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Sex toy Mom’s evolution part 2

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Pervert son continues his abuse of his sleeping mom, daring to do even more to her unaware body.

Well it appears as if I got away with it. I returned home at my usual time as if I had spent the whole day at school, to find my mom up and about making dinner before getting into her scrubs to go on duty. She greeted me like normal, with a loving smile and hug as she commenced asking me about my day. The whole time I felt guilty, feeling like she would be able to see into my mind to where the vision of her red-haired pussy swallowing my finger, immediately started running across my consciousness. I could barely concentrate on what she was saying as my body quickly started betraying me, my hard-on “rearing it’s irrepressible head” (pun fully intended). All I could think of was her cunt and how much and how soon I wanted to explore it. Thankfully I made it through our customary chat, and waved her goodbye as she left for work, wondering if she had felt my hard-on against her as we hugged goodbye.

I wasted no time in going to her room, revisiting the place of my conquest. I grabbed a pair of her cotton panties out of her draw. Sadly she didn’t have sexy underwear and always washed her underwear every time she showered, so these were clean, but still, they further fuelled my lust as I jerked off looking down at her bed where her body had lain.

I spent the rest of the night plotting and fantasizing about how I could do this again, this time doing more. Even though I was only 11, my scheming mind knew that I would have to approach this carefully. The likelihood of me being able to exploit her when my mom was on day shift was remote, leaving me 2 more days before she finished night shift. I had to find a way to get home early. Judging by the timing of my adventure earlier, mom, assuming she would regularly use those pads, was “occupied” until around mid-day. Her night-shift ended at 7am, but by the time she had clocked out, stopped to go buy groceries for dinner etc. she would normally get home around 9am onwards. I was guessing that she got home, had something to eat, then changed and put on the pads. So it looked like she used the pads for 1-2 hours, say between 10am and 12pm.

Actual classes only finished around 2pm, so sacrificing extramurals would not work. I would have to play hooky, which meant I could not do it too frequently otherwise it would be reported to my mom. Feigning a stomach bug was the best bet. The school were really nervous about contagious illnesses like that. Decision made, I settled in front of the TV…..which didn’t distract my mind in the least.

Just before 3rd period the next day, I excused myself to see the school sickbay. I was hurriedly sent home and told to come back by Monday, or if later to bring a doctor’s note. Score!! This meant that I had 2 full days to exploit the situation before the weekend when my mom would expect me to be at home, and would not be so oblivious to the risk of her privacy being violated.

I timed getting home when I thought my mom would most likely have fallen asleep. Quietly entering the apartment, I set my bag by the door so I could leave once I had finished with my deed and maintain the illusion that I was at school the whole day like normal. Going down the passage I could immediately see that my mom’s bedroom door was completely open. There was a small table behind the door so it could not open all the way to the wall, but it was perfect the way it was. The actual door blocked the view from the head of the bed allowing me to look in and see my mom’s full body, without the risk that my mom could see me. My heart was in my throat and my cock was already at attention.
I stood there, enraptured by the vision of my mom lying in a similar vulnerable position as yesterday. There was one significant change, however, a change for the better. Mom had shifted the pads around her upper thighs higher until they were all the way to the top of her legs, doing away with the pads around her hips and waist, and lowering the wide pad around her upper torso. This pad now started from just below her tits and stopped just before her hip bones. Her tits were now fully visible, gaining me my first sight of them, AND her pussy was completely exposed! No having to shine a light under any shadowed recess. My hungry gaze devoured the sight. I was held immobile while my brain just surrendered all distractions beyond the need to possess her body.

With a jolt I also registered that the placement of the pads on my mom’s thighs added the amazing benefit of requiring her to spread her legs a lot more! She had turned her knees outward, bringing her ankles close together as if going to sit with her legs crossed. The result was my mom’s beautiful pussy now fully displayed, spread so that her pussy lips were open on both sides of her cunt like the petals of a flower with the nub at the top of her pussy where the lips came together, which the older boys had called a clit, standing up slightly. This was too much, lust was raging through my body, leaving my throat dry as a dessert, while at the same time flooding my mouth with saliva. I don’t remember walking into the room or even breathing until I heard the soft panting coming out of my mouth while I stood quivering at the bottom of the bed. My lustful gawk panned up her body to her tits. I had managed to peep down her top on a few occasions, but the most I had seen was a bit of cleavage and a sensible bra. Her tits were smaller than expected, lying almost flat like two poached eggs,, except the “yolks” were not yellow, but a light pink. These pink nipples were quite small, almost the size of mine. Freckles dusted lightly across the very pale skin of her breast and chest.

In my lust filled hypnotic euphoria, I hadn’t even checked my mom’s face to see if she was wearing the mask and ear phones, but thank all the powers that watch over randy boys, she was. I also noticed that she was lying on a large bath towel, which momentarily distracted me as it was so random, but hey, I didn’t actually care about the towel, so my mind quickly returned its focus to the important stuff. (I realized while reminiscing when I got older, that the towel was for the sweat produced by the heating pads). The timer was in its usual place, cupped in her left hand. Nervous in case my mom was not actually asleep, just listening to music while waiting to fall asleep. I stood there, wracking my brain for a way to test if she was sleeping without risking waking her, but when nothing plausible came to mind, I could deny myself no longer. I had to explore the offering laid out before me.

Even though her “charms” were not hidden by any offending pads, I still wanted as much light as possible, so with trembling hands, I groped behind me for the dressing table, switching on the light without taking my eyes of the prize before me. Like yesterday, the light designed to be bright enough to put makeup on, highlighted every inch of my mom’s pussy, even the inner folds of her cunt shone pink with the spotlight effect. The skin surrounding her pussy was clearly visible through her sparse pussy hair, which became more blond and wispy on the outer areas, darkening to a rich ginger red around the entrance. My eyes traced the faint glint of pubic hair disappearing down between her ass cheeks until I could just barely make out the darkening of her asshole. The “spotlight” effect actually cast shadows further up my mom’s body, so wanting nothing to remain hidden, I moved back to the door and switched on the overhead light, flooding the room with its brilliance, unflattering in its harshness that would show every imperfection, or to me, perfection. It was 100% what was needed to feed my lust even further.

Mind made up, I quickly approached the bed to return to the position I had been in the previous day, when I realized that would not work. My mom’s feet were too close to each other, leaving me insufficient room to creep onto the bed between her legs. At first disappointed, I soon compromised by simply standing next to the left-hand side of the bed. Her completely uncovered pussy allowed unrestricted access from the side, which although at first seeming not as exciting as being able to approach from between her legs, would actually work out better as it allowed me to get my face much closer to her pussy, something I definitely wanted to do.

But first, let us check out those titties. I shuffled further up the side of the bed till I was opposite my mom’s tits. Bending forward as if bowing to their majesty, I examined them from close up, inspecting every inch to ingrain them in my memory. Her nipples were a very light pink and if the surrounding skin of her mounds was not so pale, they would have been almost indistinguishable from the rest of her skin. My mom avoided the sun so there were no noticeable tan lines. There were a few short, light blondish hairs here and there around her nipples, which I found deeply intriguing. I slowly moved my index finger closer to her boobs, until ever so gently it came into contact with the pointy tip of her nipple. Remaining as still as possible, anxiously waiting for any reaction from my mom, I suddenly became aware that my heavy breathing was so loud I worried she might hear me even through the ear phones. I could feel the force of my hot breath on the back of my hand, which meant my mom would be able to feel it too. If she were awake, she would definitely have known something was wrong…..so test complete…she was not awake hehe.

I started pushing harder with my finger as if my mom’s nipple was a button in a lift or something, delighting in how her nipple seemed to disappear in the mound of her boob underneath my finger. When I took my finger off, her boob went back to his normal shape, but the nipple was now more pointed and had become a bit wrinkled. Holding my breath, I gently cupped her boob with my hand, noticing that even my 11-year old hand was big enough to almost completely hold her entire boob. I could feel the nipple hard against the palm of my hand as I lightly squeezed, luxuriating in the soft, but simultaneously firm feeling her boob gave me. It reminded me of one of those times we made water balloons to throw off the roof at people. After squeezing a few times, I took my hand away and noticed that her nipple was now very wrinkled and had got much darker, but at the same time smaller. This was fascinating. My nipples had started to get hard that year, and were quite sore if I touched them too hard, so I wondered if my mom’s nipple was sore from the squeezing, for some reason that excited me even more. Following the instinctive need of all children to suckle at their mom’s breast, I leaned forward and started tracing the tip of my tongue down her chest, ignoring the chemical flavor of mom’s perfume, up the gentle swelling of her boob, until latching onto her hard nipple welcoming it into my mouth where I gently started sucking on it. The excitement was intoxicating, wild abandon filled me as I started to suck harder with urgency as if I was trying to down a thick milkshake through a thin straw, except strawberry ice cream never tasted so good. When I stopped, her nipple was more red than pink and swollen with funny small bumps around it. It glistened with my saliva seeming to cry out to be sucked again, which of course I did, while cupping her other boob and starting to squeeze that. With my mouth pressed firmly to my mom’s tit, I starting feel her chest moving up and down quickly like she was about to wake up.

I sprang upright realizing I was being crazy sucking so hard as that could obviously wake her up. I quickly scrambled back behind the door ready to make my escape, but after standing with breath held for several long moments and hearing no sound, I peeked back around the door to find my mom still sleeping. Her nipple was very red and looked like it had a hickey on it, and I could clearly see the fading imprints of my fingers on the white skin of her other tit where I had squeezed so hard. I desperately hope that those marks would fade or she wouldn’t notice them when she woke up, but the damage was done, it was too late to stop now……right!? At this point I started contemplating how much I could away with without waking my mom up. I didn’t know if she is a deep sleeper, as whenever I needed her awake, she just seemed to be. I know that her normal alarm to wake up with was loud enough that it used to wake us all up. Of course my little head was firmly in control so had little difficulty in convincing me that she would sleep through a lot. So despite my very rationale fear that this was a really stupid mistake, I continued with the assault of my mom’s unaware body.

Seeing as I was back at the end of the bed, I decided to return my focus to mom’s pussy. Even though her tits were wonderfully captivating, they took second place to that piece of heaven. I again bent forward, this time with my face placed not even a ruler length away from her red haired cunt, looming as close I could get before my eyes lost focus to make sure I examined every crease and fold of what had become the object of my obsession, occupying my mind like an invading army. I wanted to imprint this sight onto my retinas. My mom’s inner pussy glistened in the bright light, a vibrant pink that was noticeably darker than the lips. Although her pussy was not open wide enough for me to see deep inside, I could see fluid pooled in her opening that looked slightly milky, intriguing me. What was this, was it sweat or left over pee, or had someone maybe left some cum behind….had my mom fucked someone. The thought excited me immensely, imagining some cock pushing inside her made me want to do the same right there and right now. Sadly I knew that was not possible. I would somehow have to get between my mom’s legs with the black bands around them, avoid her feet, kneel on the electric wires that ran from the pads to the plug at the dressing table, and without leaning the weight of my body on my mom, and stick my cock into her. Yeh, that would wake her up for sure.

Desperate to at least feel what I had felt yesterday, I carefully guided my index finger to the pool of fluid, and stirred it lightly with my finger. It felt oily, like the fluid that leaked from my cock when I was excited. Was this what it was, was my mom excited? I had often woken up to find the front of my PJ’s damp from my cock that had leaked in the night. So if I could get excited during my sleep, then maybe my mom could too. The thought that my mom’s pussy could be excited like my cock, was beyond stimulating. I had tasted the oily fluid that my cock produced like any self-respecting horny boy, so naturally I wanted to taste what my mom’s pussy fluid was like. Let’s just say it was not the same. It was difficult to describe, but to be honest it wasn’t a pleasant taste, slightly sour, but for some reason I did not understand, it was the best thing I had ever tasted. Acting on an instinct I didn’t know I had, I moved my finger back to the fluid residue and gently smeared it up and down the folds of my mom’s partially opened pussy. Not really pushing in, but just coating her inner lips with the oily silkiness. I would have carried on with this for ages, but my fucking back started to hurt.

My body was trembling with excitement, making my legs weak, which wasn’t helped by the uncomfortable position I had to adopt bending over the bed. Reluctantly I stood upright, and tried to look at the situation with as much rational perspective as possible. I had to plan this properly no matter my insane hunger urging me on. There looked to be just enough space to be able to fit my knees on the mattress next to mom’s body if I squeezed as close to mom as possible…..not an entirely unpleasant option. So prepared to jump up and run at the first sign of my mom waking, I gently put my knees on the bed, shuffling them forward until they were touching the black bands wrapped around my mother’s upper thighs. Luckily, my mother being a nurse on her feet the whole day, did not compromise on the quality of mattresses, so my light weight hardly moved my mother much. This position was actually quite perfect, allowing me to sit back on my legs and comfortably lean my head forward over my mom, while bracing my body weight with my left arm planted next to her torso, getting my face as close as I wanted to her pussy. Which I immediately did, the alluring scent of my mom’s cunt subtly filling my nasal passages.

Feeling more confident, my right hand index finger found its way back to the spread lips of my mother’s ginger cunt, resuming an almost lazy swirling up and down the lips enjoying the slick feel of the oily fluid in my mom’s hot pussy. Suddenly in a light bulb moment, I realized that this oily slipperiness would make it much easier to push my finger deep into my mom’s pussy and maybe even push more fingers in. After all, a man’s cock is much bigger than my fingers, so they should be able to fit. Somewhat irritated with myself for not thinking to do this before I had knelt on the bed, I stood back up, and immediately dragged my pants and underpants off, tossing them out of the way, outside the room in case I had to make a run for it.

My cock felt as hard as a steel pipe, purple and engorged, with, as expected, copious amounts of oily fluid leaking out. The thrill of standing next to my mom with my hard cock looming over her, sent butterflies through my stomach. Wasting no more time, I knelt back on the bed, and grabbed my cock in my right hand, gently moving my fingers around its slick shaft and head coating them in slippery fluid, my cock juice. My slimy fingers then quickly found their way back to my mother’s pussy, my previous lazy swirling with one finger, replaced by a more liberal smearing of my silky cock juice all around the entrance and inner lips of my mom’s glorious cunt as if I was rubbing in tanning lotion using the front half of all four fingers on my hand.

Even though I was still being very gentle, and did not go deeper than her open lips already allowed, the smearing motion easily spread my mom’s inner pussy lips wider, the nub of her clit felt hard as my finger tips brushed over it, and seemed to twitch each time it was touched. Her inner lips had become a deeper pink. Knowing that my mom’s pussy had my cock juice inside it caused an involuntary groan to escape me. I wish I was old enough to have semen as I would love for my cum to be inside my mom! After a few seconds of “massaging” my cock juice into the entrance to my mom’s cunt, I reluctantly stopped, and just stared at the flowering petals of my mother’s pussy as they slowly started to close up a bit. I could see by the light glistening on her pussy, that her lips and inner pussy would be very slippery. It was calling for my finger to go deep inside.

Finally, the moment that I had been fantasizing about since yesterday arrived. bracing with my left arm, I leant completely over my mom, enjoying the feel of my hard slippery cock against my stomach. With my face almost too close for my eyes to focus properly, I held my breath, and I resolutely placed my right hand index finger at the entrance to her cunt, and without any hesitation, slid it firmly inside her until my knuckles pressed up against her lips. Now as exciting as this looked and felt, my hands were only an 11-year olds, so what my young mind thought was deep, was obviously not. Be that as it may, I was again in heaven. I watched without blinking as I slowly slid my finger in and out of my mom’s cunt. My cock juice had done as I suspected, and her pussy was very wet and slippery, and oh so hot! As I worked my finger in and out, speeding up somewhat, while still being careful not to wake her, the smell of her pussy became stronger, resonating with a deep primal part of my mind that urged me to possess and overpower her. I wanted so much to slam my fingers in and out of her as hard as I could. Sadly, or thankfully rather, even in my lusty frenzy, I had enough sense not to do that.

Whilst I was too nervous to penetrate her harder, I could try using more fingers, so with my heart feeling like it was hammering through my chest, I straightened my middle finger, and slid into mom’s slippery tunnel with no resistance at all. Encouraged, I straightened all my fingers, and again easily slid them into my mom’s cunt, until my thumb, tucked against the palm of my hand, prevented me from going deeper, and I wanted to go deeper, but with my thumb tucked as it was, I was too nervous that my hand would be too wide. Stupid I know, but hey, I was only 11. So after another light bulb moment, I straightened my thumb upright like I was giving an open-hand thumbs-up to her pussy. Then, with no problem at all, I slid my hand even deeper inside her hot cunt, until my upright thumb pressed up against the hard nub of her clit as if it was made to park there.

I held my hand there, all my fingers encased on my mom’s pussy, even over the knuckles of my hand. It was like my mom’s pussy was a glove, a hot, wet, delicious glove! My whole hand was now inside my mom, I could feel her pussy almost squeezing it, It was so hot, and wet, and delicious. I never wanted to remove it. I eventually managed to stop admiring my hand with a mom pussy glove, and continued moving it in and out. Still not going any faster, I now slid my hand in until my thumb pressed up against the nub each time. It was so wet that the slick fluid coated my hand as if I had dipped it in water. Fluid was also following my hand out of my mom’s pussy and was leaking down between my her ass cheeks. As I continued I started to hear weird squishy wet sounds like someone eating with their mouth open, every time my hand was pulled out. I felt that I should be grossed out, but this just excited me even more.

I don’t know how long I carried on for, lost in euphoric bliss. But eventually, I stopped moving my hand in and out of my mom’s pussy and just stared, capturing the sight in my mind while calming my heart rate down. It was then that I noticed my mom’s clit. It was standing out almost like an erection or the end of someone’s pinkie finger, twitching slightly like it had its own heart beat. It was now a deep pink and looked swollen much bigger than it was when I first started playing with my mom. I slowly pulled my hand out of mom’s cunt, mesmerized at the fluid still visibly trickling down her ass crack. Thank god for the towel otherwise the bed would have a wet patch on it. I brought my slick wet hand up to my nose, taking a deep whiff as I rolled the oily slickness around my fingers. The scent brought the weird trembling up from my groin, through my stomach and exploding into my chest, making me want to grind my cock into something as hard as I could. Of course, the taster I had previously sampled at the end of my finger demanded a fuller course, so without any attempt at subtlety, I sucked my all four fingers like I had just finished some KFC. The taste was much better than the earlier sample, not as sour, and like with KFC, licking your fingers was just a great appetizer before eating a drumstick. So the decision was made, I had to repeat what I had done with her tits; taste her pussy.

When I first heard of this from the older guys, it sounded gross. I mean I can understand sucking her tits, that’s what they are made for, but the pussy is made for pissing and having babies. But by now, my state of arousal was forcing me to try every taboo thing I could think off, and other than stick my cock into her cunt, this was it. Of course I wanted to stick my cock into her more than anything, and man was I tempted to do it no matter the consequences….sanity prevailed luckily!

Determined to taste mom’s cunt, I moved my face until my tongue lightly grazed her pussy hair, and with bated breath, stuck my tongue out blindly searching for her sweet pussy nectar. When my tongue touched her pussy lips, I reflexively snatched it back into my mouth, unprepared for the sheer ecstatic tremor that swept through my whole body, racing into my stomach and my loins. My breath released with an explosive snort, if my mom’s pussy had been candles on a cake, they would definitely have blown out. I quickly replaced my tongue, tentatively probing along her thick pussy hair until again discovering her lips, snaking the tip of my tongue into the entrance to my mom’s cunt. God it felt scalding, even to my hot tongue. I had made no attempt to hold my breath, so I was panting like a dog on a hot day, saliva flooding my mouth with anticipation of what was to come.

In my overwhelming desire, my tongue recklessly invaded my mom’s cunt opening, and for the first time, the feel and the direct taste of pussy enveloped my oral senses……and wow! The taste brutally swept aside any vestiges of reason I still had left, a primal compulsion to lap and suck the juices from my mom’s cunt as if it were a life saving elixir overcame me. I soon smashed my tongue into and against my mom’s inner lips, savoring the unique taste as I sucked and swallowed with abandon. My slobber soon swamped her pussy, as I aggressively lapped with my tongue, now spread as flat and wide as possible, mashing it up and down her pussy. Sticking my tongue out until it hurt, I pushed it inside her, trying to penetrate as far as possible into her cunt hole. I had surrendered to my sexual ardor, any rationale instinct was lost in my trance-like uncontrolled passion. Unconsciously I had moved both hands to my each side of mom’s pussy, as if to hold a piece if steak while my mouth tore it to shreds. I had spread her cunt wide, and was lapping and sucking her pussy sounding like pigs at a trough. My nose was even getting into the action, pushing inside up against my mom’s clit as I tried to force my tongue deeper and deeper inside her.

Suddenly my mom groaned and her legs jerked straight out like she was having a cramp. Fuck! She was waking up. My body literally levitated off the bed and I was out the door before I even realised I had moved. It was only as I got to the lounge heading for the front door, that I realised I had no pants on, and had in fact left them tossed into the passage outside my mom’s bedroom door. I was fucked, I stood petrified with my hands covering my still rock hard throbbing cock, waiting for my mom to rush out of her room and discover my shame. But then…..nothing. No sound of movement, no mom rushing out, just me standing with the biggest hard-on I had ever had. The angels had again rescued me. I would not waste the miracle, so I crept back to get my pants, committed to cut my losses. Of course, that brought me to the open door to my mom’s bedroom, where I could see my mom’s whole naked body, with just her head hidden behind the open door.

My face was wet from my mom’s pussy, her taste and scent completely dominating my senses. My right hand was still slick with the fluid from mom’s pussy despite my attempt to lick it all off, this lubrication forming the perfect twin to the fluid seemingly pouring out of my cock, as I wrapped my hand around my dick. I stared at my mom’s body with so much focus I was surprised the weight of my gaze alone did not wake her. My mom’s pussy was open much wider than when I had come into the room, allowing me to see quite deeply into her cunt hole and the glistening pink folds that held so much mystery. Her clit was still erect and swollen while her cunt shone in the bright light where juices still coated her pussy and between her ass cheeks. I had subconsciously started swivelling my hand around the purple head of my cock to enjoy the slippery frictional feel, and then, done with “foreplay”, I started wanking in earnest, jerking so fast and hard I am surprised I didn’t injure myself. I made no effort to keep quiet knowing the ear phones would prevent my mom from hearing my groans of pleasure and the wet sounds my cock was producing quite similar to the noises my hand made in my mom’s cunt. As the pleasure built in the head of my cock, I started quietly talking dirty to my mom which turned me on even more. I told her I was going to suck her cunt every day, and couldn’t wait until I could cum inside her. The pleasure was so good, that my legs started trembling and twitching becoming so weak I thought I was going to have to sit. Eventually I couldn’t carry on any longer, my arm once again failing me. I knew my cock would be so sore later today, but I didn’t care. This was a life changing experience.

I reluctantly finished off, deciding to let the juices dry on my hand and my face so that I could smell my mom’s cunt for the rest of the day and night. I quickly put my pants back on, and on trembling legs, walked out of the apartment in a stupor, almost forgetting my fucking school bag. It was only an hour or so later, while replaying my pornographic exploits on a loop through my mind, that I remembered the lights. Fuck! Again! Now the dressing table light AND the main lights would both be on when my mom woke up. She was going to think there were ghosts!! I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. Plans must be made.

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