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Sharing with Neighbors

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Who would ever guess we would share out spouses with older neighbors

We moved into a new place and we were a couple of 28 years and the neighbors with whom we became friends were in their 50’s. One day the neighbor brought up the subject of trading partners and wondered how many people actually did that. We discussed it and I went home and told my husband and he chuckled and wondered if they were interested. We sort of discussed if we would ever do that,,,,humm my husband never denied he would not do it….I was a virgin when we married however he had been in the military and admitted he had sex with several women before we married. Now I thought, why not me.

The next time me and the neighbor lady met, I brought up the subject and ask if they had ever traded and she said they had before with another couple who had moved away. She said they loved it and would do it again with the right couple. I blurted out, do you think we are a good match? She smiled and replied that they both thought we were perfect if we were interested. I conveyed out conversation with my husband and he agreed and that coming Saturday we agreed to meet at their house for dinner and wine and later we went with the others spouse.

i watched as my husband took my neighbor friend to one of the bedrooms. I could see that he was already hard. I imagined she was already drunk and horny for his hard young cock. I realized tat her husband was leading me to a bedroom and was just as hard for me. I nervously let him undress me and feel me up good, as I started opening my new stud so he could pump his mature seed in my now hot and wet pussy.

I want to say that the neighbor man knew how to make a woman feel like a woman should feel,,,, We continued our sharing spouses and I never told my husband how good our neighbor was at sex.

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  • Reply lucky neighbor ID:3ywnlf2hl

    fine story it reminded me of a friend of mind she lived across from me .the kid that mowed my lawn asked me who lived across the street told him .go over and see if you can drum up some more business. next thing i see he is mowing her lawn i gave him the thumbs up and he did the same later in the week he was back over there mowing the back yard so i thought i would go over and see how things were going. next thing i look over the fence and he is balls deep in her pussy and going for it , she sees me and i gave her a wink and left.it wasnt a hour she is at my door wanting me to not tell her husband or any one what i saw. told her her secret was safe with me but i liked what i saw and would not turn her down if she offered me some of the same and no strings either way, she said well come over in the morning and bring some condoms. i went over in the am and we talked some and she said it was spur of the moment with the kid and he had condoms in his pack. that how she paid for the lawn mowing. well we went to her room and and got naked she was a hotty i kissed her pussy and licked it to a good cum for her. she rolled the condom on and it was tight as we had sex she was pumping hard as was i , we both had a orgasm and the condom was broke she did a clean up and said i better not be pregnant time will tell.

  • Reply Maddog1960 ID:1ctprnvyxpyk

    Love to here more

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Tell us what you got up to with each other