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So Busted

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A father has been spying on his daughter for years.

Mark is a 38 year old father to a beautiful young lady whose name is Patricia and she is 16 years old. He is married to Joanne who is also 38 years old. Now Mark and Joanne have a great relationship and also a great sex life. But Joanne is what most people would call petite. She has small tits and ass and is almost straight as a board.

Patricia on the other hand has developed into a gorgeous young woman who has the beginnings of a large set of tits and a delightful ass to match. Mark has been secretly spying on Patricia for the last 3 years, right after she began to develop a lot better looking body than his wife.

Patricia has her own bathroom complete with a hidden cameras as well as multiple cameras in her bedroom. There is one in the bathroom looking at the vanity and the toilet as well as one showing the inside of her shower. In her bedroom, there is one looking at her bed and one that looks at her closet and one that shows her entire room.

Basically there is no where she can go and not be seen on screen if she is naked. Mark has a high dollar and high resolution system that records every camera angle so that he can watch her dressing, undressing, showering and even using the restroom. He has hours of her recorded doing everything from showering, shaving her legs, peeing, doing her makeup and even has her recorded playing with her pussy.

Mark has an office in his home where he watches his recordings on his computer. He even can watch it on his phone while he is at work. Mark has been very good at keeping his secret a secret. He has spilled a lot of cum over her body.

One day while he was at work and Patricia was at home on summer break, she needed to look up something on the computer. Mark has always allowed her to use the computer and he always made sure that he closed out everything and that his recordings were securely hidden from anyone else. Except for today, he had forgotten to close out his secret file and when Patricia logged on it was still showing on the list.

Patricia was curious about the file that she had never seen before as it had her pet name that her dad called her. She clicked on the file and when it opened she saw that it was full of videos and pictures. She clicked on a picture and up popped a picture of her standing in front of her mirror. She was dressed in her bikini.

“That’s strange as I don’t remember anyone taking a picture of me in my room.” She thought.

She clicked on another one and it showed her standing in front of her mirror but this time she was topless and she was cupping her tits in her hands.

“OMFG WHAT THE FUCK!” She gasped loudly.

She looked at the picture completely confused as she couldn’t figure out how these pictures were on the computer. She decided to click on a video and up popped a video of her in the shower. She was naked and bathing her body.

“HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” She screamed out loud.

It began to dawn on her what was going on. She was being filmed by someone. But that didn’t make sense. Who would be filming her and storing it on their computer? She clicked on another video and up popped her room. It was empty and she was about to click on another one but suddenly she saw her father enter her room. He went over to her dirty clothes hamper and he opened it. He reached down and dug into it looking for something, and then he pulled something out. It was a pair of her dirty panties and what he did next absolutely floored Patricia.

She watched him bring the crotch area of her panties and press them against his nose.


Luckily no one was home except for Patricia so no one heard her. She watched him as he smelled her panties and he even licked at the crotch area. Patricia felt like she was going to be ill at first. Then she saw him reaching down and he pulled out his hard throbbing cock.

Patricia gasped loudly as she saw her father’s cock and realized that he was hung like a horse. She had seen her boyfriend’s cock but he was only about 5 inches. Her father’s cock had to be over twice that. Not only that but he had to be at least three times as thick as her boyfriend. No wonder her mother moaned and whimpered loudly when they had sex. She didn’t know how her mother could take all of his cock.

She watched mesmerized as he stroked his massive cock while smelling her panties. Patricia continued to click on several more videos as she saw herself masturbating, peeing, showering and dressing. There were close ups of her playing with her soaking wet pussy.

Strangely Patricia began to realize that she was becoming wet as she saw several videos of her dad stroking his cock as he smelled or licked her panties. She suddenly felt her hand on her pussy as she pushed a finger into her soaking wet tight little pussy. She got scared of getting caught and she quickly shut down the files she opened. She left everything just like she found it and shut down the computer.

She went to her bedroom and she looked around without trying to look like she was looking for the cameras. She soon figured out where they were. She was mad at herself at being turned on by her father’s actions. Mostly she couldn’t get her mind off of his cock. From that moment on she made sure that she put on a show for her daddy. She would play with her pussy more and even started fingering her asshole. She started playing with her pussy while in the shower. She would rub her clit after she finished peeing. She would intentionally play with her pussy while wearing her panties so that her dad had plenty to smell and taste.

All she could think about was her daddy’s cock as she plunged her fingers into her tight little holes. She was determined to somehow get it in her holes. She didn’t care that he was her father and that incest was frowned upon by society. He made her feel alive knowing that he was obsessed with her.

After a few weeks of putting extra effort into showing him all of her charms and making sure that he had plenty of masturbation materials, she had a plan to finally get his cock inside her this weekend. Her mother would be going out of town and Patricia would be left alone with Mark. Her plan was to tell him that she was going to a friend’s house and she would sneak back into the house and catch him in the act.

That Saturday morning after they finished eating breakfast Patricia kissed Mark on the cheek.

“I’m going over to a friend’s house for a while. I’ll be back later this afternoon dad.” She said.

“Okay sweetheart, be careful and stay out of trouble!” He said as he watched her ass cheeks twitching back and forth in her thin shorts as she walked away.

His cock began to swell as he knew that she had deposited a new pair of her panties in the hamper. After she had left the house he quickly ran into her room and dug her panties out of the hamper and quickly placed them against his face. He could feel her wetness and his cock throbbed angrily as her pussy aroma filled his nostrils. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard throbbing cock and began to pump his fist up and down the entire length as he licked at the wetness of her panties.

He moaned as he sucked on his daughter’s panties. He could taste her sweetness on his tongue. He was lost in his desire and lust for Patricia and didn’t hear her enter the house. She snuck up to her bedroom and slipped inside. She watched Mark stroking his cock and moaning her name as he continued to suck on her panties.

She quickly stripped off her clothes and climbed up onto the bed and spread her legs open wide giving him complete access to both holes.

“Daddy you don’t have to worry about getting my pussy nectar from my panties because you can get it straight from the source!” She said.

Mark’s eyes snapped opened and he spun around. He was presented with his daughter, completely naked and laying on her bed with her pussy and ass spread open wide. He stood there stunned and still holding his hard throbbing cock. He didn’t know what to do. His mind was still scrambling to reset after having been busted by his daughter.

“Daddy my pussy is not going to eat it’s self! Why don’t you strip off your clothes and join me on the bed so that you can get some of my juice from the source?” She moaned as she worked her fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

Mark dropped her panties and let go of his cock. He quickly stripped off his clothes as he continued to stare at her tight little pink pussy. Soon he was climbing onto the bed and he immediately buried his face between her legs as he drove his tongue deep into her hot wet pussy.


Mark kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked on every part of her perfect little pussy. He shoved his hands up under her ass as he lifted her up to his mouth more. She moaned and whimpered loudly as she felt his warm tongue slide into her tight little pussy and then he would push his tongue into her tight little asshole.

He sucked and slurped on her clit as he pushed his fingers into her tight little pussy. Patricia grabbed the back of his head pulling him into her soaking wet pussy as she orgasmed again and again.

“OHHHHH MMYYYYY GOD DADDY THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” She moaned as she worked her pussy up and down his face as she forced his fingers deeper into her spasmodic pussy.

Mark was completely lost in his lust for Patricia. He tongue fucked both of her holes as she thrashed around on the bed.


Mark sat back onto his legs and Patricia immediately pushed him onto his back as she straddled his waist. She reached down and grabbed his cock and pushed it against her tight little pussy. She looked down into his eyes as she dropped her entire weight onto his cock.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE DADDY!” She screamed out as his cock pried her tight little pussy open more than it had ever been.

The head slammed into her cervix as her ass cheeks slammed down onto his thighs.

“HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK BABY GIRL YOU ARE SO FUCKING TIGHT!” Mark growled as he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock.

Patricia began to thrust her pussy up and down his cock as her tits bounced up and down. Her ass slapped his thighs as she worked her pussy along his shaft. Patricia placed her hands on top of his chest as she drove down over and over again. His massive cock ripping into her tight little pussy sending electricity shooting through her body.

Patricia was cumming over and over again as Mark reached up and grabbed her tits. He tweaked her nipples with his thumb and forefinger as she fucked herself silly on his cock. Mark was amazed at the fact that his 16 year old daughter was taking every inch of his cock inside her pussy.

Mark growled deeply as he grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto her back. He placed her legs over his shoulders and he began to hammer into her soaking wet pussy from above.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS DADDY FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER’S PUSSY!” She screamed as he continued to assault her pussy with his incestuous cock.

The only thing that mattered at this moment was his hard throbbing cock and her hot wet tight little pink pussy. Patricia continued to orgasm hard over and over again as her pussy was worked over by her father.

Never again would their relationship be the same. Never again would he have to resort to sucking her juices out of her panties. He could get all he wanted and needed straight from the source. Patricia’s pussy and the rest of her belongs to her daddy. She would happily fuck him anytime and anywhere her wanted.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY GIRL I’M CUMMING!” He groaned as he slammed into her battered pussy.

His cock exploded inside her smoldering hot pussy and sprayed multiple shots of his hot incestuous seed deep into her womb. Patricia continued to orgasm as she felt his cum splashing her insides.


His cock throbbed angrily as it continued to spew his cum into her depths. Then his cock slipped out of her pussy and he laid down beside her gasping for air. Patricia climbed up onto his chest and looked deeply into his eyes.

“Daddy I just want you to know that I know all about the pictures and videos of me that you have on your computer.” She said with a wicked little smile.


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