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Pretty Little Angels

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Fictional Series. This series is gonna be a bit wild and have a little bit of everything.

Hi, my name is Madison, I’m 13 years old. I have my twin, my sister Julia. Our younger sister by one year, Kayla. Our older brother Jack, he is 16. And then our mom and dad, both in their upper 30s. We live on a farm in rural Wyoming. We own several horses, a bunch of cattle, some hogs and chickens, and our two dogs, Harley and Mia. Harley was a full bred German Shepard, God he is so hot. And Mia, a full size Labrador.
As I stand, I am about 4’4 about average height for a 13 year old. My twin and I share the same butt length blonde hair, bright blue eyes and petite build. Both of us finally hit puberty. Even our little sister hit puberty before us. But my boobs are nothing more than thin Grandma pancakes with a chocolate chip on top for nipples. My brother always gives me a hard time about my boobs. My twin and I began exploring sexually a couple years ago. We never tell anyone. But occasionally she and I would take turns running our fingers up and down each others clits. It felt so good when she would rub my pussy. We never would go inside each other though, we were just so nervous. However One day I found a video that would change everything.

I sat up in bed, after touching my self to this video and knew I had to try it. I hadn’t lost my virginity yet, but I wanted to. But everyone in our small town I was practically related to. So I hatched a plan.
The next day, there was plenty of work to be done on the farm, but I pretended I was sick. So I stayed behind with my German Shepard Harley. As soon as the last person left thebhouse, I took the blanket off and slipped my shorts and my underwear off, exposing my un-explored, extremely small teen pussy. It was no wider than a dime, virgin. But wet. I stuck my pussy in Harley’s long face. Hoping he would take interest. And that he did. He went to town. Licking my virgin cunt up and down, occasionally slipping his tongue into my vagina. It would make my whole body tingle as the inside of my pussy was licked by his warm rough tongue. He even licked my butthole, I wasn’t expecting that as I let it out a moan. My pussy was about to loose it as he licked even harder. He seemed to like it when i moaned, I could stop after that. As he licked a feeling rose up inside of me, am I gonna cum or…. I couldn’t think fast enough as a gush rushed out of my pink bald pussy. I just squirted…Hard. Soaking my dogs face. But he didn’t care! I lapped up my juices. I got him to rotate around, almost making an akward 69 position. And his penis, about 6 inches long and an inch around, was rock hard. I’ve never sucked a dick before, but I was gonna suck this k9 dick, and into my mouth it went. I just closed my eyes and shoved it in. I went all the way down till my lips touched his balls. He started licking faster, I started deep throating faster. I wanted to taste male cum so bad. I tasted my sisters cum before when I licked my fingers after massaging her bald teen pink pussy. It tasted so sweet in my mouth. Back to sucking my dogs rock hard cock, he began to cum in my mouth, later I’d learn it was pre cum. Oh my fuck, it tasted so good.
I finally broke from this position after cumming a second time. And laid on my back, my legs spread wide open. I hoped he would take this queue to mount me. And take my virginity with every inch of is dog cock. And after a couple minutes of sniffing, he did. He mounted me and rammed his horny hard cock. I had read loosing your virginity hurt. But boy this hurt. I let out a yelp, as his doggy penis penetrated my virginity, tearing my hymen. This only seemed to encourage him, as he pounded me harder. After about two minutes, the pain gave way to tears pleasure, as we continued fucking. I’m was moaning, my pussy a mess with my cum, blood and squirting. His dick felt so good. I was becoming a dogs personal slut. He began licking my mouth while he pounded me mercilessly with his penis. I let him into my mouth. That warm tongue with a taste of my pussy. I was making out with a dog. My sister was great when she put her tongue in my mouth, but this was way better. My dog and I continued to trade saliva until I felt him swell inside me. We then stopped fucking as he relaxed. My pussy felt so fucking good. I waited for the moment I wanted so bad. As his knot began to subside, I felt his warm hot puppy seed, shooting deep into my cunt. I felt it inside my stomach. oh my fuck, I was a dog bitch. I was definitely going to be fucking this dog many times in the near future. He drained a full cup of German Shepard dog cum into my pussy as he slipped out of my bald cunt. I squeezed my cunt so has to not loose a single drop of it. And laid there. Naked, and full of dog cum. I reached down and stuck my fingers in my now used hole, and then reached up and licked them, tasting my pussy mixed with dog seed. Fuck it tasted so good.
I laid there most of the rest of the day, cum dripping from my teen cunt. His seed felt so good in me.

*i hope this satisfied yall. Stay tuned for chapter two*

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    WOW! Loved your opening chapter Tippe, very hot, can only hope chapter 2 is cumming soon! Keep up the great work
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    Hot story. Wish i was you

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    love it