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Rahamat’s Sweet Daughter-in-law : 1

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Rahamat’s peeking over his DIL and Son’s copulation, then joining and in the end a foursome with his wife Probhaboti.

After his first sexual encounter with his Bouma ( daughter-in-law ), Rahamat fucked her several times….. even in her ass…. and he was wrecked as far as his arousal went. That is to say, now he couldn’t make himself un-aroused. He sported a boner all the time, except for a little while after having an orgasm. That was pretty much the only time he wasn’t hard.

And both his wife and Bouma were a large part of why he was now feeling like this. Over and over, he constantly replayed all the recent sexual developments in his head. At first his wife’s seduction for his son….. thereby getting pregnant by him and later his own attraction towards his DIL totally changed the atmosphere of the Seikh Family. Now fucking his Bouma, then eating her out, and at last fucking her again in the ass….. all just a huge turn-on for him.

But over the next week, the only sex he had was with his wife. Although they still hadn’t talked about the recent happenings openly, they were both clearly playing around with Rahim and his actress wife. And they didn’t really need to. Obviously Probhaboti didn’t have a problem with it, considering she had fucked her stepson at one the same time while her husband railed their Bouma.

Next day at 9:00 pm after the supper, when Rahamat was going to bathroom, he heard a giggling from his son’s bedroom. Clearly he could guess…..it was her Bouma’s….. she must be having fun with his son. His curiosity quickly picked up as he moved towards his son’s bedroom. And like a normal voyeur, he peeked through the ajar door…. he was correct.

He watched his naked Bouma crawling on their queen-size bed in between his son’s spreading legs. She laid down on her chest with her legs bent at the knees, sticking her beautiful ass in the air. Then, without even hesitating, she took her husband’s cock in her mouth and started blowing him.

Fucking hell! That was so hot to watch! Rahamat’s boner raged instantly and he quickly scrambled to get his pants off and set it free. He took his shirt off too and then returned to watch his Bouma suck his son’s dick.

It was, without no doubt, the hottest “porn” he had ever observed. Her smooth ass were swaying as she went down on him, and Rahamat could clearly hear her mouth making slurping noises.

Rahim was moaning loudly while his wife went at him. Her shampooed head was bobbing up and down, her long silken hair fluttering back and forth across her back. Her head started moving faster, up and down, up and down.

That’s when Rahim noticed his father stood outside the bedroom’s door while rubbing his cock slowly. He wasn’t surprised at all and when their eyes met with one another, he motioned his father with a wink to come inside the room. Rahamat was at first ashamed by his son’s noticing….. but very soon he felt himself relaxed after getting a warm welcome from his son.

Slowly he entered the room and kept watching his son’s huge cock disappear in
his Bouma’s mouth. He wondered how he would handle his own cock. For a second,
he considered asking his Bouma if she wanted to blow him while she would change her position and fuck her husband.

But one glance at her upturned tight ass changed his mind as he reminisced his first time fucking in her ass….. his cock started jerking just remembering that hot session.

So, crawling behind his Bouma, Rahamat pushed her legs apart while her ass was still sticking up in the air. However without bothering a little bit, his Bouma continued her ministration. Like, she neither resist his urging nor she never slowed her bobbing head….. she kept slathering his husband’s cock with her mouth. Just then, his son let out a particularly loud moan and Rahamat realized that his son was probably getting pretty close to blow his load.

All these tempted him so much that quickly reaching down, he grabbed his Bouma around the waist and hoisted her hips further up into the air. With two hands, he pushed each of her legs wider so that she could balance better. Her plunging head slowed while he repositioned her. Then he settled her into place, her ass was in the air right in front of him. She resumed her noisy blowjob.

Taking hold of his cock in his right hand, Rahamat leaned forward and teased the tip along the moist slit of his Bouma’s pregnant pussy. Wiping it all around, he got it nice and wet from her pussy-juices. It was clear that she was extremely horny herself, to produce that much fluid so soon.

Rahim moaned again and his father couldn’t wait no longer. So tipping his cock up a little, he thrust forward slowly…. remembering her pregnancy so that it didn’t damage the embryo and felt it poke into his Bouma’s pussy.

“FUCK!” he cried out.

It still surprised him just how tight she was! He realized it was due to her three months pregnancy as he excitedly started to rub her slightly hanging baby-bump. Keeping in mind about the embryo, he pushed forward with slight effort, trying to get deeper inside her. It was a struggle at first. Soma squirmed her hips a little and spread her legs wider. One more thrust and Rahamat’s fat cock slid all the way in. His Bouma yelped around his son’s cock.

Keeping himself motionless for few seconds and enjoying her hot pussy-muscle’s clamping around his cock, Rahamat drew his boner most of the way out of her. Then, holding just the tip inside her entrance, he took hold of the sides of her globular ass-cheeks and pulled herself towards him very carefully. His excessive fat cock slowly slide all the way inside again as his pelvis touched against her soft butt-cheeks.

Soma cried out in exquisite bliss, as her Sasurmosai ( father-in-law ) kept moving. Pulling back, he repeated the same type of careful forward thrust. The wet fucking sound became louder as time passed. Panting, her FIL ( father-in-law ) started sliding backward again, but just then, he felt her vaginal muscles squeeze involuntarily and pleasure exploded in his cock.

With a roar, Rahamat leaned forward again, burying himself all the way in.Then, completely unable to stop himself, he started to cum.

“Huhh….. ohhh….Bouma…ma….a…. fuuuckkk….. fuuuckkk….. mmm…. ooohhh….. huhhnnn…. fuuuckk!” He moaned wildly as he came in her pregnant cunt, filling her yet again. She started moaning, too, once she felt him spurting inside her cunt. She was still working her mouth on her husband’s big penis, though.

Rahamat shot eight pumps of his hot semen into his Bouma while he held still, clinging to her upturned ass. Damnit! He just couldn’t last with his Bouma!

Shaking his head in shame, he stared at her naked ass. She was so demure and adorable. And a wild hornball! He couldn’t decide if it was her younger age that aroused him so much or just how freaking tight she was! Either way, his orgasms was incredibly amazing when he fucked her from behind in a doggystyle way.

He pulled himself out of her and rolled onto his side on his son’s bed to continue watching the little porn fest. Just then, he heard something and glanced at the door. His wife was standing there, watching the scene. She looked just as aroused as the rest of them.
——– ——— ——— ——— ———- ——— ———-
Probhaboti stood in the doorway watching the erotic incestuous threesome happening on her stepson’s bed with lust-filled eyes. All she wore was a lacy red bra and a red Saya ( petticoat ) that barely covered her voluptuous body. She had heard the sounds of sexual activity through the bathroom’s thin wall just a few minutes ago and quickly changed before heading down to observe.

Her husband was taking their 22 yrs old pregnant Bouma from behind in a doggystyle position while she blew her 21 yrs old husband. She could hear Rahim let out a loud moan while his wife blew him and felt a thrum of pleasure in her own pussy. So pulling her Saya upwards with her left hand, she started playing her clit with her right hand.

That’s when suddenly her husband cried out with a loud moan, “Huhh….. ohhh….. Bouma….ma….a….. fuuuckkk…… fuuuckkk… mmm….. ooohhh… huhhnnn….. fuuuckk!” She watched his naked ass shuddering as he unloaded his cum into their Bouma’s three months pregnant pussy. Poor guy couldn’t last very long with her! She giggled…..

When he pulled out of his daughter-in-law, that was Probhaboti’s cue to help out. As she walked up to the bed, she saw thick, white drops of liquid spilling out of her daughter-in-law’s pussy. It looked tasty! Her husband saw her come in but didn’t say a word as she climbed onto the bed and shoved her face in her daughter-in-law’s ass.

Tickling her Bouma’s crinkled asshole briefly, Probhaboti quickly licked her way down until she reached her opening. Her husband’s cum dribbled onto her tongue. It tasted completely different than usual, since it was mixed with her DIL’s pussy cream. The second she got a sample, the older woman went crazy.

In a frenzy, Probhaboti rolled her tongue, stuffing it into her DIL’s cunt. Wrapping her lips around the hole, she sucked and felt a deluge of liquid spill out, filling her mouth. She licked and lapped, completely losing control of herself as she devoured her crotch. She had never tasted anything so good!

Running her tongue up her Bouma’s slit, between her pussy-lips, she tried to reach her clitoris. Unfortunately, she couldn’t quite get to it. So, settling back, she resumed her attack on the young actress’s cunt-hole instead. Curling and rolling her tongue, she started fucking her Bouma with it. She heard her own slurping noises and realized that she could hear her Bouma’s lips slurping, too….. blowing her husband’s long prick.

Just then, Rahim’s body shook so hard, she felt the bed vibrating. Something changed in Soma’s demeanor, too. Her legs tensed up. Then Probhaboti felt her DIL’s cunt started clenching while she continued to fuck it with her tongue. From the sounds of her stepson’s moaning, she knew he was releasing his load of cum into his wife’s eager mouth.

Sucking harder, the older woman got another gulp of her husband’s cum and her DIL’s cunt-juice from her DIL’s cunt. That’s when, her DIL screamed….. loud. Her body was shaking so rigorously that Probhaboti knew she was cumming, too. She almost came herself just from the rousing scene. A flood of fresh juice leaked out of Soma’s cunt and her MIL drank it happily. She was licking and slurping at her while she teased the rest of the orgasm from her young Bouma.

At last she came into her stepson’s arms whom she cherished as her real husband and they slept….. wrapping around each other….. like the happiest couple of the world. But before sleeping, Rahim insisted, she should go back to her son Prankrisno and stay there so long the baby is in her belly.

Actually it’s the ritual of Bengal in which a pregnant women would have to spend her time in various religions activities so that the baby in her belly might grow spiritually…… attaining the moral values of human beings in which she too agreed to go back to her son Prankrisno after two months.

So, her belly started to grow as time progressed…… at first it swelled slightly….. then a small baby-bump was developed as her milk-white skin drawn tight over her greatly swollen womb. Now both her husband and stepson reduced to cum inside her because she loved to jerk him off on her face or over her milk-filled tits and bulging belly.

To be continued…..

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