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Sisters meet brothers

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What happens when my younger sister gets with my boyfriend’s younger brother

Hello, my name is Jamie, and this all started when I was 15.
I was at a friend’s house. Adam we were in the same class and working on a school project together.
I had just his room when I bumped into his 17-year-old brother.
I have no idea how it happened but the next thing I know I am in Steve’s room, and we are taking each other’s clothes off.
I had seen a few Porns on the internet, and without even thinking about it I fell to my knees in front of him. This was the first cock I had seen in real life and from this close up. Right in front of my face.
I reach up and took hold of the base with my hand. Before sticking my tongue out and licking the head. It felt weird on my tongue. But I then took it in my mouth and started sucking on it.
I was eager to taste my first cum. But Steve stopped me and lay me on his bed and started licking my pussy. I was going to complain but then he started licking my cunt and I forgot what I was going to say.
I had masturbated a few times while watching porn rubbing my clit normally got me off. Steve worked my clit with his tongue and fingered my pussy at the same time.
I closed my eyes as an orgasm rocked me. Next thing Steve is kissing my face I kissed him back. At first, I did not realize I was tasting my own pussy juices on his face and lips as he kissed my mouth.
He grabbed my hips and pulled me up as he sank his cock into my virgin pussy. All I can remember was how much it hurt.
I dressed and went home and washed my pussy. It was then I saw a mixture of cum and blood and realized he had cum in my pussy. That week all I could think about was Steve and his cock I kept wondering what cum tasted like. All week I kept thing about Steve’s cock in my mouth moving back and forth across my tongue.
A week later I was back, and Steve fucked me again.
This time it was a lot better. Once again, we started kissing and undressing each other as soon as we closed the door of his bedroom. I dropped to my knees and got his cock in my mouth. He put a stop to it put me on his bed and went down on me. Then he climbed on top of me lifted my arse and put his cock in my pussy. This time there was no pain, and I felt his cock slide in and out of me. He seemed to last a lot longer than the first time. Then I felt him cum in my pussy.
My parents had a rule I was not allowed to date until I was 17. But was this dating we did not go out I just to his house and fucked. On my third visit I sucked him off.
Then he went down on me and licked my longer before he fucked me again. He must have waited until he got hard again. I told him I did not want to risk getting pregnant, so I had pull out I finished him in my mouth a second time. I had seen it on a porn movie, but I never even thought about the fact his cock was going to be covered in my pussy goo.
One weekend I was on my way to Steve’s when I noticed Tammy my 13-year-old sister following me. She asked where I was going to.
To Adam’s house we are studying together.
She wanted to come with me I told her to go home.
After she left, I went to Steve’s house and went to Steve’s room and fucked.
Then I saw Tammy looking through the window watching us.
I went to the door and called Adam who had listening to us having sex. I asked him to sneak out and catch Tammy.
Then I went back to fucking Steve. Keeping Tammy watching us.
Next thing Adam walks in holding Tammy.
Steve and I got up and went over to them. I said, “Steve could you give me a hand to undress my sister?”
Adam asked, “What did I want him to do?” I smiled and said, “Take off your own clothes.”
Once we had Tammy naked, I pinned my sister down on the bed and told Adam to lick her pussy.
Steve stood beside Adam and told him what to do.
Then we got Tammy to suck Adam’s cock and he cum in her mouth. I kissed Tammy on the lips stuck my tongue in her mouth and tasted Adam’s cum.
Then I took Steve’s cock in my mouth and finished him off. I had a mouth full of cum when I kissed Tammy on the lips and spat some of Steve’s cum in her mouth.
Then Adam got on Tammy and started fucking her. I could see blood on his cock as it went in and out.
After that we dressed, and I took her home and cleaned her up. She did not tell on us and the following week we went to Steve’s house together.
all four of us ended up in Steve’s room kissing and fucking. I watched Adam and Tammy fuck While they watched Steve and I fuck. I finished Steve in my mouth and Tammy did the same with Adam.
We sat around naked talking about sex. When the boys suggested swapping partners. So, then I fucked Adam while Steve fucked Tammy.
I had known Adam a lot longer than I knew his brother Steve I never thought about his sexually but now as he fucked me, I started to wish he had let him pop my cherry.
Just like his brother Adam could not get enough of my boobs.
I looked over at Steve and Tammy he had cum in her pussy, and they were just holding each other and kissing.

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  • Reply 🤬Hank ID:1ejfqxu4qzau

    I always liked fucking somebody’s gf in school and still fucking a cheating wife. Seems like they try harder to please . I guess maybe I try harder myself. Either way it’s pretty awesome