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Raping my teen cousin

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My little cousin had just turned twelve. She was a witty and curious child. Bubbly and fun. Short blond hair, hazel eyes, 5 foot ish, no tits but a nice round plump butt. I was 23 at the time. The “cool” cousin. With tattoos, a nice car and well, kinda good looking.

It was the summer and her parents were into divorce proceedings so she spent a lot of time at my mom’s place. One night my mom asked me to babysit since she had a date.

So I spent the night with Emy watching a movie. She kept talking the whole time, asking questions about this and that, being especially curious about the sex scenes. “You ever had sex Pete? You have sex with your girlfriend a lot? How is it” and so on. I had a few drinks and I started feeling horny. I always had something for young girls and with the beers helping, I felt like I could use her.
So I said “You know what Emy? I can teach you a few things if you’d like” she didn’t seem sure about what I meant so I wasted no time and brought her upstairs in my moms room. She seemed uneasy as we both sat down on the bed. “We won’t be having sex now, will we?!” “Nooo no come on. You know me better than that” I said.
I stood back up and called our dog, we had a boxer bitch at the time, Becky. The dog came giggling in the room and I closed the door.

“Now you see Becky’s cunt?! It’s similar to what you girls have. You ever touch yourself Emy?” She was like “yeaaaah sometimes” “ok so using the dog, show me what you do” she didn’t want to do it but I insisted and she started rubbing the dog pussy. I grabbed the dogs collar and said “ok put your a finger in there and fuck it” she looked at me. “Just fuckin do it Emy” so she did. “Put two fingers in and keep going” I was getting hard so I pulled my cock out and started stroking. Seeing my cock she stopped and stepped back. “Did I tell you to stop little slut?!” I stood up, grabbed her by the hair and forced her on her knees. “Now lick that dogs pussy” she started sobbing. “Why are you doing this Peter” “Just shut up and do it” still holding her hair I pushed her towards the panting dog and started to lap its cunt. “Now that’s a good girl” I said still jerking off.

I was getting really turned on. I was alone with a little 12 years old girl and I could do anything. She was so small and cute. So innocent. I had to fuck her. I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. I couldn’t control myself. I ripped her clothes apart, exposing her tiny trembling body. No tits with only puffy nipples and the most perfect, bald pink pussy I had ever seen. She had stopped crying. She seemed like in shock. I undressed and immediately went down on her. To my surprise, the slut was soaking wet. She tasted so sweet. I was sucking on her little clit, fingering her when I felt her small hands grabbing my head. The bitch was loving it. I sucked and licked harder and she started to moan. “Ooh Pee-te what, what are you doing”

I was rock hard. I climbed on her, my throbbing cock against her sloppy little slit. She was so pretty. Eyelids half closed, mouth open “are you, are you going to fuck me Peter?!” She said. “Yes Emy, I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna fuck you hard. Now. Stick your tongue out” I started sucking on her little tongue and in a single, hard thrust I shoved my cock in her. She gasped and arched her back but I didn’t care. I started pumping away. Fucking her tiny hole. She was so tight. So FUCKIN tight. Still sucking on her tongue, drooling in her mouth, I felt already close. I grabbed her small ass and just drilled her as I had never before. Fuck it felt so good. In one last, hard thrust I came deep in her. “FUCKIN SLUT” I yelled as I filled her pre-teen womb with strings after string of hot cum. It felt like I came for 2 minutes straight. I collapsed on her, panting and empty.

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  • Reply Nawtyboii ID:ndof15bhrd

    Loved it is there a prt2

  • Reply Princess ID:19fqptnhxqky

    I want a daddy to fuck me hard please my little cunni needs it

  • Reply Bob ID:1comn0nruc7a

    So nice that Emy liked you fucking her tight young bald perfect pussy. Did you fuck her often after that first time. You really loved raping her, didn’t you? More parts cumming???
    Love, sucks, and fucks,

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  • Reply Big Jim ID:99ur6n68

    Would love to take your place and fuck that sweet girl !

  • Reply Sc chingysthingy42 ID:1dhn9u2bvgj2

    So absolutely yummy

  • Reply Unknowngirl15 ID:1d9v2sfza3ha

    Ngl I love this and definitely when it older men
    Older men just turn me on and i really wanna do it with a older man but I don’t know how to ask I am only 15 and still a virgin at the end of it all I have 35D tits which makes me look at bit older

    • Sc chingysthingy42 ID:1dhn9u2bvgj2

      So hot 🥵

  • Reply Scarlett ID:322q1ybwt0k

    Pretty good but you should of made it longer, more in detail:)

    • Atlas_Daddy ID:1cobugzpv4ds

      Thx! Yeah well it was my first one I will do better. I have more comming!

  • Reply akroho ID:7xsdkeqk

    story sucks

    • Atlas_Daddy ID:1cobugzpv4ds

      I’m so sad you don’t like it 😭

    • Hotftmtrans ID:1ew2ry3ps3p1

      He literally just said it was his first one. No one cares about your 2 cents. He already said he will try and do better with his next story.