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Second hand toys 4

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When your girlfriend lends you to another friend of her you realize you have become a secondhand toy.

Over the next few months, I visited Katey every chance I had. She was like nobody else I had known. The way she looked at me the way we kissed. I really love her mature breasts and large nipples. I have fucked Rocky so many times his knot pulls out easily after a few seconds. We take Rocky in turns I would eat Katey’s pussy while rocky fucked me. Later she would eat my pussy while rocky fucked her.
We would sit around and watch homemade porn; Katey has several friends who take videos of themselves and share with her. All the videos depict lesbian acts no men at all. Unless you count male dogs as men.
Then one day I arrived at Katey’s house there was a car parked in her driveway. I knocked on the door and Katey let me in she introduced me to Anna and her friend Stacy.
Anna looked to be in her mid-twenties. I recognized her face she was the person who had a German Sheppeard.
While Stacy looked about 14. I had just turned 13 at this point.
Anna and Katey started talking with each other and I started talking to Stacy. I told her how I met Katey and the things we had done together, and she told me about herself.
Stacy had met Anna when Stacy took the job of dog walker. Stacy kept getting excited when Cannon had a piss watching his huge cock come out of its sheaf.
Anna saw Stacy looking and wanted to know if she wanted a better look. So, Anna rolled Cannon on his back and using her hand she got Cannon erect and she jerked him off. Anna ad licked Cannon’s cum off of her hand. they were sitting around talking when Cannon got his head under Ana’s skirt and started licking her pussy. Anna had suggested Stacy might enjoy have a tongue lick her pussy, so she removed her shorts and panties and spread her legs. Anna beat Cannon and went down on Stacy. Cannon was behind Anna and when she pulled up her skirt Cannon jumped on her back and fucked her.
That was over a year ago since then Anna had deflowered her with a strap-on dildo. She has fucked cannon. Anna and Stacy have fucked each other. Anna has filmed Stacy using a dildo, in her hand stuck to floor, walls, the seat of a chair and a window.
The last one Anna was outside in the back yard and Stacy was inside using the dildo. Katey and Anna started to undress, and they told the girls.
We both knew we could not tell anybody else about what we had done. But we could talk to each other about it get it off our chests as it were.
Then they turned to Stacy and me and said “Are you just going to watch or are the two of you going to get to know each. Kiss her already.
Stacy and I blushed as we turned to each other moved in close put our arms each other and moved our lips together and kissed. Stacy was closer to my own height and when we put our arms around each other and kissed it felt more natural.
Our naked breasts pressed against each other’s as our tongues explored each other’s mouth’s. 1 of her hands moved to my pussy so I did the same to her.
Katey came over the put a ten-inch strap-on dildo on me and told me to fuck Stacy. We stood up Stacy bent over, and I took her behind and fucked her with the dildo. While Anna and Katey watched us. Then they had Stacy fuck me with same dildo. I was on my back and Stacy on top of me fucking my pussy. They Katey came over and took Stacy to the couch While Anna went down on me. I looked at Katey and saw her going down on Stacy.
I had seen videos of Katey having sex with other people, but I never thought she would do it front of me. Anna and Katey both put on strap-on dildos 10-inch-long ones. Anna started fucking me while Katey fucked Stacy. Anna had a nice set of breasts, and I started licking and sucking her nipples, but I was thinking my girlfriend was fucking the only other girl I have ever fucked while I am now being fucked by a third woman.
Anna was all over me sucking on my breasts licking me out and fucking me with the dildo she got me to change position several times and would look to see what the others were doing. At one point Stacy was going down on Katey while Rocky was fucking Stacy.
After a while I found myself lying next to Anna on the floor. She was holding me, and we were kissing each other on the lips.
Then we showered and got dressed Stacy and I exchanged phone numbers and kissed before we left.
a few days later

I was at a school friend’s home doing some homework. I had gone to the toilet and was walking her 17-year-old brother’s room. He was looking at his computer with one hand in his pants playing with himself. I walked into his room knelt before his pulled his pants down a little and took hold of his cock. I then sucked him off. I swallowed his load and left. I felt that this act was to punish Katey for some reason.

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