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She was 11 and looking good

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My ex-fuckbuddy’s daughter had grown very nicely in to her double digit years, she was now 11 years old and looking good enough to fuck – so I did.

In the 1990’s I was unemployed and living on a council estate, it was actually the best time of my life, back then everyone knew each other, everyone helped each other out, if you needed something or just someone to talk too then someone was always there for you, it was brilliant.

The estate was full of single mom’s with lots of kids and a few single men, like myself, we built friendships and everyone was shagging their neighbours, I suppose we had lots of what you call “Fuck buddies” back in them days, getting together and satisfying each other’s needs, brilliant.

Most of the sex I had with neighbours was when I went round and we end up drinking all night, there wasn’t much to do back then when you were unemployed, so drinking and having house parties was the thing we did to have fun and forget our troubles.

I was fucking Karen my neighbour for a while on and off, she had 3 little kids and they called me Uncle Brian, I was round at Karen’s house drinking 2-3 nights a week and having good casual sex too.

Then I finally got off my backside and found myself a job, but it was out of the area and I had to move away.

Several years later I found myself unemployed and struggling again and I couldn’t afford the rent where I was living, so I moved back to the old area, most of the old neighbours were still there and so was Karen, when we saw each other it was as if I’d never left, she was still a drunk slapper.

The day after I moved back I went round to Karen’s house and we had a drink and a chat, after a few hours we heard the front door open and shouting and screaming, “The little shits are home.” She joked.

As the kids came running in, screaming and shouting at each other, darting up the stairs and running around after each other, Karen’s daughter Emma came running in to the room chasing after her brother, and she looked very different to how I last saw her.

Emma was now 11 years old, she was very tall for her age, about 5’2”, slim, sandy blonde hair tied up in a ponytail, and she caught my attention immediately.

The boys ran off upstairs and Karen stopped Emma, “Do you know who that is?” she asked.

“No.” Emma replied, looking shy.

“That’s your Uncle Brian, he used to take you to see the horses on the field. Don’t you remember?” she said.

Emma thought about it for a moment and then smiled and nodded.

“Give us a hug, darling.” I said, holding out my arms.

She walked over and stepped in to my arms and hugged me, I squeezed her tight and my hand purposely slipped down her back to feel her nice little ass over her skirt, “Nice to see you again, darling.” I said, then she left to go get changed.

“She’s grown.” I said.

“They all have. She’s a cheeky little cow though, she’s just like her mother.” She joked.

“Does she go down like her mother too?” I joked.

She leaned over and slapped me on my knee and laughed, “Cheeky sod. She’s a bit young for that.” She said.

“I’d knob her.” I said.

She starting laughing harder, “I bet you would an all, you dirty old git.” She said.

A few days later at the weekend, Karen was having her weekend house party, so I went and reacquainted myself with all the old neighbours, we were drinking and laughing, it was a great night, even the kids were drinking and Emma looked sensational in her short shite party dress showing off her long slender legs and smelling fantastic wearing some king of strawberry scented perfume.

I was sitting on the sofa beside Emma, having a chat and a laugh with her and the neighbours, when her mom tapped me on my arm and asked me to go out the back with her for a smoke.

We went outside, the cold breeze was nice walking out of the stuff, and we both lit up a cigarette and had a smoke, “I’ve seen you getting cosy with our Emma.” She said.

“Yeah we’ve had a laugh. She’s a lovely girl.” I replied.

She took a drag from her cigarette then looked at me a with knowing grin on her face and she was shaking her head, “You want to fuck her, don’t you?” she just flat out asked.

“What? – “ I replied, making out like she was being silly even though she was right, I did want to fuck her.

She pulled the back door completely closed so no one could hear, “I know you’re a good man, Brian. Honestly, she’s old enough to make her own decisions, so if you and her want to do anything, and you know what I’m talking about, as long as she wants to do it and she isn’t forced in to it, then that’s okay with me. Just don’t hurt my little girl.” She said.

“What are you talking about?” I replied, acting ignorant.

“Don’t deny it, Brian, I’ve seen how you look at her. You used to look at me like that back in the day when you wanted a shag.” She said.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked.

“I will warn you though, others have tried to bed our Emma in the past and none have succeeded. So you’ve got your work cut out if you want to get in to her panties, I think they’re glued on.” She joked.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” I asked.

“You’re one of my oldest friends, Brian, I know you wouldn’t hurt her. You do what you need to do love, alright.” She said, then she hugged me and gave me a friendly kiss.

“Game on.” I joked, “Hopefully she won’t be too disappointed in your performance like I always was.” She joked, “Cheeky bitch.” I said, and we both laughed as we finished our smokes and went back in to the house.

I spent a few more hours wooing her and buy 1am in the morning as everyone was leaving the party, I had her laid across the sofa with her head on my lap and I was feeding her chocolate peanuts, and once everyone had left, it was time to play adult games.

Karen cleaned up a little and then had enough so was heading up to bed, “Emma, are you going to bed, love?” she asked her.

She lifted her head up off my lap to see her mom standing at the door, “I’m going to stay down here, Mom.” She said, drunkenly, she was quite intoxicated.

“Alright love.” She replied, then she looked at me with another knowing look, I winked at her, then she started shaking her head and smiling, and she mouthed the words, “Have fun.” Before heading up the stairs, leaving me and Emma alone.

“That’s it you’ve scoffed the lot.” I said, feeding her the last chocolate peanut.

“Aren’t there no more?” she asked.

“Nope…” I replied, then I got cheeky, “…Well, I have a couple more you can put in your mouth, but they’re not chocolate covered.” I joked.

She looked confused for a moment as she thought about what I said, then she realised that I was referring to my balls and started to giggle, “Oh my god – You’re naughty.” She giggled, slapping my arm.

“It’s good to be naughty sometimes. I bet you’re naughty aren’t you?” I asked.

“Nope.” She replied.

“I bet you have. Have you ever kissed a boy before?” I asked.

She blushed and giggled shyly, “Maybe.” She replied.

“I don’t think you have. Probably for the best, you look like you’d be a bad kisses anyway.” I joked.

She hit my arm again a few times, “I am not a bad kisser.” She complained.

“Prove it then. Give me a kiss.” I said.

She giggled again and looked at me in shock, “I’m not kissing you.” She said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because you’re really old.” She replied.

“Yeah, that’s just an excuse because you know I’m right and you are a bad kisser. I knew it.” I said.

She didn’t like me saying she was a bad kisser, “Okay, fine.” She said, then she put her arm around me, held on to the back of my neck and pulled herself up and kissed me on the lips, before she could pull away I put my arms around her and held on to the back of her head, pressing her lips firmly against mine, and I kissed her properly, her soft lips were divine and her mouth quickly relaxed in to it and within minutes we had our tongues in each other’s mouths.

I rubbed my hand down her arm and down her leg before rubbing it back up and going underneath the bottom of her dress and squeezing her tight butt over her soft cotton panties, she hummed as she enjoyed me kissing and touching her, “H-Mm.”

I got an instant erection, it was rock hard, and she felt it, I let her pull her lips away from mine and she looked down at my crotch and saw the lump in my pants, then she looked at me, right in to my eyes for about a minute in silence and she smiled knowingly, then she sat herself up and straddled herself across my lap facing me.

She removed her bobble and let her hair flow down, then she whipped her head to throw her long blonde hair over her shoulder and down her back, then she leaned back in and kissed me and I felt her tackling my pants, loosening my belt and pulling down my zipper, then she reached inside and gripped hold of my cock, “Oh-Ooaah.” I gasped in to her mouth.

When she pulled it out of my pants she stopped kissing me and looked down to take a look, and she smiled and rubbed my cock up and down a few times in the tight grip of her soft fingers, “Is this okay?” she whispered.

“Yes. It’s very okay, Emma.” I replied.

Then she got a nervous look on her face, “I don’t know what to do with it.” She giggled looking embarrassed.

“You’ll figure it out.” I replied, then I pulled her in for a big kiss while I rolled her dress up her body and she lifted her arms up in to the air so I could take off her dress, tossing it to the floor, I had my arms wrapped around her thin gorgeous body, no bra, she had the softest little breast bumps I’d ever seen or tasted and her nipples were hard.

I stood up holding her and then I playfully threw her on her back on to the sofa while I undressed, then I kneeled up on the last cushion of the sofa by her feet and then reached out and pulled off her white cotton panties.

I lifted her knees and spread her legs before going down on her and licking her smooth bald pussy, I could taste her virginity and it tasted good, “What are you doing down there – You’re licking my – You’re licking – Ooh my god – Mm.” she giggled and gasped, “Uncle Brian! – Uh – Uncle Brian! – Uh Ooooh god.”

I licked her to orgasm and she got extremely horny, “Bring me your dick – Bring it! – Let me play now.” She begged.

So I had to get off the sofa and walked over towards her head, she stroked my cock and smiled at me then licked the tip of my cock all around before plunging it in to her mouth and sucking on it, “Ooaah Emma – Wow, girl.” I gasped.

She had only been sucking it for a few minutes but she did it so well, so good, that she made me ejaculate very quickly, “Oooaaaah!!!!!!” I groaned, flooding her pretty mouth with my fresh warm semen, “Ooooaah!” I chuckled but not because it was funny, because it felt so damn good, I couldn’t believe how good it felt to come inside her mouth.

She did lose some as my cock slipped out of her mouth, my semen dripped out the sides of her mouth and down her chin, but she caught most of it and swallowed it, “I knew you’d figure it out.” I said.

I got on to the sofa and we laid side by side in a tight, touchy-feely embrace, and kissing like passionate lovers, I just loved feel her body, it was perfectly proportioned and her skin was like silk, she was so young, so fresh, so firm, so damn sexy.

After a while of rolling around exploring each other’s bodies, my cock was at full hardness again, so I rolled her on to her back and spread her legs, the sofa was quite narrow so one of her legs was hanging over the side and the other was spread up against the backrest of the sofa, I got on top of her, arms wrapped under her back and I pushed my cock forward and penetrated her virgin pussy.

“Arrgggh! – Oh fuck! – Ooh – Uh – Ungh!” she moaned out very loudly, it definitely would have woken up the neighbours and she kept moaning out as I continued to force my thick hard cock inside her small tight tunnel, “Uh – Uncle Brian! – Oooh – Ooh – Aah.”

“Sorry, darling, does it hurt?” I asked.

“Your dick feels so big – It’s so big – Uh – Uh.” She gasped.

“Want me to stop?” I asked.

She immediately shook her head, “No – No – I can do it – I can do it.” She gasped.

“Good girl.” I replied.

She held her breath as I forced it further inside a few more inches and then pulled back and she breathed out, she kept holding her breath as I thrust forwards, then releasing it as I pulled back, her gasps and moans were beautiful, “Uuuuuh – Oooh – Uuuuuh – Oooh.”

It took her about 3 minutes to get used to the feeling of having my cock inside her body, then she was fine and enjoying being fucked.

I rocked my hips, gently thrusting my cock in and out of her little bald pussy, she held on gently to my upper arms and stared in to my eyes with a smile on her face, gasping warm sexual breath on to my face, it was a beautiful moment and a beautiful feeling knowing that I was making her feel so good.

I must have fucked her for a good 15-20 minutes, then I felt myself about to nut and was grunting fast.

“Uh – Are you okay, Uncle Brian?” she asked me.

“I’m fine – This is – Oooah god – This is going to get a bit bumper, darling.” I replied.

Then I squeezed hold of her tightly and began to thrust very hard in to her, she lifted her legs up and closed them a bit before resting them on the tops of my shoulders, I shuffled up on my knees, bending her long legs back to her shoulders, her tight ass lifted off the cushions and I went in balls deep, pounding her tender virgin pussy hard and fast.

“Ungh – Argh – Ooh – Ungh – Uh – Uh – Mm-m-mm!” she moaned.

I thrust in to her one last wonderful time and my balls tightened, my cock twitched, I felt my shaft and tip swelling up and then my semen exploded out of me, “Uht – Oooooooaaaaah!” when she felt me come inside of her she threw her head up and bit down between my shoulder and neck like a vampire, “Uhmmmm”

I kept pulling back about an inch and thrusting back in repeatedly, just forcing every last drop of my semen out, I filled that girl to the brim.

Her hair was a mess, it was all over and stuck to her face with sweat, so I brushed it off her face, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, “Wow.” She gasped.

“Good yeah?” I asked.

She nodded, “Wow.” She giggled, “I can’t feel my legs no more.”

“The feeling will come back.” I said, pulling out of her and letting her put her legs down, she looked down at her freshly fucked pussy with my semen slowly trickling out of her hole, “I can’t even feel my fanny.” She giggled.

She rolled on to her side to face me and hugged me and gave me a kiss then she rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes, “Love you, Uncle Brian.” She said, as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

“Love you, Emma.” I whispered.

In the morning Emma was still asleep when her mom came down and saw us laying naked on the sofa together with our clothes spread all over the floor, she came in to the living room shaking her head and laughing, “Did you do it?” she asked.

“Yep.” I replied.
“You dirty bastard…” she replied, she picked up our clothes and threw them on top of us, “…You better wake her up and get dressed, the boys will be up soon, I don’t want them seeing you two like that.”

So I woke Emma up and she ran up the stairs to the bathroom and I got dressed while her mom made me a nice coffee.

Emma was all mine after that night.

We became a couple and we didn’t hide it either, all the neighbours knew about us having a sexual relationship, but back then it wasn’t seen as a perverted thing, as long as the guy treated the girl with respect then no one was bothered about what we got up to.

I got her pregnant when she was 13 and married her when she turned 18, now we have 4 kids together and a very happy marriage and a great sex life even though I’m now well in to my 70’s.

I have no regrets.

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