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Pt 2 (A true story) how i fucked my little cousin

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This is pt 2 to first story how I (10) fucked my cousin (9)

After the first time we humped and fucked I began craving it. Not too long after my cousins family took a few weeks vacation and I was left alone and very, very horny. I didn’t have access to porn yet because all our devices would have child restrictions but I’d search “kissing” on youtube and rub my pussy to my blanket for that. Even if I came, however, this didn’t satisfy my urges. For such a little child (i always looked younger than I am and still do) I had such strong urges to fuck someone. I fantasized about my cousin everyday, the hardness of his little dick, the face he made as he came, the sex juices leaking all over my and his thighs. I eventually started to use my fingers instead humping things. One night I was getting ready to have my everynight humping time and i was stripping out of my panties while laying down and suddenly got the urge to touch my pussy this time. I placed a finger on my excited pink clit and pressed on it. It felt warm and wet. My whole pussy was hot and begging for attention. Then i lowered my finger and touched some of my wetness. Softly, I with my now wet finger started pressing on my clit again. I remember I even shivered from how good this felt on my little pussy. I now tried to make circles around it but it was just so sensitive. I now pressed the tip of my finger into my tiny child hole. It was throbbing and leaking wet from the sexual tension. It craved a dick, a finger anything in it to be fucked hard. I moved the finger in and out a little. It felt really good, however this sensation was different from touching my clit. It resembled the feeling of my cousins dick and that made me sooo horny. I started kind of humping my finger with my pussy just so it would feel like my cousin’s dick when I fucked him. I got so into it and it was intense that I wimpered a little. I began pushing my finger more into my tight hole. I now started full on fingering my pink little pussy and went harder. I felt an orgasm building up already. I continued to finger fuck myself. It was so wet my little pussy made wet sounds. I was going to cum and ohhhhh it felt so good being on the edge. Suddenly I felt a bunch of liquid shoot out. I squirted for the first time. It wasn’t alot but my orgasm was really intense leaving my little body spasming and shaking. I loved fingering myself since then.
Not too long after my cousin came back. I purposefully didn’t cum for 2 days before it because I expected us to fuck and my pussy feels better when it wants to cum more. (2 days was alot of time without cumming for me). The cousins family came over and after dinner me and him ran to “play” upstairs. After some talking We started going through ps4 games I had and we were both on our knees. I felt him get closer to me as I look through the games. He put his hands on my sides. K was wearing a short skirt and some leggings underneath. He said “somehow seeing your skirt made my willy hard. Do you want to feel it?”. I realized he was probably watching porn by now and knew what to do. He’s so mature for his age and I envy him for that. “Yes please since the time we did sex my peepee wants your willy so much.” I lifted up a little and he pressed his hard little dick against my bum. I missed this feeling of a hard warm dick so much. He then proceeded to kinda humo me through my clothes and we rearranged ourselves into kinda a doggy position. He tried pushing his hard dick into my clothed hole. I then suggested we get naked again to make this more comfortable and he agreed. He dropped his pants with undies and there was his hot little dick again. I lowered my skirt with my leggings and remained on my knees hands on the floor. He stayed silent for a moment because he stared at my little pink pussy. He had a good view back there. He then put his naked dick next to my pussy and kinda pushed it around. I guided him alittle and it slipped in without problems. I moaned when it came in. It felt so so good in my pussy. His little dick was so hot and ready to fuck. This time he took the lead and moved back and forth himself. It felt so amazing getting fucked. I’m so naughty for that. He groaned and humped me like I was his bitch. I loved this feeling and wanted more and more of it. I felt him going faster and I felt like I had to pee. Then my little pink pussy squirted and I came so hard. He pulled out his willy and stroked it until he dry came too. I felt so grown up now that I have been fucked two times. I looked at the mess I made and smiled. “This means I liked the sex so much.” “I know, I’ve been watching people do sex it’s called squirt” he said. This confirmed my suspicions that he’s been watching something. My clit was still red and throbbing from the excitement. We then cleaned up the mess and continued searching for a game to play.

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    I have a cousin who.is one month younger then I.Debbie and I began exploring each other around the age of 10,I remember the first time we were upstairs in her bed room and her friend Lori came over.Lori had just started to get beast Debbie had started a few months earlier they were comparing and asked me what I thought so I got to be the judge which meant I got to touch them and play with them.when the girls realize I had a hard on they insisted I let them see and feel it

  • Reply Another reader ID:6e3ptpd4

    My cousin and I explored each other too, so many fond memories.

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    Great story plz tell us more I hope U get to feel someone cum inside U soon