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She’s from Catholic school… but I’m just the butler..

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I was her butler and driver, but one mistake changed everything.

(This story is fictional)

My name is Sebastian, and I’m a 22 year old butler for a wealthy family. My father was the head butler ever since I can remember, but ever since he got an injury while defending the family from a burglar, I’ve taken on many of the responsibilities, especially those involving moving around. Now one of my dad’s former responsibilities was to drop off and pick up their children from school.

Now this family was Catholic and wealthy, so they would send their 3 children to the best Catholic schools in the area (and most expensive). One of the kids had already graduated and gone to one of the top colleges in the country, while the second was a junior in high school but always stayed late because of sports. The third and youngest child, Samantha, was still in Catholic elementary, only 11 years old and in the fifth grade.

Samantha was 11 years old, as stated, and was tall for her age, standing at 5’3. She was mostly flat with a nice ass, her pale skin with bright blue eyes and shoulder length brown hair. She was pretty and cute, but definitely nothing to lust for. Or so I thought.

One day, I’m parked outside the school as I normally do, secluded and hidden behind a bunch of trees and shrubbery. A little note of myself: I’m not very tall, only 5’7, tan skin with a medium build and rather fit. Because of my work and lack of education (deciding not to go to college), I have not gotten around to dating. This led to my hand to being my best friend. Now, let’s just say that I arrived early to the parking lot, so to waste time, I started watching a movie. This movie had in itself a sex scene, and let’s just say it made me get horny.

I’m by myself, school is not out for another hour or so I thought, and my parking space is in a hidden part of the parking lot, you would have to come looking for the car and approach it to figure out where the car was and who was in it (and what that person was doing). All this in mind, I decided to cut the movie and instead get on the hub and rub one away. What I was not aware was that it was a minimum day that day, which meant that the students would be let out an hour earlier than normal. I was just rubbing myself, all 6.5 inches, to oblivion, blissfully unaware. I get so much into it, I close my phone and just beat my meat so hard, I close my eyes and let myself enjoy the feeling, without knowing that in that very moment Samantha was approaching the car.

She came around the tree and came to the door, and stopped, watching the show I was unknowingly giving her. She was shocked but also curious, so she ducked behind the passenger door, took her phone out and started recording me. A few seconds later, I busted my load, which was more than usual since it had been a minute since I busted my last one. In that moment I open my eyes and see children walking on the opposite side of the parking lot, and that’s when my heart drops. I had no clue that school ended early, and that meant Samantha would be here soon…

I frantically start cleaning when all of a sudden I hear giggles outside the car. My heart is racing, finally realizing she probably saw everything… and then she went into the car. She kept giggling and I feel like throwing up. She was blushing at me and gave me a suggestive look with her piercing blue eyes. I swear I saw her biting her lip, but I was so scared about what would happen to me that I didn’t really notice it very much at first.

To say it was a quiet ride home is an understatement. We arrived at her house, and she ran to her room. Me on the other hand, I ran to the restroom to throw up. I was paranoid: what if she tells her parents and I get fired? What about my dad? Or what if they call the police and register me as a sexual offender? The thoughts were racing when I heard a noise.

My dad was back home, and Samatha’s parents weren’t home yet, so I was definitely startled. I strained my ear just a little more, and it was unmistakable… it sounded like Samantha, and she was… No… it couldn’t be…

I slowly made my way up the stairs, and notice that the door to Samantha’s room was open, and again I heard a loud moan, and my heart was pounding in my chest. Before this, I was afraid I ruined this girl’s innocence, and now my cock was rock hard with lust and desire to see more. I inch my way to the door and what I see changed my life forever.

Samantha was laying down on her bed, wearing nothing at all, watching a video on her phone (I later found out she was watching the video she took of me). She had her legs spread out, rubbing herself, her fingers damp with her wetness coming from her small but plump, pink pussy. Her moans were soft then loud, then I heard her moaning a name… my name! “Ugh, Sebastian… I need you so bad… MMM… I need your dick… fuck me…”

It didn’t seem like she knew that I was there, but I decided to surprise her, so I undo my belt and fly, and walk into the room. She had her eyes closed so she didn’t see me in her room, as I began stroking all over her. I position myself right over her body, and in that moment she opens her eyes in shock and surprise, but quickly continues her self-indulgence. The lust in her eyes was visible, her switching between staring at my dick and staring into my eyes. Seeing this eleven year old beauty sexually stimulating herself as I am stimulating myself was almost enough to push me over the edge. It took me everything I had to not cum immediately. This little angel was making me think the unholiest thoughts, wanting to ram my cock inside her tight preteen love hole.

Eventually I cannot hold on, as I shoot my love seed (even more than earlier) all over her body, and that also sent her over the edge, screaming and panting as her legs shook uncontrollably. As we both were coming down from our post-orgasm high, I lower myself unto this young girl and kiss her on the lips, and then we started to add a little tongue. My hard never did not lose any of its hardness, and quite frankly it felt like I didn’t need a break to start up again, but at the same time I had just blown two huge loads, so I was probably near wasted. I lowered a hand and started to feel her wetness, which I made sure to cover my hand with it, then I licked it all off my hand. She in turn did the same with my cum, licking and sucking her fingers. We returned to kissing, both our mouths filled with each others cum. After a few minutes, I hear a car arriving, which was my father coming with my mom, who was the cook for the family. I got up and helped her get dressed, and I begged her to not tell anyone what we did. She gave me a devilish grin and said, “I won’t only if you promise to do this with me every time we can”. Then she showed me her phone and said, “If you don’t, I’ll show them this and you’ll be in so much trouble”. I can’t believe I was getting blackmailed by an eleven year old, but it wasn’t hard to accept the offer anyway. This began our life as lovers, even though I was just the butler.

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  • Reply Oh yes ID:1cwwoz4mlcof

    Part 2?

  • Reply Michael ID:1eijpyox12l6

    Mmmm gotta love little girls so sweet so innocent

    • GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

      So eager to please…

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk09

    Wow very good story n look forward to more. I think 10 and 11 has got to be the most perfect age to start fucking and they are in the throws of puberty. I got caught by a few friend daughters this way jacking in the bathroom and they walked in on me. Curiosity always get them every time and they just love watching cum shoot out of a cock. Some love the taste and OFC those are the best ones.

    • GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

      I learned at 11 what pleasure my body could give me and others. I was well trained.

  • Reply Anon ID:12ld5nhf9ezs

    Part 2 is coming up, sorry if the background story was a little too much