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Shady trainging part one

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Shady married as soon as She turned 18. And started her training.

I was 18 when I married my High school sweetheart, Ash. He was 23 my dream husband! We had a big wedding, and a great honey moon. Before we married Ash had talked about swinging, and had made me confess about all the other guy’s I had sex with. There had been quite a few! It made him horny as hell. As soon as we were married, Ash started telling me what to do in the bedroom. It made me kinda mad, no one I had been with had ever complain! But he explained he wanted me to be the best fuck ever. He was into porn big time. Always showing me gangbang, bbc, and creampie porn. I have to admit it made me horny watching big black cock porn. He helped me dress more sex in public. And would buy me sex clothes and underwear. I loved the response I would get out in public wearing sexy dresses, heels, and stockings. In the bedroom he told me how to lick and suck his cock, and hold his balls. Make eye contact while sucking, and how to deep throat his cock. He trained me into what to say, when getting fucked. Like “fuck me harder baby”, “Use me like your whore”, “Are you going to cum in my pussy, or mouth”. He was my first anal sex, and I loved it, we role played a lot! Like hooker, and pimp, rape play, sex toys, dirty talk. The guy’s I had fucked before marrying Ash had never got me off. I wound lay there and they cum too fast and done. Ash told me if a guy cums too fast, give him a minute, and start sucking his cock. Make him hard again. Play with my pussy and lick my fingers. The nastier the sex the better. He even told men love it when you gag on their cock. He had me keep my pussy shaved. All this was in preparation for me to fuck other men. By the end of the first year of marriage he had taken me to a swingers club, and a house party. And then the best part, he set me up with a BBC. 12 inches of pure heaven! Ash had gotten a hotel room and helped me dress sexy. He had the BBC meet him in the lobby of the hotel and sent him up to the room. Ash had told me he was going to stay away for a couple of hours to let me enjoy my self! And boy did I ever! I was so nervous waiting for the knock on the door. He arrived and was every thing I wanted. 6’2″ 250 built, dressed nice smell great. We kissed at the door and my panties were soaking wet. He was not the least bit shy. Hands on my ass, as we kissed. And my hand found his cock though his pants. It was huge! I drop to me knees and undone his belt and pulled his pants and boxers down. Ash didn’t lie, he was hung. I licked the tip as I played with his balls, making eye contact the whole time. He reached down and pulled my dress over me head. Leaving me in my panties and heels. I had took the head of his cock in my mouth and was sucking hard. I was going to try to deep throat him, but he pulled me back up to my feet and kissed me. I said “fuck me” and he picked me up and took me to the bed. As he layed me down he pulled my panties off, exposing my wet shaved pussy. I kicked my heels off and spread my legs. He was on top of me, kissing and rubbing my breasts, pinching my nipples. I had reached and grabbed his cock, rubbing it on my pussy lips. Mixing his pre cum with my juices. He slowly pushed the head in. And began to pump in. I grabbed his but and pulled him deeper. Till all 12 inches was in. I had never felt so full! He started off slowly until I told him to “pound that pussy” I asked him where he wanted to cum, ” you can cum in my pussy” and that pushed him over the edge. I could feel his warm cum deep in side me. He rolled us over on the bed, keeping his cock in me. I was on top now, he pulled me up and was sucking my breasts. I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy. And his cock was getting soft so I moved down and started licking and sucking his cock. I could taste my pussy and his cum on his cock and balls. He got hard again! My Hubby was right, the next fuck was even better. He rode me like a cheap whore. I came hard and squirted, he kept pumping my pussy. We fucked four times in the two hours before Hubby came in the room and I was laying beside my BBC, his cock in my hand. Hubby grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me to the edge of the bed and dropped his pants. He sunk his cock in my ruined, sloppy cunt. And dropped his cum load fast. I couldn’t even feel his cock. Just his cum running over my ass hole. BBC said let me hit that pussy one more time. Hubby set in a chair by the bed as we fuck again. BBC went in bathroom to clean up, and Hubby asked if it was good? I told him it was great! BBC dressed and left. Hubby stripped out of his clothes and laid on the bed, on the biggest wet spot you ever seen. He wanted to hear all the details. He got hard hear about it. And I sucked him till he came again. I finally got up to go and clean up. Cum dripped down my legs as I walk to the bathroom. Hubby told me this was just the start of me being his hot wife.

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    A great introduction to BBC . I love watching wo.en take BBC