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She was naked in her back garden

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I woke up to see the 8 year old girl next door playing outside naked, I was asked to babysit her for a few hours and she had a naughty secret.

I was 15 and it was the school summer holidays and I was home alone as my parents still had to go to work, I woke up at about 10am my bed is right underneath my bedroom window, I heard giggling coming from outside so I sat up and looked out of the window.

Out in the neighbours back garden was 8 year old Kelly, there was a small kids inflatable paddling pool on the patio and she was running around in the water and she was giggling, but what caught my eye was the fact that she was naked, I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

Normally I wouldn’t be interested in seeing a little kid naked, but she was 8 years old, and big enough to make her pussy stand out and she had a nice little body.

I leaned out of my window watching her for about 10 minutes, with my hand inside my shorts jerking myself off, I swallowed some saliva that had formed in my mouth but it went down the wrong hole and caused me to cough, which alerted Kerry to my presence.

She stopped and looked up at the windows, then she smiled when she saw me, and she waved up at me, “Hi Peter.” She called out, waving her little arm around.

“Hi Kelly.” I replied, waving back.

Then her mom came out of the house to find out who Kelly was talking too and looked up at the window, “Oh, hi Peter love. You alright?” she asked.

“Yeah, good thanks.” I replied.

Then she and Kelly just causally went back to what they were doing, I continued to watch Kelly splashing around naked in the water until I finished jerking and ejaculated inside my shorts, it was nice to have a morning wank while watching a real naked girl for once.

I went and got a shower and dressed, then I thought I’d lean out of the window and have another look, but she wasn’t there, then I heard the doorbell go so I went downstairs to answer it, and I opened the door, it was Kelly’s mom, “Hi Peter – Are you busy, love?” she asked, giving me a look like she was after something.

“Umm – Not really, why?” I asked.

“I need to pop in to town but Kelly doesn’t want to come with me, she’s having too much fun in the pool. And seen as you’re on your school holidays, at home, and you just said you weren’t busy – I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind just keeping your eye on Kelly for me while I went to town. I promise I won’t be long, a couple of hours – tops.” She said.

Keep my eye on the little naked girl next door, I’ve doing that all morning so why not continued, “Sure, I’ll watch her.” I replied.

“Great. – Listen, I’ll pay you for babysitting. I’m going to leave in about ten minutes, will you be able to come straight round?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’ll just grab the keys.” I replied.

She left and then I went round to her house a few minutes later and then she left for her shopping trip to town.

I went out to the patio and Kelly was sitting in the pool teaching her dolls how to swim, I sat down in a patio chair and watched her closely, very closely.

“Do you want to play in the pool with me, Peter?” she asked.

“Looks like fun but I haven’t got any trunks.” I replied.

“Just wear your underwear.” She replied.

“Umm- Okay – Sure.” I said, so I took my shirt and summer shorts off and I sat in the pool in my boxer shorts.

We had fun playing with her dolls and other floating toys, then she wanted to play catch and instructed me on what to do, we sat in the pool facing each other, “Okay, stretch your legs out, now touch the bottom of our feet together, so we did and made a sort of circle with our legs and feet, and we started to throw the plastic ball back and forth to each other.

With her legs spread apart I had the most perfect view of her little bald pussy, it was great, but it also caused a problem, my cock got erect and created a large lump in my boxers, and my boxers had an open flap at the front, and as my cock got bigger it popped out of the flap in to view, but I didn’t know it had popped out.

Kelly dropped the ball, closed her legs, then she sat up on her knees and shuffled towards me between my still open legs, then she suddenly reached out and gripped it and started tugging.

“Oh jeesh – what are you doing, Kelly?” I gasped.

She giggled, “Its okay, I know what this means.” She replied.

“Really, what does it mean?” I asked.

“Means you want to play…” she said, then she let go for a second and then laid herself down on her front in the shallow pool water, propping herself up on her elbows between my legs, then she took hold of my cock again, gave it several nice tugs, “…want me to suck it for you?” she asked.

I couldn’t believe what she was saying or doing, I wasn’t sure if she was for real or not, or maybe all this was just a dream and I was still upstairs in my room in bed asleep dreaming the whole thing, whatever was happening she had her fingers wrapped around my cock and it felt good, dream or reality, I wasn’t going to let this end here, “Hell yeah.” I replied.

Then she leaned my cock towards her and then dropped her head down with her mouth open and my cock slid between her soft lips and glided across her young tongue, “Ooah” I gasped, feeling the pleasures of her young tongue as she began to suck my cock.

“You’re an impossible beauty. How do you know how to do this? – You’re far too young.” I asked, not that I was complaining you understand.

She briefly popped her mouth off my cock to respond, “Daddy taught me.” She said.

“You do this with your daddy?” I asked.

“Yeah all the time when I go see him at the weekend.” She said, then she pushed herself up on her hands excitedly and smiled, “Do you want to put it in my dick hole? – Daddy says I’m really good at fucking.” She said.

Seriously, this girl was too good to be true – holy shit!

“Yes!” I said, a thousand, million, billion, trillion fucking yes’s

She sat up and threw her dolls out of the water and then laid down on her back and playfully swung open her arms and legs like she was making snow-angels, “Come on then.” She called out to me, as she spread her legs wide and lifted them up in the air and then held on to her toes.

I walked on my knees and then leaned over her, almost on top of her, and I shuddered with pleasure when the tip of my cock touched her soft pussy slit, “I think I love you.” I said and she giggled.

I kissed her and she let go of her toes and wrapped her skinny arms and legs around my body, she crossed her legs on my back and pulled my hips forwards, my cock was forced inside her tight young pussy, “Oooooaah wow.” I gasped, feeling her pussy clenched around my girth as it slid inside her warm hole.

I wasted no time and just started thrusting in and out of her, “Uh – Mm – Ooo” she moaned.

I was fucking this little girl in her small pool, my balls were smacking against the surface of the water and created waves and ripples as the water splashed up her ass crack, it was perfect, my cock was inside a beautiful little girl, the hot sub was warming my back, the cooling water splashing around, and the air filled with sexual energy and angelic moans.

As I thrust in to her a few more times, I lifted myself up on my arms, plunged my cock deep inside her pussy, and as I watched a bird land on the fence, I groaned with release, her young pussy clenched tight around my girth and I felt a sharp tingle in my balls as my semen flowed up the length of my cock and exploded out of my tip, “Oooaaaah” I groaned, “UH-Mmm.” She moaned, we came together.

It was a beautiful moment, just fucking and orgasming outside under the hot sun, surrounded by nature, this is how sex was intended to be done.

I looked down at her pretty little face and she was looking back at me smiling and she just casually said, “Do you want an ice-cream?”

I chuckled ”Yeah sure.” I replied.

We went in to the kitchen and got ice-cream from the freezer and we both sat at opposite ends of the kitchen table, still naked, licking our ice-creams, smiling and giggling at each other.

When her ice-cream was half eaten she crawled up on to the table and crawled across it towards me, then she sat on the edge right in front of me and she rubbed the ice-cream on her pussy, it melted quickly and covered her pussy in melted ice-cream, then she put the ice-cream back in her mouth and smiled.

I stood up pushing my chair back with my legs, then I knelt down, put my head between her legs and licked the melted ice-cream off her little bald pussy, it was the best ice-cream I ever tasted.

When I was finished and her pussy was clean but sticky, she hopped off the table, took my hand and ran dragging me up the stairs to her bedroom, she got me to lay down on her bed, and she stroked and sucked on my cock until I was hard, then she stood over me with her feet beside my hips hovering directly over my cock.

Then she squatted down, took hold of my cock and guided it between her legs and then slowly sat herself down, “Oooah.” I gasped, as my cock slowly slid inside her tight hole once more.

She picked up a pink fluffy teddy bear and held on to it as she started to pushed on her knees and bounce up and down on my cock.

“Ooh my god.” I gasped.

She giggled, “Daddy likes this position.” She said.

“I like this position too – Ooh wow.” I gasped.

She had clearly done this many times before, she knew what she was doing, her rhythmic bouncing felt damn good, and the way she was working my cock inside her was heavenly, she was an impossible girl, the girl of every boys fantasies come true.

It didn’t take me long to ejaculate and she just sat completely still and giggling as my cock twitched inside of her, shooting my sperm in to her, “Uuh.” She moaned gently, “Finished.” She said cheerily.

“Oh – My – God.” I gasped, laying there is disbelief at how damn good she made me feel.

We went back downstairs and outside, she just got back in the pool and played with her dolls while I put my clothes back on and sat on a patio chair watching her, you wouldn’t believe that she’d just fucked me twice and done all that naughty stuff, after everything we’d just done she now just looked like a normal little girl having fun splashing around in her pool.

She was one horny little devil.

Her Daddy is one dirty lucky bastard to have such a willing little sex slave like her for a daughter.

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    My wife babysat 2 small kids. The girl was around 5 or 6. I was there and the girls was grinding and masturbating on the couch arm the mother came out, embarrassed and spanked her.
    Few days later I told her to “swing” on the couch arm. Didn’t take long for her to realize it’s ok to grind when I’m there.
    That progressed to me putting her on my knee and bouncing like a wild horse.
    Then she laid on the couch sleepy one day and rolled over on my arm and started grinding.
    I moved my arm over and said this is better. She was straddling my arm like u wud lean forward while riding a motorcycle.
    I loved it…said nothing. Just let her grind and grunt.
    Lastly she did it with her little nighti but no panty and her bare pussy was grinding.

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    i helped a little on that part well things progressed from there she was wet and i had precum leaking and the tip slipped in her just a tiny bit that was when she started to do it on purpose more and more. i told her dont it might hurt if she goes to deep. she said papa it feels good to do that so i day she was real slick and and i came in her that was it started we had sex for a long time it took a few years to be able to fuck her deeper than the tip it was worth the wait.

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    • Still looking for a good name ID:7r053cf8ri

      2.5 years old is WAY to young. A girl should remain untouched till she is old enough to understand, and could say No if she doesn’t want a guy to do something to her.
      Some girls can learn that at 6 or 7, while others may not learn till they are 16 or 17.
      When it comes to sex, and sexual play, a girl should understand what is going on and agree to it, or it shouldn’t happen.

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