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running free

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three friends were on their daily run next to the beach. this was during covid. no one was there. it was a beautiful sunny morning in the spring. the younger boys, both sophomores, were both brown. one was darker skinned and the other was fair. both were extremely skinny but athletic. they were shorter. the oldest boy, a senior, was taller but also skinny and he was white. all three of them had cross country physiques.

today was the first day they were running since covid hit. the streets were basically empty. “let’s take our shirts off since no one’s here”, said one of the sophomores. they took their shirts off and only wore black cross country shorts exposing their skinny muscular and hairless legs. “this feels so good without ours shirts”, said one of the sophomores. they ran for a couple of miles until they reached a lake. “let’s swim”, said the senior. “okay”, said both of the sophomores. they took off their shoes and jumped in and swam for a little bit. they got out and then they realized their shorts and underwear were wet. “ok, i’m going to dry off my shorts, don’t look”, said the senior. “bro why don’t we just run naked”, said one of the sophomores. “there’s no one here anyways”. he looked at the other two. “i’m cool with it”, said the senior. “great idea”, said the sophomore. the other two were secretly awkward but just went with it. “ah it feels so good to be naked”, said the sophomore. “i know right”, said one of the sophomores. they did love it though. running naked had such a feeling of freedom.

then they fucked. they all ran home with cum in their asses.

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  • Reply post malone fan ID:4bn00en3fia

    not agood story, sorry dude

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  • Reply Dyo ID:4a206ba5zr9

    This is bare skunt