the first time. They writhed around, as one. Giving and taking incredible carnal delights from eachother, until Rob could finally take no more.

Maybe it was because of the eroticism of the moment.
Maybe in was because he was on top.
Maybe it was because gravity added so much weight to his swollen cock and balls or, maybe it was simply because his 14 year old body could take no more.
He came harder than before. Firing the desperate, urgent, out of control ropes of spunk that his sister had inspired.

She took the first salty splash in mouth but the rest splattered her face and hair, as she released his cock from her lips and threw back her head, responding to the intense orgasm ripping through her own body.
It was deeper, fuller, more passionate than any she ever felt before.
Waves of devine ecstasy so much better than she had ever managed alone.
Unsullied the pang of masterbatery guilt.

She lay on her back panting and dazed, basking in the afterglow.
Amazed at what she and her brother had done together.

Thank god she hadn’t gone shopping with her friends.

“Ohmygod” she sighed, “So that’s why everyone loves Solstice Day, so much.”

“Yeah.” replied her grateful brother. “You were great. Thanks for celebrating with me.”

They kissed.
A long, open mouthed kiss.
They couldn’t help it.
It was the most natural thing in the world.

“We’ll be doing that again.” said Jojo becoming a bossy big sister once again.

“Yeah, it’s a shame Soltice Day only comes around once a year, but oh…. yeah, I’ve been reading about an old Czechoslavakian tradition where the boys get to whip all the girls at Easter…” Rob replied like a geeky little brother.

“Oh no,” Jojo grabbed his cock, “We won’t be waiting till Easter. We’re going to be doing this a lot. And I mean A LOT!”

I suppose I could get used to that,” he joked, kissing her tits.

“Right, well you can start by messaging all your little online mates and telling them you won’t have time for their fantasy games anymore.
We’ll be playing better games – for real!”
She tugged at his joystick and he was in no doubt what she meant.


It didn’t take Rob to sign out of his games, leaving his boyhood behind and moving on to the next stage of his life.

He turned to face his sister. Both sitting on his bed, still naked, straddling one another in a lover’s embrace, imagining what new adventures might lie ahead in the coming months, as the sun returned to warm their island home.

“Now then,” said Jojo, “tell me more about that Easter whipping thing….”

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      I thought the idea of a national bottom spanking festival might be fun to write about and trying to tell the story from both the male and female POV was an interesting challenge.