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Shiteating whiteslave Donna. My dream future of white humiliation and black depravity

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The year is 2028. The white race has been overthrown by a black uprising. All white men and boys are castrated and forced to work as slaves for our new superior blackmasters
All white women become breeding whiteslaves and toilets for all black men and women
From the age of 10, white girls are forced to dress slutty and are tattooed with multiple degrading words to show they are nothing more than meat for black pleasure and punishment. Our properties are sold and the money is used to give all white women outrageously large breast implants and stomach expansion surgery so they can be expanded with hundreds of litres of sperm, piss and excrement that our blackmasters pump into our stomachs
My youngest daughter is only 10, and she is given breasts over 8ft in diameter even though she is slim and only 4ft tall. As part of our reparations to our blackmasters, we must give birth to at least one black baby every year
For any whiteslaves who fail in their duties, the punishment is strict and severe
My own sister failed to get pregnant once, so I watched as her tiny 11yo daughter had her arms and legs cut off then cauterised the wounds. She was then forcibly inserted head first into my sisters rectum until only her cunt and pussy were visible, before several blackmasters brought in several horses to repeatedly sodomise my 11yo niece as she was inside my sisters guts, before a large hose was brought in and pushed inside my nieces torn asshole and hundreds of litres of excrement and piss were squirted into her stomach and she swelled and expanded inside my sisters guts, before a popping sound and a scream as my niece exploded inside her mother. Then my sister vacated her bowels of the remains of her daughter and the excrement, which was then collected and fed to several dogs. Then her 2 older daughters were brought in and were forced to rim the dogs as they were fed laxatives before the dogs shit into feeding tubes inserted into the teen girls mouths, filling their bellies with dogshit, blackmasters shit, and the chewed remains of their sister. They were then bent over a table as multiple black fists were rammed into their assholes, right upto the shoulders of the blackmasters, before they pulled out violently, forcing the young girls to prolapse. The blackmasters then pulled hard on the prolapsed rectums, until several feet of intestinal guts were exposed. Finally the daughters prolapsed guts were inserted into the mouth and rectum of their mother as several blackmasters jumped on their swollen bellies, forcing the excrement and youngest daughter remains to be sprayed deep inside my sisters stomach until her belly was several feet across, stretched to tearing point with dogshit, human shit, and body parts
Finally all 3 plus myself were violently whipped with razor wire, then had our guts pulled out and hooks pushed through our prolapses before being suspended from a high roof, weights attached to our breasts as slowly our full internal organs were pulled from inside us
Like all other whiteslave women, our clitorises had been burnt off with blowtorches so that sex would only be painful from now on.
Our future is one of total obedience to our superior blackmasters as punishment for being white and inferior
We eventually learn to appreciate our roles as shiteating whiteslave whores for our blackmasters and being degraded and sodomised by dogs and horses, with our reward being allowed to eat dogshit every single day


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  • Reply Donna Rowlands ID:2wcguywqrd

    All white women should be made to eat their blackmasters shit as reparations for centuries of racism
    We should gladly eat dogshit to show our obedience to the superior black race

  • Reply J ID:1evgg9xslbi1

    That’s some racist shit…

    Honestly if the world became a war between the races, whites will always come out victorious. So y’all can keep dreaming but that’s all this will ever be…


    you guys need like…mental help. BAD

    • Donna Rowlands ID:2wcguywqrd

      All white women should be used as toilets by our superior blackmasters as punishment for being white and inferior. It’s what we deserve for centuries of racism
      Me and my daughters will gladly eat dogshit to show our obedience as inferior whiteslave whores in Liverpool England

  • Reply RicK McKinnon ID:1cqkkcl18y0g

    Some serious racist hatred here. It is a shame that you must FANTASIZE about being superior.

  • Reply Whiteboi ID:1emn7aou6q4j

    I think that the girls should start having sex with black men at 10 or younger and bred as soon as possible the younger the better

    • Donna Rowlands ID:2wcguywqrd

      I agree. Ideally a whiteslave should be bred by at least 30 different blackmen while she’s fertile, and she should be trained to eat her superior blackmasters shit as punishment for being white and inferior

  • Reply Goddam ID:2liqew20c

    This might happen it the year 3000 the White people can say they work oppressed and need to be treated better

    • Donna Rowlands ID:2wcguywqrd

      It’s my ultimate fantasy dreamworld
      The white race bred out of existence by the superior black race. All white men are castrated and tortured brutally as they are made to watch their white wives, mothers, sisters and daughters be continuously gangraped and defiled by groups of very strict blackmen and women, as reparations for centuries of racism. We are to be nothing more than breeding whores and toilets for our blackmasters and we will be programmed to gladly eat our blackmasters shit and eat dogshit to show our obedience as inferior whiteslave whores
      It’s the future all white women secretly crave and desire

    • Donna is a cunt ID:1efrdvgxb71c

      Superior black race? N-word look at Africa it is a total shit hole. Your race could not even get past the Sahara we had to come in and get you. You are nothing but useless farm animals we no longer have any need for.