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Raped my cousin on a “date”

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She was 15, my cousin. Her parents were very strict, never letting her date until 18. I could take her movies, and she didn’t want to fuck, I did

Karen was 15, I was 17 and we’d been together a lot growing up. Younger taking baths together, sleeping in the same bed sometimes. We started feeling each other when we were about 9 or so. She stopped letting me when she started getting hair on her puss. I backed off, but always took the chance when I could to make sure she would see me naked, or at least see my cock. It started innocently enough, she was 14 and I was 16 and driving. She wanted to see a movie, I said I wanted to see it too. So being her cousin and it not being a “date” I took her. We got ice cream after. She was worried that her parents would be made that we were late, but even they said that as long as she was with me, they had no worries. As time when on I’d take her out to dinners and movies, or just to hang out at fast food places etc. It was the only way she could get out of the house with anyone. We ran into some of her school friends and she told them I was her boyfriend. I guess to make her jealous they were all over me, one taking me back in an area not well seen and gave me a BJ. She came back wiping her lips with her hand and said to my cousin, and everyone, “he tastes so good, and a really nice cock too”. My cousin got jealous, and as we left I pulled over away from the place and she was practically yelling “Did you let her suck your cock?” she yelled, “Of course, I’m a guy, when a girl wants to suck my cock I say OK”.

She was silent through the movie, and on the way home. Then at home parked on the street a few cars down from her house she said “If that is what you want, I’ll do it OK, just don’t do it with anyone else, especially them”. I told her OK and asked her to do it then, but she wouldn’t. “Not with that sluts mouth being on your cock. Clean it up tomorrow when you come by”. I went by the next day, her parents were gone for the evening. Sitting on the couch watching a movie she looked at me and asked if I wanted her to do “it” now. I asked her do what?. She said “You know, what midge did to you last night?” I wanted her to say it “What was that? What did she do? What do you want to do now?” she put her eyes down to the ground and answered “Suck your cock”. I asked “Do you want to give me a blowjob?” “Yes as long as no one else is doing it”. I told her OK. Then she is staring at me, I told her that my dick isnt’ coming out itself, she needs to pull my pants down. She did it and leaned over on the couch over my cock and started sucking. Like she did a few times when we were so young. I told her I’d warn her when I was cumming but she had to take it in her mouth, all of it and swallow. In order to not choke her the first few times I’d pull my cock about 1/2 way out of her mouth to shoot. She was doing pretty good, I kept telling her to go deeper if she wanted to be good at it. She obeyed, and then I warned her. I pulled part way out and shot off my nut into her 14 year old mouth. She looked at me with a look on her face, you could tell she didn’t like it. “Swallow it all, quick” she did.

I would go out or get with her at her house, or mine, and get BJs for six months. Then one winter at my house, she was 15 now and I 17, I made her strip naked to blow me. I loved her pussy and her ass, her tits were perfection with soft pink pouty areolae and nipples, gentle black hair on her pussy, and none on her ass or butthole. She was perfect. As often as we could she’d get naked and eventually started letting me lick her pussy for her. She loved orgasms, and came often from me licking her pussy. It was getting to be spring and I was wanting to fuck her, she didn’t want to. She was afraid or pregnancy, and also wanted to be virgin when she got married. So one time I got her edging, over and over and over again and when he was about 3/4 the way there on her last time I pulled up, kissed her on her mouth, and stuck my cock inside her pussy. I broke her hymen feeling it give way and her eyes opened wide. “Get out, get out, take it out now, please don’t do this” she was saying anxiously. “Whats the matter now, it’s done, I popped your cherry you’re not a virgin anymore.” I said to her, “please don’t finish, don’t rape me please, you;re raping me, please don’t” she was begging. “Shhh, don’t cry, just enjoy it, take it for what it is, face it we couldn’t stay that way forever. You don’t want me to go with your skanky friends, and I don’t want to. I want to do this with you and only you” I pleaded.

With that she got silent, and let me keep pumping, she turned her head away from me, as I kept going, whispering to her how good she felt, how much of a woman she really is, she’s not a girl, she’s a woman and a very hot woman at that. I was talking about going away to island beaches and her in a tiny bikini being all sexy and hot. She started moving with me, I knew what she was like when she came, and this wasn’t it, it was resignation that it was happening and just to let it go on. I came inside her, she was crying after. I looked at the blood on my sheet and on her pussy. I saw my white cum dripping out a bit from her sore, just fucked pussy. “Do you have anything to get this out of me?” she asked. “Like what?” I said. “Like a douche kit, or anything like that” she said very matter of factly. I got her my moms douche bottle, she filled it with warm water and gingerly stuck it inside her pussy. Only the second intrusion she’d ever had in that cute pink pussy. She squeezed and the water came pouring out with my cum. She dried everything off, and I put it back where my mom kept it.

“If you got me pregnant, you’re marrying me, cousin or not” she said very sharply. “I know” I answered.
She didn’t return my calls for about 6 weeks. Then she called me. “Do you want to go see this movie?” “SURE” I answered. “Pick me up at 7 and don’t be late” she said. “No problem” then she added “And be sure to bring condoms, it’s the only way we’re doing THAT from now on”. I told her I can do that.

Even though I raped her, I fucked her for another two years, at 17 I got her to give up her butt to me too. I got to get BJs, pussy and ass from my first cousin, and it started all because one of her slut friends gave me a BJ.

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    You did well to just fucking rape her and get it started. High five, bro!!