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Raping my teen neighbour (part 1)

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Breaking into her apartment was child’s play. At 17 years old the naive teenager had no sense of security from the danger that lurked out in the world.
She came through the door into the darkened apartment and I kicked the door shut startling her, allowing me to get the jump on her.
Grabbing her from behind I held the knife to her throat, leaning in close to her ear, I whispered, “Make a sound bitch and I’ll slice your throat ear from ear.”
She wimpered and immediately stopped struggling when she felt the touch of the cold steel against her neck.
“That’s better, now open your mouth.” I said and shoved the thick rubber cock into her mouth. She brought her hands up to try and stop me, but I told her she better drop her hands if she didn’t want to get cut. She complied and I pushed the leather panel attached at the base of the cock flush against the lower part of her face. I buckled the gag tightly behind her head before adding the leather padded blindfold over her eyes. The 3″ long rubber cock filled her mouth to the opening of her throat forcing the teen to concentrate on keeping her gag reflexes in check. By now she was standing there shaking and crying but all the noise was just a quiet whimpering behind the panel gag.
I stopped for a moment to take in the beauty of the 17 year old Brittney. She stood five foot ten in her bare feet. Weighed all of a hundred and twelve pounds. Tall and thin with lean long legs.

I reached out grabbing ahold of her dress, violently tore it from her body. She screamed into the gag and tried to stop me but the gag and the blindfold was effective as I slapped her hard across the face ordering her to stand still. Once again the terrified teen compiled and stood there now in nothing but her panties and bra.

I placed the top of the blade against her neck and said harshly, “Move just one muscle bitch. Go ahead, give me an excuse to cut you.”

Her body visually shook as I traced a line with the knife point down to her shoulder just above her breast and slipped it under the shoulder strap. “Remember bitch, stand still if you don’t want to get cut!” I said and turning the blade outward, I pulled the strap away from her body with the knife blade slicing through it easily. I slowly repeated the process on the other side of her body. Then tracing the knife point up between her breasts, I sliced the center of her cotton bra in two, watching as the cups covering her small 34 B-cup breasts fell to the floor.

He hands automatically came up to cover her small orbs and I slapped her hard once, twice, three times as I said, “Drop … Your … Hands!”

I could hear her sobbing into the gag from the sting of the slaps on her face, but she obeyed and lowered her hands to her sides.

I admired her breasts with their quarter sized areolas and long pencil eraser sized nipples which I began to fondle between my thumbs and forefingers. Twisting, pulling and stretching them. They began to stiffen under my touch as she stood there crying into her gag.

Grabbing her by the back of the neck, I forced the teen to walk into her bedroom where I had previously prepared a few items. Stopping at the foot of the bed, I picked up a rope I had readied and tied her wrists together in front of her with it. With that completed, I pushed her face down onto her bed.

Next I retrieved a three foot spreader bar I left on the floor next to the bed and buckled the cuffs attached to each end around her thighs just above her knees. This forced her long beautiful legs far apart. I pulled her feet together and tied her big toes to each other. Next I forced her up onto her knees and pulling her arms down as I tied her wrists to the center of the spreader bar. This forced her body to form a triangle with her bottom sticking up into the air.

Knife in hand I cut away her cotton panties. She had a such a cute, petite ass. Immediately my hands grabbed her ass and began to roam all over them. Feeling their firmness and how nice and round they where. Like a pair of large grapefruits. I moved my hand down between her legs and cupped her mons whilst my fingers roamed between the lips of her libia feeling the semi wetness of her sex. I slipped my thumb into her sex and slowly slid it back and forth.

I could tell she was responding to my touch as she began to lubricate with her love jucies. I’m sure she was beating herself up mentally as her body began to betray her.

I spread her ass cheeks apart and spit on her wrinkly rose bud of her anus before pushing my finger into her poop shoot. I worked it back and forth up passed the first knuckle of my finger before adding my second finger. My thumb found the opening to her hot box and slipped into it as I now masturbated her like a cheap six pack of beer.

It didn’t take long for her body to being to respond. I could feel her creaming up with her love juices and she tossed her head side to side. The gag effectively silenced her groans and moans of pleasure. After several minutes I had her on the brink of cumming when I stopped and pulled out of her.

I could tell she was angry and frustrated that I didn’t finish the job bringing her to an orgasm, but I was here for my pleasure, not hers.

Unbuckling my belt, I pulled it from the loops of my pants and doubled it up in my right hand. Taking aim, I swung the belt so it came crashing across her pert bottom. She jumped from surprise. Her bonds held her firmly in place as I swung the belt a second time across her ass.

Over and over I beat her with the belt until her ass and the back of her legs were covered in crimson welts. At this point she was sobbing hysterically into the gag. That’s when I stripped completely naked and crawled onto the bed behind her.

I spit twice into the palm of my hand and began to rub it all over my harden cock.
I crawled closer to her and spread apart her ass cheeks lining my cock head up against her wrinkly rose bud and slowly pushed forward.

Brittney clamped down trying to prevent my cock from entering her ass. I just leaned forward with my weight as I reached with my right hand grabbing ahold of her right breast and squeezed it painfully hard. From the pain she lost concentration and relaxed her sphinster just for a moment which allowed the head of my cock to open her up and pop in.

Taking my time, I slowly continued to press forward. Inch by inch I entered her ass. She was tight around my cock shaft so I know it was painful for her. I continued to push forward until all 7″of my manhood had entered her warm sheath and my hips were pressed up against her ass.

I quickly pulled out and watched as her anus closed back up. Placing my cock head up against her wrinkled anal opening I proceeded to slowly push it into her ass again. I repeated this over and over and over while occasionally reaching down and crushing one of her breasts in my hands for fun.

Ten minutes later I was still going strong, slowly pounding her tight ass when I reached the point where I could not hold back any longer. I shoved my cock fully and deeply into her ass and shot my full load of hot sticky cum deep in her bowls. I waited several minutes after I came until my cock softened before pulling out.

After resting for several minutes, I got up and pulled the blindfold off of her face so she could see who her attacker was. Her eyes blinked several times to get used to the the light and then opened extremely wide in surprise. “Hello Brittney.” I said. “That was one of the best ass fucks your ole uncle Paul has had in a long time. I’m looking forward to doing that again in the near future, but first there’s something I’ve always wanted to try. I hope you know how to deep throat, cause that’s what’s coming up next. No matter if you don’t. You’ll learn quickly enough. But first let’s get you ready.”


I loosened her wrists and pushed her flat down on the bed sitting on the small of her back. Pulling her arms behind her back I roped them together at her elbows forcing her to stretch her shoulders back painfully. Next I retied her wrists together before removing the spreader bar from between her knees and then roped them together. I then roped her ankles together also leaving her big toes tied together. My idea was to put her into a strict hogtie for my blow job.

I created a crotch rope by doubling up a length of rope and wrapped it around her waist. I pulled the loose ends through the doubled up ends at her belly and pulled them down between her legs. I made sure the rope splayed her labia lips apart and rested directly on her sex as I brought the rope up between the crack of her ass and tied it off to itself at the small of her back.

Taking another piece of rope I had readied, I tied it to her ankle tie and lifting her long legs behind her, I tied the other end not to her wrists, but rather I tied it off to her elbow tie forcing her to bow her body extremely. For good measure I added a tie from her wrists to the ropes around her knees. Buy the time I had finished my cock was hard again.

I took a two inch thick vibrating dildo and with some difficulty, I slipped it under the crotch rope positioning it at the entrance to her asshole holding it in place by the crotch rope. She was concentrating on keeping her ass cheeks clamped shut, but every breath pulled on the rope around her belly which pulled the dildo up against her anal opening.

Sitting in front of her face I removed the panel gag. The rubber cock pulled free from her mouth along with a hugh gob of drool. Before she could relax her jaw muscles, I slipped a large ring gag into her small mouth and set it behind her teeth. It had to be painful forcing her jaws opened as wide as it did, but I really didn’t care as I pulled the straps behind her head and buckled them tightly together.

Spreading my legs in front of her, I pulled her light weight body closer and positioned her face over my crotch. “Ready?” I asked and dropped her mouth onto my cock. My cock easily slid into her mouth through the ring gag filling her mouth as her head dropped. When the head of my cock hit the back of her throat she had to strain her neck to prevent it from entering. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t able to lift her head up far enough to lift her mouth off of my cock and she wasn’t able to hold the strain of her neck up to long, so my cock would slowly slide back into her mouth. When it would hit the opening of her throat again, she would again lift her head up again, thus effectively and involuntarily bobbed up and down on my cock. I’m sure she was not happy about tasting my cum, and her ass that was dried all over my cock shaft.

I reached below her and squeezed and crushed both her tits in my hands and yanked on her nipples as I watched the dildo slowly slip from sight into her ass. I then reached out and turned the vibrater on high. The sensation must of been amazing especially after the ass fucking I had given her.

I pulled her mouth off of my cock and repositioned her by flipping her over on her back and setting her head off the edge of the foot of the bed. Taking yet another rope I tied it to the front of her crotch rope and lifting her ass up off the bed tied the other end to the top of the head board holding her so her weight now rested on her arms and shoulders.

I moved to the foot of the bed and pushed my cock back into her mouth. This time I did not stop when I got to her throat. Instead I continually shoved my hips forward forcing my cock down into her throat. I could feel her gag reflexes kick in as her throat tighten around the shaft of my cock and tried to expel the invader. It felt so good as it filled her throat completely and my balls slapped against her forehead. I held it there for what must of seamed as an eternity to her before pulling back. My cock pulled out of her throat with a pop along with a lot of saliva. She gasped for air and I shoved my cock down into her throat again.

I held it there for several seconds before pulling back again. And then once again I shoved it back in again. I loved the way my cock would make her throat bulge and I stroked her throat with my hands feeling my cock. The tightness of her throat was simply amazing as I began pumping her throat with my cock faster and faster. My balls slapped against her forehead as I continued to rape her throat raw. After several minutes I could feel my balls begin to tighten as I got ready to cum. One last push and I was as deep in her throat as I could go as I exploded in a second orgasm.

I filled her throat with my warm sticky cum. She started swallowing as fast as she could. The feeling on my cock was amazing as her throat milked me. Cum started to over flow and fill her mouth dribbling out the sides of her mouth. I could tell she was about to black out from the lack of oxygen so I pulled out. One last spurt cum covered her nose and right eye. She gasped for air as I wiped my cock all across her face spreading my cum over her skin to dry up. Her right eye remained shut as my cum dried it closed.


The next step was to prepare her for traveling. I untied her legs from their hog tied position but left the ropes around her knees and ankles. I folded her legs back over her thighs and and roped them in place. I then lifter her off of the bed and set her on the floor in a kneeling position. I then retrieved the large suitcase I brought everything in and set it on the floor next to her and unzipped the top.

“So you think you can just leave home and come out here to L.A. with the hopes of becoming a movie star, did you?” I said sternly as I lifted out the last item in the suitcase. “Tell you what baby girl, you’re old uncle Paul is gonna to help make you into a star. But not in the way you might want.” I said as I shook out the leather discipline helmet. “I’m going to make you into an underground BDSM porn star as well as my personal sex slave.” I pulled the helmet over her head lining up the nostril tubes with her nose so she could breath. The deflated rubber ball sack slipped into her mouth through her ring gag which I hadn’t removed. “Yup, I got big plans for you bitch. Big plans.” I said as I laced the helmet down tightly in the back. “I got one film planned were you’re going to get bound and gang banged by twelve guys.” I said as I covered the laces with the intergal leather collar and buckled it ever so tightly around her slender neck and then padlocked it closed.

I attached a small palm pump to the nipple in the front of her discipline helmet and began to squeeze. With her sight and hearing blocked out by the discipline helmet, I’m sure she was surprised as the rubber sack in her mouth began to inflate filling her mouth. She was squelling as the sack inflated but it got quieter and quieter as the sack pinned her tongue down and filled out into her cheeks and pushed up against the roof of her mouth.

Taking one last piece of rope I attached it to the front of collar and pushing her downwards so her upper body rested onto her bound thighs, I tied the rope off on her knee tie. She was now set into a tight ball tie. Lifting her up I placed her on her side in the suitcase. “Welcome to your new life!” I said as I zipped the cover closed. Standing the cart up on its wheels, I extended the handle, rolled her out of her apartment towards my car a block down the street and lifted her into the trunk.

I left her apartment door ajar knowing some of her shit-head neighbours would go in there, stealing her stuff while inadvertently covering up my crime.

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    This is so fucking hot!!! I’m anxious to read more. I hope you have many parts in this series. Love it.
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    Great story

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    This must be every girl’s dream fantasy!

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    Not too keen on violent rape, drugs are the way for me, once asleep I can do anything to my young cousin and she never remembers.

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      I want the slut to fear and feel. It’s a big turn on for me. I’ve used drugged up whores. Spiking drinks was my go to for a while. But sleeping? Not my thing really.

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