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Sal and I, she was bi but preferred submissive women or girls, she shared

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Sally and I worked together for about 2 years. Then I quit and was in the same biz but freelancing. She left about 2 years later but even when she was still at the company I’d come to the city a lot and she and I always had time to get together. Most at the company knew her as a lesbian, she did have sex with at least 4 of the girls working there. She preferred younger women, she was 38 at the time I quit, she looked 28. Sal had smallish tits, probably A cup with dark nips, had a nice ass, good legs, and a brown haired bush on her pussy. She was very attractive and used it with the younger girls. She I was to find out, was definitely domme with other women, and preferred 17 to 21 year olds. As we got to know each other personally more, something we only did after I left the company, I heard about the two guys she lived with and had sex with, how she lost her virginity at the shocking age of 22 to one of her bosses. I probed deeper, had she given handjobs and blowjogs only before and she had done nothing. She wasn’t too interested in teen boys when she was a teen and really didn’t like the idea of some guy fucking her or getting a blowjob and then going all around school telling everyone. She was one of 5 daughters, the second youngest and the 3 older ones warned her, as they’d all had that happen with them at the same school. The boss who fucked her did it in the office, he was 48 to her 22, he fucked her probably 30 times over a few months then she found a boyfriend and moved in with him.

As a teen in high school she did kiss a few other girls, felt them up over their clothes and masturbated but that was it. That first guy she moved with treated her like shit and an older woman she met took her in and let her be her lesbian self. After that, and moving in with a second guy, she realized she didn’t want to be the more submissive one in a relationship. She sought out young girls and women. She gave me all kinds of details of the 4 from work she was fucking. I mean everything about them, how they taste, smelled, what they liked sexually, how submissive they were, and with two of them sharing nude photos that they’d sent her. Once in her apartment, she was showing me some of their nudes and i asked her the youngest she ever had sex with, the answer was 14 when she was 29. She saw the bulge in my pants and reached for it. I asked her about it and why she would now have sex with me since she didn’t want to be the sub in a relationship. “Is that what you want? Me to be submissive?” she asked. My answer was no way, I liked her, the HER I got to know after working at the same place, and we had a great relationship and never expected either of us to be sub or dom unless we both wanted to do a roleplay. So we started fucking. She gave incredible head, I always thought I did a good job of eating pussy and she did also, but perfected my tecnhique. I was 25 when all this was going on she by now was 40. We were alike in so many ways, we liked the same things, loved working together after she left the company, and would go on vacations together. She even suggested that we go to a nude beach in the caribbean island on which we were working. We went, and to my surprise using the sunscreen she was jerking me off in front of everyone. When I came she scooped it up with her fingers and put it in my mouth. “That’s a nice, obedient little boy” she said loud enough so everyone around heard it. So while there we roleplayed with me as her sub. She demanded that since she got me off I get her off. She made me kiss her pussy, open her pussy lips and lick, then in order not to get arrested or caught I rubbed her off.

Back in the city, she took a phone call. It was a young girl she’d been fucking for a while, and she told her that yes she could come over but that I was there, and she’d have to make herself available to both of us. Then she got very loud and very demanding ” I don’t give a fucking shit what you don’t want, who do you think you are? TELLING ME what you will and won’t do. You’re ass better be here in 15 minutes or I’ll blister your ass fucking raw, then I’ll have him buttfuck you till you can’t walk anymore. You WILL do whatever I tell you to fucking do. Come the way I want you to show up at my place, you know what that means. By the way, you’re 15 minutes started with this call 3 minutes ago” then she slammed the phone down. 14 minutes later (she was late) Darlene was at the door. I found out when she walked in what the one sentence about “the way she wants her”. She was in the hallway, holding just a thin coat, naked otherwise. She came in, took off her coat and her big tits, and shaved pussy was in full view. Sally insisted that she walk in her place totally naked. Darlene I knew from the office, she was 19, small, diminutive at 5ft. 2in, she only weighed 100lbs, though I think 10lbs of that was tits. She had D cup tits, very full, and soft, pink nips almost the same color as her skin, Darlene had blonde hair and I was surprised to see it was natural. Some natural blondes have darker hair on the pussy, but not her she had a nice, light blonde bush.

I hadn’t noticed but Sally had gone to her bedroom, she yelled at me to open the door for “the late bitch” I was saying my hellos to the naked girl I knew from the office who was now naked and totally submissive and lesbian. All her secrets were out and I knew them, though I was about to know more. Then Sally came out. She was wearing a black basque with garter straps holding up black stockings. No panties and her little tits out over the two cutouts in the basque. She’d put on heavier eye makeup and was holding a riding crop. “You’re late bitch!” she said looking at Darlene. Then to me “She knew the time limit and she decided to be fucking late. At first she didn’t want to come over to please me sexually because you were here, the little cunt thinks that you shouldn’t know what she is” Darlene tried to excuse herself “No, no I just couldn’t make it here in 12 minutes, you know I can’t, not from my apartment, I am only 2 minutes late Sally, please” she was begging. Then sally went full on –

“throw your coat down and turn around bitch. Bend the fuck over, you don’t ever come to me late, you know that”

“Please, sally” WHACK she got smacked across the face, and hard. Her lip was bleeding.

“What the fuck did you just call me?”

“I’m sorry maam, I didn’t mean to be late, I just couldn’t get her in time mistress, please don’t do it to me”

“What did I say you’d get if you didn’t make it here?”

“You said you would beat my ass raw and then have Ken buttfuck me till I can’t walk anymore”

she was talking very softly now, resigned to what was about to happen, looking straight down at the floor. She was told to “go get it” and she got a gag and put it in her mouth coming to me to tighten it in place. She was then told to bend over the back of the couch. I had to say her ass was so tiny but so nice, it was so cute. I was told to go ahead and look. I spread her ass cheeks and looked at her tiny little butthole, the butthole I knew I’d be fucking soon. With that Sally started in on her with the riding crop. After about 30 hits, Darlenes ass was so red, some bruise marks starting to show, as hard as Sally was hitting her I was surprised that she didn’t make her ass bleed.

“Feel her ass with your hand,” Sally told me as she took out the gag. It was warm, really hot almost. “Get naked and fuck the whores asshole” she said.

“Please, mistress, please please maam, you know I’ve never done that before” Darlene was crying and between the tears begging. I thought she’d not been buttfucked before, but later that night after I had fucked her ass and fucked Sally, I fucked Darlenes pussy and it was her first time with a cock at all, ever. Sally told me to stick my cock in her mouth to get hard, it didn’t take long, while Sally was lubing up Darlenes asshole. I moved around and was told to ram it in, Sal put a rag over Darlenes mouth to muffle the scream as I plunged 8 inches deep and thick into a virgin assdhole. It was radiating heat from the whipping, and I was fucking like a madman while Darlene was crying like a little girl lost at the carnival. I speeded up, plunged full into her and shot my load. Damn it was hot and good. Sally took out the gag and asked Darlene “What are you going to say to Ken?” one response “Thank you” She was indeed walking rather slowly, even the next morning.

I gave her the first cock in her mouth, her pussy and up her ass that night. She looked jealous as she watched me fucking Sally in the big King bed. The next morning, Darlene got up early had breakfast for us all, but as she came into the bedroom, Sally made her eat her pussy until she came three times, then switch to my cock. I finally put first mancum into each of her three holes. Later that week I got a freelance gig with the company and Darlene was put on the road with me. She had instructions to call Sally everyday and tell her what kind of sex we had and how often. I had a road fuckbunny, a tiny little fuckdoll to play with.

Sally and I kept it up, I’d fuck her bisexual and sometimes just lesbian lovers, I’d fuck and eat her, she sucked and fucked me, it was great. She never minded sharing and many times she’d make the girls spend a weekend even a week with me as my personal slave. Many time girls were over, and Sal and I would watch them do sex shows for us, the best was when she’d make the more lesbian one eat her pussy after they watched me cum in it. About a year later in one of our talks, Sally admitted she’d never had anal herself and wanted to try it. I told her I’d be very slow and gentle. So she let me. She didn’t mind it she said and we did it often. A small vibe on her clit and she’d get off while getting buttfucked. She never let the girls get off while they were being buttfucked. That was punishment for them.

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    Damn that was wild story yet very well written. I think this is one of the reasons why I like bi females because of the attraction factor in getting other girls to take a cock. My own daughter loves a cock like no tomorrow but she did often eat out her girlfriends during her sleepovers. She and I were talking one night after some amazing sex and I asked her if she want to. She said she was wanting to try it so a few days later she invited one of her friends for a threesome. What a site seeing your young daughter munching on a pussy while you go balls deep in her and cum as I did to her friend. I miss those days and the endless young pussy for 8 years. wanna get a lot of pussy, train your daughter young and watch the sparks fly. Sex is completely natural and healthy when a young girl pursues it. There is no reason to be ashamed of loving sex for any reason no matter what your age.