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saw her/raped her #10 at night

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I’ve raped many now, 9 others. Normally I see someone and have to have her, this time I went out with the intent to find someone to rape, to see fear

It was night, I was disguised and prepared. This is the first time I really went out intentionally to rape. I didn’t care who this time, I wanted to rape a girl, boy or woman. In the past an occasion presented itself and I did it, but this time, I went out intentionally to rape. I saw a boy about 14, I was following him for a while, he was out too late for his age. That and being a boy, he’d not tell that he’d been forced to take a guys cock up his ass. Then he turned and went into a big apartment building. He would have to wait for his fate to come to him, for my cock to cum in him. It got to be 2am and then I saw two girls, looking to be about 19 or 20, a blonde and a brunette drunk or high, but not overly so. Laughing and walking they weren’t paying attention to their surroundings or me. Then they stopped, and the brunette went into another apartment building. I waited two blocks for the blonde, she must have been tired, and in a tiny park only taking a quarter of a block she sat on a bench. It was hidden from the street by a couple of trees and a few low bushes. I knew it was my chance.

The weather was warm, so less clothing to remove. I came up behind her, startled her, and sat next to her with my arm around her shoulder, and my knife blade at her neck. “Shut the fuck up, don’t say a word and you’ll live” was all I said. She very meekly, voice shaking said “OK, just don’t hurt me please”. I told her to take off her clothes, she started to stand and I pulled her down. “Stay down on the bench so no one can see. She took off her blouse and bra. She had light pink nipples, pencil eraser size and areolae that were small about the size of a nickel. “continue” I told her, as she leaned back and lifted her butt off the seat I was lightly rubbing her nipples, she was now crying as her nipples got more and more firm. Her shorts were off and she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her shaved cunt looking out to the world now. “Are you blonde down there or brown hair” I asked, She replied that she had naturally brown hair. I rubbed her pussy, to get her wet, and with the other hand rubbing her nipples and squeezing her tits. I asked why she shaved if she was a virgin, she said her friends all did and she just did it also. She did have a boyfriend who liked it but they hadn’t had sex, only bjs. She was now begging me not to do this to her, she admitted she was a virgin and didn’t want to lose “it” like this. I asked if she’d given head before and she said yes she had, even volunteering to give me a blowjob and she’d not tell anyone anything.

I made her give me her phone and turned the light on, and looked at her pussy, parting her pretty little shaved lips, I saw it, I saw her hymen. “Please don’t” she begged. She had stopped crying and was again offering her mouth. “No. I’m going to give you a choice. Do you have any lotion in your purse?” “Yes” I continued “then you get to choose, I will either fuck you in your ass, or I’ll take your virgin pussy, you get to choose” I was met with renewed crying and begging “Please, no, Please, I’ve never done it, anyway, I’ve only sucked and used my hand” I told her either she chose or I chose. I heard only one word “Butt”. I made her lube her asshole inside and out with the lotion, I made her finger fuck her butt with three fingers eventually, then put her on her knees on the ground, her tits on the bench and made her hold her ass cheeks apart. I got behind her and slowly slipped into the virgin asshole. She was grimmacing her face, winces of pain, but after I buttfucked her for about 5 minutes that was gone. Then I pulled out and put on my condom, my shaved pubes wouldn’t let any stray hairs remain. She just let go of her ass cheeks, pulled her hands on the bench. My hand was around her waist to make her stay there, the other pinching and pulling her nipples, making her whine with her pull. In another 10 minutes I was almost over and ready. I shot my load and pulled out, storing the used condom.

She just laid there, tears in her eyes, but not saying anything anymore. I took her phone and her clothes and left her there naked. I stuck around to observe. She ran off in the direction of her friends apartment. I should have popped her cherry pussy, but I said i’d give her a choice and she chose to get buttfucked for her first time. Now maybe that boyfriend will get some too. I went home to my girlfriend who I raped while she was passed out at a party a few weeks ago. I stayed with her, and we are now together. I took a shower, then shaved my girlfriends pussy, and fucked her and went to sleep.

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    You’re becoming an expert rapist – very impressive!

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    am 27 and i love being fucked in ass evryday and make mess