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She had no idea what she was gagging on

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I was babysitting my little sister when I got a random erection and things turned naughty and I used my sisters hand and mouth for my pleasure.

I was 12 and my sister Hannah was 6.

We were sitting downstairs on the couch in our pyjamas watching movies on TV, I was babysitting while mom and dad were out and it was winter time and cold so we had a blanket covering us both.

After about an hour she fell asleep laid on her side across the couch with her head resting on my lap and she was sucking on her thumb as she always did, looking so peaceful and beautiful.

Maybe it was just the atmosphere, or feeling the heat from her warm body, or the fact she had her head on my lap, but something caused me to feel horny and get an erection.

My cock had grown so big it popped out the front of my pyjamas, and my tip was touching the blanket and the blanket was itchy, so I moved the blanket off to stop it itching and let my cock out in to the cool air in the room, hoping that it would go away on its own if I just let it alone, it was sticking up inches from her face.

But it didn’t go away and it stayed rock hard, I think it was feeling the warm air coming out of her nose blowing against my cock that was keeping it hard, so I took hold of it and slowly started jerking off, if I came then I could just direct it towards the floor away from her.

A few minutes after I started jerking off, she moved in her sleep and I think she was unconsciously reaching for the blanket but instead she grabbed hold of my cock, and she just laid there fast asleep, one hand had her thumb in her mouth and her other hand was holding my cock.

No one apart from me had ever touched my cock before, it was a entirely new sensation that I felt, a nice sensation, with no sign of it going away, my cock was rock hard and apparently staying that way.

But I knew I had to get rid of it somehow, I tried to carefully pull her hand off it, I pulled her hand upwards and she pulled it back down, after doing this a few times it felt like she was jerking me off and I liked it, so I kept moving her hand up and she kept moving it back down until I eventually let go of her hand and her muscle memory took over and she was jerking on my cock in her sleep.

“Ooah.” I gasped, enjoy my baby sister jerking me off with her small hand and fingers.

I was sat enjoying her jerking on my cock for about 3 maybe 4 minutes, I even put my hand under the blanket and was gently caressing her little ass, and then she stopped and moved again, and she took her hand off my cock and put it on my leg, “No!” I thought, I was almost there, she’d basically cum-stalled me and my cock was twitching angrily that it wasn’t able to finish.

Then I heard her sucking on her thumb and it put a very naughty thought in my mind and my uncontrollable need for gratification took over and I did a bad thing.

I gently pulled her thumb out of her mouth and moved her hand, then I pulled my cock down towards her face and then put my tip against her lips, she opened her mouth and the tip of my cock, about half an inch, slipped in to her mouth and she closed her lips around it.

Then she started to suck it thinking it was her thumb, suckling on the very tip of my cock like she was breast feeding from mom’s tits.

She didn’t move her head or suck it, just the fact it was in her mouth and her soft warm tongue was wiggling against my tip was enough, and it felt incredible, pleasured surged down my shaft, tingled in my balls and made my heart race, and I was gasping quietly, “Ooh – Ooh – Ooh.”

And I listened to her suckling on my cock, *Thwop* – *Thwop* – *Thwop* – *Thwop*

Just a couple of minutes later I had to put my hand over my mouth to prevent me from groaning out, my cock swelled and suddenly I was pumping sperm in to her mouth while desperately trying to stop my legs from moving and shaking beneath her head, I could feel my balls emptying, I’d never felt so much sperm exit my cock before, it was a lot.

I heard her swallowing it and then her lips relaxed and she coughed and started to wake up, I quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth and covered it up with the blanket, she pushed down on my leg to lift herself up and she coughed repeatedly, gargling on my sperm bubbles, *Cough!*

She looked at me with tired eyes and wondering why she was gagging and coughing.

“Are you alright, Hannah?” I asked, patting and rubbing her back to help her cough, “You swallow your spit?”

She let out one last big cough and I heard a big sperm bubble pop in her throat, then she rubbed her little eyes and laid back down, placing her head back on my lap and her thumb back in her mouth, while the last of my sperm leaked from my softening cock under the blanket.

My sister had suckled on my cock and swallowed my sperm and she had no idea.

I felt really naughty but also kind of proud of myself, it was just so incredibly good.

I only did it that once, never again though.

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    [email protected] Please Email me. This story is soo hot

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    Great story nothing beats the felling of a little girls mouth entertaining your cock. Pity you only did it once.

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    Fab should have treated ur wet cock to her tight little asshole

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      Mmm hi Britney that would feel sogooodbaby

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    I got sohonrny reading that mmmmm

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    Mmmmmm I think it made me move

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