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Pt 1 (a TRUE story) I fucked my little cousin when I was 10

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I wrote this how I recall it, I’m 19 years old now and still sometimes please myself to thoughts of it. I developed this kink because of this event

I remember being very horny as a child. Since 7 years old I would feel naughty before sleep and would hump my blanket or a stuffed animal and it would feel sooo good on my tiny pussy. I remember going to the bathroom afterwards and checking to see my little red clit poking out from excitement. It would get all sensitive too.
I had a really close cousin who lived nearby and his family would often come over. Me and my cousin were the only children there so we would often be left alone. He’s still like a brother to me to this day. One time when I was 9 and he was 8 we were watching a movie and a sex scene came on. My immediate reaction was to turn away because my parents wouldn’t let me watch it and I noticed my cousin is still looking at the tv. “Ewwww why are you watching that??” I asked. He told me “I don’t know these kind of scenes make me feel funny. But I kind of like it. It does something to my willy”. I gasped and told him to not be gross. He tried to convince me that this isn’t gross. I knew that we shouldn’t talk about that but I secretly loved it. Any topic or image of anything sexual made my pussy feel warm. I slowly turned back to the tv and continued watching the sex scene with him. This was the first talk about sex I’ve ever had with anyone.
Then when I was 10 and he was 9 we were at a family event. We’ve talked about sex like 2 times after that conversation. We were alone upstairs. We decided to play “the doctor”. He was the doctor and I was his patient this time. He asked me to lay down, I did and he started “examing” his patient. First it was normal, he “listened” to my heartbeat, checked my pulse, etc. I remember I was already horny that day just didn’t think about my cousin like that yet. So he decided to put his hand on my little pussy. “What are you doing?!” I asked. He said “sorry, some doctors touch there too. I saw that in a movie”. I figured that it’s not a big deal and just let him. He put his hand there again. I felt a little squeeze down there, he was moving his hand up and down. My pussy was HOT by then. This is the first time I felt like this because of my cousin. I felt it getting wet.. it felt almost like my little fun time before bed when I rubbed my pussy with my blankie. He then moved his hands further and touched my butt too. After this examination he stood up and said “please remove your clothing, I need to see” and at first I denied but then I gave in and slipped out of my shorts. “Is this okay mister doctor?” He said “no, you have to show me your privates. ” i noticed a little tiny bulge in his shorts and he kept adjusting it with his hand. Seeing that made my little clit twitch. Do I really turn him on? Should we do this? This feels so naughty and bad. I started pulling down my panties and just now noticed how wet this interaction got me. Pulling my little white panties down there wasa trail of slimy pussy juice on my thigh. He came closer and asked “did you pee your panties? It’s so wet in there” and i explained that this happens when my little pussy gets excited. I also told him how my clit gets hard and red when I’m horny. I then spread my little bald pussy lips and showed him how my clit looks. I saw his little dick twitch in his pants. He asked to touch it and I said “no first show me yours. I see how its sticking out” and pointed at his shorts. There was a whole tent by now. Not one of us were playing doctor by now. He dropped his shorts and underwear down and I saw my first dick. It was a little small but very hard and uncut. He took his hand and started stroking it woth his fingers “this is what I do when it feels funny”. I told him I hump my stuffed animal when mine feels funny. He then thought about and said “what if you hump my willy instead of it. It’s standing like that when it wants to fuck I read”. I blushed. I was not expecting that. Maybe some touching, but definitely not sex. “Okay let’s try it” we both laid down and he gets closer. He puts it between my thighs so it’s barely touching my pussy. We had no idea what we were doing. I knew what sex is he, however, probably thought sex is humping each others private parts. I start to hump the head of his little dick. My pussy is so wet you can hear it moving around his willy. At this point my little clit is so sensitive. It feels really good to hump a wet warm dick instead of a blanket. I secretly want it inside of me so badly. I want to feel what sex is. I ask him how does it feel and look at his face. He’s all blushed and red. He whimpers out “its so much better than stroking it.” I told him I love it too. I was so close to cumming so i adjusted myself a little and pushed it into my little wet throbbing pussy which was begging for a dick inside it. He whimpered and asked “is it inside your peepee?” I said “yes that’s how sex is done” and moved up and down. His willy was so small that it didn’t even reach my hymen just ticked it. Even if I didn’t really feel him inside it still felt good because my tiny clit was rubbing against his tummy. It wasn’t long after his whole body spasmed and he dry came inside of me. I felt his hot dick throb and twitch inside. Then he pulled it out and I looked at it. It was half hard and very wet from my young pussy juices. My pussy was still very warm and begging for an orgasm, even though I was very very close to one. He said that he now knows how “sex is made”. Then we hear my mom calling us down for something just on time. I then realized she could have walked in on us at any time and we’re lucky it didn’t happen. We quickly got dressed and ran downstairs. I had the best orgasm in a while that evening humping my blankie thinking of my little cousin’s dick inside me.
If you guys enjoy this story I have a bunch. With the same cousin. We continued this until we were 12 and 13. Also I don’t exactly remember how the conversations as this was almost 10 years ago but I didn’t make it up. I’m open to chat more about it.

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    Do you still crave a young small young cock?

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    Wow I’ve always dreamed of something just like that. How did it feel the first time he came in you

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:17nluq2l6280

    That was hot. That is exactly how my sister 2 years older than me started me on boy / girl sex. My 1st sex Ed was my 1st cousin. He taught me boy on boy sex. Thanks for the fonds walk down memory lane Arina.

  • Reply steve ID:7zv2zyx3d4

    hi Arina. let’s chat about your experiences. my email is [email protected]

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  • Reply L ID:1doeevf9cbro

    Part 2 please

  • Reply Tam &just me ID:1d574v26a3e0

    Absolutely wonderful experience you had. It’s great to hear stories like that. I also had an encounter with 2 different cousins, similar to your experience. Love to hear more about your adventures A.S.A.P. 😘

  • Reply CharlesL-F26200 ID:1edj0oxvdg9u

    Beautyful story, I love cousin’s true stories. I started my sex life that way a very long time ago. It was with my cousin, she was 11, and I was 13. We were both with no experience at all, and we had a lot of pleasure discovering sex together during three weeks. I posted my story on this site 5 months ago, see ….ries69/authors/charlesl-f26200 if you are interested to read it.

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    Someone with a huge massive penis should of raped you nice and brutal

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    post more i need it

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    Please post Part 2

    • lil luver ID:1emqxfj0zyp2

      Great story

  • Reply Noname ID:4myku2hrc

    I love cousin stories so keep going. I have plenty of them with my cousin too! Multiple cousins!

    • Alvin ID:2ddbile49j

      Mmmm sexy little baby. The only story on here that seems to actually be true.